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When: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 @ 7:30 PM
Where: Harbel (5807 Harford Road)
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September 2015

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Waltherson Improvement Association

P.O. Box 3622
Baltimore, MD 21214

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The Walthersonian

September 2015

Presidents Letter
Have you ever gone to Belvedere Square on a Friday night where everyone brings their lawn chairs to sit
around & enjoy the entertainment? Or maybe you have gone to the one in Little Italy & watched a movie
on the side wall of one of the row homes. Well, we can enjoy the same thing right near our own back
yard. A week ago at Harbel we had our very own movie night outside! People brought their chairs &
visited with others. The kids rode bikes, threw footballs, played kick ball & twirled hula hoops. Once
nightfall came, everyone sat back in their lawn chairs with popcorn & watched the Smurfs. It was very
well received. We often hear that the kids have nothing to do. This is a great way to meet your neighbors
& keep the young folks from boredom. The next activity is hopefully in October & will be a bowling event.
Well keep you posted & put up flyers.
A special thanks to those who came out to help clean up Biddison Cemetery. This is a private cemetery
whose members have long passed but local neighbors have taken the time to clean it up. Our community
has cleaned it several times, which is an all-day event & quite a lot to do. This cemetery goes back over a
hundred years when tomb-stones gave the exact number of years a person was alive: (ie: Helene Quinn:
lived 56 years, 9 months, 2 days). Once restored, it looks great again. Many thanks!
On a stronger note, Im sure youve all felt the influx of crime in & around our area. Please remember to
report suspicious activity.
Take note to get a full description: clothing colors, distinguishing
characteristics, type of vehicle, time of day, how many involved, etc. Call even if you have doubt. Start
to track the time of day if it is a continued behavior & you see a trend in a specific area. Daytime is a
common time for thefts because most folks are at work. So, be cognizant of what is going on around you,
walk alert if you are outside & lock your doors, even during the daytime.
Hats off to our Police department who recently caught four teenagers in the act of a robbery near the
block I reside. The Police helicopter followed the youths during a reported crime & as the youths bailed
out of the vehicle, which was discovered to be stolen the night before, the Police swarmed in to arrest all
four. I specifically drove by to see if I recognized the guys & was relieved that I did not. I know most of
the kids in our neighborhood & wouldve been so disappointed if it was someone I know. Our Police are
hard working to support our areas. Please take a moment to thank them as you see them.
I hope to see you out & about on some of our neighborhood festivals & events in the fall. Now that school
is back in session & summer vacations are over, lets try to enjoy the great weather & still be outside for
a while. Head out for a snow ball at Walther Gardens & enjoy meeting some neighbors in the chairs they
provide. I sure have. Before you know it, the holidays will be here!
Be well,
WIA President

The Walthersonian

September 2015


Upcoming Neighborhood Events:

4th First Friday Art Crawl

o Hamilton Gallery 5502 Harford Road
o Hamilton Bakery, 5414 Harford; 5-9 (free cupcakes!)
o Mutt Mart Yappy Hour. Bring your dog for a free treat! 2904 Hamilton Ave.
o Creative Arts of Maryland 5424 Harford Road
o 4300 block of Harford Road and the Market Connection Space September 5th, 6-9 pm.
Food, Wine, Shopping at the The Gift Cellar and Market Connection, Art Openings,
"side-walk snips" a la the The Chop Shop!
o Charmed Life Gallery, 4505 Harford;
o Additional details
8th - Tuesday Market 4-8 PM at 4500 Harford Road
15th - Tuesday Market 4-8 PM at 4500 Harford Road
22nd - Tuesday Market 4-8 PM at 4500 Harford Road
29th - Tuesday Market 4-8 PM at 4500 Harford Road

At the Pratt
Book Discussions:
The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown-Thurs, 9/17 6 PM
Fast and Furious 6 9/10 4 PM
Fast and Furious 7 9/21 4 PM
Programs for Children:
Reading Tails - Saturday 8/1 @ 2 PM
o Come read to a dog from Therapy Pets Unlimited. You pick the book. Ages 5 -12.
Lego Club Mondays @ 3 PM
Mother Goose Baby Steps Wednesdays @ 10 AM
Preschool Leaps Wednesdays @ 11 AM
Bedtime Stories Thursday 8/6 & Monday 8/17 @ 6:30 PM
o Come in pajamas and hear stories, sing songs, and do a craft. Ages 3-7.
Back to School Book Tasting Tuesday 9/15 4-5 PM
Just for Teens
Makerspace Mondays 6 PM
o A place for creation, innovation, and collaboration
Wii Wednesdays Wednesdays @ 3:30 PM
Teen Iron Chef 9/22 3 PM

The Walthersonian

September 2015


The Walthersonian

September 2015

Augusts Biddison Cemetery Cleanup

Thanks to everyone who got together on August 15th to clean-up the Biddison Cemetery at
3821 Forrester Ave. Below are before and after panoramic before & after pictures of the
cemetery taken by Dylan Lesperance.

Friends of Biddison Cemetery:

The Walthersonian

September 2015

History surrounding the Biddison Cemetery

On February 5th, 1950 the Baltimore Sun carried an article titled Men in the Street: The Biddisons that
discussed some of the Biddison Family that are now interred in the cemetery on Forrester Ave. Below
are some details from that article.
"It was John S. Biddison, Abraham's son, who founded the
family's strong political tradition. John was an outspoken,
God-fearing--he donated the land for Andrew Chapel, the
first Southern Methodist Church in Maryland--and forceful
character who was a leader in Baltimore county politics for
years, and often-elected delegate to the Assembly and a
strong Southern sympathizer.
So strong a Southern sympathizer, in fact, the United
States Government locked him up in Fort McHenry for the
length of the Civil War. The experience did not dampen
John's ardor; County Judge John E. Gontrum, his greatgrandson, remembers that the 'vigorous old man'
remained an 'unreconstructed rebel' until his death in
John S. Biddison was a former Maryland State Senator
serving as Senate President Pro Tem in 1910, an office
currently held by Senator McFadden. 1

Grave of John S. Biddison (passed 1896)

His son,
solicitor in

Grave of John. S. Biddison (passed 1952)

Grave of Thomas Biddison (passed 1958)

On the following page is a picture of the Plat of Land belonging to the John S. Biddison that was
surveyed in 1986 after he passed away; this map was shared on Facebook with the Northeast History
Roundtable by Michael Miller. The map shows a network of streams and two springs that would have
been buried beneath our streets and incorporated into the citys new drainage system as our
neighborhood was developed in the early 20th century. Belair Road is shown at the bottom of the map
with Biddison Lane moving up ending at the family cemetery.
1 Archives

of Maryland Senate Presidents Pro Tem 1822

The Walthersonian

Biddison Family Plat circa 1896

September 2015

The Walthersonian

September 2015

Unity Urban Garden (4001 Southern Ave)

We have a lot of great interest this year with the Unity
Urban Garden on Southern Ave. A cleanup of the
garden was done on June 13th and a planting day
occurred on June 21st.
Come check out the garden. The aim is to have work
days during the evening on Tuesdays and Thursdays
starting at 5:30 PM and Saturdays at 10:30 AM.
You can check out
the blog or
Facebook group
linked to below for
more information
on the garden and
to confirm work
Hope to see you
around on one of
the work days!

The Walthersonian

September 2015

The Walthersonian

September 2015

First Friday
Hamilton Gallery
5502 Harford Road
Hamilton Gallery presents
Daniel Sherman: Artifacts of Growth
and Decay
September 4 September 27, 2015
First Friday Opening Reception - Friday,
September 4, 5-9pm
Hamilton Gallery welcomes all guests
and neighbors to join us in enjoying our
neighborhood and our city.
In this series of photographs Daniel
Sherman seeks to record the inherent
beauty of the the worn down, forgotten
and overlooked. Daniel works to
illustrate time and history by
simultaneously depicting growth and
decay. Most of his subjects have long
since stopped being "new" or "the best"
but they record time in the details of their physical appearance.
Devoid of human subjects, many of these images still reverberate with humankind's latent presence.
Daniel works to illustrate what has been hewn from the land and subsequently, what nature has taken
Also exhibiting this month Hamilton Gallery artist members:
Jude Asher, Ron Cohn, Salvadore Delvisco, Ned Epps, Marcus Dagold, Amy Klainer, Karen Klinedinst, Ania
Milo, Charles Mens, Bob Paulding, Lynn Poshepny, Angela Raincatcher, Theresa Reuter, Cara Sue
Richard, Peter Smith, Valerie Smith, Grace Sweeney, Bridget Z. Sullivan, Richard Sullivan, Maxine Taylor,
Alex Vanicky & Richard Gordon Zyne.
Hamilton Gallery
5502 Harford Road
Baltimore, 21214
Friday 4-8pm, Saturday noon-8pm, Sunday 11am-3pm

The Walthersonian

September 2015

Creative Arts of Maryland

5424 Harford Road

Guest Artist
Kelly Burke
Kelly Burke has worked with paint and colors for over 25 years as a professional painter. In 2011-2012
she had the opportunity to live abroad in Germany when she started studying drawing
and painting seriously. She first worked in the fall 2011 with Mira O'Brien at the Berlin Drawing Room: For most of 2012 she studied with Klemens Wuttke in
Nuremberg at his Atelier Eins: Since returning to the States in the fall of
2012, she has continued to study drawing and painting with various teachers at MICA, the Schuler
School of Fine Arts, and the Mitchell School of Fine Arts. Her studio is in Baltimore, Maryland. She paint s
Abstracts, Pet Portraits, and Still Lives using mediums from oil paint and acrylic to charcoals and
Please come and join us on September 4th and 5th, Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm to 9pm at
the Creative Arts of Maryland gallery for our opening reception as we host Fine Artist Kelly Burke for
Come and also see the talented works by all our
Gallery Artists
Pat Bauer Brad Ferrone Karl Franz Margo Franz Maximilian Franz Megan Franz Dawn
Grodnitzky Linda King Linda Magsamen Sandi Naecker Tamara Neal Jerry Palucki Susan Smith
Lynn Trevino Jasina Wise Yusuf Yahya


The Walthersonian


September 2015

The Walthersonian

September 2015

Four Hour Day Lutherie

4305 Harford Road
The Lutherie is proud to present the music of Scott Patterson this coming
Friday, September 4 as part of Lauraville/Hamilton's First Friday
celebrations! Music starts at 6, come to listen, sing and play. 4305 Harford

Red Canoe
4337 Harford Road


The Walthersonian


September 2015

The Walthersonian

September 2015

Waltherson Improvement Association Officer Elections

Our elections will be held in the November community meeting for Walthersons 2016 board.
Mike Hilliard has agree to chair our nominating committee for our election. If you are
interested in holding a position in 2016 please e-mail Mike Hilliard at

Officer Positions & Duties

Community representative/liaison to other organizations & local government
Chairs monthly meetings; sets agenda in conjunction with other Board members
Chairs monthly board meetings
Writes Presidents column for monthly newsletter
Co-ordinates community input related to zoning requests
Chairs meetings in the Presidents absence
Participates in monthly Board meetings
Assists with community association activities as needed
Second Vice-President
Participates in monthly Board meetings
Assists with community association activities as needed
Records & maintains the minutes of the monthly meetings
Participates in monthly Board meetings
Assists with community association activities as needed
Handles receipts and disbursements
Maintains the official books of account and renders monthly reports to the community
Reconciles bank statements monthly
Prepares annual 990 filing & other regulatory reports as needed
Provides a monthly report at Board meetings
Assists with community association activities as needed
Makes sure that Roberts Rules of Order govern all meetings
Serves as liaison between Membership and the Board. S/he attends all Membership and
Board meetings


The Walthersonian

September 2015

NECOP Northeast Citizens on Patrol

In Northeast Baltimore we have a district wide Citizens on Patrol program called NECOP. The
reasoning behind the COP program is that regular neighborhood patrols can make criminals feel
uncomfortable and drive them out of our neighborhood. Participants meet at the Northeast
Police station at 1900 Argonne Drive near Morgan State and get a walkie talkie to keep them in
contact with the Police and then proceed to patrol their neighborhoods in their cars. Patrols
normally go out each Thursday and Friday from about 7:30 - 10:30. For anyone interested in
the Citizens on Patrol program, please contact Rob at

Upcoming Traffic/Roadwork Projects

DOT updates:
The reconfiguration of Frankford intersections at Hamilton Ave & Corse Ave have been
postponed due to funding issues. They anticipate installation in Summer of 2015.
Early 2016
Harford Road Herring Run Bridge Reconstruction begins
o Harford Road will be closed at Herring Run for two years during reconstruction
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Lisa Hom

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Robert Walshe,
Sue Kessel,
Helene Quinn,
Frank Williams



Schools &
Child Advocacy

Harford Road
CRP Rep.

Garden Sign &



Main: Sue Kessel

Alt: Rob Walshe

Ron Derr

Digital Outreach
Robert Walshe

Police Liaison /
Sam Kimani

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