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Bowling Park Primarys

New Cross Street,

West Bowling, Bradford, BD5 8BT

01274 770270


Usher Street,
East Bowling, Bradford, BD4 7DS

01274 723255

Date: 4th September

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Welcome back to all our children,
families and staff to the new year. We
hope you had a fantastic holiday, and
are feeling relaxed and ready to get
back to work.

learning journey. The learning journey

will be used to show how much progress
children have made across all of their
writing, whether it is a literacy lesson,
science or a topic lesson. The books will
also help to encourage consistency across
all subjects.

This year we welcome new staff to our

team. We wish all of them the very best
of luck.

Claire Sykes
Lead Practitioner

Katia Perry

Kiki Singer
Lead Practitioner

We will be putting an extra emphasis on

the presentation of work this year,
including handwriting and neatness. As
part of this, our new friend Penny the
Pencil will be on-hand to check children
are going the extra mile to write letters
correctly and use a joined up handwriting

Ruth Bowler
Teaching Assistant

School finishes at 3.05pmit is

essential that all parents collect their
children on time. Teachers and staff
attend meetings and training from
3.05pm, and while we would always
ensure the safety of our children, we
do not have the capacity to watch
children who are not picked up on time.
From now on, any children who are not
picked up on-time from Years 3, 4, 5
and 6 will be kept on the playground
until a parent or carer arrives. Children
in Year 1 and 2 can be collected from
the office. Please note that this change
only effects the New Cross Street site.
The cycle path at our New Cross Street
site is currently being renovated by
Bradford Council. We were assured that
this essential work would be completed
before 1st September, however it
seems that the work has taken longer
than expected. We apologise for any
inconvenience this has caused, and
thank you for your patience while the
work is being completed.

Prizes and certificates will be given out for

the neatest handwriting, and children who
produce the best pieces of work will be
displayed in our brand new presentation
Jemma Boocker
Nikoleta Simunekova
Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant
We would also like to announce that
Mrs Aslam-Armitage and Mrs Mirza have
both given birth to healthy baby boys
during the summer holidays.
Congratulations to them both.
This year, we are delighted to launch
our brand new exercise books! Each
child will be given two books (one for
Reception children)one for maths,
and one for curriculum work, called a

Once again, children in Year 6 will be

taking part in an exciting afternoon of
Growth Mind-set activities every
Thursday. The activities include biking,
running, art and science, all of which
will help to encourage positive
attitudes, determination and team
spirit. The children will be able to
choose which activity they would like to
take part in.
Have a lovely weekend,
Stuart Herrington,

Good punctuality is a key life skill.
Remember, school starts at 8.45am
and all children are expected to arrive
on time.