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Prestige Class: Divine Archer

“Make our path straight as an arrow...”
The Divine Archer is a holy and upright man, blessed by higher
powers with uncanny skill in the bow. Many were once archers
who took up the cloth; others were crusaders who discovered
their talents with the bow through the course of their ministry.
Regardless of their background, they all have two things in
common: mastery of the bow, and a strict allegiance to their
deity. They are the hunters of the undead and demons, and are
the bane of those who would practice or spread evil. Most
Divine Archers are human, but elves of Good alignment often
take up the path. They are patient and careful fighters, preferring
peaceful solutions to violence...but do not hesitate to let arrows
fly toward the hearts of demons and the undead.
Almost all Divine Archers are Paladins and Clerics who took it
upon themselves to master the bow. These characters see their
skill with the bow as a divine blessing from their higher power
and considering it their duty to use this blessing against the
forces of evil.

To qualify for the Divine Archer Prestige Class, the character
must satisfy all of the following requirements:
Alignment: Any good
Base Attack Bonus: +6 or higher
Feats: Weapon Focus (any bow), Extra Turning
Spellcasting: The character must be able to Turn the undead,
and must be able to cast divine spells.

Hit Dice: d8

Divine Arrows (Su): At 1st Level, the Divine Archer has
gained great favor with his deity, and may pray to his deity for
arrows. By whispering a short prayer while pulling back his
bowstring, the Divine Archer is given a magical arrow from his
deity. This divine arrow is an arrow +1, and appears to be
normal in every way. This arrow disappears seconds after
impacting its target, or immediately if the bow is unloaded
without firing. This supernatural ability may be used any
number of times per day.
At 5th level, and again at 9th level, the enhancement bonus for
the Divine Arrows increases by +1 (to a max of +3 at 9th level).
Smite Evil (Su): Once per day, a Divine Archer of 2nd Level or
greater may attempt to smite evil with one ranged attack with his
favored bow. He adds his Charisma modifier (if positive) to the
attack roll and deals one extra point of damage per Divine
Archer level (to a maximum of +10). If the Divine Archer
accidentally smites a creature that is not evil, the smite has no
effect but is still used up for that day. This damage does not
stack with Holy damage (below). This is a supernatural ability.
Paladins who take the Divine Archer Prestige Class may use this
Smite Evil ability twice a day, once for each class. They do not
add both their Paladin and Divine Archer levels to the damage
inflicted by the Smite; damage for each is calculated using the
highest applicable class level.
Archery Domain (Ex): At 3rd Level, the Divine Archer gains
access to the Archery Domain (below), even if the character has
no previous levels of cleric. The character gains the granted
power for the domain (Point Blank Shot as a bonus feat), and
may prepare one extra spell from the Archery Domain spell list
for each level of spell he can cast. For more information, see
“Clerics and Domains,” in the Core Rulebook I.

Class Skills:
The Class Skills for the Divine Archer (and the key ability for
each) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha),
Heal (Wis), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Profession (Wis),
Spellcraft (Int), and Spot (Wis).
Skill points per level: 4 + Int. modifier

Class Abilities:
The following are the class abilities of the Divine Archer
Prestige class:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Divine Archers gain no new
weapon, shield, or armor proficiencies by taking the Divine
Archer Prestige Class.
Paladin Path: Paladins who take this Prestige Class do not
suffer any of the restrictions and penalties that a multiclassed
Paladin might normally incur, and may continue advancement in
Paladin levels at the player’s discretion.
Turn Undead (Ex): Divine Archers are equally devoted to the
destruction of undead as clerics or paladins are. For each level
of Divine Archer achieved, the character may Turn the Undead
as if he had also gained a level of cleric or paladin. The
character gains no other benefits of an increased level (such as
spells per day, uses of the remove disease ability, etc.).
Divine Guidance (Ex): When fighting with a bow, the Divine
Archer may use his Wisdom bonus instead of his Dexterity
bonus for attack rolls (whichever is higher). This is an
extraordinary ability.

Bolt of Divine Power (Ex): Beginning at 4th Level, the Divine
Archer has learned to channel divine power through his arrows
to specifically target the Undead. By spending one Turn Undead
attempt for that particular day, the Divine Archer may attempt to
Turn a single undead monster struck by his arrow. The player
must state that he wishes to use this ability before the attack roll
is made (thus, a miss ruins the attempt).
If the attack roll hits, the player rolls damage as normal and adds
his Divine Archer level to the result. If this number is equal to
or greater than the Hit Dice of the monster struck, the Turn
attempt is automatically successful. If the Hit Dice rolled is
TWICE that of the Hit Dice of that particular monster, the
undead is destroyed instead. Effectively, this ability allows the
Divine Archer to use his attack roll in place of the Turning
Check when turning the undead.
Please note that the undead creature still takes any applicable
damage from the arrow, regardless of whether the Turn attempt
is successful. Undead monsters may not be Rebuked or
Commanded by the use of this ability.
Extra Turning (Ex): A Divine Archer’s hatred for the undead
grows within him, and he cries out to his deity for more power
against their kind. The deity of a Divine Archer recognizes his
strength against the undead, and answers this prayer. At 6th
level, the Divine Archer gains the Extra Turning feat for free as
a bonus feat.
Holy Arrow (Sp): Beginning at 7th Level, the Divine Archer
can empower his arrows with a powerful burst of holy energy by
spending a normal Turn Undead attempt. All arrows fired from
the bow on the round that the Turn Undead slot is spent are

the character states that he is using a Power Bolt ability before making the attack roll (thus. Once per day. Greater Magic Weapon. These Power Word effects are identical to the spells of the same name with one exception: they may only affect evil creatures struck by an arrow. Flame Arrow. +4 AC. 3. and is granted the ability to cripple his foes with a single arrow. THE DIVINE ARCHER Level Bonus Fort 1 +1 +0 2 +2 +0 3 +3 +1 4 +4 +1 5 +5 +1 6 +6 +2 7 +7 +2 8 +8 +2 9 +9 +3 10 +10 +3 Ref +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 Will +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 Special Paladin Path. Evil outsiders who have more than twice the hit dice of the Divine Archer's level are unaffected by this ability. Adds +20 to your next attack roll. as a bonus feat. Pushes away wooden objects. and if successful. similar to the spell of the same name.considered to be holy arrows. Holy Aura. “Sixth sense” warns of impending danger. Repulsion. The DM is free to assign the Archery Domain to any suitable deities in his/her campaign. Subject is immune to most ranged attacks. Protection from Arrows. the Divine Archer may call upon his deity to empower his arrow with a Power Word: Blind or a Power Word: Stun effect. and SR 25 against evil spells. Divine Guidance. The creature is not allowed a Save throw. 2. This is a spell-like ability. Creatures cannot approach you. See all things as they really are 6. regardless of whether the Will save is successful or not. +4 resistance. Foresight. Repel Wood. the Divine Archer is the ultimate weapon against demons (evil outsiders). Shoots flaming projectiles (extra damage) or fiery bolts (4d6 damage). To use this ability. Granted Power: The character gains the Point Blank Shot feat for free. +1 bonus/3 levels (+5 max) 5. By spending a normal turn attempt for the day. This is a spell-like ability. This is a supernatural ability. the cleric may attempt to banish any evil outsider he hits with an arrow. 7. the evil outsider must make a Will save (DC 20) or be banished to its home plane. and will inflict an extra 2d6 points of holy damage to any creature of evil alignment on a successful hit. the Divine Archer has gained favor with his deity. The player must state that he wishes to use this ability before the attack roll is made. Archery Domain Spells 1. Divine Arrows +1 Smite Evil Archery Domain Bolt of Divine Power Divine Arrows +2 Extra Turning Holy Arrow Bolt of Banishment Divine Arrows +3 Power Bolt . 8. Archery Domain Bolt of Banishment (Sp): At 8th Level. Power Bolt (Sp): At 10th Level. Please note that the evil outsider still takes damage from the arrow. True Seeing. a missed attack ruins the attempt for the day). 4. True Strike. 9.