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Welcome to Palace Entertainment!

This Handbook is designed to acquaint you with the key policies, practices and procedures of Festival
Fun Parks, LLC (Palace Entertainment or the Company) that you are obligated to abide by. Read
this entire handbook as soon as possible, so you will have a complete understanding of the material
Every organization, large or small, sets guidelines which all Team Members are expected to follow.
The policies of Palace Entertainment form the sound foundation for efficient, orderly, ethical and
legally-compliant operations, and assure high-quality, friendly service to our guests. You are
obligated to learn these policies and abide by them. In addition, all Team Members are expected to
act in a manner which is professional, honest, ethical, respectful of others, respectful of the law
(acting at all times in compliance thereof), productive and efficient, helpful and courteous. There are
no egos here at Palace Entertainment and we expect everyone to pull together as a team. We
strive to have a culture which is positive, fun and enjoyable, while working hard to be the benchmark
leader in the industry.
This Handbook is not comprehensive; the Company may currently or in the future supplement, add
to, amend or otherwise change its policies at any time. This Handbook replaces any previous
understanding, practice, manual, handbook, policy or representation concerning the subject matters
addressed herein and may not be changed without the express written agreement of Senior
It is crucial that you understand your responsibilities as a Team Member of Palace Entertainment. All
of our efforts are directed toward one common goal our Mission To provide wholesome family
entertainment that is safe, a great value, and exceeds guest expectations at every
opportunity. This goal and mission statement is tantamount to our success and is the heart of our
organization, and the reason people chose to frequent our parks. If we do our jobs properly, we bring
smiles and memories that can last a lifetime.
This Handbook shall not create any legally enforceable contractual obligations, representations or
warranties on the part of the Company. This Handbook is not intended to, nor shall it, create a
contract (whether express, implied, or by operation of law) of employment between you and Palace
Your employment with the Company is at all times strictly on an at-will basis, meaning that you or
the Company may change the terms of our employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with
or without cause, and with or without notice, including but not limited to the Companys ability to alter
terms of employment, such as demotion, discipline, promotion, transfer, or to change your
compensation, benefits, duties, shift and/or location of work.
No one other than the Director of Human Resources, General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer or
Chief Executive Officer, may enter into any agreement for employment, including for a specified
period of time, or make any agreement contrary to the policy of at-will employment, and any such
agreement must be explicit as to all material terms, in writing, and signed by both the Company (the
CEO, CFO, General Counsel, and/or the Director of Human Resources) and you.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 1

Some of the provisions in this Handbook are required by federal and state laws and are subject to
immediate and automatic revision to comply with changes in such applicable law. To the extent that
there is conflict between this Handbook and any applicable law, the law will supersede.
If for any reason, you have any difficulty reading or understanding any of the provisions of this
Handbook, please contact the Human Resources Department. We will gladly assist you.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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At Will Employment

Employment with the Company is strictly at-will meaning that you or the Company may change the
terms of our employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, and with or
without notice, including but not limited to the Companys ability to alter terms of employment, such as
demotion, discipline, promotion, transfer, or to change your compensation, benefits, duties, shift
and/or location of work.
There is not, and shall not be, any agreement (whether express, implied, or by operation of law)
between the Company and you for any fixed-term, or for continuing, or long-term employment. The
Company makes no representations or warranties whatsoever in relation to your employment,
including without limitation, the stability, enjoyment, promotional possibilities, type of work or location,
or long-term prospects of employment with Palace Entertainment. While Park General Managers and
Corporate Department Heads have limited hiring authority, no one at Palace Entertainment (including
any third party representative) has any authority to alter the at-will relationship except as previously
specified herein.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 3

A Message from Our CEO

Dear Palace Entertainment Team Member,

On behalf of all our Team Members, welcome to Palace Entertainment! You are now part of one of
the most exceptional companies in the industry.
We are in a truly rewarding line of business. Together, we provide millions of people with exciting
venues across the country to have fun with their families and friends. Palace Entertainment is part of
the third-largest amusement and entertainment company in the world, and one of the largest operator
of Water Parks, Theme Parks and Family Entertainment Centers in the United States. We
consistently deliver an entertainment experience that meets or exceeds our guests expectations for
safety, cleanliness, attractions and rides, and guest service. We know that a company is only as
good as its individual Team Members, which is why we strive to hire the best, and why we focus on
team-efforts and rewards.
We hope that your new position with Palace Entertainment will be a rewarding and fun experience.
You will no doubt have many questions about your job duties and what Palace Entertainment expects
of you. This Handbook is designed to answer many of these questions, however, you should always
feel free to discuss items of concern with your supervisor, or the appropriate person at Corporate
Thank you for helping Palace Entertainment to achieve its goals as we strive for future success!

Fernando Eiroa
President & CEO
Palace Entertainment

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 4

Our Company & its History

Palace Entertainment (Festival Fun Parks, LLC) is a privately-held, family-oriented amusement

company with administrative headquarters in Newport Beach, California. We currently own and
operate 39 parks in 11 states, including an impressive array of Amusement and Theme Parks, Water
Parks, Animals Parks, and Family Entertainment Centers.
Palace Entertainment originated in Southern California. The Companys roots can be traced back to
the merger of Huish Family Fun Centers, Camelot Parks, Grand Prix Race-O-Rama and Boomers
Sports and Recreation Center. In 1999, Palace Entertainment acquired Splish Splash Water Park
and Bullwinkles Family Entertainment Center on Long Island, New York.
In 2000, we acquired two premiere water parks: Water Country in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and
Big Kahunas in Destin, Florida. In 2002, Palace acquired ten family entertainment centers from
Malibu Entertainment Worldwide as well as six water parks, Silver Springs in Ocala, Florida and
Castle Park in Riverside, California from Alfa Smart Parks. In January 2007 we added Raging
Waters Sacramento to our family of parks (formerly Water World).
In 2008, Palace acquired Kennywood Entertainment consisting of the world-famous Kennywood
amusement park (founded in 1898), Idlewild / Soakzone (rated the worlds #1 childrens park - 2010),
and Sandcastle Water Park in Pennsylvania, Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut (Americas
First Family Theme Park founded in 1846), and Storyland in Glen, New Hampshire. Sea Life Park
(Swim with Dolphins) near Honolulu, Hawaii joined our family of parks. In November 2010, we
acquired Dutch Wonderland (from Hersheys) located in Lancaster, Pennsylvanias Amish Country.
Our mission is to provide wholesome, family entertainment for a great value, and to exceed guest
expectations at every opportunity. Safety is our #1 priority and is the responsibility of all Team
At Palace Entertainment we care about our guests and each other! To achieve our goal of fostering a
positive environment and excellent service, we have established the following set of standards for all
Team Members:
Cleanliness of the park is a team effort that needs everyones support. We have a saying:
EVERYONE picks up trash, and that includes GMs and Corporate executives. So when you walk
around a park, do your part to pick up whatever trash you may see.
Palace Entertainment is really a stage and each Team Member is a performer. Look your best at all
times! Team Members are subject to grooming and appearance policies and standards which help to
maintain a family-friendly environment.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 5

Safety (for employees and guests) is everyones responsibility and our #1 priority! Follow all
Company policies, be observant and proactive, and use common sense. Act responsibly by doing
your part to ensure that other Team Members are abiding by safety standards and that guests are
adhering to all of the warning signs, attendant directions, recorded information, and other safety
guidelines such as weight and height restrictions. Guests who insist on doing something unsafe
should be ejected from the ride or park, as deemed appropriate by a supervisor or manager. If a ride
poses a safety hazard, it should be stopped. If food or beverage might reasonably pose a hazard, it
must cease being served. Speak to your supervisor, park GM, VP of Risk Management and/or the
General Counsel for further guidance.
Approach your job and our guests with enthusiasm and a fun, happy, can-do attitude! Our guests are
there to enjoy themselves, and our business survives and thrives based on the pleasure our guests
derive from visiting our parks. Repeat visits only occur if people loved their initial visit and year to
return. Be patient and courteous with all guests, and polite in tone and your choice of language, even
when encountering what you perceive to be a rude customer. Your smiles and positive attitude will
make our parks the friendliest place on earth!

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 6

Our Mission

To provide wholesome family entertainment that is safe, a great

value, and exceeds guest expectations at every opportunity.

Our Mission talks to the very essence of what Palace Entertainment is all about.
Please keep this Mission in mind as you approach your work and make decisions that
impact our guests.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 7

How to Give Good Service

As far as our guests are concerned, YOU ARE THE COMPANY. You represent our Company with
each and every contact or interaction with our guests. Therefore, you are expected to be Palace
Entertainments ambassador of fun and goodwill.
Servicing our guests individual needs demands excellent service, commitment and friendliness from
all of us. When guest service is needed, we ask that you respond immediately. Our operating
principles direct us to achieve 100% guest satisfaction each and every time we come in contact with
one of our guests internal or external. Guest satisfaction is very subjective and is always defined by
the particular guests experience.
Therefore, we must exceed the expected level of guest satisfaction; not just meet it. If our guests are
not "wow-ed", even though we have given what we think is good service, then we have not attained
our objective.
We ask that you always follow the guidelines presented during your training, balance that with your
best judgment and follow through with the best guest service ever.
If you make a judgment error, we would rather have it be in the guests favor rather than the
Company's. When guest satisfaction is exceeded, we are consistent with our stated purpose. We
will enjoy improved sales and by encouraging guest feedback we will also increase our opportunity
to fulfill every part of our Mission.
Our quality and service level make the difference between an average Company and an exceptional
Company. Our guests are our business. We work in a very competitive business and our guests are
willing to pay a premium because they are aware of the exceptional quality and FUN that we deliver.
Your courtesy, accuracy, knowledge and efficiency can make the difference between developing
guest-loyalty or losing them as customers.
We therefore intend to deliver those expectations to our guests without fail. How we look, how we act
and how we treat our guests is critical to their overall experience. We want every guest to leave our
parks excited, happy, and anxious to return.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Palace Entertainment is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity for all applicants and
its Team Members. Palace Entertainment will not discriminate against Team Members or applicants
in an unlawful manner including, but not limited to factors such as: Race, color, religion, sex,
pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, physical or mental disability,
medical condition, sexual orientation and/or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 8

Equal employment opportunity will be extended to all persons in all aspects of the employer-Team
Member relationship including, but not limited to recruitment, hiring, benefits, promotions, training,
transfer, discipline, layoff, recall and termination. Note, this does NOT mean that we will favor people
or given special treatment to people who may be within such protected classes; rather, it means that
there will not be a discriminatory motive behind any adverse employment actions taken by Palace
Entertainment, and that we will treat all people equally based on their abilities, skills, professionalism
and other work-related traits, and ones overall ability to positively impact and contribute to Palace
Entertainments success and team oriented environment.
You may discuss equal employment opportunity related questions with Human Resources or any
other member of management.

Our Team Member Relations Philosophy and Open Door Policy

We seek to provide an open door policy with a spirit of cooperative teamwork.
Most importantly, we have a workplace where problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually
respectful manner.
We encourage you to present any work-related problems you may have to your immediate manager
so the Company can attempt to resolve the issue through an examination and discussion of the facts.
We are especially sensitive to potentially harmful or dangerous matters such as safety concerns,
illegal conduct, embezzlement and theft, discrimination and harassment. Serious matters will require
an official investigation where relevant witnesses will be interviewed, and your cooperation is
expected. We hope that your manager will be able to satisfactorily resolve most matters, but we
certainly cant guarantee that complaints will always be resolved the way that you would like them to
If you find that you still have questions or concerns after meeting with your manager, or if you are not
comfortable discussing the issue with your manager, or if you would like further clarification on the
matter, you may request a meeting with the next level of management or with the Corporate Director
of Human Resources.
You may also voice your concerns through a confidential Team Member Hotline at 800.680.1414.
You may choose to remain anonymous, however, your anonymity may affect our ability to fully
investigate this situation. All Team Member Hotline calls are immediately sent to management and
will be promptly and thorough investigated. Your participation is important and (if you have identified
yourself) you will be notified of the investigations results.
Regardless of the venue you choose to bring any complaint or issue forward, we welcome and
encourage you to bring your input, questions, suggestions, complaints, feedback and comments to
our attention. Careful consideration will be given to each of these in our continuing efforts to improve

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 9

That said, you also have a responsibility--to only lodge legitimate complaints and concerns with a
reasonable basis; to report such concerns in a professional manner; to refrain from reporting
speculation as fact; to refrain from exaggeration or falsification of facts; and to refrain from using the
complaint process as a tool of intimidation or retribution (e.g., to get back at your boss or to harm
the reputations or careers of others, or to seek to unethically propel your own career). Filing false
reports may likewise trigger disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
Your good faith suggestions and comments on any subject are important to us so we encourage you
to take every opportunity to discuss them with us. Your job will not be adversely affected in any way
because you choose to use any of the procedures outlined above.

Immigration Law Compliance

Palace Entertainment is committed to full compliance with federal immigration laws and only employs
those individuals legally eligible to work in the United States. In complying with Federal Immigration
laws we are required to verify each and every Team Members identity and legal authority to work in
the United States. If you are aware of any illegal aliens working for Palace Entertainment in any
capacity whatsoever (including outside vendors who provide workers on Company property), then you
should immediately report the matter to the Corporate Director of Human Resources.
All offers of employment are contingent upon satisfying these federal requirements. All Team
Members, including rehires, are required to provide proof of work eligibility and legal authority to work
in the United States by completing the Team Member portion of the I-9 form and providing the
required documentation to complete this form in its entirety.

Human Resources
In addition to your direct manager, Palace Entertainments Corporate Human Resources Department
can help you to understand the Companys personnel policies, practices, payroll, benefits and
administrative procedures.
The Corporate Human Resources Department provides support to managers, supervisors and Team
Members to help maintain a positive working environment. If you or your manager need assistance
resolving issues around policy interpretation, performance, salary and/or career development, or any
other matter involving your employment with the Company, you should feel free to contact the
Corporate Human Resources Department.
The Corporate Human Resources Department also administers and maintains Company policies and
procedures, compensation and benefit plans as well as all personnel and payroll records. It is
important to keep your records up to date as this information is used for benefits administration,
notification in case of an emergency, and many other aspects of your employment with Palace

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 10

Please contact the Corporate Human Resources Department if any of your personal information such
as the following changes:

Marital status
Address (home or mailing)
Legal name
Telephone number
Team Member or dependent benefit eligibility
Income tax exemptions
Emergency contact person
And all other personal information that may affect your employment.

Unlawful Workplace Discrimination and Harassment

Palace Entertainment believes in respecting the dignity and rights of every Team Member and
expects every Team Member to show respect for the rights and dignity of all colleagues, guests,
suppliers and vendors. Respectful, professional conduct furthers the Company's mission, promotes
productivity and job satisfaction, safeguards ethics and legal compliance, minimizes disputes, and
enhances our reputation.
Accordingly, Company policy forbids any negative or adverse conduct, harassment or discrimination,
in the workplace, that is based on a protected class (as legally defined by then-applicable law)
including an individual's religion, age, ancestry, citizenship, color, marital or parental status, national
origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex or gender, perceived sex or gender, sexual
orientation, military or veterans' status, physical or mental disability, medical condition unrelated to
the person's ability to perform the job, or the perception that a person is associated with a person of a
protected class. The discriminatory and harassing conduct prohibited by this policy includes all
forms of unwelcome conduct including without limitation:
(a) Offensive verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory jokes or comments, slurs, insulting
sounds, negative stereotyping, intimidating acts and bullying,;
(b) Offensive visual conduct such as derogatory and/or sexually suggestive images, posters,
pictures, photography, cartoons, drawings, or gestures; unwanted sexual innuendos,
advances, or propositions, and/or graphic, suggestive, or obscene comments, letters, notes,
or invitation, threats or unwelcome pressure to submit to sexual requests and offers of
employment benefits in return for sexual favors;
(c) Offensive or otherwise unwelcome physical conduct such as patting, grabbing, rubbing,
pinching, slapping, punching, kicking, brushing against another's body, assault, or any other
unwanted physical contact or touching as well as blocking normal movement, brandishing a
tool or weapon, or otherwise interfering with another's work based on any protected basis;
(d) circulation or posting of written or graphic materials that show hostility toward individuals
because of their protected status, harassing phone calls, pranks, invasions of personal
privacy, theft from the targeted individual or destruction of their property (including food
tampering); and.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 11

(e) Retaliation for having reported or threatened to report discrimination, harassment, or other
illegal conduct by the Company or any employee.
In addition, the Company will not tolerate its guests, clients, and/or outside vendors harassing any
Team Member. Such conduct should be immediately reported to your manager, and to the
Company's Human Resources Department or to the Team Member Hotline.
If you find conduct in the workplace to be unwelcome or offensive, you should immediately inform the
person engaging in the conduct in a clear and unambiguous manner that the conduct is unwelcome
and/or offensive and that you want the conduct to stop. However, if you are at all uncomfortable
taking this action, or if the conduct does not cease after you have warned the offending person(s) to
stop, you should immediately speak to your manager or the Corporate Human Resource Department
so the Company can take appropriate remedial measures to end the objectionable conduct.
Whether you complain to your manager, to the Corporate Human Resource Department or the
Hotline is your choice. Any manager or supervisor who is aware of conduct inconsistent with this
policy or who receives a report of conduct inconsistent with this policy is required to report it
immediately to the Corporate Human Resource Department for investigation, determination, and
Your complaint should be factual and (to the extent possible) include detailed descriptions of the
nature and frequency of the conduct, the name(s) of the offending person(s) involved, the name(s) of
all witness(es) to the conduct, your response to the conduct, and/or your action(s) demonstrating to
the offending person(s) that the conduct is unwelcome.
Every reported complaint of violations of this policy will be reviewed and, if deemed credible,
investigated thoughtfully and in a timely manner. While the investigation proceeds, the Company may
put reasonable interim measures in place, including but not limited to, a suspension of accused
persons, leave of absence, change of shift, transfer, or other measures depending on the
The failure or refusal of any Team Member to cooperate in a Company investigation of alleged
wrongful conduct, or any dishonesty or withholding of key information, may subject the Team Member
to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
Once reports of alleged violations of this policy are thoroughly investigated, the Company will take
appropriate action as it determines in its sole, good faith discretion based on its professional
The Company may conclude that a violation has occurred. The Company may also conclude,
depending on the circumstances, that either no violation of policy occurred or that the Company
cannot conclude whether a violation occurred.
If the Company determines that its policies have been violated or other inappropriate conduct has
occurred, effective remedial action will be taken appropriate to the totality of the circumstances,
including disciplinary action up to and including termination. The Company may discipline a Team
Member for any inappropriate conduct discovered while investigating reports of alleged violations of
this policy, even if the conduct does not amount to a violation of the law or even a violation of this

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 12

If the person who engaged in the unwelcome or offensive conduct is not employed by the Company,
the Company will take whatever corrective action is reasonable and appropriate under the
circumstances, and to the extent of its ability to do so. Following the conclusion of the Company's
investigation, a Company representative will advise the principal parties concerned of the results of
the investigation.
In addition to notifying the Company about harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, Team Members
also may file an administrative complaint with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission ("EEOC") and/or the Agency/Department in the state in which you reside that handles
these types of complaints. These agencies will independently investigate a matter and may choose
to prosecute complaints of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation in employment. If you choose to
be represented by an attorney, the EEOC will then drop the matter.
The Company does not condone and will not tolerate retaliation against any Team Member for
cooperating in an investigation, for making a truthful complaint of a violation of this policy in good
faith, for opposing perceived violations of this policy, or for filing an administrative claim with the
EEOC or state agency, even if the allegations are not substantiated by the Company's investigation.
Any Team Member who feels he/she has experienced or witnessed retaliatory conduct should follow
the reporting procedures described above.
All Company Team Members have a personal responsibility to conduct themselves in compliance with
this policy and to report any observations of conduct inconsistent with this policy. If you have any
questions, please speak with the Corporate Human Resources Department.

Whistleblower Rights
Notice of Team Member Rights and Responsibilities
Under Federal and California Whistleblower Protection Laws
Palace Entertainment encourages you to report improper and illegal activities. Team Members
making good faith reports shall not suffer retaliation from the Company.
Team Member Rights
Team Members have the right to report, without suffering retaliation, any activity by Palace
Entertainment or a Palace Entertainment Team Member that the reporting Team Member reasonably
believes: 1) violates any state or federal law; 2) violates or amounts to noncompliance with a state or
federal rule or regulation; or 3) violates fiduciary responsibilities by a corporation or limited liability
company to its shareholders, investors, or Team Members.
In addition, Team Members can refuse to participate in an activity that would result in a violation of
state or federal statutes, or a violation or noncompliance with a state or federal rule or regulation.
The whistleblower protection laws do not entitle Team Members to violate a confidential privilege of
Palace Entertainment (such as the attorney-client privilege) or improperly disclose trade-secret

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 13

Where to Report
A Team Member who suspects a problem with legal compliance is required to report the situation(s)
to their supervisor or other appropriate member of management.
Team Members may also report information regarding possible unlawful activity to an appropriate
government or law enforcement agency or by calling the Whistleblower Hotline in the state where you
Prohibition on Retaliation
Any Team Member who believes they have been retaliated against for whistleblowing may file a
complaint with our Corporate Human Resources Department or the General Counsel.
[Posted as required by Calif. Labor Code Section 1102.8(a)]

Employment Classifications
Throughout this handbook and our Corporate Benefits Guide, references are made to various Team
Member classifications, particularly in relation to Team Member benefits such as vacation accrual or
group health insurance. Team Members are classified by the number of hours they regularly work
each week as well as seasonal employment (e.g., full-time, part-time or seasonal).
In addition, each employment position at Palace Entertainment is classified as either "non-exempt" or
"exempt" from overtime requirements in accordance with state and federal laws and is based solely
on the job duties of the position.
REGULAR FULL-TIME TEAM MEMBERS are regularly scheduled to work at least 37 hours or more
each week and are eligible for our full time benefits package in accordance with their position and
length of employment. In Hawaii, regular full time Team Members are regularly scheduled to work at
least 20 or more hours over a 4 week period.
REGULAR PART-TIME TEAM MEMBERS are regularly scheduled to work less than 37 hours each
week and are eligible for statutory benefits only. Statutory benefits are those mandated by federal,
state or local law. Part time Team Members are not eligible for company benefits. In Hawaii, regular
part time Team Members are regularly scheduled to work less than 20 or more hours over a 4 week
TEMPORARY OR SEASONAL TEAM MEMBERS are typically regular non-exempt hourly Team
Members hired to work for a specific task or project, for a specific period of time for seasonal or
temporary work or summer employment. Team Members in this classification are not eligible for
company benefits.
NON-EXEMPT TEAM MEMBERS are hourly (regular full time, part time and/or temporary or
seasonal) Team Members who receive a specified hourly rate of pay and who are covered by the
overtime provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and applicable state laws (unless
covered under US Department of Labor Section 13(a)(3) Exemption for Seasonal Amusement or
Recreational Establishments Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)).

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 14

Team Members in this classification must keep accurate time records and may be entitled to premium
pay for work in excess of 40 hours in a workweek under Federal Law depending upon the state in
which you are employed. These Team Members may also be entitled to other types of premium pay
depending on the state in which they are employed.
EXEMPT TEAM MEMBERS are generally salaried Team Members and are almost always regular full
Team Members who are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Federal Fair Labor Standards
Act and applicable state laws. This classification of Team Member does not keep a record of their
time worked and are not entitled to premium pay under federal, state or local law.
Upon hire, your supervisor will notify you of your employment classification. There are no automatic
conversions from one classification to another. Palace Entertainment reserves the right to change a
Team Member's classification at any time, based on changes in their responsibilities, hours, job
duties and/or the Company needs. Team Members who have any questions about their employment
classification should consult with their manager or contact Corporate Human Resources.

Rehired Team Members

Team Members, who are classified as eligible for rehire when they separate from the Company, will
be considered for rehire along with all other applicants. Team Members who are classified as
ineligible for rehire will not be considered for further employment with Palace Entertainment.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 15

Your Workday, Pay and Progress

Palace Entertainments Pay Plan

Depending on your job, Your Compensation Package may include some or all of the components

Base Pay
Bonus/Incentive Plan Rewards attainment of specific, pre-determined business goals.
Our formal Bonus/Incentive Programs are provided for certain eligible management and sales
Benefits Includes group health plans, income protection plans, supplemental life
insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, AD&D, and LTD for certain eligible employees
Savings Our 401(k) savings plan help you to defer taxable income and help you to save for
your future.

Performance Reviews
Our performance review program is designed to facilitate communication between you and your
manager with respect to your job performance, areas for you to work on (skills, attitude,
professionalism, work ethic, knowledge, etc.), key areas needing attention (special projects or work
goals for the future), in addition to your potential and development within the Company. Your
manager will review your job progress and the Companys expectations of you, and help you to set
new job performance plans.
Although merit reviews and salary increases are typically done around the same time as a Team
Members performance review, wage adjustments may occur at other times, at the sole and complete
discretion of management.
Any changes to your rate of pay will normally become effective on the first day of the pay period after
your increase has been approved. You should understand that no final or effective decision regarding
wage adjustments can be made by a supervisor alone. Adjustments in pay can be made only with
the written approval of your manager and with final approval from Corporate Human Resources and
Finance. Wage increases will not become effective unless and until all necessary approvals have
been obtained.

Promotions and Transfers

Palace Entertainment believes in organic growth and promoting from within when new or vacated
positions become available. The Company will always seek the most qualified person, but we
encourage internal growth.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 16

All qualified, interested Team Members are encouraged to apply for promotions or transfers when
openings within the Company occur.

Our Workweek/ Workday

Our workweek consists of seven consecutive 24-hour periods beginning on Monday at 12:01 am and
ending on Sunday at 12 midnight. Weekly overtime (for those eligible) is based on the number of
hours worked within a single workweek. The workday runs from 12:01 am to 12:00 midnight each
Palace Entertainments Corporate Offices regular business hours are typically 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Monday through Friday PST. Hours of business at our other locations vary based on the needs of the

Inclement Weather
Actual or potentially bad weather does not entitle a Team Member to avoid reporting to work. If it is
rainy, snowy, cloudy, windy, etc. or threatens to be, you must call your park location at least two
hours prior to the start of your shift if possible, and ask your manager if you should come to work. If
you cannot call, you still have the responsibility to show up for work or you may be considered a no
call/no show and subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of your employment.
Multiple days of no show may be deemed job abandonment.

Recording Your Time

All non-exempt Team Members are required to maintain an accurate record of all time worked by
clocking in and out at the beginning and end of your work shifts and for meal periods as applicable.
You can suffer disciplinary action, including termination, if you clock in at a remote location.
If you are unable, for any reason, to clock in or out at any time, you are required to notify your
supervisor immediately and to complete a Punch Correction report for any missed punches. The
Punch Correction is required to be signed by you and your supervisor acknowledging the edited
punch and forwarded to Human Resources.
Team Members are responsible to ensure that their timecards/records are accurate, complete and
submitted and approved in a timely manner, and that NO FRAUD is being committed against the
Company. Do not record the time of another Team Member under any circumstances. Any errors
must be reported immediately to your supervisor. Falsification of time cards/records, failure to
provide accurate timekeeping information or using, marking, altering or completion of any information
on another Team Members timecard/record, may result in immediate termination of employment.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 17

Work Schedule, Attendance & Reliability

As a Team Member, your punctual and consistent attendance is an ongoing condition of employment.
For the efficient and smooth operation of the Company, management reserves the right to schedule
hours and adjust the work schedule or to assign Team Members to jobs other than their usual
assignments, as may be appropriate to manage the business. Our business needs constantly shift,
often dramatically so. Therefore, changes to work shifts by the Company should be considered a
normal part of your job experience.
The Company offers no guarantee of shifts assigned, days of work or number of hours scheduled.
These decisions will be made based solely on our business needs. Please understand that we are
counting on your good attendance therefore, the mere fact that you called in does not make your
absence acceptable.
Team Members must abide by the following common sense guidelines:

Report and be ready for work, on time, as scheduled. Observe any slotted times, and time
limits, set by your park for rest and meal periods, and do not leave work early without the prior
approval of your supervisor.
For unanticipated lateness or absence, you are required to notify your supervisor at least two
(2) hours in advance of your normal starting time if possible (each day of your absence) with
an explanation of the reason and expected duration of your absence email and text
messaging are not an acceptable method of communication when you are going to be late or
absent. This requirement will be waived only in the event of an emergency. If there is an
emergency, you must contact your supervisor as soon as you are reasonably able to do so, to
inform them of the circumstances and when you can be expected to be at work.
A Team Member who does not report to work and does not notify his/her supervisor of his/her
absence for a period of three (3) consecutive scheduled shifts is considered to have
abandoned the job and will be deemed to have automatically and voluntarily resigned unless a
valid, truthful and reasonable excuse is offered and accepted by the Company (in the
Companys discretion).
No Call/No Show is when you fail to notify the Manager on duty that you will not report for your
scheduled shift. A no call/no show may be grounds for immediate suspension which may
result in discipline up to and including termination of employment. Multiple No Call/No Shows
are grounds for immediate termination without further notice or warning.

Our normal business hours vary seasonally by park. During holiday periods and special events,
park operation hours may vary. Your location and your manager will advise you of your specific
working hours and will assign you individual schedule.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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Exchanging work schedules with other Team Members is discouraged, however, your manager
may authorize an exchange if the exchange will not result in disruption or interference with normal
operations or will not result in overtime. Team Members exchanging schedules or covering for
one another must have substantially the same skill set to be able to cover the other employees
work. Work schedule changes will not be approved for mere desire or convenience.

Meal Periods & Rest Periods

California Team Members
All non-exempt California Team Members are provided a full, uninterrupted 30-minute meal period
and at least one 10-minute rest period whenever the workday exceeds 5 hours.
A second 10-minute rest period is also provided if you work between 6 and 8 hours in one workday.
You are not permitted to perform any duties during such periods and are entirely relieved from your
job responsibilities during this time.
If you work or
are scheduled to work:

You are required to take:

Between 3-1/2 to 5 hours

One paid 10-minute rest period

Between 5 to 6 hours

One paid 10-minute rest period and one

uninterrupted 30-minute unpaid meal period (this
meal period may be voluntarily waived as long as
you do not work over 6 hours).

Between 6 to 10 hours

Two paid 10-minute rest periods and one

uninterrupted 30-minute unpaid meal period which
cannot be waived. Your 30-minute meal period must
be taken no later than the end of the 5th hour of

Between 10 to 12 hours

Three paid 10-minute rest periods and two

uninterrupted 30-minute unpaid meal periods (the
2nd meal period may be waived in writing provided
you took the first meal period and provided you do
not work over 12 hours).

You may waive your 30-minute meal period if you work between 5 and 6 hours by completing and
signing a Meal Period Waiver form, however, your workday may not exceed 6 hours. Team Members
without a Meal Period Waiver on file who do not comply with this requirement may receive disciplinary
action up to and including termination of employment for non-compliance.
If you work 10 or more hours in one day, you are provided three paid 10 minute rest periods and two
unpaid meal periods of 30 minutes each, however one such meal period can be waived voluntarily
under written agreement (2nd Meal Period Waiver Form).
Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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We will not assume that you have waived your right to a 30-minute meal period or a 2nd 30-minute
meal period unless we have either a Meal Period Waiver form or a 2nd Meal Period Waiver form on
If you work 12 or more hours in one workday you are REQUIRED to take a 2nd Meal Period no
exceptions. Team Members who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and
including termination of employment for continued non-compliance.
If at any time you are prohibited from taking your required meal period, you are required to report any instance
immediately to the Corporate Human Resources Department or the Team Member Hotline. Your failure to take
meal and rest periods as required by law may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of
employment. If you do not notify or report anyone, we will assume you are receiving your breaks and lunches
You are expected to observe assigned working hours and the time allowed for meal and break
periods. You should not leave the premises during 10 minute break periods. During your 30 minute
meal periods, you are generally relieved of all duties and are allowed to leave the premises.
Team Members in Other States:
The company follows all meal period and rest break laws in accordance with the laws of the state in
which you work. If you are unfamiliar with the laws in your state, please check with your manager or
Corporate Human Resources to determine the meal period rules in your state.

In order to manage our business, you may be scheduled to work overtime. All overtime work that has
not been scheduled ahead of time must be approved in advance by management.
Overtime pay will be computed based on state and federal regulations and depending upon the state
laws where you work. Only actual hours worked count toward computing weekly overtime.
The Company will always pay premium time for any overtime worked in accordance with the state
and federal laws where you work regardless of whether or not the overtime was approved in advance
by management however, you may be subject to discipline for not complying with this policy.

Payday & Paychecks

All Team Members are paid on a weekly (typically 52 pay periods per year) or a bi-weekly basis
(typically 26 pay periods per year) dependent upon applicable law, your employment status and the
relevant locations operations.
If you are on weekly payroll schedule, regular paydays are every Friday and include pay earned
through the preceding pay period end date. If you are on a bi-weekly payroll schedule, regular
paydays are every other Friday and include pay earned through the preceding pay period end date. If
the scheduled payday falls on a Company observed holiday, you will be paid on the preceding

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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It is important that you are paid accurately for all hours worked, including overtime (if applicable),
each pay period. If you notice that there is an error on your paycheck for any reason, you must notify
Corporate Human Resources immediately so we can correct the error as quickly as possible. If you
are ever overpaid in a given check (for whatever reason), you MUST report it to the Company and
cooperate with rectifying the error. Failing to report it and keeping an overpayment constitutes theft,
which may subject you to disciplinary action.
Individual paychecks may be distributed to the Team Member only. In the event you wish to have
your check given to or picked up by someone else other than the Team Member to who the paycheck
was issued, or if you require that your paycheck be mailed to your home, you must first provide
written authorization directing this action. The Company is not required to honor each such request.

Wage Assignments, Liens, Garnishment, & Child Support

When a Team Members wages are garnished by a court order, lien or wage assignment, Palace
Entertainment is legally bound to withhold the amount indicated in the garnishment order from the
Team Members paycheck.
The Company will honor federal and state guidelines which protect a certain amount of your income
from being subject to garnishment.
The Company expects you to manage your personal finances in a responsible manner and not
involve the Company. Garnishments are very costly for the Company to administer. Any Team
Member who misappropriates a notice to the Company calling for a garnishment (lien, wage
assignment, etc.) will be held liable for all related damages, including default judgments, penalties,
interests, fees and expenses, and attorneys fees.

Automatic Direct Deposit

You have the option of receiving your pay via a live payroll check or by having your pay automatically
deposited directly into your bank account through our Automatic Direct Deposit Program. An
automatic direct deposit directive is required to be completed to direct this action. Your direct deposit
will typically go through one pre-note cycle (one pay period) before the direct deposit directive takes
Using the automatic direct deposit program, you authorize Palace Entertainment and the bank you
designate, to deposit your net pay or portion thereof as indicated into your bank (checking or savings
account) each pay period.
If funds to which you are not entitled or authorized are inadvertently deposited to your account, you
also authorize Palace Entertainment to direct the bank to return said funds to Palace Entertainment in
accordance with state and federal laws.
Deposits made under the Automatic Direct Deposit Agreement may not be credited to your account
until 5:00pm on the pay date indicated on the check voucher or advice.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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Payroll Deductions
State and federal laws require the company to make the proper deductions on the Team
Members behalf. These deductions include federal, state and local income taxes (where
applicable), social security tax, and other taxes as mandated by federal, state and local laws.
Other deductions may be made from a Team Members paycheck with the Team Members
written authorization. These deductions may include benefits insurance premiums and/or
payments due the Company for goods or services requested and received by you on your behalf
or on behalf of a member of your family. These include post tax life insurance, disability, AD&D
insurance as well as uniform deductions and other deductions authorized by you in advance.
The Company prohibits improper or unlawful deductions from your pay. As such, if you believe
that an improper deduction has been made, we ask that you report it to the Corporate Human
Resources Department immediately. We will ensure that the deduction is stopped and will
investigate and reimburse you for any improper deductions made.

Hiring of Minors
Minors will not be permitted to work unless legally able to do so under all applicable state and federal
laws. Each of our parks has specific age limitations depending the position. The Company allows the
employment of minors in accordance with state and federal laws but does not allow employment of
minors under the age of fourteen (14) under any circumstances in our parks. Each of our locations
have specific age limitations depending the position and type of work performed.
A minor may only be permitted to work in accordance with the terms, restrictions and limitations set
forth in their work permit, working papers, employment certificate, or other documentation if
documentation is required in the state where the Team Member works. Supervisors/managers who
authorize or order or otherwise condone violations of labor laws pertaining to minors are subject to
discipline, including immediate termination.
Where a difference exists between the standards set forth in the work permit and the rules
established by federal and state laws, the strictest standard shall apply. Therefore, a minor may not
be allowed to work in violation of any legal standard, whether the standard is incorporated in a work
permit, a state or a federal law.
Subject to applicable state laws, work permits for minors are required before the first day of work,
orientation or training. Permits may generally be obtained from your school or local School District
Office. A replacement permit is required before the existing permit reaches the expiration date in
order to continue employment.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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Time Away From Work

Time Off Policy

You may occasionally need time off from work to address important matters that are regulated by the
laws in your state. The Company will comply with all legal obligations as dictated by local, state and
federal requirements by providing you time off, where necessary. Time off that is provided under this
policy will ordinarily be unpaid except where the law requires that it be compensated.

Time Off to Vote

Palace Entertainment encourages Team Members to exercise their right to vote in state, primary,
general or special elections. Any Team Member whose work schedule does not provide him/her two
consecutive hours to vote may request up to two hours off. This excused time off to vote will
considered be paid time off.
The time off to vote shall be only at the beginning or end of the work schedule, whichever allows the
most free time for voting, and the least time off from work. Two (2) days notice prior for voting is
required if time off is necessary.
This policy will apply unless state law dictates otherwise.

Leaves of Absence
A leave of absence is defined as an unpaid, excused absence from work with prior approval from
management. Requests for a leave of absence must be in writing at least 30 days in advance, if
possible. Reasons for the request must be explained in detail to the extent provided by state and
federal law. Continued absence from work beyond the end of any approved leave will be deemed a
voluntary abandonment and termination of employment.
In the case of a request for a leave of absence due to a Team Members own serious illness or injury,
a certification from a licensed health care provider providing the date of the onset of the temporary
disability, the expected duration of the leave, and the expected date of return to duty will be required.
This pertains to all temporary medical disabilities, whether the cause is job-related or non-job related.
In the event of an unexpected medical emergency, you must have someone call Corporate Human
Resources or your immediate Supervisor to inform them of the event, as soon as practicable.
A licensed health care providers certificate stating that you are able to return to normal or
modified/restricted duty is required upon your return if your leave is due to your own serious illness or

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

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The Company reserves the right to require a physical examination by a physician of our own choosing
prior to the resumption of a Team Members duties.
Palace Entertainment will continue to pay all applicable group benefit premiums which it ordinarily
pays on your behalf for up to a maximum of six (6) months for certain leaves, at which time you will
be offered COBRA continuation coverage. All Company-sponsored insurance programs will cease at
the end of the month in which the Team Member has reached the six (6) month maximum. If you
decide to continue your insurance after this time period by utilizing your options under COBRA if
applicable, you will be responsible for both your and the employer portion of the insurance premium
plus a 2% administrative premium.
The Company will administer its leave of absence policies in accordance with all state and federal
regulations. Instances may exist where two or more leave policies provide overlapping protections for
an eligible Team Member. However, it is the general intention of the Companys policies to limit
Team Members to the time available under the single most favorable leave of absence policy and to
prevent Team Members from exceeding the limitations of that policy.
Accordingly, any leave of absence that is taken by you under any policy that could have been taken
under any other policy of the Company (whether or not the Team Member has requested the
opportunity to do so) shall be credited against the maximum limit on leaves established in each of the
policies that provided the Team Member a basis to request a leave.
For instance, if you take a Family and Medical leave of absence, the time off shall be charged against
the maximum time off available under that policy. It shall also be charged against the maximum time
off under the companys separate medical leave policy or pregnancy disability leave policy or state
family leave policy, even if it is not granted under that policy. Similarly, any leave taken under
medical leave will also be charged under the Federal Family and Medical Leave of Absence policy if
you qualify for both. Exceptions to this offset provision will be made only where required by law.
You are required to keep the company regularly informed of your intent to return to work, and on what
approximate date the return will commence. At the end of your leave, to enable a smooth return to
work, you must notify the Company of your intent to return to work at least one week prior to your
returning to work so scheduling arrangements can be made. Continued absence from work beyond
your expected return to work date or as indicated by your certified health care provider, will be
deemed a voluntary termination of employment unless state or federal laws dictate otherwise.
Leaves of absence have limits. In general, the maximum period of an employees entitlement to a
leave is twelve (12) weeks provided there is sufficient backup and a legitimate reason for a leave of
that long. The Company will follow the family leave laws and all other of your state The Company
does not make any representations or guarantees about your ability to return to work once the
maximum fixed period that youre entitled to (per applicable law) has been exhausted; in such
instances, for example, the Company reserves all rights to find a replacement for your position, or it
may seek to offer you another position (if a suitable, comparable one is available), or the Company
may have reorganized your department and eliminated your job, or the Company may determine that
you are no longer able to do your job satisfactorily (even with a reasonable accommodation), or in
your absence the Company may discover evidence of wrongdoing which justifies an for cause

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 24

You may not be employed elsewhere while on leave, and engaging in employment while on leave
shall entitle the Company to terminate your employment. The Company may also terminate your
employment if it is determined that you have committed a fraud upon the Company in your request for
a leave. Palace Entertainment reserves the right to modify its Leave Policies at any time.

Federal Family & Medical Care Leave (FMLA)

The Company will comply with applicable state and federal laws regarding time off for parental,
pregnancy, family and medical reasons, including providing time off for absences covered under the
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and your states applicable state family leave laws. For
information regarding any rights you may have under your states laws, please contact Corporate
Human Resources.
All absences that qualify under the FMLA and/or state law will be designated and counted as
Family/Medical Leave under the FMLA and applicable state law.
Under the FMLA (individual states may have their own Family Leave Act which may supersede
Federal law) an eligible Team Member is entitled to a total of 12 workweeks of unpaid Family/Medical
Leave during a rolling 12 month period (measured backward from the date any leave under this policy
is taken) for one or more of the following reasons:
1. For the birth of a child or placement of a child for adoption or foster care.
2. To care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health
3. For your own serious health condition which prevents you from performing the essential
functions of the job.
To be eligible for a federal Family/Medical Leave, you must:

have worked for the Company for at least 12 months, and

have worked at least 1,250 hours in the last 12 months, and
work at a location with at least 50 Team Members within a 75-mile radius.

Federal Family & Medical Leave may be taken on an intermittent basis or on a reduced leave
schedule for a Team Members own serious health condition or to care for a covered family members
serious health condition only if medically necessary. A covered Team Member is required to exhaust
accrued sick pay and may use vacation pay during a Family & Medical Leave in accordance with
federal law and company policy.
Generally upon return from a Family & Medical Leave, you will be restored to their original job or to a
comparable job with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms and conditions, subject to
any applicable exceptions provided by law.
In addition, your use of Family & Medical Leave will not result in the loss of any employment benefit
that you have earned or were entitled to before using Family & Medical Leave.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 25

You have no greater right to reinstatement or to other benefits and conditions of employment than if
you had not taken the Family & Medical Leave.
This policy will apply unless state law dictates otherwise. Contact Human Resources for information
regarding state specific family and medical leave and/or pregnancy disability leave provisions.
Your continued absence from work beyond your covered disability (as determined by your health care
provider) will be deemed a voluntary termination of your employment unless state or federal laws
dictate otherwise.
Leaves of absence have limits. In general, the maximum period of an employees entitlement to a
leave is twelve (12) weeks provided there is sufficient backup and a legitimate reason for a leave of
that long. The Company does not make any representations or guarantees about your ability to
return to work once the maximum fixed period that youre entitled to (per applicable law) has been
exhausted; in such instances, for example, the Company reserves all rights to find a replacement for
your position, or it may seek to offer you another position (if a suitable, comparable one is available),
or the Company may have reorganized your department and eliminated your job, or the Company
may determine that you are no longer able to do your job satisfactorily (even with a reasonable
accommodation), or in your absence the Company may discover evidence of wrongdoing which
justifies a for cause termination.
You may not be employed elsewhere while on leave, and engaging in employment while on leave
shall entitle the Company to terminate your employment. The Company may also terminate your
employment if it is determined that you have committed a fraud upon the Company in your request for a

State Laws and Benefits

Many states have their own family and medical leave laws in addition to the federal FMLA.
Sometimes, the law parallels the protections provided by the FMLA. Other times, however, the law
provides greater benefits or protections than the federal FMLA. For example, state law may cover
smaller employers not covered by the FMLA or Team Members who have worked for an employer for
less time than the FMLA requires, or may provide greater total job-protected time off than the 12
weeks the FMLA provides -- especially for women giving birth to newborns, who may be entitled to
time off for their own pregnancy disabilities, plus time off to care for their newborn after the birth.
In addition, a handful of states provide some form of wage-replacement benefits for which you can
apply while you are on an unpaid family or medical leave from work. California, Hawaii, New Jersey
and New York (as well as other states not mentioned) may provide temporary disability benefits to
workers who are temporarily unable to work due to their own medical conditions, including pregnancy
and birth.
California is the first state in the nation to provide comprehensive paid leave benefits -- the Paid
Family Leave Insurance program, which provides an additional six weeks of partial wage benefits
during a worker's unpaid time off to bond with a newborn, newly adopted, or new foster child, or to
care for an ill parent, child, spouse, or domestic partner.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 26

Medical Leave of Absence

As soon as you become aware that you are, or will become temporarily disabled for medical reasons,
you must promptly notify your manager who will notify the Corporate Human Resources Department
by completing and submitting a Request for Leave of Absence form.
A certificate or note from your health care provider stating the length and reason for your leave, the
duration of leave requested and your expected return to work date, must be attached to a completed
Leave of Absence Request or forwarded within 15 days of the start of your leave. Your medical leave
will not be approved unless the required certification is received.
Upon proper verification, the Company will grant you a Medical Leave of Absence without pay for the
period of your bonafide disability which begins on the first day of your leave. You must provide
acceptable verification of disability and a prognosis of a reasonable expectation of being able to
return to work even if intermittent leave is taken.
In addition, the Company may require periodic verification (in accordance with state and federal laws)
of your inability to work (including, for example, examination by a doctor designated by the
Company). Any misrepresentation of the leave request or disability will be grounds for disciplinary
action up to and including termination. Team Members must exhaust any sick time benefits due them
at the onset of the disability and may request to use earned vacation time.
The Company does not make any representations or guarantees about your ability to return to work
once the maximum fixed period that youre entitled to (per applicable law) has been exhausted; in
such instances, for example, the Company reserves all rights to find a replacement for your position,
or it may seek to offer you another position (if a suitable, comparable one is available), or the
Company may have reorganized your department and eliminated your job, or the Company may
determine that you are no longer able to do your job satisfactorily (even with a reasonable
accommodation), or in your absence the Company may discover evidence of wrongdoing which
justifies an for cause termination.
You may not be employed elsewhere while on leave, and engaging in employment while on leave
shall entitle the Company to terminate your employment. The Company may also terminate your
employment if it is determined that you have committed a fraud upon the Company in your request for
a leave. Your continued absence from work beyond your disability (as determined by your health
care provider) will be deemed a voluntary termination of your employment unless state or federal laws
dictate otherwise.

California Pregnancy Disability (PDL) and

California Family & Medical Leave (CFRA)
Under the California Family Rights Act of 1993 (CFRA), if you have more than 12 months of service
with us and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12-month period before the date you want to
begin your leave, you may have a right to unpaid family care or medical leave (CFRA leave).

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 27

This leave may be for up to 12 work weeks in a 12-month period for the birth, adoption, or foster care
placement of your child or for your own serious health condition or that of your child, parent, or
Even if you are not eligible for CFRA leave, if disabled by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical
conditions, you are entitled to take a pregnancy disability leave of up to four months, depending on
your period(s) of actual disability.
If you are CFRA-eligible, you have certain rights to take BOTH a pregnancy disability leave and a
CFRA leave for reason of the birth of your child. Both leaves contain a guarantee of reinstatement to
the same or to a comparable position at the end of the leave, subject to any defense allowed under
the law.
If possible, you must provide at least 30 days advance notice for foreseeable events (such as the
expected birth of a child or a planned medical treatment for yourself or of a family member). For
events which are unforeseeable, we need you to notify us, at least verbally, as soon as you learn of
the need for the leave.
Failure to comply with these notice rules is grounds for, and may result in, deferral of the requested
leave until you comply with this notice policy.
We may require certification from your health care provider before allowing you a leave for pregnancy
or your own serious health condition or certification from the health care provider of your child, parent,
or spouse who has a serious health condition before allowing you a leave to take care of that family
member. When medically necessary, leave may be taken on an intermittent or a reduced work
If you are taking a leave for the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child, the basic minimum
duration of the leave is two weeks and you must conclude the leave within one year of the birth or
placement for adoption or foster care.
Taking a family care or pregnancy disability leave may impact certain of your benefits and your
seniority date.

Pregnancy, Parental and Familial Leave

The company will comply with applicable state and federal laws regarding time off for parental,
pregnancy, family and medical leave reasons, including providing time off for absences covered
under Californias pregnancy-related disability leaves. For information regarding any rights you may
have under your states pregnancy disability laws, please contact Corporate Human Resources.
The Company will provide reasonable accommodation to pregnant Team Members upon the advice
of the Team Members health care provider as applicable under applicable federal and state laws.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 28

Personal Leaves of Absence

The Company may grant personal leaves of absence without pay for a maximum of sixty days and
only for compelling personal reasons.
As an example, although not an all inclusive list of reasons for a personal leave of absence, the
Company may grant a personal leave for the following reasons which may not be covered
under another federal, state or locally mandated leave law: serious stress, divorce, loss of a loved
one, domestic violence/abuse, or health problems of a family member that are not covered under
FMLA or your states family leave laws.
The Company may grant a personal leave only where such leave does not impose an unfair or undue
hardship on other Team Members or the Company. Such leaves must be requested in advance of at
least 30 days to the extent practical, and in writing by you, explaining the specific reasons for the
request. Your General Manager alone cannot approve a personal leave of absence. Your personal
leave of absence is not approved until it is reviewed and approved by the Corporate Human
Resources Department.
All vacation time must be exhausted when taking a Personal Leave of Absence unless otherwise
prohibited under federal, state or local laws. Failure to return from a leave at the time agreed will
result in the termination of your employment.
Upon your return from leave, Palace Entertainment will make every reasonable effort to keep you in
your previous position or one of like responsibility and salary level. If this is not possible, then the
Company will seek to assign you to a position in which the least reduction in responsibility and salary
is necessary, if such work is available and you are qualified. It is your obligation to maintain contact
with your manager at all times regarding staffing concerns.
At the expiration of the personal leave period, you will be terminated if, among other for cause
scenarios, you:

fail to return to work as scheduled following a leave of absence,

engage in other employment while on personal leave
made misrepresentations or committed fraud in relation to your leave and/or its approval
In your absence, evidence of wrongdoing was discovered
If a comparable position is not available upon your return.

A Team Member on leave status is not entitled to pay of any kind, including holiday pay, bereavement
pay, bonuses, jury duty pay or other paid leaves.

Military Leave
If you are required to serve in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States or are engaged in
state military service, you will be given the necessary time off without pay to serve in accordance with
federal and state laws.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 29

The company will comply with the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of
1994 (USERRA) and applicable state laws pertaining to military leave.
As the laws change, or as interpretations of the laws change, military leave benefits for Team
Members may change accordingly. No attempt is made in this policy to cover all possible situations
and circumstances that may arise when an employee is ordered to active duty. Therefore, as military
leave situations arise, Team Members should consult with their supervisor and/or Human Resources
for current and complete details regarding their military leave rights and should make sure HR is
contacted regarding any continuation of benefits issues.
In accordance with USERRA Team Members who perform service in the uniformed services (as
defined by USERRA) are entitled to a military leave of absence from their positions, subject to the
limitations and restrictions set forth in federal and state laws. Upon receiving an assignment for
military service, Team Members should promptly provide notice to their supervisors prior to going on
military duty, unless precluded by military necessity.
Team Members who perform service in the uniformed services (as those terms are defined by
USERRA) will be placed on unpaid military leave status for all days that they are engaged in such
military service.
Affected Team Members are not required to use paid time off for military leave; however, they may
elect to use accrued vacation at their discretion.
Team Members on military leave of absence will be entitled to participate in any rights and benefits
that are available to Team Members on non-military leaves of absence.
Under federal laws, you have the right to reinstatement if the Company receives advance written or
verbal notice of service; you have five years or less of cumulative service in the uniformed services
while employed with us; you return to work or apply for reemployment in a timely manner after
conclusion of service; and you have not been separated from service with a disqualifying discharge or
under other than honorable conditions.
Under federal laws, if you are eligible to be reemployed, the Company will restore you to the job and
benefits you would have attained if you had not been absent due to military service or, in some cases,
a comparable job.
The Company will also observe any required state military leave laws depending upon the state in
which you reside.
Military orders should be presented to your Manager and arrangements for leave made as early as
possible before your departure. You are required to give advance notice of their service obligations to
the Company unless military necessity makes this impossible. You must notify your Manager of your
intent to return to employment based on requirements of the law.
If you leave your job to perform military service, you have the right to elect to continue your existing
health plan coverage for you and your dependents for up to 24 months while in
the military. Even if you don't elect to continue coverage during your military service, you have the
right to be reinstated to the Companys health plan when you are reemployed, generally without any
waiting periods or exclusions (e.g., pre-existing condition exclusions) except
for service-connected illnesses or injuries.
Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 30

Military Spouse Leave

The company will provide Military Spousal Leave to qualified Team Members which provides up to 10
unpaid days off when their spouse is on leave from military deployment.
A qualified Team Member is one who works more than 20 hours per week and whose spouse is a
member of the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves who has been deployed during a period of
military conflict. The Team Member must provide Human Resources with notice within at least two
business days of receiving official notice that their spouse will be on leave from deployment that s/he
wishes to take leave. The Team Member must also provide Human Resources with written
documentation certifying the spouse will be on leave from deployment before leave will be granted.

Insurance Benefits during Leave

Your insurance coverage will remain in effect during an approved leave of absence provided your
portion/share of benefits is paid for on a regular basis. Your share must be paid for from the period
from the last day worked until the date returned to work, for up to a maximum of six (6) months based
on a rolling 12 month period. Premiums that are not paid timely may result in termination of those

Workers Compensation
In applicable states, on-the-job injuries are covered by our Workers Compensation Insurance Policy.
This insurance is provided at no cost to you. If you are injured on the job, report the incident
immediately to your supervisor. Consistent with applicable state law, failure to report an injury within a
reasonable period of time could jeopardize your claim. We ask for your assistance in alerting
management to any condition which could lead or contribute to a Team Member accident. You are
required to report the matter truthfully and with all relevant detail. Fraud or misrepresentations, or
material omissions, may be grounds for a rejection of your claim and for Company disciplinary action.
Palace Entertainment will abide with all requirements set forth by the Workers Compensation Act and
any other applicable law. We will not take any adverse action against a Team Member in retaliation
for filing a workers compensation claim (this does not in any way waive any rights of the Company to
terminate or otherwise discipline you, or to file claims against you, if you have filed false reports or
claims, fake an injury or the extent of that injury, or otherwise attempt to commit or actually commit
fraud upon the Company). The amount of the benefits payable to you and the duration of payment
depend upon the nature of your injury or illness.
Palace Entertainment maintains a Medical Provider Network through our Workers Compensation
Insurance carrier in many of the states in which we do business. As such, treatment will be provided
for any work related injuries or illnesses at a company approved medical facility designated by our
Workers Compensation Insurance carrier if you cannot be treated adequately on the Company

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 31

On the Job General Information

Appearance & Grooming Standards
At Palace Entertainment, our Team Members must look their best at all times. You are the face of
the company, and customers form their first and lasting impressions of our operations based in part
on your appearance. You are expected to dress and groom yourself (including clean nails,
combed/brushed hair, etc.) in accordance with accepted social and business standards for a familyfriendly company, and to be clean (including vigorous hand-washing after every visit to a rest room,
and frequently as needed when involved with food & beverage preparation/service, or if your hands or
other body parts have become soiled from work activities). This is particularly if your job involves
dealing with guests and for anyone who is visible to guests. Our success is largely dependent on both
the quality of our service and the level of our professionalism as a company, which includes the
presentability of our Team Members to the public. Our standards are high and are an integral
component of your employment with Palace Entertainment. We demand that our Team Members will
care about their appearance as we do.
Because you are the face of the respective park of Palace Entertainment in the eyes of our guests
and other business relations, it is vital for each and every one of us to report to work properly
groomed and in proper uniform (if applicable).
For those who are not required to wear a uniform, you must wear suitable clothing at all times when
present on company property, in accordance with whatever policies may then be in effect at the
respective location and as may be communicated by management, and otherwise in consideration of
your job specifications (including without limitation safety, utility and customer-interaction
consideration). All clothing and overall style of dress must be appropriate and reflect the level of
professionalism we expect from all Team Members. Clothing must be clean and maintained in a neat
manner, and appropriately cover the body (e.g., no wide-open shirts, short-shorts or low-cut mini
skirts, low-hanging pants or open zippers, etc.).
Each of our parks have specific dress codes, uniform requirements, appearance and grooming
standards that apply to the particular park where you work. Your manager will notify you of these
requirements at the time of hire, and as may be amended from time to time. Please see your
manager if you have any questions on this policy.
Personal appearance should be a matter of concern for each Team Member. If your manager feels
that your attire is inappropriate, you may be asked to leave your workplace until you are properly
attired, and failure or refusal to cooperate will be grounds for suspension or termination. You may not
be paid for the time you are off the job for this purpose. Park Management has the authorization to
determine an appropriate dress code and appearance standards (including tattoos, piercings, jewelry,
makeup, unkempt hair-styles, etc.), and anyone who violates this standard will be subject to
appropriate disciplinary action.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 32

General Requirements
Each Team Member is expected to wear the specified uniform and name badge while on the
property, as directed by local management. The uniform should be clean, in good repair (no rips,
stains, etc.) and free from wrinkles and stains.
Additionally, the uniform must be of proper size and fit. Please be in your complete uniform before
you clock-in for work and when you clock out. Your uniform must not be worn as day-to-day apparel
during off duty hours or offsite. You are required to be in uniform whenever in a guest area. You may
not be in uniform while off-duty.

Personal Automobiles, Insurance and the Use of

Mobile Communications Devices
If you are required to drive to conduct company business you are required to have reliable
transportation as a precondition of employment and an ongoing condition of continuing employment.
All drivers:

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must have a valid, in-effect, unrestricted operators/drivers license
Must have full liability (personal injury and property damage) insurance in, at least, the minimum
limits required under state law, in effect at all times.
Must maintain a current proof of insurance certificate in their vehicles at all times.

In addition, Palace Entertainment may require the safe use of communication devices by Team
Members who use them to conduct company business. Team Members are required to obey all
applicable state and local laws regarding these communication devices use while driving. This
includes, without limitation: smart phones/mobile phones, PDAs, text messaging devices, mp-3
players, GPS devices, pagers, etc.
Team Members who use handheld mobile communication devices while driving on company business
must refrain from making or receiving business calls, texts or other communications while driving. If a
Team Member needs to make or receive a communication while driving by any means, the Team
Member must ensure that the vehicle is stopped and parked in a safe and appropriate parking area
for the communication.
In an emergency situation, such as a traffic accident or car trouble, Palace Entertainment recognizes
that Team Members may find it necessary to use a communication device in this extraordinary
situation to contact the appropriate emergency officials, family members or company officials as

Business Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy

It is the intention of Palace Entertainment to indemnify, and promptly reimburse, those who travel for
the company, for actual expenses incurred. Controlling company expenses is a fundamental
expectation of each traveler's position, and all such expenses should be reasonable given the full
context and specific particulars of each trip. It is the expectation that business travelers make travel
and lodging accommodations in the most efficient, cost effective means possible, taking into

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 33

consideration the safety and comfort of the traveler, and the particular business needs of a trip. All
long-distance or overnight travel must be pre-approved by ones relevant manager.
Team Members are expected to use the approved expense form when submitting expenses.
All travelers are expected to submit itemized receipts for accounting and/or reimbursement.
Expense Reimbursement
Expenses must be submitted with appropriate receipt attached on the appropriate expense reporting
form to the traveler's manager for approval and reimbursement within 30 days of the end of travel.
No payment will be made without specific approval by a senior manager (which will not be withheld
absent specific cause).
All travel-related expenses will be charged to the traveler's cost center and will be reflected on the
P&L each period as expense reimbursement requests are processed.
The accounts payable department will endeavor to make travel related expense requests a priority so
as to effect timely reimbursement.
Executive Discretion
Discretion may be exercised by the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, and the
General Counsel & Secretary, in regard to reimbursable expenses (e.g. meals, lodging, travel
arrangements, etc.) for themselves and their direct reports.

Standards of Conduct
Like all successful organizations, our Company needs order, a positive environment, ethics and legal
compliance, to succeed and to promote efficiency/productivity and cooperation among Team
Members. It is important to understand that a Team Member who violates company work policies,
including without limitation, safety rules, standards of conduct, harassment or discrimination rules, or
fails to perform at a satisfactory level, or is involved in conduct which we deem as inappropriate,
unprofessional, obscene, dishonest or illegal, or which negatively impacts the Company, will be
subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of their employment.
Team Members should expect to be treated with courtesy and respect by members of management
and other Team Members. Situations may arise where the Company must investigate certain matters
to determine the facts regarding allegations or evidence of inappropriate behavior and/or violations of
Company policies and guidelines; in such situations, all Team Members must be truthful, honest and
cooperate fully, and volunteer information which the Team Member reasonable knows or should know
is relevant to the investigation. All such investigative activities and interviews are strictly confidential
and may not be discussed or speculated on by Team Members or outside of the Company.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 34

The Company will not tolerate any retaliation committed against Team Members for their participation
in any investigation nor for any information provided. If you suffer retaliation related to making an
ethics or other complaint of illegality or inappropriate behavior, you should promptly report the matter
to your supervisor, or if needed, up the chain of command, including to the Director of Human
Resources, or if need be, to the General Counsel.
Although employment with Palace Entertainment is strictly at will (meaning the employment
relationship can be terminated at any time and for any reason, with or without cause, and with or
without notice), the Company may elect in its sole and absolute discretion to use a progressive
disciplinary process.
There are certain types of behaviors and actions that cannot, and will not, be permitted to occur
because of their impact on the Company or others, including guests, co-workers, vendors,
subcontractors or suppliers or other non-Team Members that do business with us. Although cause
is not required for termination, it is important for Team Members to know they will be subject to
disciplinary action (including the possibility of immediate termination) for the following offenses:
1. Failure or refusal to carry out job assignments or management requests.
2. Unauthorized release of Company information and breaches of confidential information.
3. Using profanity while on Company premises, including to or in the presence of guests or other
Team Members.
4. Falsification of any work, personnel, or other Company records.
5. Removal of Company or guest property, or the property of others, without permission.
6. Any act of dishonesty.
7. Misappropriation, misdirection, or theft of company funds or property, including without limitation,
making unauthorized charges against a company account, falsifying register information, taking
cash from customers except in the context of properly accounting for it to the Company, selling
Company property without proper executive approval, allowing or giving unauthorized discounts
or freebies, falsifying expense reports, or misusing/abusing Company benefits, or conspiracy or
attempt to commit any of the same. Abuse of Company property for personal or criminal use
(e.g., printing copies of your resume, using company equipment to run a side-business or to
create infringing goods, etc.) is likewise prohibited.
8. Failing to meet guest satisfaction standards, or inappropriate handling of a guest complaint or
reaction to a guest (e.g., cursing back at a guest because they cursed at you).
9. Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or expressing violence, or aggressive behavior, towards any
other person, including a member of management, coworker, supplier or guest, whether actual or
implied, or planned. Bullying in all of its forms.
10. Creating or causing dissension at the workplace, including without limitation, through gossip, lies,
fighting, bashing ones boss or the Company, refusal to cooperate with Team efforts or with
work requiring Team cooperation or work items needing input from and between Team Members.
11. Violating Company policy against Sexual Harassment and other Workplace Discrimination or
Harassment or the Equal Opportunity Employment policy.
12. Violating the Companys Drug & Alcohol policy, including being under the influence during work
hours or activities or driving on work-related matters.
13. Damaging, defacing, destroying, hiding, converting or disposing of Company, co-worker, or guest
property, including without limitation, destruction of anothers work product, or unauthorized
destruction of Company files (hard copy or electronic).

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 35

14. Disorderly, immoral, indecent, criminal, or illegal conduct on Company premises or in any other
manner associated with our Company. In addition, commission of crimes at any time (including
the discovery of past crimes), may be grounds for reassignment or termination, in accordance
with applicable law.
15. Falsifying or misrepresenting time records, including without limitation, punching in or out at the
incorrect time-clock station, or punching in and then failing to promptly begin or return to work.
16. Possessing or brandishing weapons of any kind on Company property, including without
limitation, keeping such weapons within vehicles parked in Company parking lots, or concealed in
bags, purses, desks and filing cabinets, or on ones person. It is not justifiable to carry weapons
on the grounds that such weapons are used as tools for work, or claiming that one has a self
defense reason for possessing such weapons at work; if there is a legitimate security threat,
then the Team Member should bring the matter to the attention of their manager, and up the
chain of command if necessary, including to the Director of Human Resources and General
Counsel. Weapons include anything not needed and authorized for work duties which is
commonly used, or which may reasonably be used or intended to be used, for causing injury to
others or for subjugating others, including without limitation, guns of all types, mace/pepper
spray, knives and stabbing instruments, hammers, handcuffs, brass knuckles, saws, ice picks,
blow torches and other incendiary or explosive devices, decorative swords, bats and clubs,
martial arts weapons, ropes and whips, taser guns, chemical weapons, bows and other projectile
17. Refusing to cooperate, or interfering, with any Company investigation, or triggering a Company
investigation in bad faith, making a false ethics or other charge/complaint which triggers an
investigation, breaching confidentiality, providing false information or withholding relevant
information, intimidating witnesses or potential witnesses or others who may be involved with the
investigation, hiding or destroying relevant evidence related thereto.
18. Violating Company confidentiality standards, including divulging company-privileged information,
employee-sensitive information, or any non-public business information including without
limitation business plans, data, financial information or acquisition targets.
19. Disregard of safety, including without limitation, Company rules (however communicated, posted,
or implied), failure to attend to routine safety procedures, failure to report customer or worker
injuries, failure to responsibly address any unsafe condition (this will depend on the context and
may not always require taking a matter into your own hands, but rather require that you report a
matter to the appropriate person). It is everyones responsibility to keep Company parks safe for
all guests and workers and other invitees.
20. Carelessness in handling money or other Company property.
21. Failure to work regular hours and assigned shifts, including absenteeism, unexcused absences,
walking off the job without permission, failing to report absences, no call/no show, tardiness or
leaving early without permission, excessive lunch or other breaks.
22. Failure to properly, fully and/or accurately report financials, including all sales and other income.
Deception in income and accounting is grounds for immediate termination, including, for example,
purposeful failure to ring up sales and redirecting cash towards other areas of a parks
23. Failure to comply with company appearance, dress and/or grooming standards.
24. Misuse or abuse of company communication systems, including e-mail, voicemail, bulletin boards,
text messaging, blogging, mobile phones, networks, etc.
25. Violation of the Company's rules, policies, or practices as set forth in this handbook
or elsewhere.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 36

This is not an exhaustive list of the types of offenses that can lead to disciplinary action and
immediate termination, but it provides many examples of conduct that is impermissible. By providing
these examples, the Company in no way restricts its legal discretion to discipline Team Members or
terminate the employment relationship at-will. In all events, the Company reserves all rights and
remedies, including reports to authorities, seeking injunctions, or filing litigation.
If a Team Member needs clarification of a specific issue related to these standards, she/he should
seek clarification from the Corporate Human Resources Department.
If the Company determines it is necessary to investigate any employment matter, the Company will
attempt to keep information obtained during the interview process as confidential as is practical,
consistent with the needs of the situationbut in no event shall Company be restricted or prevented
from using any information it may obtain, whether for its own defense or for its pursuit of legal or
equitable action, regardless of the type of action, claim, investigation or other matter at hand.
It is Company policy that individual performance and disciplinary measures are confidential and
should not be disclosed to other Team Members unless on a need-to-know basis.
Job performance is an individual and personal matter. When a Team Member faces corrective or
disciplinary action, they should not discuss it with their co-workers. Sometimes wrong and inaccurate
information is passed along that can be damaging to reputations and morale.
We have set a high standard of behavior and honesty for all Team Members. Be uncompromising in
your honesty and integrity and make sure your personal conduct is the very best it can be.

Team Member Parking

We encourage you to lock your vehicles and secure all valuable or important items. The Company
cannot accept liability for damage to your vehicle or any theft of your vehicle or its contents.
When park facilities are busy, it is important that you park your vehicle in the alternative parking
designation by management. This will make our guests happy by leaving the front stalls open for
their use.

Personal Belongings
Avoid bringing personal property and valuables to work, as the Company is not responsible for lost or
stolen items and does not insure your personal property. Purses, wallets, keys, jewelry, and other
personal belongings should be kept in a locked or secured location or on your person. Additionally,
do not keep personal and private paperwork, USB drives, or other sensitive personal information and
items at work.

The Company will not be responsible or liable for any personal property of an individual that is lost,
stolen or damaged (including papers, electronic information or personal items). The responsibility for
safeguarding, replacing or repairing personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged while on
Company premises or in a Company-owned vehicle is that of the respective Team Member.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 37

Bulletin Boards
Important Company notices and items of general interest are continually posted on our bulletin
boards. Please review them frequently to keep up with current activities. Do not post or remove any
material, or deface any of the same, from the bulletin boards. All postings must be approved by
management and/or the Corporate Human Resources Department.

Friends, relatives, or acquaintances are not to come to your workplace to discuss personal or
business matters during your work shift. Team Members who are working must not be disturbed,
interrupted, or disrupted by solicitations or the distribution of literature.
The Company welcomes you as guests at our parks. As a guest, we ask that you conduct yourself in
a mature fashion and refrain from disrupting the operation of our business, and ensure that those
accompanying you do the same. We hope you enjoy your visit and plan to visit us often, but you will
be responsible for your own behavior and possibly for the behavior of those you bring to a Company
For the safety and security of our facilities and our Team Members, and to protect the technical and
confidential aspects of our business, visitors are not permitted to enter certain areas of the
Companys facilities without authorization. If you see a person who may not have proper
authorization enter a restricted area, please notify your supervisor and/or security immediately.
If you work within a restricted area, then your visitors (including friends and family) must wait in the
public area until your supervisor has been notified. In addition, no visitor should be allowed to hear
confidential conversations or to see confidential information, or to see behind the scenes areas.
If you are not on the clock, you are prohibited from being in any areas otherwise designated for
Team Members that are working. No Team Member is allowed to hang out while not working, and it
is strictly prohibited to enter the park after-hours by yourself or with others.
Rememberwhile the Company appreciate you promoting Company parks to your friends and
family, it is your responsibility to control the behavior of those whom you bring to the parks, and to
ensure that your friends and family does not monopolize your time nor ask for unauthorized discounts
or free product or services. If you provide people with unauthorized products or services (including
free rides or entry into a park), you may face disciplinary action, including termination.

Trouble with Guests

Do not engage in confrontations with a guest. The Company understands that guests sometimes get
angry, insulting, curse at Team Members, yell and argue, and may even get physical or threaten to
get physical. If you ever encounter such trouble with a guest, do your absolute best to never curse or
yell back, or to make a bad situation worse. This is better for the Company, but it is also better for
youthe Company does not want to see a Team Member hurt or involved in a physical confrontation,

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 38

nor do we want to discipline a Team Member for inappropriate behavior. Do not ever grab or push a
guest or make contact with them (including though use of an object). Stay as cool as possible and
keep your distance. Ask for others to help you, and call for a supervisor and/or security if you feel its
necessary, and your manager may also contact the police if any Team Member suffers assault and
battery from a customer.
In all matters with customer relations, speak in a purely professional, level-headed manner, in a soft
tone, which refrains from emotion and personal conflict, and which lets the customer know you care
about their concerns and want to assist them; this will often go a long way in diffusing a situation that
could otherwise become explosive. Always notify your manager after any confrontation with a
In the case of intoxicated persons, be very careful how you handle them and keep a very close watch
on them. If there is a problem which you are not comfortable handling on your own, there is always a
manager and often security officers available who have been trained to deal with these situations.
People intoxicated or on drugs may present special problems. Proceed with caution.

Inquiries from Outsiders

Current or Former Employees
From time to time, managers or Team Members may be contacted by a person outside the Company
regarding a current or former Team Member. Because these inquiries often involve confidential
information and/or legal issues you are required to refer all callers to our Corporate Human
Resources Department rather than involve yourself in the disclosure of confidential information or
placing yourself into a legal dispute involving others.
This includes verifications of employment, references and other Team Member inquiries.
Government Representatives or Others Seeking Information
People may contact the Company, or even directly contact a Team Member on or off site, claiming to
be lawyers, contractors, friends or family members of Team Members, government representatives,
and others. Such people may or may not be who they say they are; very often, private parties looking
to harm someone, or private detectives, may pose as other people, particularly government
representatives. In particular, people posing as government representatives (FBI, IRS or state taxing
authorities, local law enforcement, etc.) will seek to intimidate you and catch you off guard by
demanding information, usually under some sort of threat for your immediate cooperation, or by
claiming that someones interests depend on your immediate cooperation.
Do not be intimidated or flustered. Anyone who is legitimate will not attempt to strong arm you into
immediately divulging sensitive information over the phone. Take their name and phone number and
tell them that you need an executive-level person to respond. Then forward the matter to your park
manager or the General Counsel.
If government authorities show up at a location demanding information (computer searches, copies of
files, personnel information, etc.) be courteous but do NOT simply give in to their demands. State
that you must contact your attorneys, then have the park manager immediately contact the General

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 39

Counsel. Law enforcement and other government agency representatives must have a Court Order
or Search Warrant before they have any right to come into the premises, inspect anything, or to
search files (computer or hard copy) or to make copies of any information. You are also NOT
compelled to answer questions.

Corporate Office
If you have any concerns or issues that cannot be addressed to your satisfaction by your
manager/supervisor, we ask that you bring these concerns/issues to the attention of the Corporate
Office and/or Human Resources Department.
The Corporate Office is located at 4590 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 400, Newport Beach, California.
When contacting the Corporate Office, keep in mind the normal business hours are from 8:30 am. to
5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (PST).

Personnel Files, Access & Inquiries

Palace Entertainments Corporate Human Resources Department maintains most Company related
personnel files for its Team Members in accordance with state, local and federal laws. When
applicable, a separate confidential/medical file for each of its Team Members may be appropriate to
protect the privacy of its Team Members.
Information kept in the files is maintained in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
The files and the information kept in these files and maintained by the company are the property of
Palace Entertainment unless otherwise required under state, federal and local laws.

Access to Personnel Files by Team Members

A Team Member may have access to view documents in his or her personnel and medical files
provided it is done in an appropriate time, place, and manner as determined by the Corporate Human
Resources Department. An appointment must be requested in advance.
All information in the personnel file is treated as confidential information belonging to Palace
Entertainment and all medical information is treated as confidential in accordance with applicable
state, federal and local laws. A Team Member may be given a copy of any documents in his or her
personnel or medical file that the Team Member has signed upon written request in advance by the
Team Member.
In addition to access by the Team Member, access may be granted by the Human Resources
Department when the information is needed for company business, when the Team Member gives
written authorization, when a subpoena is served, or when the information is general knowledge such
as name, business phone number and position. In all cases, please refer all requests to review
Personnel Files to the Director of Human Resources.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 40

Access to Personnel Files by Other Team Members and Supervisors

Access to personnel files is limited to management personnel as required in the performance of their
work. Access to medical records will be provided to other Team Members and management
personnel only on a need-to-know basis in accordance with applicable law (for example, supervisors
may be advised of work restrictions and accommodations needed by the Team Member).

Access to Personnel Files by Non-Team Members

Generally, a subpoena will be required in order for a non-Team Member to gain access to any Team
Member information. Exceptions, such as providing information to state unemployment agencies,
both federal and state investigators, and the like may be made by the Corporate Human Resources
Department, after confirmation of the identity of the agency and individual.
Applicable law may require disclosure of Team Member information to government agencies without
prior notice to the Team Member. With respect to medical records, even with a subpoena, the
Corporate Human Resources Department will first consult with legal counsel prior to compliance with
the subpoena.
With subpoenas that request a copy of a Team Members file, the Company will provide it, although
we will attempt to give you reasonable advance notice before we send your file to the requesting

No Solicitation/No Distribution
In order to avoid disruption of the Company operations, Team Members of the Company may not
solicit or distribute materials at any time for any purpose on Company property. As well, non-Team
Members may not solicit or distribute materials at any time on the premises, including the parking
areas which are considered company property. (There may be exceptions for legally-protected union

Employment of Relatives
The Company does not maintain a strict policy that prohibits the employment of relatives in all
circumstances. However, there are significant restrictions on the employment of relatives under
some circumstances.
The employment of relatives has the potential to cause serious conflicts and problems with favoritism
and Team Member morale. In addition to claims of partiality in treatment at work, personal conflicts
from outside the work environment and even sexual harassment claims can be carried into day-today working relationships.
For purposes of this policy, a relative is any person who is related by blood or marriage or whose
relationship is similar to that of persons who are related by blood or marriage which includes
husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, step or inlaw relatives, or domestic partners.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 41

Relatives of current Team Members will not be eligible for employment with the Company nor can
they be transferred into a position where potential problems of supervision, safety, security, morale,
or potential conflicts of interest may exist
If a working relationship develops between Team Members where a close emotional, physical or
romantic tie would cause a potential conflict in interest, such as where one Team Member supervises
the other, or has any influence over the other's employment, performance appraisal, salary,
promotions or disciplinary actions or work in a job position in which a potential problem of safety,
security, supervision, or morale could arise, the Company will make a decision regarding job
placement or transfer.
If the Company decides a transfer is not feasible, then the two Team Members will be given the
opportunity to decide which person will be required to resign. If the Team Members cannot reach a
decision, then the Company will take such action as best meets its business needs. If such a
relationship develops, it is the responsibility of the people involved to report the relationship to their
supervisor and to Human Resources for resolution.
In cases where a conflict or the potential for conflict arises between two Team Members, even if there
is no reporting relationship involved, the Company reserves the right to separate the parties by
transferring or separating one or both of the Team Members from the Company.
With people who are married, the Company shall respect the marital relationship in accordance with
applicable law, and shall not compel the resignation of either Team Memberbut all other restrictions
and procedures shall still apply.

Outside Employment
You may hold a job(s) outside of the Company, or engage in income-generating activities, as long as
you meet the performance standards of your job with the Company and your job is not materially
impacted. You will be subject to the Companys scheduling demands regardless of any existing
outside work requirementsand if you cannot meet scheduling demands, you may be terminated. If
management determines that your outside work interferes with your performance, or your ability to
meet the requirements of your position with the Company, we may request that you terminate your
outside employment if you wish to remain with the Company. Outside employment that constitutes a
conflict of interest (such as with a competitor, or supplier) is prohibited. Outside employment while on
a bona fide and approved leave of absence from the Company is also prohibited.

Protecting Company Information

Protecting our Companys information is the responsibility of every Team Member and we all share a
common interest in making sure it is not improperly or accidentally disclosed.
In your work, you will likely have access to non-public informationall of which is automatically
deemed to be confidential information. Confidential information includes all information acquired by a
Team Member during the course and scope of employment which is of economic value to our
Company and not generally available to the public, and which is sensitive and private to employees,

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 42

or to the Company. This includes, without limitation, guest lists, financial data, weekly revenue data,
pricing, acquisition targets, business development plans, payroll information, contracts, ride
construction, material purchases, training materials, operating procedures, security procedures and
safety information, all legal matters including all claims and litigated matters and injuries occurring at
the parks, and all information in personnel files. All Company information acquired by a Team
Member during the course of employment is to be used solely for the benefit of our Company.
It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between common and confidential information, so the best rule
to follow is not to discuss business information with persons outside work. If you have a question
about whether information should be disclosed, discuss the matter with a member of management.
You should avoid situations that might cause a third partys interest to conflict with the Company or
compromise the Companys integrity and reputation. A conflict or the appearance of one occurs
when you or an immediate family member uses your position for personal benefit through an
investment, association, or business relationship that interferes with your ability to exercise
independent judgment on behalf of our Company.
Likewise, written material, computer disks, files and other materials developed for and by our Team
Members are the property of our Company. You may not take this material with you when you leave
our employment, remove it from our offices for non-work related reasons, or copy or distribute it other
than as required in the course of business without the written approval from a management member.
All telephone calls and correspondence regarding a current or former Team Members position, job
duties, compensation or other employment related matter with our Company must be forwarded to
the Human Resources Department. This includes verifications of past or current employment,
reference or background checks. Do not ever provide details of a former employees departure, or
spread rumors of pending terminations.

Code of Ethical Standards, Business Practices and Conduct

The reputation and success of Palace Entertainment is based on the competence, proper conduct,
and sound business judgment of our team members. Accordingly, Team Members must conduct
themselves at all times within both the spirit and letter of the law. Their actions must reflect the
highest standards of business and personal ethics. Each of us is responsible not only for our own
conduct, but also for ensuring that those whom we supervise conduct themselves in a manner
consistent with the highest ethical standards.
The information is set forth in a Code of Ethics for Palace Entertainment. While the Code is
comprehensive and should be consulted whenever questions of conflict, opportunity, or competing
interests present themselves in our daily work, it may not answer all ethical questions that we face at
work. We must continue to rely on our sense of what is right and prudent. In addition, the Ethics
Review Officer is available for consultation when definitive answers are not readily apparent. Our
Ethics Review Officer is Jeanne Ortiz, who may be reached at (949) 797-9738.
You are expected to review and understand the Companys Code of Ethical Standards, Business
Practices and Conduct for further clarification. This policy may be found in the Companys public

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 43

To confidentially submit a concern, complaint or suspected violation, including a concern about the
Company's accounting controls or auditing matters, you may contact our Ethics Review Officer via
telephone at (949) 797-9738 or send an email to or anonymously
send correspondence to Jeanne Ortiz, Palace Entertainment, 4590 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 400,
Newport Beach, California 92660.
Be assured that a Team Member who reports a suspected violation in good faith will not be subject to
retaliation and his or her confidentiality will be protected in accordance with applicable law.
If any person believes that he or she has been subjected to any retaliation, he or she may file a
complaint. If it is determined that a Team Member has experienced any improper employment action,
such Team Member will be entitled to appropriate corrective action.
The Company will promptly take appropriate action if you engage in conduct that is considered

Care of Equipment and Company Property

All equipment provided by the company including but not limited to desks, lockers, file cabinets,
computers, vehicles, fax machines, electronic mail, phones, voicemail, and other items are
considered to be company property and are to be used for business purposes only. You are
expected to use proper care when using the Companys property and equipment. No property may be
removed from the premises without the proper authorization of management. If you lose, break or
damage any property, report it to your Manager immediately.

Dealing with the Media

In our business, there may be occasions when the media visits our parks. These visits may be for
their own entertainment or it may be for a story. Although you should treat our media guests with the
same courtesy and enthusiasm you would any other guest, you must not become a part of their story.
Your parks General Manager and ONLY your General Manager is authorized to respond to media
inquiries (and all General Managers must first get clearance and direction from the VP of Marketing
and/or the General Counsel before speaking with the press).

Lost and Found

Any item found on company premises must be turned over to a member of management in
accordance with your locations Lost and Found policy and procedures.
Please attach a note to the article giving the following information: The date you found the item, the
location where the item was found, and your name. This will ensure that if a guest or Team Member
returns to claim his/her item, he/she will be able to receive prompt attention.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 44

Workplace Searches
To protect property and to ensure the safety of all Team Members and guests, the Company reserves
the right to conduct searches consistent with applicable law, and to inspect any packages, parcels,
purses, handbags, backpacks, lunchboxes or any other possessions or articles carried to and from
the Companys property. In addition, the Company reserves the right to search any Team Members
files (hard copy or electronic), lockers, equipment, desks, drawers, or any other area or article on our
In this regard, it should be noted that all files, lockers, equipment, etc. are the property of the
Company, and are issued for the use of Team Members only during their employment. Inspections
may be conducted at any time at the discretion of the Company in a manner consistent with federal
and state laws.
All Team Members may also be searched for stolen money and goods where management has
reason to believe that a theft has occurred. Team Members must empty their pockets or open their
bags if asked to do so, to reveal how much cash they have on hand; cash above the allowed policy
amount may be deemed to be stolen. Refusal to do so may result in immediate termination. In any
event, the Company may report such matters to the authorities for prosecution.
Persons entering the premises who refuse to cooperate in an inspection conducted pursuant to this
policy may not be permitted to enter the premises. Team Members working on or entering or leaving
the premises who refuse to cooperate in an inspection as well as Team Members who, after the
inspection are believed to be in possession of stolen property, alcohol, weapons, or illegal drugs, will
be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Usage of Information Technology Systems

We recognize your need to be able to communicate efficiently with fellow Team Members, guests,
vendors and suppliers. The Company maintains a computer network, intranet, voicemail and
electronic mail (Email) system to assist in performing business operations within the Company.
These systems, including the equipment and the data stored on these systems are now and will
remain at all times, the property of the Company. As such, all messages created, received, sent or
stored in these systems are now and will remain the property of the Company - which includes mobile
communications devices and PDAs.
Palace Entertainment maintains a Policy for Usage of Palaces Information Technology Systems
which includes the rules and obligations related to the use of Palaces Information technology
systems. It applies to all Team Members (including without limitation full and part time, temporary,
hourly and salaried, seasonal and yearly), and all third parties who may be granted use of the IT
systems, including interns and consultants. This Policy covers all email and communications,
technological and data systems, of any type whatsoever, whether now known or hereafter devised,
and regardless of the technological platform, including without limitation, all laptops, desktops, cell
phones, and databases, and all communications which are sent through the Company intranet or
extranet, the Internet, or through any other communications, network or hardware provided or used
by Palace.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 45

Palaces IT systems and hardware should only be used for business, not personal, purposes. You
have NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY in relation to your use of Palaces IT systems and hardware.
Accordingly, all of your email, computer and phone activity may be inspected, reviewed, recorded,
archived, transmitted or otherwise produced to third parties (including as part of a lawsuit), monitored,
analyzed, or catalogued, for any business purpose whatsoever, including without limitation to compile
a log of your Internet usage and web site visitations, to compile statistical information, to review the
content of your communications, and to log your personal Internet, cell or phone activity.
Records may be maintained of inappropriate Internet, phone, or email activity. Palace may use any
technology, whether now known or hereafter devised, to assist with exercising its legal rights,
including without limitation keystroke technology, monitoring software, key-word trigger reporting, live
page viewing, searches through files for pornographic or discriminatory content, instant reporting of
inappropriate web-site visitation or inappropriate email content or subject matter within computer files.
Notwithstanding the companys rights with its own property, no employee, supervisor or manager may
review any other employees emails, voicemails, phone calls and other communications and business
records without first receiving direction to do so by IT, HR or Legal. Employees whose information is
to be searched will not receive advance notice of such a search. Unauthorized searches or
surveillance of anothers work product or communications may be grounds for discipline (up to and
including termination) and may, in some instances, constitute a crime. It is illegal to record the
private conversations of others without their knowledge, for example, and illegal to hack into
anothers computer systemor into Palaces system.
Palace reserves the right to inspect and monitor its facilities and equipment and its employees
activities by using methods that include, but are not limited to, surveillance techniques such as hidden
The use of the Companys computer network, E-Mail and voicemail systems for personal
communications, non-job-related solicitations, blogging, text messaging, computer bulletin boards,
etc., is prohibited. Team Members are also prohibited from the display or transmission of content that
may reasonably be considered offensive or disruptive to any Team Member including, but not limited
to religious or political causes, sexually explicit images or messages, racial or ethnic slurs or epithets,
gender specific comments or any comment that would offend someone on the basis of his/her age,
sexual orientation, national origin, disability or anything else which could be construed as harassing or
disparaging of others.
While these systems may accommodate the use of passwords for security, confidentiality cannot be
guaranteed and there should be no expectation of privacy. All passwords can be overridden by the
Information Technology (IT) Department if your system needs to be accessed when you are absent
or unavailable. Please note that even when a message has been deleted or erased, it is still possible
to retrieve; therefore, ultimate privacy of messages cannot be ensured.
All passwords must be made available to the Company at all times. Team Members shall not use
unauthorized coded or passwords to gain access to others files, voicemail or other media. All
passwords should be changed at regular intervals. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary
action up to and including termination.
Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 46


The Company recognizes the importance of the Internet and social media sites in our business and
our personal lives. For our business, the internet is a vital tool for accessing public opinion, reviewing
press related to our industry, and for a host of necessary research, such as information about the
Company and its current and potential products, vendors, contractors, consultants, suppliers, or for
marketing purposes. The primary point to remember:
If your activities on the Internet (including your personal blogs, web pages, or activity on social
media sites) negatively impacts your work performance or the Company in general, then you
may be disciplined, up to and including termination (negative impact may include, but is not
limited to, harm or the likelihood thereof to the Companys reputation or bottom line, damage
or threat to its systems, harm or the likelihood thereof to any of its employees, products,
customers, vendors, or suppliers, or otherwise exposing the Company to liability or to
reputational harm in the industry), as the law may allow; and
YOU HAVE NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY when utilizing Company technology (as further
described in the Companys IT Policy), and all of your activities on the Internet may be
monitored, logged, reviewed, archived, and used as a basis for disciplinary action against
you. The Company may also (to the extent provided by law) review your publicly posted
Internet communications, such as your personal blogs, videos posted to YouTube, or
MySpace pages, and the Company may take disciplinary action against you (up to and
including termination), if there is a legitimate business purpose for the Company to do so.
The purpose of this Policy is to help you make appropriate decisions about your social media activity
that may impact the workplace, including the contents of your blogs, personal websites, postings on
social networking sites, wikis and other interactive sites, postings on video or picture-sharing sites, or
in the comments that you make online on any social media site or elsewhere on the public Internet,
and in responding to comments from posters either publicly or via email. The Companys policies
regarding use of email and use of the Internet remain in effect in the workplace.
This Policy will help you to engage in respectful and appropriate interaction with people on the
Internet. It is also designed to help you protect the privacy, confidentiality, and interests of the
Company (including without limitation its employees, officer, directors, affiliates, parks, vendors,
contractors, consultants, suppliers, attorneys, relations with competitors, and marketing efforts and
relationships; hereinafter, all references to the Company shall, where appropriate, include this
expansive definition).
Please note that this Policy is meant to apply both in and out of the workplace. The Company
will not routinely scan the Internet for your social media activity. But if you engage in Online activity of
which the Company becomes aware, that impacts your work performance or the interests of the
Company, then this Policy may apply, and discipline may result, even if the conduct occurred off-duty

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 47

on your personal computer. It is absolutely not the desire of the Company to infringe on your off-duty
conduct, but the Company does want you to know that it has certain rights and remedies at law and it
reserves all such rights and remedies, including the right to take action for off-duty behavior, if such
behavior negatively impacts the legitimate interests of the Company. Please remember that free
speech rights does not entitle you, for example, to spread defamatory material on the Internet about
the Company, its officers, directors, owners, managers, etc., nor does it give you a free pass to
breach confidentiality with impunity.

General Rules for Interaction that Involves the Company on the Internet
Unless it is part of your job description, you should not be using your work time or
Company equipment (computer, PDA, network, etc.) to access or post information on social
media sites when it is unrelated to your work duties. As beneficial as these sites may be to
your personal life, they can be a significant distraction in the workplace.
If you are accessing or posting to a blog, social media sites or the Internet, off-duty on
your own computer, the general preference would be for you not to discuss anything workrelated, particularly if youre posting information on publicly-accessible sites. Even seemingly
innocent commentary can trigger liability for the Company (and you).
If you are posting Online and it is relevant to the discussion to mention the Company in
some fashion, you should identify that you are an employee of the Company, and that the
views expressed are yours alone and do not necessarily represent the views of the Company.
Unless given express permission by your manager in advance, you are not authorized
to speak on behalf of the Company, or to represent that you have that authority. This is
critical for you to understandbecause even seemingly casual commentary can be used
against the Company as an official statement or policy of the Company.
If you are developing a website, writing to a blog or posting to a public site that will
mention the Company, the Company would appreciate it if you let your manager or Human
Resources know.
Your manager or a Human Resources representative may choose to visit from time to time to
avoid any misunderstandings or potential violation of this Policy. If you have any questionable
content, it is far better to have sought permission in advance, than be forced to deal with the
potential ramifications after the fact. Since violations of this Policy can result in termination of
employment, the Company will take all reasonable steps to assist employees in avoiding any
breach of this Policy. Our goal is not to have authority over your personal life, but rather to try
and prevent illegality or breaches by a Team Member of their duties to the Company, and to
prevent potential harm to the Company within the context of legitimate and lawful business


Confidential Information May Never Be Disclosed

You may never share information that is confidential and proprietary to the Company
without the express consent of the Company in advance, in each instance. Confidential and

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 48

proprietary information includes information about Company employees (including their status
and whereabouts, terminations or planned hirings or promotions), trademarks, new rides,
potential acquisitions, product releases, revenues, finances, company strategy, safety-related
information, litigation and legal claims or disputes, and any other information that might be
considered a Trade Secret or that has not been publicly released by the Company.

These are given as examples only and do not cover the range of what the
Company considers confidential and proprietary. If you have any question
about whether information can be released publicly, or doubts of any kind,
speak with your manager, or Human Resources, the VP of Marketing, or the
General Counsel, before releasing information that could potentially harm the
Company. This obligation is not simply based on this Policy. Disclosing
confidential information may be a violation of state or federal law, in addition to
being the basis for termination of employment.

Under no circumstances may the Companys logo and trademarks be used without the
express permission in writing, in advance and in each instance, from the Company. This is
vitally important to prevent the appearance that you speak for or represent the Company in an
official capacity.

Privacy Rights and Respectful Behavior

You should speak respectfully about the Company, including its competitors, current
and former employees, and parks (including the food, rides and attractions, cleanliness and
safety, etc.) . Do not engage in name-calling, cursing or behavior that will reflect negatively on
your or the Company's reputation. Please note that the use of copyrighted materials,
defamatory or derogatory statements, false light impressions, threats, or misrepresentations,
are inappropriate, and may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of
The Company expects that any public statements you make that relate to the
Company will be made thoughtfully, and be accurate and professional. Despite disclaimers,
your posts and other web interaction can result in members of the public forming opinions
about the Company. Negatively impacting the Companys reputation, regardless of intent, can
lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Please be guided
Respect the privacy rights of employees (whether current or former) by seeking their
permission before writing or posting about or displaying internal Company happenings that
might be considered to be a breach of another employees privacy or personal confidentiality.
For example, you should refrain from unauthorized postings of photographs from company
parties or outings or showing someone at work, or from posting an employees travel schedule
or discussing their marital or medical problems.


Leave the Advertising to the Company

Unless it is part of your job description and done at work, do not attempt to create
public interest in the Company or its products. Do not encourage testimonials from the public

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 49

and do not send messages to others that might be considered to be spam or unwanted
LEGAL DANGER: There are very strict rules now promulgated by the FTC (Federal Trade
Commission) which state that no one connected to a company can promote that company on
the Internet or through social media, without full disclosure of their connection to the company;
so even if you think you are helping Palace Entertainment or one of its parks, you could
actually be held liable and personally prosecuted by a federal agency for such activities, in
addition to incurring liability for the Company. All social media promotions and marketing
must be approved and coordinated by the VP of Marketing.
Media contacts about the Company should be referred for coordination and guidance
to the VP of Marketing and/or the General Counsel. If your Online activity generates contacts
from third parties, you are not authorized to speak on the Companys behalf or make
representations for the Company.

Do Not Compete with the Company

You may not sell any product or service (including the offer of your personal consulting
services) that would compete with any of the Company's products or services, or your duties
to the Company, without permission in writing, in each instance, from the CEO. This includes,
but is not limited to training, products, amusement and entertainment tickets or coupons. If in
doubt, talk with your manager, Human Resources, and/or the General Counsel.


You May Incur Legal Liability & Loss of Employment

Please be advised that you are personally, legally liable for anything you write or
present Online. Employees can be disciplined by the Company for commentary, content, or
images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, discriminatory, breaches of
anothers privacy, breaches of confidentiality, infringing, or that can create a hostile work
environment. You can also be sued by Company employees, competitors, consumers,
government agencies, and any individual or company that views your commentary, content, or
images as illegal in one way or another. Please be guided accordingly.

If You Must Leave Us

Should you decide to leave your employment with us, we ask that you provide your Manager with an
appropriate advance notice. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and will be noted favorably,
should you ever wish to reapply for employment with the Company. You will need to cooperate with
returning any Company property in your possession, including parking passes and IDs, cell phone
and laptops, USB drives and discs, etc.
You should notify the Company if your address changes during the calendar year in which termination
occurs so that your tax information will be sent to the proper address.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 50

Shared Environment
Each Team Members Responsibility
Safety can only be achieved through teamwork and Palace Entertainment has a strong commitment
to provide a safe workplace and a fun environment for Team Members and guests. In order to meet
these objectives, all Team Members must share in the responsibility of maintaining safety standards,
must practice safety awareness by thinking defensively, anticipating unsafe situations, and reporting
unsafe conditions immediately.
Please observe the following:
1. Familiarize yourself with the location of all exits and safety equipment in your work area.
2. Notify your Manager of any emergency situation. If you are injured or become sick at work, no
matter how slightly, you must inform your Manager immediately.
2. Use, adjust and repair equipment only if you are trained and qualified.
3. Get help when lifting or pushing heavy objects. You are never required to do something physical
which you are physically unable to handle; notify your supervisor if you feel that you are physically
unable to perform a certain task.
4. Understand your job fully and follow instructions. If you are not sure of the safe procedure, dont
guess; ask your Manager. SAFETY IS OUR #1 CONCERN!
5. Know the locations, contents and use of first aid and firefighting equipment.
Consult with your manager on the safety rules and regulations for your location. A violation of a
safety precaution is itself an unsafe act. Team Members placing themselves or others in danger, or
any violation whatsoever of a safety guideline or policy or of common-sense, may lead to disciplinary
action, up to and including termination.
Stay alert and immediately report and clean up any minor hazards, which could possibly cause injury
to our guests or ourselves.
Despite our best efforts, accidents happen. In this event, inform management immediately. Make
the person comfortable and be kind and understanding. Listen to what the person has to say about
the accident, but do not admit fault or liability or make admissions, or offer your ideas on the cause of
the accident or accept blame. Often times, ones speculation is wrong yet is later used as an
admission of fact, and other times a Team Member may not realize that apologies and admissions
of fault may also be unjustifiedyet they will be used against you and the Company. The Company
is routinely sued by people who were hurt through their own carelessness or recklessnessbe
careful not to give them an excuse to sue or to help out their otherwise frivolous claim.
In addition, if you are injured on-the-job, in any way, you are also required to immediately report the
injury to management.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 51

Personal Safety
Personal safety is another issue of which we want you to be aware. While you are on duty make
every effort to be aware of suspicious acting people or strangers on Company premises. If you notice
an unauthorized person on Company premises contact a member of management, or if needed, the
Also for safety reasons, never disclose another Team Members schedule, home telephone number,
address or other personal information to anyone, including current or former Team Members of the
Company. Refer these calls and requests to your Manager or Human Resources.

Smoking in the Workplace

Our Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for Team Members and
guests. Therefore, smoking is NOT permitted within our facilities or in close proximity around them,
including in parking lots. If you smoke, you may do so on your break, but only in the designated
smoking areas of your facility. Smoking must be completely out of the guests view and nowhere
near entrances and exits where our guests enter.

Workplace Violence
Violence or threats of violence by a Team Member or anyone else against any other Team Member,
guest, supplier, contractor, consultant or vendor will not be tolerated. The purpose of this policy is to
minimize the potential risk of personal injuries to Team Members at work and to reduce the possibility
of damage of company property in the event someone, for whatever reason, may be unhappy with a
company decision or action by a Team Member or member of management.
If you receive or overhear any threatening communications from a Team Member or outside third
party, report it to your manager or Human Resources at once. Do not engage in either physical or
verbal confrontation with a potentially violent individual. If you encounter an individual who is
threatening immediate harm to a Team Member or third party on our premises, contact security, your
manager or an emergency agency (such as 911) immediately.
All reports of work-related threats will be investigated and kept confidential to the extent possible.
Team Members are encouraged to report and participate in an investigation of any suspected or
actual cases of workplace violence. Your failure to report or fully cooperate in an investigation could
result in discipline up to an including termination of employment.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Company recognizes a responsibility to help provide a safe and productive work environment for
all Team Members and to minimize the public safety risks of our operations. The Company has a
particular concern about substance abuse, since it can affect a Team Members productivity and
efficiency, jeopardize the safety of the Team Member, co-workers and the public, impair the
reputation of the Company and its Team Members and violate state and federal statutes. For these
reasons, we have developed this policy to deal with those whose drug or alcohol use affects the rest
of us.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 52

The use, purchase, sale, transfer, possession, being under the influence, or the presence in ones
system of a detectable amount of an illegal drug (which includes improper use of prescription or OTC
drugs) by any Team Member is prohibited (1) on Company premises, (2) where the Team Member is
performing Company business off premises, or (3) where such activity away from Company premises
or business affects the Team Members suitability for continued employment or may harm the
reputation of the Company and its Team Members.
Testing for Drugs and Alcohol
Palace Entertainment has a vital interest in the health and welfare of its Team Members. The misuse
and abuse of alcohol and drugs by Team Members pose serious threats to the safety and health of
the Team Members, the public and the efficient operation of the organization. Accordingly, Palace
Entertainment seeks to maintain a drug and alcohol free environment.
In order to achieve this goal, Palace Entertainment has adopted a policy with regard to use,
possession or sale of drugs or alcoholic substances by its Team Members, and it will be provided to
you separate from this handbook.
All Team Members should be aware that they may face drug or alcohol testing at any time for a
safety related incident, or if drugs or alcohol are suspected, or as part of a general drug or alcohol
screening program, as legally permitted. Refusals to cooperate may, in accordance with applicable
laws, subject a Team Member to discipline including termination.
The possession, consumption, purchase or sale of alcohol on Company premises is prohibited.
Furthermore, no Team Member shall be under the influence of alcohol while on Company premises
or while performing Company business off Company premises. Any exception to this policy for
special situations (e.g., Christmas parties, etc.) must be approved in advance by the Chief Executive
Officer and conducted in accordance with any limitations that accompany such approval. In addition,
persons whose positions with the Company require driving as a part of their work may be removed or
terminated from such positions if found to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or
controlled substances whether on duty or off duty.
Legal Drugs
Legal drugs are those prescribed or over-the-counter drugs that are legally obtained by the Team
Member and used for the purpose for which they were prescribed and sold. Even such legal drugs
may affect the safety of the Team Member or co-workers or members of the public. Therefore, any
Team Member who is taking any legal drug that might impair safety, performance, or any motor
functions must advise his or her supervisor before reporting to work under such medication. If the
Company determines that such use does not pose any safety or product quality risk, the Team
Member will be permitted to work.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 53

Illegal Drugs
Illegal Drugs are drugs or controlled substances which are (1) not legally obtainable, or (2) legally
obtainable but not obtained in a lawful manner. Examples include cocaine, marijuana, and
prescription drugs that were not lawfully obtained.

In Closing
The Team Member Handbook is meant to cover many of our policies and guidelines and to inform
you about our Company and what we strive to accomplish. In no way is this handbook intended to be
all-inclusive of the policies, procedures and practices of the Company. Should you encounter a
situation that is not covered in this handbook, we advise you to immediately consult with Human
Resources for clarification, guidance and/or resolution.
As you join our Team, we ask that you look around at your surroundings and do your best to maintain
our high standards.
We again wish you success in your position and offer all the help and assistance we can provide. We
all want you to succeed.
Thank you again for joining the Palace Entertainment team.

Palace Entertainment
Team Member Handbook
March 2011

Page 54