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The aim of this paper is to make a critical analysis and review about the article titled
“Surprise Package” written by Laura Yee, senior editor for Restaurants and Institutions
publications. Based on our reading and understanding about this article, it is about the
evolution of pasta creation in making a new transformation from the old version to the new
and creative version. Although there are a new development in pasta making in terms of the
type of pasta, the flavours, the filling, and the shape of pasta, it is still follow the tradition and
rooted in history. Stefano Terzi, executive chef in Italian restaurant in New York sees the
opportunity by observing people actually used leftovers of meat to stuff in pasta and he
noticed that the filled pasta category seems to have getting a lot of attention. Not only that,
more creative pasta pairings also been introduced such as blackened chicken with a chipotle
cream sauce and seared ahi tuna over angel hair pasta in soy beurre blanc to make it more
interesting in menus items. Nevertheless, pasta also appeared to be in many forms such as
ravioli, braided pasta called tortelli and also corzetti.
There are strategies implemented in introducing the new pasta evolution which is
differentiation strategy. This strategy emphasizes more on the region and seasonal concept to
make the pasta becoming unique and attractive. Furthermore, most of the chefs have been
inspired to re-create filled pasta dishes in terms of the shape and diverse menu by
implementing a strategy called innovation. For example, pasta has been shaped into different
kind of shapes whereby pasta is folded in half and shapes to resemble a pope’s mitter. Not to
mention, best value strategy also been implemented as the pasta making are created for their
loyal customer who perceived the quality of pasta has a value for money. On the other hand,
pasta can be considered as a healthy diet meals. This is because with suitable portions of
pasta meals in a daily intake, it can benefit our health in many ways as it contains the right
amount of nutritional values.
Besides that, pasta contains a complex carbohydrate which helping in slow release of energy
and it also benefits by having the perfect delivery system for our health. On the other hand,
the article highlights about the concept which has been changed from fine dining restaurant to
casual family concept restaurant. This is due to the fact that it is more affordable in terms of
price and the ambience much focuses on family get together and dine in at the restaurant.
In the article, the author highlights that the strategy in operating the business. The
differentiate strategy, is one of the strategy that differentiate product produced by the market.
This is because differentiation strategy gives a difference to existing product to attract users.
The author also stated that the chef was inspiring to re-create of pasta dish that indicate to the

called tortelli. 3.particular region. they try to re-create pasta according to the ingredient that was popular in season. The concepts play the important role to show the food service in the industry operate follow the rule of the concepts restaurant.2010). The meaning of the re-creation of pasta dish is in which the chefs have been inspiring to recreate their own filled pasta dishes indicative of a particular region. the restaurant takes the alternative to present the menu by the material or ingredients are supply from supplier. the innovation of pasta is one of the best way in which there are variety of shape according to region. as opposed to lowest cost. and it is important to understand customer lifestyles and aspirations so that the unique offerings are valued by customers (Cathy. 3. it emphasis is on creating value through uniqueness. For instance. braided pasta. winter.0 STRATEGY 3. innovation strategy can be divided into two which is in shape and the diverse menu of filling and ravioli. Other than that. they also re-create new pasta dishes follow the season concept that we can see in this article in which there are special dishes that they do when it was summer. presentation. They also made an innovation to produce more interesting cuisine in term of taste. Innovation is both a product and process of human interaction. In addition.1 DIFFERENTIATION STRATEGY In differentiation strategies. Thus. . The first differentiation strategy that can be related in this article is the re-creation of pasta dish. ingredient that have been using. Innovation becomes one of the strategies that we can relate to the article. In this differentiation strategy. They just prepare for final preparation to give the best quality and make the customer satisfaction higher. prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano-Reggiano is known for its ways with pasta that include the classic tortelli di zucca. This innovation are being apply in the product whereby it can be said when pasta are being innovate to become more interesting in terms of shape and cuisine. The chef recreate their own pasta dishes to fulfil the demand of customer in that region to make the pasta dishes suitable to their taste bud and with this new creation of dishes it can attract more customer.2 INNOVATION STRATEGY Based on this article. 1986). may be filled with a puree of spring peas during the summer or braised wild boar or lobster in the winter. In addition. the strategy are used in this article were helpful to the food industry especially specialised in pasta to find the best impact of the industry. and spring season. the restaurant. In the Italian restaurants changed their concept of the restaurant also changes from fine dining to casual family. innovation and therefore the management of innovation and new product development is socially and culturally (Van de Ven. The article highlights about the differentiation strategy in which that will be discuss more details. and suitable technic of cooking. In this article also it stated that pasta dishes should be the healthy lunch alternative that has been mentioned the market at Newport Towers. pumpkin ravioli and sage butter served with shaving of ParmigianoReggiano. This will bring something different to the strategy pursued by preparing food according to the season of summer and winter. For example that state in this article. Through this article.

using a vegetables pasta cook with healthy ingredient it can be consider also as a healthy taking way. but in the end.According to the article. and once we know more about the nutrients pasta contains. generations of women continue to gather on Sunday for the weekly ritual of pasta making. vitamin and phytonutrients ( is a health protective substances in plans foods. butternut squash. there are many type of pasta has been formed into an interesting shape or paired with cuisine of the moment. whereby it’s become the problem when not all restaurants have the luxury of a staff member assigned to making what can be time-consuming pasta shapes. one of the supported articles said that every region have their own shapes of pasta. 3. Link to the article. . example. or 25% of the daily intake. Based on the article. that the filled pasta and more creative pasta pairing are marking a mark in this business.3 PASTA AS HEALTHY DIET According to National Pasta Association in Livestrong. Another health benefit is it low sodium and cholesterol free. The benefit health way to substitute carbohydrates to pasta is it can sustain energy. which provides a slow release of energy.fruits. the pasta are folded in half and shape to resemble a pope’s mitter. hometown of Bergamo. we can conclude that different filling for pasta can be one of the strategy to attract more customer with their experimenting with pasta filling because the editor said that filled pasta category seems to have exploded in this business. carbohydrates such as pasta is excellent source of complex carbohydrates. pecorino and nutmeg then served in a roasted tomato puree. correct amount serve poultry and lean meats. heart healthy fish and monosaturated oil. a serving a dry pasta can be equivalent to 100 micrograms of folic acid. pasta can helps to sustain For example that we can get in article is the type of pasta that is manicotti filled with sweet potato. There also recommend a balanced eating both ensure a nutritionally complete that provides mineral. outside Milan. nutritious meals because it taken with nutrient-dense food partners such as fibre filled vegetables and beans. provide a good source of several essential nutrients. stated that if we choose the right kinds of pasta in your diet with suitable portions can be benefit your health in many ways. the important key is moderation is taking the meal. it contain low sodium and cholesterol free. When it comes to the shape of the pasta. this maybe the most diverse menu purveyor. include iron and several vitamin B. This can be seen in the article. with casconcelli alla Bergamasca. Examples. in this article also said that the fall menu is highlighted by rotating special. According to National Pasta association. antioxidant rich-tomato sauce and protein-packed cheese. Such as. With this we can conclude that the specialties of one region nowadays are not limited are not limited to their place of origin. With this. Executive Chef Michael Rodriguez uses a similar filling for whole-wheat dumplings served in pumpkin broth with shaved parmesan. the CulinArt restaurant serve healthy lunch 1200 lunch daily and The Market company positions pasta as healthy lunch alternative. Nutrition experts stated that pasta is perfect foundation for healthy. per cup any kind of shapes. When it’s come to the shape of pasta. Unlike sugars that offers a quick way to boost energy. Beside. we can add it into our diet without worrying about weight and health issue. every pasta has different shape. vegetables and grains that improve health and help to reduce risk of chronic disease). Pasta is also enriched with folic acid because it enriched grain product that contain folic acid. it stated that they use a different of filling in the pasta (ravioli). whole wheat pasta can provide up to 25% daily fibre requirements in every one cup portion. In this article also.

Concept plays an important role in determining the service performed in the restaurant. so the value of pasta can be great value. pasta is a good way to consume because it has a perfect delivery system for the healthy foods. than from that we can create the higher satisfaction customer and also can get the loyalty from customer. According to Monica. more fun than fine dining that formal atmosphere (enslighten. Best value strategy is about making sure that the things that provide the most perceived value to a customer are done very well. Fast casual reformat do well to differentiate the value from their competitors to try attracting 42).5 CONCEPT CHANGE This article appeared in a changed of the concept of restaurant. Quality of pasta is characterized by constant innovations in making pasta to create a loyal customer. Using the outside supplier. In other way. By this article. Casual dining restaurant have a advantage in that they often able to attract a wider customers base than fine dining because they appealing as they are more accessible for family and children. Enz from Cornell University. A restaurant with a best value strategy gives customer more value of pasta for their money by providing an average product at average price. In the article shows that the reason concept of italian restaurant are change because of strive for more authentic flavour.D. the atmosphere of casual dining restaurant is laid back and relaxed. Using this strategy in the operation restaurant can improves constantly. Supply pasta from outsider can producing higher quality for final preparation in making pasta through superior design. When the concept of casual family in the application will attract . This is. automatically revenue at the restaurant will be increasing. The portion at fine dining restaurant may also be smaller than at a more casual or family style restaurant but the food will generally be a of a higher quality. Therefore. it seems only fitting the variety of filled pasta deeply rooted in history and tradition are emerging. It is fixed with the concept of casual family that have more variety of pasta. When the restaurants have a loyal customer. Italian restaurant has changed the concept from fine dining to casual family. 3. the restaurant satisfies customer expectation on product features it is pasta and beats expectations on price of pasta. we found that they use from outside supplier to handle final preparation in making pasta. dining restaurant ar typically more affordable and often geared family. The changes of concept automatically changes the operation of food services because concept are guide the business to be a successful ( Bernad.P ( 2012). 2008. It will prove in the article 'pasta prepared at home is down 9% but food service consumption is up 22%. To make it to be more nutrition pairs it with a variety of nutrients dense foods.4 BEST VALUE STRATEGY The article highlight about strategy that they use is a Best-Value strategy. Other than that. the restaurant only pay for the cost for raw material that they use in handling final preparation and also for the service that they charges without using the higher capital to buy the expensive machine to handle final preparation of pasta. According to Cathy A. they prefer to eat in the restaurant because restaurant offer the more menu pasta.Therefore. It is prove that more people prefer eat at restaurant compare do by their selves. When the superior design and taste of pasta are in good combination. Based on research on this article. This is because with the process making pasta at home are limited menu for cooking by you and we cannot prepare more flavour. the operation restaurant can minimize cost for the making pasta.

The restaurant only serves pasta in final preparation only. 4. In addition. the uniqueness in with the pasta of different shapes of pasta. we can learn the tastes of each region through its own pasta. the restaurant has taken the initiative to select the materials from suppliers. Besides that. the emphasis on health is important. This is done in adapting the pasta according to consumer tastes.0 CONCLUSION In conclusion. . the strategy used to give a new lease of life in which concept plays an important role in determining the strategy will be undertaken.visitors to eat because of the atmosphere and portion sizes affect customer perception. However. At the same time. This is because. they also create a strategy in which certain pasta prepared according to the seasons of summer and winter. the strategy is very helpful in positively impacting the food industry. The restaurant takes step in getting materials and pasta from suppliers due to several factors shortage of skilled staff in making pasta and narrowness of space provision. Whereas the portion size and nutritional food taken as a measure to maintain health. It is proven that the materials used in the pasta are healthy. Food plays an important role which can give balance to the health of consumers. They also do the differentiation strategy used in re-create a paste by particular region. it is means that the concept influences in food service. So. Different atmosphere conditions will affect food service. By case. the diversity of pasta is done. In this way. Which are discussed in the differentiation strategy in which each pasta has a taste of its own and will have an impact on innovation in the preparation of pasta shapes. Fine dining and formal concept is difficult for customers to enjoy a meal with family for pasta. the restaurant has made a change in the concept to provide convenience to customers of the concept of fine dining to casual family. It is automatically apply to the diversity of pasta menu of pasta and innovation form the filled in follow by consumer tastes. Therefore. the restaurant can save time and concentrate on the quality of pasta.

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