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Lacsina, Jerome H.

Eng 22-26
Midterm Examination
January 27, 2015
Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Fear is a natural feeling every human feels. It is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities,
which results to leading to confrontation with or escape from or avoiding the threat.
However, humans tend to deny this natural reaction. This gives us the feeling of resistance, the sudden
feeling of strength because we cannot feel the fear, and we hide in the fog of ignorant bliss. Whatever the cause of
our fear maybe, once we learn how to successfully ignore it, we feel contented with our current state of mind. This
resistance often uses the defense of denial with accompanying beliefs to accomplish the task of keeping things
hidden away under wraps.
In the prose “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by Maya Angelou, this point can be successfully observed. First of
all, the first thing that I’ve observed is the fact that she has pointed out all the things that she is not afraid of, and it
took her 6 stanzas to explain her point by stating the scenarios in life that she is not afraid of. It could also be seen
that the line “life doesn’t frighten me at all” several times. However, there is only one stanza which explained why
she is not afraid, and the reason “I’ve got a magic charm” is not sufficient or a satisfying detail to prove her point.
This perspective leads us to my second observation: why are the scenarios which apparently she is not
afraid of are too many but at the same time it’s quite specific? If you’re trying to prove a point, wouldn’t it be better
to give a reason which can be used in general and not in a case-by-case basis? Plus, when we have conquered a
certain fear, we accept it as a reality, something that we need to accept as a way of life. So if we’re really not afraid
of something, we cannot really single it out as a scenario because we have already accepted it as our daily routine.
Since she is trying to argue that she is not afraid of life, scenarios are not enough to make a good stand, and may
even give doubts to the reader.
Finally, the last thing that needed to be pointed out is the fact that she never gave a good reason why she is
not afraid of the scenarios she stated, besides the last stanza stating that she has a lucky charm which suppose to

courage. As an old saying once said. we can therefore conclude that she is in the state of denial in accepting fear. and inspiration to move forward. there was never a good reason for her not to be afraid in life. So let us summarize the following things that make the author’s point weak: first is the fact that she has stated too many scenarios that she is not afraid of. persists!". Denial will only lead us in confusing ourselves who we really are. and we can never keep the façade of our bravery and strength forever. in this prose. Even if the charm really exists. If we sum these up. Maya Angelou wanted to say that do not let the stories. the negativity that can be found around. remember we have the ability to create extraordinary possibilities for our future. Yet. and faith. she gave insufficient reason why she is not afraid of life. It is a natural way of life. the reason she gave does not coincide with the problem of fear. Therefore. second. On the other hand. not to be denied or escaped from. a sign of hope.solve her general problem about fear. there will be light beyond the darkness of these walls. the struggles we have inherited from our past. that regardless of the evils in this world. the strength of the poem is that it delivers message of strength. the fears. and those before us be forgotten. That is the primary reason why we deny fear. and third. . Denial and resistance are multifaceted and may move back and forth as belief systems shift to protect the fragile state of the self. the apparent ability of this charm stated in this prose did not answer the question how is she not frightened in life. We will never be able to accept the things that we are really afraid of. The refusal to know the truth about one self function in a person's life keeps the person's shame balloon from being punctured. "What you resist. Fear is something that must be accepted.