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To: Municipal Planning Commission

Prepared By: Ronald M. Traub, Director

Economic & Community Development

Meeting Date:

September 3, 2015


Stacy Johnson for ProBuilt Homes Inc (Builder) and Andrew Meinhold, President for
Lake National Bank (Property owner)

Requested Action: Certificate of Appropriateness and Amendment to Development Plan


To amend the final subdivision plat and to modify the previously-approved house plans

Existing Zoning:

R-2, Single Family Residential and OV, Old Village


West of Center Street and south of Prospect Street


18 sublots on 3.6 acres

Existing Land Use: Mentor Office Supply Company, Center Street School recreational fields, Costello
Greenhouses and a house previously occupied the site. There is a single-family house
and a duplex currently on the property.
Surrounding Land
Use and Zoning: North: Presley Farms Subdivision; zoned R-2, Single Family Residential and B-2, General
East: commercial buildings and Center Terrace Apartments; zoned B-2, General Business
South: Center Street Village Phase 1; zoned OV, Old Village
West: single-family homes (Case Allotment Subdivision); zoned R-2, Single Family
Zoning History:

In April of 2014 the Planning Commission approved the Presley Avenue subdivision
consisting of 18 sublots with eight (8) conditions. In November of 2015 the east side of
the street was rezoned to OV, Old Village by the electorate.
In October of 2013, the Commission approved a preliminary subdivision of 15 sublots on
Presley Avenue with conditions. In April of 2009, the Commission approved a minor
subdivision of ten (10) sublots on the west side of Presley Avenue extension with
conditions. The Administration has determined that a minor subdivision request was not
appropriate since the sublots did not front on a dedicated street. In November of 2008,
the rezoning to Old Village (OV) was denied by the electorate. In January of 2007, the
Commission approved Phase 2 of the development (Lake National Bank building). In
November of 2006, Phase 1 of the development was rezoned to OV, Old Village by the

Public Utilities:

1113.03 Final Plats

1159.02 Certificate of Appropriateness
An existing 8 waterline and 8 sanitary line is located within the private drive. The site is
served by all utilities.

Engineering Comments:
No comment
Fire Department Comments:
Structures to have side setback of 15 gutter to gutter
Police Department Comments:


No specific police concerns.


The proposed subdivision was approved on April 3, 2014 with seven (7) conditions; the applicant
is requesting to amend condition four (#4) which stated the approved Architectural styles of the
proposed homes and five (#5) which required stamped concrete driveways to match the street. In
November of 2015, the electorate voted to rezone the eastside (sublots 11-18 off Presley Avenue)
to OV, Old Village as part of the Center Street Square development. The development plan
provided for a 26-ft. front setback and a 22-ft. rear yard setback, side setbacks varied which
created a 40-ft. x 40-ft. building window for each sublot.
The applicant is requesting to amend condition five (#5) to eliminate the stamped concrete
driveways. According to the applicant, this is not a good long-term option due to the fact that
new concrete sealers do not last and turn the concrete a white hazy color after about one (1) year.
In addition, road salts and de-icers play havoc on stamped concrete which does not hold up like
regular concrete. The applicant also states that the permeable pavers used for the rest of the
subdivision are not economically feasible for homeowners to maintain. The applicant instead is
requesting to use a colored concrete. During the review of the subdivision in 2014, the Planning
Commission wanted to maintain harmony throughout the subdivision with regards to the paving
material. At that time, the Administration suggested that either permeable paver or stamped
concrete be used for the driveways. The Administration would note that in the early 1990s a
streetscape improvement plan was completed along Mentor Avenue which included stamped
concrete in areas and they have not deteriorated at a rate faster than the surrounding sidewalk
areas. When this was originally reviewed, the Commission and the Administration wanted to
ensure a cohesive and harmonious development by including the pavers or stamped concrete in
the plans and the original developer agreed. It is for that reason that the Administration would
suggest that the condition five (#5) not be modified. Staff would also request documentation
relative to sealer performance in addition to antidotal comments.
The applicant is also seeking to amend Condition four (#4) to replace the five (5) approved house
styles with styles from their company. At the April 2014 meeting, the Planning Commission
expressed a desire to create a harmonious development with attention to the styles of the homes
to be constructed. The Commission wanted the proposed buildings to match as closely as
possible the existing bank building, school and town houses, especially through the use of brick or
stone on the front facades. The approved building styles included four (4) two-story homes and
one (1) ranch-style, all of which included either stone or brick on the front elevation. The
subdivision plat (sublots 1-11) included a front setback of 40 ft. and the Fire Department required
that there be a separation of 15 ft. between structures which would require a 7.5-ft. side yard
setback. The Fire Department has reiterated that the structures should have 15 ft. of separation
between the gutters. Based on this requirement, sublots 8 & 9 would have a 27.15 ft. wide
building area; while sublots 1-6 would have a 39.21-ft.-wide building area. Sublots 1118 which
were rezoned in November of 2015 provided for a 26-ft. front setback and a 22-ft. rear setback,
varying side setbacks which created a 40-ft. x 40-ft. building window for each sublot.
The applicant is proposing nineteen different house styles for the proposed development. Some of
the plans submitted do not have dimensions on them to determine if they would fit on the
proposed lots. A quick review of the plans indicate that the following twelve (12) styles would
either be too wide or deep for the lots, those styles are: Elmwood, Canterbury, Barksley,
Glenville, Sarah, Presley, Lilly, Cornwell, Princeton, Huntington Stanford and Stone Mill III. The
other seven (7) styles may fit on some of the lots, but without the exact dimensions, a final
determination cannot be made. One of the seven plan option for the Briarwood ranch has an
elevation (option 2) and Melborne have brick around the garage. The Administration would
recommend the applicant limit the overall number of proposed styles, include additional
information concerning the amount of brick or stone which can be incorporated into the proposed
styles, and provide the outside dimensions of the proposed structures so it can be determined if
they will physically fit on the lots.



1. Each parcel of duplex structure shall be assigned a sublot number.
2. Each sublot shall be included as part of the Center Street Village Condominium Association. The existing
ingress/egress and utility document shall be amended to include all of the sublots of the subdivision.
3. Eight (8) ft.-high solid fence shall be constructed along the rear of the sublots on the east side of the private
drive screening them from the commercial properties.
4. The proposed home styles to be constructed on the sublots shall be the Naples, Beachview, Crestview,
Monterey and Shoreview. Any additional home styles will require review and approval by the Planning
5. The driveways to the new homes shall be constructed from stamped concrete matching the color of the
existing pavers on the private drive. This condition shall be noted on the plat.
6. Comments per the City Engineer and Fire Department shall be addressed as part of the subdivision
construction drawing.
7. Preliminary subdivision approval is contingent on setbacks; variances must be granted by the Board of
Building and Zoning Appeals front and side building setbacks.
Cover Letter, ProBuilt Proposed Home Designs, April 3, 2014 Approval Letter and Documents,