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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Deerfield Community Center
March 10, 2015
Trustees in Attendance: Paul Buehler, Bob Derrick, Patricia Douville, Lillian Fazio, Brad Gimbert, Tim Jacobs, Jack Keating,
Richard Mason and Jean Sorrentino.
Trustees Absent with Cause: None.
Community Members Present: Laszlo Boesze, Mary Derrick, Rilla Potter and Mary Hughes.
President Bob Derrick called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM. There was a quorum to conduct business.
Secretarys Report: Tricia Douville
The minutes of the February 2015 board meeting were reviewed. Trustee Fazio made a motion to accept the
minutes. Trustee Douville seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
Treasurers Report: Lillian Fazio
Trustee Fazio prepared the monthly statements which were distributed.
Trustee Fazio transferred $100,000 to ING savings to collect higher interest. The Reserve Fund is $135,928.
377 assessments ($114,985) have been deposited.
Since last year, we have collected over $10,000 in delinquent assessments and had to write off $3,200.
WSSC threatened to cut off the water over the disputed bill. It has now been paid ($792.93), but several board
members want to get more information because it seems very high for this time of year and there might be a leak. We
also need to check into the changes that were made to the water meters last year.
ACCC Committee: Michael Boddie, Chairperson (absent)
No report. The ACCC meeting was rescheduled to March 12 due to inclement weather.
Communications Committee: Sean Beaver, Chairperson (absent)
Trustee Mason asked Trustee Jacobs why there was a delay in getting information posted to the yahoo list serv.
Trustee Jacobs said that the message was approved and it must have been a glitch in the system.
Trustee Fazio has updated the 888 Info line automatic debit information. The line is active again.
Facilities Committee: Paul Buehler and Brad Gimbert, Co-Chairs
Trustee Buehler recommended that a 4 pole fabric covered shade structure be erected over the concrete pad near the
volleyball court. Three quotes were obtained and he recommended a 15 x 19 structure, with a 10-year warranty for
$2,500, plus $500 shipping and $2,500 for installation. Trustee Keating suggested installing it ourselves. Trustee Jacobs
made a motion to purchase the recommended shade structure (not to exceed $3,000) and install it ourselves. Trustee
Gimbert seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. A teal color fabric was chosen to the cover and blue for the
Trustee Buehler said that conduit for speakers will be needed at the pool.
Pool Committee: Mary Derrick, Chairperson
Lighthouse Pools has the contract for pool management. Trustee Buehler asked if the increase in the contract price
for 2015, and was predicated on the new, minimum wage requirements, will result in increased wages to the
Trustee Gimbert reported that Mr. Dengler is ready to rekey the locks and the information will be given to him. The
combination on the lock box should also be changed, which Lighthouse will be asked to do.
The ADA requirements will be reviewed again.
Social Committee: Patricia Douville, Chairperson
A neighbor suggested putting up Free Library Boxes in a few places in the neighborhood. Trustee Douville thought
that building and erecting them might be a good Eagle Scout Project.
Security Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
There were no reported crimes in Montpelier last month.

The Citizens Police Academy starts March 30 (12 week program, meeting once a week for about 3 hours) and Trustee
Mason would like to have Montpelier residents sign up for the program.
There will be another community meeting with the owners of the Five Sisters Restaurant next week. This will be the
last community meeting before they meet with the Liquor Board.

Traffic Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson

The community meeting to discuss Montpelier Drive improvements and WSSC water main replacement will be
Thursday, March 26 at 7 PM at the Deerfield Elementary School.
Ms. Elliker is reporting potholes to the county.
Trustee Keating was thanked for clearing away snow for his neighbors. Trustee Fazio mentioned how quickly the
County removed a tree which fell down and blocked the road.
Work is progressing on the Cedarbrook/ODell realignment.
Trustee Derrick discussed the pear tree replacement project in the neighborhood. Trees which should be removed will
be marked and residents will be required to sign a waiver if they want to keep any tree marked for removal. Mr.
Boesze did not think that the county should put a new sidewalk in on Montpelier Drive and had several other
suggestions about the project. He was encouraged to attend the meeting to present his recommendations.
An ACCC fine levied on a homeowner was discussed. The homeowner asked if the fine imposed by the ACCC could be
reduced. Trustee Buehler made a motion to reduce the fine to $750 and give the homeowner 30 days to pay the fine
or the offer will expire and revert to the original amount. The motion was seconded by Trustee Douville and passed
(Voting yea-Trustees Buehler, Douville, Gimbert, Jacobs and Sorrentino/voting nay-Trustees Fazio, Keating and Mason).
The homeowner will be notified via certified letter.
Trustee Keating recommended that any new owners purchasing the vacant lot on Pleasant Court be considered new
members of the MCA regardless of when the lot is developed. They will have the same rights and responsibilities as
any other member of the MCA. The seller has purchased a resale package and been informed that building plans must
be submitted to the ACCC and conform to our covenants.
The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool room.
The motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 8:35 pm. The motion passed unanimously.

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