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Notiziario Ufficiale del Circolo Italiano di Dallas Settembre 2015 Vol 36 Num 9

2, 9,16,23,30 - Pasta & WOW
4, 11,18,25 - Cena
4, 11, 18, 25 - I Piccoli Colori
8 - Italian Consul General
Elena Sgarbi
14, 21, 28 - I Colori
19 - Special Olympics Bocce
21 - Jimmys Wine Dinner
23 - Hunger Busters
30 - Book Club
2,9,16,23,30 - Cena
3, 10,17,24,31 - I Piccoli Colori
5,12,19,26 - I Colori
5, 28 - Hunger Busters
7,14,21,28 - Pasta & WOW
11 - I Colori & I Piccoli
Colori at TX State Fair
17 - Fall Gala: Dalluva al
28 - Book Club
31 -Childrens Autumn
2 - Hunger Busters
2,9,16,23,30 - I Colori
4, 11,18,25 - Pasta & WOW
6,13,20,27 - Cena

7,14,21,28 -i Piccolo Colori

25 - Book Club

Dalluva al Vino
From Grapes to Wine!
Save The Date
Saturday Evening, October 17
The Italian Club of Dallas annual Gala this year,
celebrating the making of wine, will be another
unforgettable evening, as you find yourself surrounded
by beautiful decorations, dining on gourmet food
and those homemade wonderful desserts, dancing
the night away and trying to outbid your Italian Club
amici at the Silent Auction!
Tickets, priced at $100 per person, can be purchased at
the ICD Clubhouse or online at Event Underwriting and Wine
Sponsorship opportunities are also available and are
essential in making the evening a success for the Club.

Keep up to date

Please contact Barbie Gumin at barbie.gumin@tx.rr.

com or Carole Strippoli at carole.strippoli@gmail.
com with any questions you may have about donations
for the silent auction or if you are able to volunteer for
the event.

and subscribe to

More information will be forthcoming via ClubMail.

our weekly

Italian Consulate Reception

Attenzione All Members - Great News
Consul General Elena Sgarbi in Dallas
On Tuesday September 8 the Club will be open for
a special reception hosted by the Board of Directors.
The Italian Consul General Elena Sgarbi will be in
Dallas and we will be holding a special reception
for all of us to meet her, enjoy time with her and say
Along with the consulate will be Vincenzo Acrobelli
and Mary Ann Webster, two longtime friends of the
ICD. The reception will start at 6:30 and will have
plenty of delicious Italian appetizers and wonderful
homemade Italian desserts.
The cost is only $10 to each member. Part of the cost
will go to the commemorative gift we will give to the
Consul General
Please RSVP to Melissa Partin Stoa at the Club
via phone (972) 931-9167 or email melissa.partin@ so we can have an accurate count
for preparation of the food.
See you September 8 to say Benvenuta to Consul
General Elena Sgarbi.

e-mail bulletin...
please visit our

W W W . I TA L I A N C L U B D A L L A S . O R G

Letter from the President

Ciao a tutti,
Fall is fast approaching and we hope you all had a wonderful summer
and like me you are looking forward to some cooler weather in the Dallas
The changing of a season is always good. We have new plans, new events
and the excitement of things to look forward to in the coming months.
For our Club, fall means
F Fall Gala (formerly called Columbus Day Gala) will be held on
October 17 at our Club. Barbie Gumin and Carole Strippoli are the
co-chairs and are busy planning this special event for all to enjoy. This
is the Clubs fall fund raising event and we ask all the members to help
support the Gala with your attendance, giving of your time and financial
support and bidding at the Silent Auction. Give Barbie and Carole a call
and ask them how you can support the Gala.
A Announcing in November we will be forming committees to start the
planning stages of Festa Italia 2016. We will need volunteers for all the
committees including committee chair people over specific functions at
the Festa. If you have experience or expertise in these committee areas
like sponsorship, entertainment, culture, food and vendors, bocce, Italian
Car show, facilities, communications just to mention a few get in touch
with Co-Chairman of Festa Italia Charlie Castellano. See the Festa
Italia website for contact numbers and addresses
L Looking for Club Rentals during the Holiday Season or other events
like birthday parties, bridal showers, special lunches after a christening,
weddings just to mention a few. Let your extended families, friends and
companies you work with or do business with know all about our Club
and what we have to offer. Let them know we have a beautiful dining
area, a kitchen, catering and bar facilities, plenty of parking and a great
staff to make their event or party a wonderful time for all. Please give
their name or have them get in touch with Melissa for more details on
available dates and prices

Culinary Events
Wednesday ~ Pasta & Pizza Night: September 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30.
Doors open 6 p.m. Every Wednesday evening features our fantastic
antipasti bar and one of several pasta or pizza selections for a great
price. Add extras if the mood suits you meat, seafood & veggies.
Pasta or Pizza - Members $12 / Non-Members $16; Antipasti Bar
only - Members $8 / Non-Members $12.

Call for reservations and large tables (972) 931-9167

Friday Cena Schedule & Pricing
Member Adult $20 / Non-Member Adult $28
Reservations are kindly requested as seating is often very limited.

September 4
Goodbye Summer
Labor Day Party
***Raffle night

Come, visit and enjoy the company of friends with a glass

of wine while waiting for the delicious meal Chef Gerard
and Chef Christian have prepared for our enjoyment.
Join us, you know you will enjoy a great meal. DONT
lot of fun!

September 11
National Grandparents
(September 13, 2015)

NONNI, (Grandparents) September 13, 2015 is National

Grandparents day, what a great way to celebrate Italian
heritage with your grandchildren. Join us we will have a
special menu that the grandchildren will enjoy and learn
about their ITALIAN Heritage.
ATTENTION NONNI----at 5:30pm we will have a
cooking class for your NIPOTIGRANCHILDREN,
please sign them up by Wednesday, September 9, so we
can plan for their enjoyment

September 18
Guest Cena
*** Raffle night

Guest Cena, bring your friends, your neighbors, your

coworkers, its a great event to introduce them to our
treasured Italian Club of Dallas.

When someone books an event or party you recommended, after the

event call me and you can choose one of the following - a free Cena for 2
or a bottle of wine or a free lunch for 4.
L Life Blood of our Club is membership. The more members we have
the more support our Club has to do more things. We want to bring back
language classes and do more social things for families. As Italians we
have a wonderful tradition and culture to offer to people in the Dallas
area. We will have many events to celebrate this holiday season at our
Club. Let people know about what is coming up and as a member invite
them to join you at one of our holiday cene or special events. Please let
me or other board members know, so we can meet them and talk to them
about our Club. It could be a wonderful gift to someone as well this
holiday season.
Thanks again for all your support of the Club and looking forward to
seeing you all at the Fall Gala Oct. 17 and the upcoming events during
the 4th Qtr. as well as working with you on Festa Italia - 2016
All the best to you and your families.
Ken Venuso
President ICD

*** What a great time to re-gift those extra gifts that you
have no use for - bring them to the Club. They might
become someone else's treasures and make them very
happy. Your donations assist in increasing the Club
treasury. ***
September 25

What a great way to celebrate any occasion at the Italian

Club, come and have a great evening
Each Friday, we make special time to enjoy Cena (dinner)
with famiglia e amici (family & friends)
Visit the Club for a delicious four-course menu, enjoyed
insieme (together).
Join us to savor the taste of authentic Italian dishes from
fresh ingredients & recipes old and new, prepared by our
Share the joy of good food, good wine and good company
~ Italian-style!
Weekly menu available via Club Mail. Reservations
recommended at (972) 931-9167 or online at .

A ll Membership Meeting

National Grandparents Day

On August 3 the ICD board held their first all membership meeting at the
Club. All board members were in attendance: Ken Venuso - President,
Carole Strippoli- Vice President, Joan Seley Treasurer, Barbie Gumin
Secretary, Paul DiCarlo, Al DeMarzo and Francesca Barone. Presiding
over the meeting was Ken Venuso.
The presentation was a review of how the Club finished in 2014 with a
($12,728). Even though the Club had a negative financial year the past
board lead by then President Jay Laurenzi had moved the Club in a positive
direction coming off of a ($45,000) in 2013. Thanks to their efforts the
Club entered the year 2015 with positive momentum.
President Venuso walked through the current boards two fold plan for
the first half which included many new events and cene, like Jimmys wine
tastings dinners held at the Club for the first time, a Past Presidents Cena
and a special event - The Big Night.
In addition to a very full first half calendar of weekly events and cene, the
Board of Directors approved the go ahead of the proposal presented to
them by Charlie Castellano on Festa Italia: a fund raising event to bring in
outside revenue and support the Special Olympics Texas.
Charlie Castellano along with co chairman Ken Venuso put together
the Clubs first Festa Italia. It was a massive undertaking and required
many hours of planning along with the support of many members. The
main committees had Charlie and Ken along with Luigi Mungioli and
Angelo Vaccaro involved with Sponsorship. Kate Wassman lead the
communications committee, Kay Laurenzi entertainment committee,
Barbie Gumin and Carole Strippoli volunteer committee, Paul DiCarlo
lead the food and vendor committee along with Semira Pacifico and
Francesca Barone, the Culture committee was headed by Carrie Harris
and Maria Chobany.
In a period of 4 months these individuals along with many more
members put together a successful Festa and a Vespa Raffle that brought
in excess of $60,000 to the Club. After expenses the Club net income was
over $31,000
The first half two fold plan brought the Club to a PLUS $22,885 through
the month of June which included the $5,000 check the Club presented to
Kristie Crone of the Special Olympics Texas the prior week.
The second half of the year strategy is focused on a big 4th Qtr which
is led by the Clubs main fund raiser the - Fall Gala on Oct 17. There
were also many suggestions on what we can do differently or new to make
the Club an even better place for our current membership as well as new
members including contacting ICD Club manager Melissa Stoa for Club
rentals during the holiday season coming up.
Ken Venuso also mentioned the need for more members and urged all
members to sell the Club to other family members and friends as a place
to come on Wednesday and Friday to enjoy wonderful Italian food and
experience the Italian traditions and cultures brought to this country by
our past generations and current generation of Italians.
In closing, President Ken Venuso spoke for all the board members to say
once more Grazie Mille to all our membership who do so much for the
Club in so many areas.


Sept 21 - Jimmys Wine Dinner

Jimmys next dinner features Batasiolo wines
from the Piedmont region accompanying a 4
course dinner. Our guest speaker is Stefano
Poggi, the export manager of the winery. We
will be tasting 7 wines including Barbaresco
and Barolo. Price is $79.00, tax and tip included.

September 13 is dedicated to Grandparents--NONNI-Friday, September 11, The Italian Club invites all the (NONNI)
Grandparents to bring your Grandchildren to join us. This is an evening to
show and encourage children to learn and explore a small part of the Italian
At 5:30 p.m. there will be a special cooking class for the grandchildren.
They will be hands-on preparing traditional food. They will be able to take
their creation home to share with their parents.
After dinner there will be a Bigliardino (table football) tournament,
NONNI against Nipoti (grandparents against grandchildren). NONNI,
you better be ready and you need to be agile!
Come and join us for this special event.
Reservations are needed by Wednesday, September 9 for the cooking class,
please call ICD at 972-931-9161
Viva tutti i NONNI.

WestFest - September 6, 2015 - West, Texas

Come join the celebration for Labor Day weekend at the town of West, just
south of Dallas on I 35. It is a traditional Czech festival but many ethnic
groups contribute, especially those who have roots in Texas.
I Colori Italiani and I Piccoli Colori will be performing September 6, Sunday
afternoon, at 3:30 p.m.
Come enjoy the entertainment, polka dancing and Czech food.
Call Maria or me, Carrie, for more information.
(972) 235-4920, (972) 242-8283.

Special Olympics Bocce Saturday, September 19

Volunteers Needed
We need you to show up at Oran Good Park in Farmers Branch on
Saturday, September 19 to help judge and score the Special Olympics
Bocce Tournament. Morning or afternoon, or both, your choice. Those of
you who have volunteered at previous tournaments know what a fulfilling
and joyful time it can be to interact with the Special Olympians accepting
their appreciation for the helping hand you offer and watching the
intensity and competitiveness of their play.
Yes, I know, its being held on a Saturday and there are a bunch of things
that need tending to on Saturdays. But on this one Saturday in the year
make room in your day, morning or afternoon, and volunteer for this very
Special event.
The tournament times are the morning session from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30
p.m. and the afternoon session from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. The overlap in
times is to insure the continuity of the games. There is a brief orientation
before each session after which you will be a certified expert in the very
simple rules and scoring of Special Olympics Bocce.
So, please call me at (972) 699-0243, or e-mail benparlapiano@sbcglobal.
net to say that youre volunteering for Special Olympics Bocce.
Ben Parlapiano Chair, Charitable Outreach

Hunger Busters R esumes September 23

Our Fourth Wednesday volunteers will start off the Clubs 2015-2016
Hunger Busters Volunteer Year on Wednesday, September 23. Due to
a revision in Dallas Independent School District scheduling our First
Monday Volunteers were the recipients of a by and wont start their year
until Monday, October 5. Our volunteers have all been champing at the
bit waiting for that first day to get together with their group and assemble
and pack the lunch for the children in need in the DISD. The two to
three hours go quickly, especially when you spend the time talking and
bantering with your coworkers while you work.
And we do need more help. Join us for one day a month for a few hours
that day and help make a difference in the lives of children who would go
to bed hungry if it werent for your efforts
Call me at (972) 699-0243 or e-mail to say
that you want to volunteer.
Ben Parlapiano Chair, Charitable Outreach

News of Members
Roseanne Terry, wife of Enio Elisei, has been ill, in and out of the
Maria and Andrew went to Pennsylvania in July to celebrate her Mothers
90th birthday. The celebrations lasted 4 days, Maria said.
Our thought and prayers are with Luigi Carleos family on the passing of
his mother, Anita.
Carrie Pollinzi Harris
Or call at (972) 242-8283 and leave a message.

New Members
Jim and Anne Cario, Clara Ford, Keith Young


Oct 31 - 11 am at the Club
I Piccoli Colori invites all children to Autumn Festival (Halloween), All Saints Eve.

Save the Date for

Mothers Day
Brunch on May 10!

Attention All Club Members

We have a tremendous amount of history in our Club and many
wonderful members who donate their time and money to help spread our
Italian Culture and make this Club a place for all of us to come to enjoy
with our extended familyour membership.
Our purpose is to respect, honor and cherish our history and past
members who have helped build this Club. In addition, we also want
to acknowledge people from our current membership base. We have
many members who give their time and efforts to this Club freely and do
things for the Club because they want to do it. The Club is like family; if
someone needs help we go over to their house and help out.
The Board selected two individuals for this month. We have an open
door policy on nominations so anyone can nominate someone and give
their name to the Board.
Keep in mind there is no specific order or rules to go by here, its just a
simple criteria of saying GRAZIE MILLE to a member who helps make
this Club a better place for this month or since they have been a member.

A Look Back Grazie Mille

As a Club that stands for Italian culture we have an obligation to honor
and cherish our past. We have a group of individuals who are known as
Founders, lifetime members or long time members.
They helped establish and build the Club. They helped create what we
have today, a Club that is a place to enjoy being around friends and family
and the Italian culture. It is up to our current and future members to learn
from our past and to remember what these individuals created:
Once again we are challenged to select someone who was there at the
beginning or an early stage of the Club or a member we all know but our
aim is not to single one person out because their contributions are greater
than someone else. Our focus is on honoring and cherishing people from
our past or current membership base but in no specific order.
It is with pride the Board announces as our Honoree this month of A

Ken Venuso
President ICD

The Italian Club was created for
people of Italian heritage to share
their knowledge of Italian culture
and traditions, speak the Italian
language with other members, have
fun and above all be Italian.

Grazie Mille - Member Of The Month

This month the Board wants to recognize a person who takes pride in
doing a job well done. This member has spent many hours over the last
few years in designing and maintaining our website. It has not been easy
keeping it going and keeping it updated. Our GRAZIE MILLE honoree
this month...

Luigi Mungioli is all those things

and more. He is a great resource
to go to if you want to know about
anything that is Italian. He can
give you a lesson in Italian 101.
How to greet someone, how to
toast, how to eat different Italian
foods and of course what olive oil is
the best.

Diane was the creator of the website and
did many other publications and
flyers over the years for the Club
especially the beautiful brochures
we had during our Regional Cena
period. In January she was helpful
in introducing and training people
for the Chimpmail we are currently
using. It turned out to be a blessing
for us when she downloaded our
address list to experiment with
Chimpmail. Right after that
the ICD data we had through a
Houston company was hacked into
and the majority of the data was lost. Fortunately, Diane had a mailing
list file we could use to still keep our communications going out to our
members. The attempt to restore the other membership data is a slow
ongoing process.
In todays world, communications through the internet is so important
and we are fortunate to have Diane helping us maintain our website. So
the next time you see Diane, lets not just say Ciao or Buona Sera but also
thank her for the work she continues to do for the ICD website.

On a serious note, Luigi is a Lifetime Member and has been involved

with the Club over several years. Luigi Mungioli was a past president and
has the distinction of serving as a president for 8 years, the longest anyone
has served. Like most leaders of our past he has helped the Club grow
and given it direction.
Luigi was one of our key members on the Festa Italia sponsorship
committee. He worked many hours and drove many miles promoting the
Festa and asking people to be a sponsor. With his support we had gift
certificates, in kind donations and monetary donations.
Luigi Mungioli was like an Ambassador to the ICD and to the Festa
Italia as we went around the Dallas area looking for sponsors. Like any
ambassador he has a positive influence on people and members and nonmembers enjoy spending time with him.
Our Club has many members who are loyal to the Club and do whatever
they can to help the Club. I believe we can say Luigi fits that description.
We count our blessings to have such a special member in our Club and
we appreciate the ways he continues to teach and show us the Italian
traditions and culture. From all of us at the Italian Club of Dallas,

Learn About Italys Musical Treasure,

Ottorino Respighi, Wed., Sept. 9
Only the most gifted composers can convey a listener across an ocean
using only beautiful music as transport. Italys Ottorino Respighi was just
such a composer. His seminal works, Fountains of Rome (1916), Pines of
Rome (1924), and Roman Festivals (1928), bring to life the splash of the
water in the Fontana di Trevi, the flight of the birds through the Borghese
Garden, and the joy of the revelers at a classic Roman festa. Close your
eyes, listen to his music, and you will know instantly that this is true!
The Dallas Wind Symphony (DWS) will kick off its 30th anniversary
season with Empire of Sound: A Celebration of Rome, a concert
featuring Respighis music, and Gigi Norwood, the DWS Director
of Education, will be at the Italian Club of Dallas to tell us all about
Italys premiere 20th century composer and musicologist. From his
start in Bologna through his early musical education and steady climb
to the pinnacle of musical success, Ms. Norwood will explore Respighis
inspirations and techniques to help you fully appreciate his music.
The presentation will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 9,
and is presented at no cost. This is the Clubs weekly Pasta Night, so
youll want to come a little early (doors open at 6:00 p.m.) to enjoy our
antipasti bar and stay late to dig into a plate of pasta or a fabulous pizza!
Further, ICD and Com.It.Es. members will be given the opportunity
to purchase discounted tickets to the September 15 Empire of Sound:
A Celebration of Rome concert, which will be held at the Morton H.
Meyerson Symphony Center. The discount code for online purchases will
soon be available ~ keep your eyes on the Clubs weekly ClubMail for the

September Book Club News

The Book Club welcomes everyone back from summer break. Please
meet us at the Club on Wednesday, September 30 at 7:00 p.m. to enjoy
a little pasta, pizza, and wine while we review the New York Times
Best Seller Saving Italy: The Race to Save a Nations Treasures from the
Nazi by Robert M. Edsel, the famed founder of Dallass Monuments
Men Foundation. Edsel takes us from the Allied invasion of Sicily on
an inexorable march up the boot of Italy, all the while showing us wars
chaos and destruction through the eyes of a team of art experts called
the Monuments Men embedded with the US and British armies.
The teams mission was to save and preserve Italys unique collection of
Western Civilizations most precious paintings, sculptures, frescoes and
other works of art. Youll read in suspense as the Monuments Men battle
against the ravages of weather, time, bombing raids, ceaseless shelling,
stubborn commanders, rigid bureaucracy, and lack of staff and resources
as they strain to get to battle sites at Anzio, Assisi, Naples, Florence,
Rome, and Milan to protect whatever treasures werent looted by the
Nazis or destroyed by indiscriminate bombing, shelling, or strafing by
the opposing armies. Youll shiver at the realization that Da Vincis The
Last Supper was a hairsbreadth away from total destruction by torrential
early spring rains before the Monuments Men rescue team arrived in
Milan. Buried under a pile of rubble and left vulnerable to the elements
after the Milan convent in which it stood for centuries was pulverized by
Allied bombers, the painting is a haunting reminder of the many precious
artworks lost in that war, and the incredible efforts of those Monuments
Men who dedicated themselves to saving what treasures could be rescued.
If you would like more information about the Book Club, please contact
the Coordinator, Norma Iacovo at 972-386-4321 or

If you have any questions about the presentation or concert, please contact
Mary Ann Webster at Dont worry about
packing a suitcase or checking to make sure you have your passport ~ but
definitely be ready to take a voyage to Respighis Rome!


Yield: Serves 4-6
Ingredients for the Pesto:
1 Bunch Fresh Basil, About 1 1/2 Cups Tightly Packed
1/4 Cup Lightly Toasted Pine nuts (you can replace with
blanched almonds)
1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 Large Garlic Clove
Juice of 1 Lemon
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ingredients for the Pasta:
1 Pound Whole Grain Pasta
2 Cups Halved, Ripe Cherry Tomatoes
1 Garlic Clove Finely Minced
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to Taste
Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
Grated Pecorino Romano or Parmesan Cheese

Place the pesto ingredients into a food processor and
pulse until you reach your desired consistency.
Toss the tomatoes with the olive oil, garlic, salt, red
pepper flakes, and pepper and set aside.
Heat a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then
cook the pasta until it is al dente.
Drain the pasta, then return it to the pot.
Add the pesto and cherry tomatoes and toss with the hot
pasta over medium high heat until piping hot.
Serve in individual bowls, passing the cheese at the table.

Mediterranean, A Sea of Stories

For centuries, millennia, the Mediterranean was not a sea, it was the
sea. And rather than a sea, it was the world. The whole world. Along its
shores and in the lands bathed by its waters stories occurred that were, or
purported to be, the entire story of humanity. This sea witnessed the birth
and expansion of empires, and watched them die, it invented the words
that have given substance to thoughts, fantasies, the religions that have
constituted the origins of culture, of civilizations of which we are all still
the progeny, even those who lived and continue to live in other boundless
seas and continents, who left these shores to discover and conquer. But it
is in the Mediterranean that everything originated. It was long believed
that beyond the Pillars of Hercules marking its confines lay mystery, or
nothing at all. But men are not daunted by any limits, and dont accept
Between the people of the Mediterranean world, there was love and much
massacre. And there continues to be so. And they continue to cross it and
to die there, in pursuit of dignity and myth.
History is also constituted of much folly, too much folly. But you only
have to travel through the countries of the Mediterranean to discover
that whatever the differences and contrasts in the cultures might appear
to be, in reality these differences, at times expressed with lethal ferocity,
in the everyday life and beliefs of the various populations and religions,
are merely variations, often minimal, of the same thought, the same
character, of the same cultural and human family.
In the Mediterranean countries it is difficult to imagine a natural
landscape, even less so one that is wild. For thousands of years, every
centimeter of land has been mapped out, sculpted laboriously through
necessity, but it could be said, with a particular aesthetic sense, by the
human hand.
The landscape of the lands that look onto the Mediterranean is very
varied and distinctive, often memorable. Land where grain, fruit and
vegetables are cultivated. Trees and plants that not only serve to produce
food, but also to contribute beauty and sweetness to peoples lives.
Predrag Matvejevi stated that the Mediterranean begins and ends where
the olive tree grows and produces fruit. The olive tree, but also orange,
lemon and almond trees, tomatoes, pines, an abundance of vegetables,
as well as jasmine, and the many other decorative plants and flowers in
the countryside gladden the eye and the senses of the people who live
there. And what about the animals, the romantic herds that complete
the imaginative and varied designs drawn by the plough and which are
essential to the infinite variety of cheeses and the cream that enhances the
unlimited passion for cakes and pastries. For many years now, traditional
farming has been joined by the shimmering of the vast areas covered by
greenhouses. A landscape that speaks of history, of life, but which still
manages to express itself with the spontaneity and masterful beauty of a
great work of art.

secular or religious, with which individuals mark the events of their

livesbe they of a personal, familial, or collective nature, sanctioning and
reiterating their belonging to a place, a community, struggles, victories
and defeats which those communities have created in the course of time.
The religions, the landscape, and the historical events may change, but
in their diversity the same shared sentiment remains. The rituals are at
times solemn, at times orgiastic, at times intimate, at times as deafening
as fireworks. Every ritual, wherever it might be, is always accompanied by
the aromas of certain dishes, certain pastries, and certain flavors that are
inextricably associated with those rites and, perhaps more than anything
else, with everyones memories of childhood.
A geographical location is composed of space and time. Collective time
and that of the individuals who have constructed its appearance and its
history. This is what makes it a place of belonging, a place of the heart. It
is a circle, a sphere. And the center of this circle and of this sphere is the
It is within the family that we all discover and construct a sense of
belonging, our own identity. It is within the family that love and
attachments unfold, and it is there that the rituals of everyday life
enabling us to discover who we are and why, are celebrated. Sometimes
this process leads to the danger of excessive association of identity with
diversity, causing us to experience diversity as a closed cell, as an exclusive
superiority. And we are all aware of the problems this can create.
But the real importance and significance of the family lies in the wealth of
the shared rituals celebrated within it. The ritual that leaves the deepest
impression on our character and memory is probably the ritual of meals
shared together. A family ritual, but also the ritual of a community.
Those flavors, aromas and dishes prepared by our mothers remain
embedded in our consciousness with the same force as our tongue, which
is not called mother for nothing, and with which we learn to express the
thoughts and feelings from which our memory is constructed. Tools vital
for comparison, curiosity, and with which we also learn to explore the
world, to know others. Even to understand them and love them.
Article written by Ferdinando Scianna for Milano Expo 2015.

The passage of time, the changing of the seasons, and the different stages
in the lives of man are marked in every place and in every culture on earth
by the rituals that accompany them.

TEXAS 2015

In the Mediterranean they are numerous, varied and extremely colorful.

They resemble an astral clock, cyclically reminding us of the changing
of the seasons, the time to sow and to reap, and the best time to catch
certain fish, just like the events in the myth, religion and history on
which the identity of each people or nation is founded. But rituals of
various kinds also accompany the episodes in the lives of every individual,
birth, the passage from infancy to youth, to maturity, marriage, and
finally death. Celebration and suffering, and the memory of these. In
other words, rituals are the symbolic theatrical representation, whether

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performing group on
Oct 11, 2015 at the State Fair.
Time of performances to be


Balliamo ~ Italian Traditional Dance Group

I Colori Italiani And I Piccoli Colori
Come join us in learning the traditional dances of Italy! We have had an
adult performing group since the early 80s and a childrens group since
late 80s. Our dances represent the regions of Italy and you would be
surprised at the variety and difference in the dances.
We are in need of more adults and children to join the group. You dont
have to be a trained dancer. Very few of us have had any formal dance
instruction... just like to dance. You will feel the Italian blood surface
once you hear the music. No age restriction.
We practice with the childrens group on Saturday mornings at the Club
at 10:30 a.m. until 12 noon. Times vary slightly due to kids soccer and
other involvements. Call to let us know your interest and to be put on
email list and texting list.
The Adults will return to Monday night practice 7:30 p.m. at the Club.

Club R ental
Dont forget the Italian Club facility when planning an event.
Recently Melissa Partin, Francesca Barone and others helped to put
together a special party for a members 90th birthday. There was
a wonderful menu of Whole Roasted Pig, Chicken Piccatta with
artichokes plus the Antipasto bar. Desserts were Tiramisu, Sesame
cookies and Biscotti. On top of that, there was a Paciugo cart with 4
kinds of gelato. There was music also.
This is just a sample of what can be done for one of your celebrations.
You can also sponsor friends and family to rent the Club. The price is
right for the value you will receive by using the Italian Club. It will also
help to support the Club. See the brochure at the desk as you enter the
Club A Taste of Italy food package and prices. Tell you friends and
business associates.

Call with any questions.

Melissa Partin Stoa, the banquet manager, can work with everyone to
come up with the ideal price and the right meal.

Carrie Pollinzi Harris home: (972) 242-8283

Mary Miletta Chobany home (972) 235-4920

Call Melissa for more information or an appointment at (972) 931-9167

or email at

Italian Festival and Parade

The city of Italy,TX is resurrecting a long-gone annual event called the
Italian Festival and Parade. It is meant to be an event that enriches the
sense of community. They are still adding things to the schedule, but
the event is planned for Saturday, September 19 with a parade at 10 am
and stage entertainment, vendors, giveaways and childrens attractions
until 2 pm. Further information is planned to be available on these three
links: Church Website, Pastors Blog, or Facebook or call the Central
Baptist Church at (972) 483-7474.

Why Did the Roman Empire Fall?

On August 9 we were treated to a presentation by Lloyd Chappell on
the history of the fall of the Roman Empire. Lloyd, as usual, made the
history of a world event come to life. Now we know the real history as
opposed to myth. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to hear more
of his lectures on Roman History.

Make our family, your family

Bring home the best from Italy
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ICD Board

Mailing Address:
ost ffice ox allas, Texas

14865 Inwood Rd.

Ken Venuso - President

Carole Strippoli - Vice President
Barbie Gumin - Secretary
Joan Seley - Treasurer
Paul DiCarlo
Al DeMarzo
Francesca Barone

The Mission Statement of the Italian Club of Dallas

To explore, preserve, and promote Italian culture, language, history, and traditions; perform charitable works; and foster
social interaction within the community.

La Missione del Circolo Italiano di Dallas

Conoscere, conservare e diffondere la cultura Italiana, la lingua, la storia e le tradizioni; fare opere benefiche; promuovere i
rapporti sociali all'interno della comunit.

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