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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Deerfield Community Center
April 14, 2015
Trustees in Attendance: Paul Buehler, Bob Derrick, Patricia Douville, Lillian Fazio, Brad Gimbert, Tim Jacobs, Jack Keating,
Richard Mason and Jean Sorrentino.
Trustees Absent with Cause: None.
Community Members Present: Sean Beaver, Jennifer Birks, Michael Boddie, Brindisi Chan, Mary Derrick, Dody Gibson,
Adrian Kessler, Vermel Taylor and Mary Hughes

President Bob Derrick called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM. There was a quorum to conduct business.

Secretarys Report: Tricia Douville
The minutes of the March 2015 board meeting were reviewed. Trustee Fazio made a motion to accept the minutes.
Trustee Gimbert seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Treasurers Report: Lillian Fazio
Trustee Fazio prepared the monthly statements, which were distributed.
Trustee Fazio transferred $50,000 to ING savings to collect higher interest.
51 assessments have not yet been paid. $13,400 is owed to the MCA from long term delinquent accounts.
The adjusted fine levied for covenant violations has been paid in full. The matter is closed.
Ms. Derrick contacted WSSC regarding the disputed bill and no payment is needed and we now have a credit. She is
still checking into the billing and estimates from WSSC.

ACCC Committee: Michael Boddie, Chairperson
Mr. Boddie thanked Sean Beaver for joining the ACCC. The committee is back up to 5 members.
The ACCC held further action on several violations due to the bad weather and difficulties that homeowners have had
trying to make exterior repairs or clean-up.
Section assignments have been reassigned.
A group home was notified that a van was parking off the paved driveway, but the manager responded immediately
and no further action is needed.

Communications Committee: Sean Beaver, Chairperson
Mr. Beaver is investigating options for a database for business recommendations from members.

Facilities Committee: Paul Buehler and Brad Gimbert, Co-Chairs
The shade structure has been ordered.
There was an attempt to drag the baseball clay infield, but the weeds are too high to do a satisfactory job. Trustee
Buehler reported that we hired a contractor to clear it about three years ago. He will get estimates to have it done
Trustee Buehler will purchase an aesthetically pleasing trashcan for the far corner of the parking lot. It will be chained
to the backstop and hopefully the skateboarders will use it. Unfortunately, skateboarding has damaged the planters
and there was discussion about how to control the problem. A member suggested that parents of the young adults
that are members be made aware of the problem and ask them to help.
The idea to screen the dumpster is on the back-burner for now. It was observed that local companies used the
dumpster to dispose of bricks, landscape debris and other materials. The board keeps the dumpster at the pool year-
round for our members to dispose of larger items, but it is not intended for commercial use.

Pool Committee: Mary Derrick, Chairperson
The pool has been acid-washed and power-washed and looks good.
The top step white coat cracks have been fixed.
Holes need to be re-positioned for the ladders to be installed. Trustee Douville suggested that some of the ladders
might have been installed in the wrong positions that make the first step too high in the shallow end.
Lighthouse believes that the cracks around the returns are the cause of the leaks in the baby pool and they will be
filling them.

No whitecoating is planned for now. If holes develop underwater patches can be done during the season.
Some of the volunteer hours owed to the MCA have been used to spread rubber mulch in the playground, cut back
bamboo and to remove ivy from trees.

Social Committee: Patricia Douville, Chairperson
Trustee Douville reported that fifty children participated in the Easter Egg Hunt. It was a chilly day, but the kids
enjoyed the event.
Saturday, May 16 is the date for the Yard Sale. Participants wanting to be included on the map should contact Trustee
Monday, May 25 will be the Memorial Day Potluck at the Pool.
Water aerobics is scheduled for Monday and Thursday nights at the pool, 7-7:45 pm.

Security Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
There was a theft from auto on Cedarbrook Lane, but Trustee Mason received no additional information.
The 5 Sisters Restaurant liquor license was denied, but they have reapplied for a beer/wine license. The tentative
opening is May 15.
Mary Lehman would like to speak at the next board meeting, and she invited the WSSC representative Ed Steel, and
DPW & T project managers Irv Beckett and Russell Carroll. She will be asked to plan on starting at 8 pm, so that the
regular board business can be addressed in the first hour.

Traffic Committee: Richard Mason, Chairperson
The County Department of Public Works and Transportation held a community meeting to discuss Montpelier Drive
improvements and WSSC water main replacement on Thursday, March 26. After engaging with an A/E firm another
meeting will be held this summer to show options.
Mr. Beaver looked into the complaints made by residents about cars and trucks parking along Mt. Pleasant Drive. The
County Revenue Authority has proposed a restricted parking zone and they have been invited to the meeting to explain
the program to the board. (See New Business.)

Trustee Derrick will call Ms. Valentine to find out when they will start marking the Bradford Pear trees that will be
removed from the county right-of-way.

A community member would like to install new benches to the playground area for his Eagle Scout Project. Trustee
Buehler made a motion to approve the Eagle Scout project as planned by Matthew Collman. Trustee Keating seconded
the motion and volunteered to be the board contact/advisor for the project. The motion passed unanimously.
Mr. Beaver introduced Dianne Harris and Bud Price of the Prince Georges County Revenue Authority to explain the
restricted parking program, which should alleviate the problem of non-residents parking in the Mt. Pleasant Drive area.
Ms. Harris explained that a community could petition for the establishment of a permit parking area as small as 1 block
of 1 side of a residential street. This program is completely free to the community and is enforced by the Revenue
Authority. A petition of 60% of the affected residents is required to start the approval process. If residents decide that
they are unhappy with the program, they can also petition to have it removed. The addresses on the petition are
currently 12401-12412 Mt. Pleasant Drive, 9218 & 9219 Twin Hill Lane, and 9205 Pleasant Ct., which are the only
properties that are near or directly beside the span of Mt. Pleasant Drive that would be designated for Permit Parking.
Trustee Douville made a motion to accept the new parking policy for which 60% of affected residents have petitioned.
Trustee Sorrentino seconded the motion and it passed with Trustees Buehler, Douville, Fazio, Jacobs, Keating, Mason
and Sorrentino voting to approve and Trustee Gimbert abstaining.

The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Deerfield Recreation Center, preschool room.
The motion was made and seconded to adjourn at 8:39 pm. The motion passed unanimously.


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