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The Change-Making Manifesto

Our way of changing the world

Joanne Poyourow ·

Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. Change-Making is D-I-Y and grassroots. so that we have the knowledge to judge whether a particular proposal really will help or whether it’s just treading water. physical changes – like transforming a garden or installing rainwater harvesting features. Change-Making is about creating tangible. Changing minds is perhaps the hardest work of all. It means digging deep and finding the strength to learn about the problems. Rather than foisting the problems off onto future generations. or waiting for government to fix it. and the related economic and lifestyle repercussions. philosophic. Change-Making is . sharing with each other. so that we know what we are solving. It’s not change-for-change’s sake. world-view shifts – such as divesting from fossil fuels. investing in the new future. And it's about creating intangible. Sometimes that means urban homesteading and transforming our personal lifestyles. Change-Making might mean learning new skills. rather it has a very specific direction. ChangeMaking is creating positive change. It means taking a look at the problems the world is facing and trying to put in place solutions that will make things better. and creating more art and beauty.The Change-Making Manifesto What is Change-Making? Change-Making is about passionately creating positive change. the tools and infrastructure of the new future. At its best it is community-rallying and joyful and infectious. It means having the audacity to do things differently than other people. Change-Making means taking matters into our own hands. Other times it means banding together with our local neighbors and “just doing stuff” as a group.

what else better to do with our lifetimes? We Change-Makers believe that change is possible. the cutting edge of forward progress. Thus it is predicated on trust. Trust that if you take a deep-breath leap. you might be referred to among the leaders.The Change-Making Manifesto Change-Making at times does include a healthy dose of intolerance for the broken status quo. In real time you may get labeled a “weirdo. As such. We ChangeMakers believe that change is possible. even when the path runs contrary to some of our social tendencies. Change-Making can mean taking the deep breath and plunging forward.” but decades later in the history books. Change-Making in general is far too big to do on our own. But then. being a Change-Maker means actively cultivating that forefront. that society really does have some volition about its general direction – and that direction can be shifted. Change-Making is an ongoing and forever project. to get to a new-future perspective. Trust that there are millions and millions of other changemakers out there. who also are passionately creating positive change. others will see you and follow. most of whom we will never know or hear about. because there is simply so much that needs repair and nurturing. Joanne Poyourow . and that journey takes time. That means there’s an element of long-term commitment. maybe just maybe. Culture change often begins by getting your hands into the soil. Yet we balance that with the understanding that each person has his or her own journey to go through.

stopping GMOs. renewable energy. topsoil depletion. and help fix it. Social injustice. Peak oil. overpopulation. fighting fracking. Be respectful. Put even your “waste” to use. income inequality. Do things together. the loss of The Commons. depleted fisheries. Reuse. like species extinction. food distribution. Then let’s march forward. prejudice. join forces. For want of a good . We march forward. When you start analyzing the causes of The Zombie Apocalypse. Sometimes the solutions are packaged in a single term too. Biocapacity/ecological footprint. The detailed list is endless. We call our version of it Change-Making. join forces. for a permanent human culture. and help fix it. the great Pacific garbage patch. Rob Hopkins takes Permaculture a giant leap forward by applying the concepts to everything from communities to economics.The Change-Making Manifesto Solutions to the Zombie Apocalypse There are a lot of things we Change-Makers are trying to fix: Global warming/climate change. a system for designing for sustainability. the concept of “throwaway” people. It basically means “all of the above. fractured local communities. Economic contraction. Be kind. Those big umbrella categories encompass lots of other issues. the extractive paradigm. Richard Heinberg refers to powerdown – decreasing the energy inputs into everything we do – which works to solve both global warming emissions and peak oil issues. campaign financing.” Choose your issue. world peace. pollution. some writers have turned to sarcasm: The Zombie Apocalypse. he calls it the Transition Movement. there are only a limited set of solutions: Use far less. Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. water resources. We’re Change-Makers. the Industrial Growth Complex. Bill Mollison and David Holmgren teach Permaculture. Be wise about what you use.

Then we built the Emerson Avenue Community Garden. a woodfired cob bread oven for public use. which teaches urban food production and grows fresh organic vegetables for the . I felt very alone. which opened school district land to use by the wider community. to create positive change. More recently. worrying about the state of the environment and what we were leaving to future generations. we want to be a part of a group like that!” And so a few of us here in Los Angeles created the Environmental Change-Makers. Early readers of the book said “hey. But it wasn't always that way.The Change-Making Manifesto The Change-Makers There are a lot of us now. We created the Community Garden at Holy Nativity. In that book. We're actively creating a better world. Legacy: A Story of Hope – that imagined positive. in their own way. And over the past 10 years we've done a lot of great stuff. So I wrote a book – a novel. Back in 2004. we built the Westchester Community Oven. transformative change unfolding around the world. Tree planting as we built the Emerson Avenue Community Garden Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. Our real. there was a fictional small group of people who gave each other emotional support as they each worked. live group now stretches across Southern California.

Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. like Vandana Shiva. so we aren't always successful. We brought Transition ideas to Southern California. but we do try a lot of Peter Rood. We've hosted major speakers. Charles Eisenstein. co-founder of the Environmental ChangeMakers. We championed the motion to make L.The Change-Making Manifesto We became a local representative for the international Transition Movement – grassroots groups around the world who are putting in place communitycentric responses to humanity's most pressing problems. Biotech lobbyists crushed us on that one.EnviroChangeMakers. a “GMO-free zone” to protect seedsaving and local urban agriculture. If you're in Los Angeles and you'd like to gather with like-minded people for purposeful projects. and Rob Hopkins. teaching a bread-baking workshop. see our group's calendar of events at www. Andy Lipkis. and we brought Seed School to Los .

Humanity is having to reexamine our relationship with the planet. Again. there were massive shifts in social structures. Commerce changed. We’re having to rethink consumption. was the Agricultural Revolution. Macy says we’re currently undergoing the third great Revolution in the history of mankind. and world views. No longer were people in small tribes. The second great Revolution. People learned new skills.The Change-Making Manifesto The Scale of Change The magnitude of change going on around us is spectacular and staggeringly huge. and yes. Today we are experiencing what some people call the Sustainability Revolution. we’ll have to rethink politics and the way we govern ourselves. which meant people had to figure out new things like government and how to hand much broader types of knowledge from one generation to the . The stories people told each other in their myths and legends shifted too. Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. where people shifted from being hunter-gatherers to settle down in a more permanent place. but there were also massive shifts in society. We are having to reexamine humanity’s relationship with the planet. rethink economics. New forms of government arose. according to Macy. rethink commerce. now cities began to form. That kind of puts it in perspective! The first great Revolution. was the Industrial Revolution. where people began leaving the land in great numbers to flock to the cities. It’s all changing. Macy reminds us. Joanna Macy and others describe this entire era we’re living in with a beautiful term: The Great Turning. or Macy calls The Great Turning. massively.

As Change-Makers.The Change-Making Manifesto The Scope of Change As humanity shifts toward a more-sustainable presence on the planet. nearly every aspect of our lives will change – especially here in North America. that significant and transformative change will come to every single petal of the Flower. we understand the Big Picture. We're excited about it. which in my opinion describes many realms of human existence. And we're among those who are helping create . David Holmgren created a diagram called the Permaculture Flower. Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. but I like his older version because the words around the edges help us visualize what more-sustainable practices might look like. Holmgren has now updated it for contemporary aesthetics.

and that we must remember these roles are interdependent. Macy is quick to point out that we need all three roles. our group's Change-Making has been about each of these. and organizing physical projects that help put in place a post-peak infrastructure. Stopping actions. that will replace the old ways 3. Installing rainwater harvesting at the Community Garden at Holy Nativity Joanne Poyourow Change-Making.changing our relationships. it's meant teaching new skills. we tend to focus mostly on “creating new structures. our societal fabric It’s like a 3-legged stool. Creating new structures. to prevent further destruction 2. But for the most part. coordinating events as other teachers come to visit my hometown. Shifts in consciousness -.The Change-Making Manifesto How Do We Solve It? Joanna Macy sees three ways we can help further The Great Turning: 1. At different times and through different projects. our stories.” It's simply our . For me personally.

com blog. or urban food production. Actively engaging in creating a better world.The Change-Making Manifesto Change-Making ideas and inspiration Ultimately. I write about ● growing food ● saving water ● resilient small businesses ● divesting from fossil fuels ● the gift economy ● ● ● heirloom vegetable seeds I'm saving from extinction organizing people I bring you stimulating ideas about ChangeMaking. I hope that I offer you the inspiration and/or education that supports you in your own personal . It might seem like this is many topics. much more. You could say that my blog is about the emerging new economy. Yet all these things are really one topic: ChangeMaking. or social change and community-building. Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. Through it all. I'm a writer. my topics hop around the Permaculture Flower. powerdown solutions I've discovered from around the world ● people who inspire me ● the activities of our local group in our Los Angeles neighborhood ● and much. Here on my Change-Making. I hope that I bring you stimulating ideas.

Yes. as part of the Westchester Community Oven project Joanne Poyourow Change-Making. fulfilling feeling that you've given your best to a really important cause. simple ways . Your Change-Making will look quite different than mine. your experience. your interests.The Change-Making Manifesto What you can do Repairing the world is a huge job. because your choice of actions will be based on your skill set. and you want to help with the work of doing so – you can get started by helping in two important. I've got a little secret for you: it's lots of . But it's the kind of hard work that leaves you at the end of the day with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.. there's a place for everybody. But within that huge job. and your connections. Change-Making can be hard work. But here's your chance: Pick the role that calls to you right now. roll up your sleeves and get to work. It's the rich. and there are plenty of specific things to be done.. Adobe brick-building. If you like this stuff – if you'd like to believe that we can change the world. your knowledge base.

or homesteading do-ityourselfer. Consider posting a link to this Manifesto on your website (use www. GET OUT THERE AND START CHANGE-MAKING! If you're a veggie Joanne Poyourow . Please: keep going. Perhaps share your own change-making story. the world needs more people like you. and help create positive Follow me on social media: @ecmJoanne Join my email list “Change-Making News”: http://www. to help others from a different perspective.” the world needs your contribution. You've dipped your toe into new-future ways. please do! Come join the fun. or simply send it out to people you know who could benefit from it. – Joanne P Subscribe to my blog: www.The Change-Making Manifesto SPREAD NEWS OF THIS MANIFESTO. discover new ideas.Change-Making. you've already started.change-making. MORE IMPORTANTLY. If you lead a community group and you're intent on making it “greener. If you haven't started yet. local-foods cook. If you run a small business and you want your business to be part of solving the world's Link to it on your Facebook page.