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GPS Vehicle Tracker

User Manual

Thank you for purchasing the tracker. This anual shows how to operate
the device smoothly and correctly. Make sure to read this manual carefully before
using this product.

MIC1. 0. realize the illegal cut the line alarm. · support the original car security.1 seconds dark) Low power alarm Always light Charging Slow Flashing(2 seconds light. Certificate of conformity 1. 2seconds dark) Charge full Dark Low power/Shut Slow Flashing(0. to realize the remote control vehicle fuel and electricity. exceed wide voltage input range: 9-24 VDC. warranty card 1. · can be two-way the intercom 1、Red LED(Power / state) LED state Meaning Flashing (0. · can be set up a hotline number for SOS call the police and security alarm.1 seconds light. product packaging accessories: 4P power line 1. alarm button1. · can external relays. · can external microphone. · built-in switching power supply. · built-in vibration sensor. horn1.1 seconds light. realize intelligent vehicle theft. to realize the remote voice surveillance function. · can be set up 10 vice number for receiving device returns information. · can external SOS alarm button for emergency calls for help. specification1. · built-in backup battery. 2seconds dark) Working normally 2、Yellow LED-GSM(Power / state) LED state Slow Flashing(15 seconds light) Meaning GSM initialization .1. (Accessories products refer to the actual product) 2. Product accessories · GSM four frequency system global general.

0.Appearance schemes . 2seconds dark) GSM working normally Always light GSM calling/GPRS start Always dark GSM no signal 3、Blue LED-GPS(Power / state) LED state Meaning Flashing (0.1 seconds light.1 seconds dark) GSM working normally Always dark GSM no signal 3.Flashing(0.1 seconds light.

Check the product Open the package.heigh:1cm 3. thirdly.3. Tips: Don't insert the SIM card up-side-down. Make sure the SIM card account has enough money .width is 4.1. and check product model and accessories. secondly. If there is something wrong or missing. If the SIM card has been inserted.2. Install SIM card Firstly. open the cover of the tracker and the cover on the slot for SIM card. Select SIM card The selection of SIM card must follow the distributor's suggestion. finally.· Make sure the SIM card with GPRS service. recover the product and lock the shell tightly with three screws.1、product size: length is 9cm. please close the SIM PIN function under the instruction of your mobile phone user ’s manual. insert the card into the slot. but it requires you to input SIM PIN..5cm.Preparation Installation 4. please contact the distributor. 4. fasten the slot. 4.2、product weight:60g 4.3.

4. and there is no metal shelter above the tracker. 4. 4. 4.4. Please install it according to the following instruction. 4. such as the parking radar system.2.2. please make sure the reception side of GPS is upward (facing the sky). or glue it with wide strong sponge double-sided tapes. alarms and other vehicle-carried communication terminals. you'd better to install it with the help of professional companies or workers authorized by the distributor.2. 4.4 Because the tracker has GSM and GPS antenna inside.3You can fix the tracker with the cable tie.1. Attention: If there is a metal insulation or a heating layer glued in the windshield. Hidden area around the front panel (with a surface made of non-metal materials). To avoid the thief’s destruction.2.2. Hidden area under the decoration board below the front windshield or back Docking horn . and the GPS can’t work well. you need to find other places to install again.2 Don't put the tracker together with the emission sources.2.3 Terminal outlet definition Line definition color Wiring instructions sequence 1.5 Suggestions are as follow: a. it will reduce the efficiency of GPS signal reception. the tracker should be installed in a hidden place. b. 2 Horn Orange.Install install the tracker is hidden installation.

4 3. oil pump is extreme combination of the relay closed end (thick green line 87 a). fine yellow line by line relay te rminal. Original car security black(thick) red(thick) SOS help alarm microphone ground connection Cut oil or electric Car 12 V / 24 V battery negative Car 12 V / 24 V battery positive Relay that connection The oil pump breaker relays wiring method: Coil wiring for thin white line ends respectively (85) and fine yellow line (86).3. white line car power negative. 6 7 8 9 10 11 MIC-. and the other a pick relay public (the thick green line 30) 4.4 Terminal wiring diagram . Was accused of vehicles on the fuel a combination of oil pump.MIC+ SOS MIC-.MIC+ GND Off power/oil Original VV+ black、red Orange、Orange white black black Connect monitoring the microphone Orange. the oil pump connecting po sitive cut. 4 5.

1 This equipment is standard for power supply 9 V ~ 24 VDC. please choose to separate negative power grounding wires or by iron. please choose the original provide power supply cord. don't and other ground were answered 5. the black line for power negative. broken oil and electricity control line (4 pin) 5. the original car guard against theft.2 The original car security line (green line) .Equipment connect the matters needing attention Power supply.5. red line power positive. When installation.

6.query pair number Example: FSPN 6.5.5 SOS line(2pin) External SOS switch button.1 language setting command : LE (English model) 6.e. Clear all fences 6. 6.13 clear fence instructions: DRC.4 APN settings command : APN: AA.2 obtain the version number command : HGT 6.9 delete all pair number : Example: DSPN Reply: Delete all pair number success 6.1 is fence number fence mode is set separately Example: RCMA1 6.7 Pair number set command :SPN + phone number # Example: SPN13685456894 # 13688724474 # 1368529088 # 1358520647 # 6. XX is user name and YY is password) Example:APN:cmnet.. Example: DSPN13685456894 # 6.14 fix time and fix position .gps588.11 modify registration password MP old password + new 6. realize voice surveillance function 5. fence set multi-mode fence setting command : the fence code + radius + fence mode Example: RCA999 # 1 Note:999 is fence radius.4 MIC line(2pin) External microphones.3 Restore the factory command::RST pls wait 3 minute.8 delete the corresponding vice No. used for emergency calls for help 6. Example: MP000000987654 6..10.3 Broken oil electricity control line (yellow line) to pick up off the gas and electric relay 86 feet (i. XX.6 Product registration command : ZC + password + # + phone number ( master number) + # + car station ID Example: ZC000000 # 15888185569 # 13677198895 Note: Only after you registered successfully 6. YY (AA is the operator.5 IP settings command : IP: IP mode # IP address # port # Example:IP:1#www. relay socket in the fine yellow line) 5.

speed alarm set command : ODn ((0 = <N <= 1000) 0 = close) move when the heartbeat interval time and time interval between car stop 6.175.16 oil control disconnect the power source (oil) command : DO Open power source (oil) command : TO 6. return ID ..IP APN .22 Many parameters Settings: SZ: IP.21 Over. Default 5 minutes) 6. the APN.17 Listening settings the selected listening settings command : JT0 monitor settings: JT1 ACC closed interval time preaching.61. username.15 Example:SZ: 58.15..155. latitude and longitude The status check ::DW Replay:northern latitude22.19 GPS restart: GPSCQ 6.0319983 Time:2011-08-06 10:33:11.18 anti-theft alarm telephone alarm command : BJMA SMS alarm: BJMB 6.23 Inquire the equipment information equipment:CX. triggered alarm will only take effect . close security: GFD Note: open security after 3 minutes.8169.15.cmnet.15 6.. location.15 Check . password.. 6. Port. ACC open interval time upload.8169.20 Equipment restart:SBCQ 6. Example :SZ:www.6409533 east longitude: 114.gps588.cmnet.25 Security Settings Open security: KFD.Vehicle motion:XTn(5<n<65530) Vehicle static: NXTn(5<n<65530.

4Improper installation. 5The process of using that caused housing. use. 3. maintenance. 2.Since the purchase date. 8Due to the force majeure damage.Belong to one of the following circumstances. 6 IMEI number Inside the product was damaged or not clear. 7The warranty card and the product model are inconsistent or the card is alter.the product have technology to change without prior notice 2. lens. Buying date Invoice number Sales unit name Sales unit address Sales unit phone 1. in kind prevail. caused damage.Please keep the card. show this card and the original purchase documents wh en guarantee. 2 Without our authorization. 5The specific scope under warranty please see table explanation. 3 Water damage or destroyed printed circuit board.GPS vehicle positioning terminal warranty card Special statement: 1. not warranty.Product appearance and color is subject to change. please fill in this card and save.。 Name Phone Address Model IMEI NO. 4. disassemble or repair damaged. This card for the warranty certificate. 1 More than the guarantee period. .Warranty card is only applicable to the IMEI number listed machines. built-in antennas damaged. but can pay for maintenance. non-artificial damage fault is guaranteed for one year. safeguarding.