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Daily Routine. Habits

1. When do you usually get up in the morning?
I usually get up at half past six on weekdays and at about eight or nine at weekends.
It depends on what I plan to do.
2. What do you do when you get up in the morning?
First I go to the bathroom to have a shower and brush my teeth. Then I get dressed
and make up. At about seven I have breakfast: buttered toast with cheese and a cup
of white coffee. While I'm eating, I read the newspaper or listen to the news on the
radio. Sometimes I watch breakfast TV I like these programmes very much because,
besides news, they provide interesting talks with famous people and live
performances by popular singers and groups. I leave home at about half past seven.
3. Who is the first to get up in your family?
It is my parents who get up first because they start from home earlier than me. They
go together by car as they both work in a factory on the outskirts of the town.
4. How long does it take you to get dressed?
I usually decide what to wear in the evening, so it doesn't take me long to get
5. Are you in a hurry in the mornings?
If I stay up late watching a good film or go out with my friends, I sometimes oversleep
and I have to get dressed quite quickly and I don't have time for breakfast.
6. How do you go to work or school?
It depends on the weather. If it is fine, I go by bike or walk. In winter and when it rains,
I take the bus.
7. When do you go to work or school?
Unfortunately, I have to leave early, at around a quarter to seven. I go to a bilingual
school in another part of the town and I have to change buses twice.
8. Do you sleep longer at the weekends?
Yes, my week is so tiring that I need to sleep a lot at weekends. Of course, when we
have a weekend program, I get up earlier.
9. How carefully do you plan your weekends?
It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like being alone, and I don't plan to do anything,
but when we go hiking with my friends, we plan the programme very carefully. We
book the tickets and the accommodation well in advance, and decide on the route and
the activities.
10. Do you have the same breakfast on weekdays and at weekends?
No, I usually only drink a cup of white coffee for breakfast on weekdays. At weekends
we have a big breakfast with my family. My mother prepares ham and eggs and
11. What does your breakfast consist of?

At weekends I usually have a bigger breakfast, not only a piece of toast and coffee but
also fried or scrambled eggs and some yoghurt and sometimes some fruit, a banana
or an orange.

12. Do you have lunch at work or school?

I don't really like the food they serve at the canteen, so I take some sandwiches, an
apple or a pear, and some juice with me.
13. When do you finish in the afternoon or evening?
The classes finish at around two, but I don't go home immediately after school as I
have basketball training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and I sing in a choir
on Tuesdays and Fridays. So I arrive home only at about five.
14. What do you do in the afternoons or evenings?
After arriving home from school, I have a rest, read the newspaper or watch TV. Then I
do my homework and twice a week I go to a private teacher. I spend the evenings
either with my family or with my friends. I usually help my mother with preparing the
dinner and we talk about what has happened during the day. When I have questions
about my homework, my father helps me after dinner. With my friends we often go to
the Plaza to play darts or billiards or go to the movies.
15. Do you eat dinner at home?
Yes, the whole family has dinner together. This is when we discuss the day's
happenings and make plans. Occasionally we go to a restaurant to celebrate a
birthday or a nameday.
16. How often do you watch TV?
I watch the news every day because I like to know what is going on in the world. I also
enjoy watching quiz shows and documentaries. As I'm a sitcom-fan, I'd never miss an
episode of Friends. If I'm not at home when it's on, I always tape it and watch it at
night. At weekends I sometimes watch old Hungarian films, too.
17. Which channels do you watch regularly?
I watch both commercial and public broadcasting, depending on the kind of
As I study English and German, I often switch to English and German speaking
channels to practise these languages. When I read, I like some music in the
background, so I switch on a music channel.
18. What programmes do you watch regularly?
Fortunately I have a TV in my room and I can watch whatever I want. I'm a sportsfan,
so I watch the sportscasts every evening on as many channels as I can. I also try to
keep up with hit lists on music channels. When my friends recommend a good film, I
watch that too.
19. Which newspapers and periodicals do you read?
Unfortunately I don't have enough time to read newspapers regularly I sometimes
look through a regional newspaper to find out what goes on in the county. I'm
interested in movie magazines and foreign periodicals, like Scientific American.
20. How often do you go to the theatre?

I go to the theatre three times a month. I prefer musicals to dramas and comedies.
There are always some performed many times a year. What I especially enjoy are the
open-air performances of musicals.
21. How often do you go to the cinema?
I go to the cinema every week. Although I like art films the most, I often watch
American box-office hits because there aren't enough art films on.

22. How do you spend your weekends?

I go to play tennis every Saturday morning. Then I do the shopping and some
housework. I spend Saturday evenings with my friends. We chat in a pub or go to a
disco. On Sundays I often visit my grandparents with my family.
23. How often do you go shopping?
I buy some bread and dairy products almost every day, even on Sundays. It's easy for
me because there's a grocery store opposite my house. I go to a big hypermarket to
buy other things for the household every other weekend. My brother drives me there
and helps me to carry home what I have bought.
24. What housework do you regularly do?
I make my bed every morning, and it is my job to do the washing up after meals. At
weekends I dust the shelves in my room and hoover the flat. It is my little sister's job
to water the plants, but she often forgets to do it, so I do it instead of her.
25. What housework do you like doing?
I like baking and I really enjoy ironing. My friends find that surprising but I don't mind
it at all if there is some music on.
26. What housework do you hate?
I don't like doing the washing up, especially big pots and pans, but what I really hate
is emptying the rubbish. The container next to the house is extremely dirty and
sometimes there are mice around it.
27. Do you help out in the kitchen after meals?
Yes, I clear the table and dry the dishes after my brother has done the washing up. I
also give the leftovers to our neighbour's cats.
28. What household equipment do you have at home?
We just bought a cleaning machine and a dishwasher. We also have a washing
machine, a microwave oven, and a fridge-freezer.
29. How often do you clean your room/flat/house?
I hoover the flat every other day and I wash up the floor twice a week. On Saturdays
I do other housework.
30. When do you go to bed?
I go to bed at around eleven, but when there's a good film on TV or I have some other
programme, I stay up later.
31. Do you fall asleep easily?

Yes, I fall asleep once my head hits the pillow, but my friend is not that fortunate. She
says that she often has to drink some warm milk with honey to help her fall asleep.
32. What do you do to help you fall asleep?
If I can't fall asleep, I read a novel or listen to the radio.
33. How long do you sleep?
I sleep six or seven hours on weekdays and eight or nine at weekends.

34. How often do you visit your relatives?

We spend the Sundays with my grandparents in their house at Lake Balaton. I'm very
happy when my cousins come there too because this is the only time when we meet. I
see my other relatives only at family events.
35. How often do you invite friends for dinner?
We have a very good team at work and we often organise parties together. As I have a
big garden, they come for a barbecue quite often, especially in the summer. In winter
we prefer going to a restaurant or a pub.
36. Do you prefer taking a bath to taking a shower?
I like taking a bath if I'm cold or very tired. I fill up the tub and put some bath foam
into the water and spend half an hour there. Sometimes I even take magazines with
me or listen to music. I like taking a shower in the mornings because it helps me wake
up and makes me feel quite fresh afterwards.
37. What is the best time of day for you to study?
I can best concentrate when there's nobody at home or when the whole family is
asleep. This is a problem because my brother says that he can only study when
there's some background noise, that is, when the TV or radio is on.
38. Which is your busiest day during the week?
For me it is Tuesday when the classes finish at half past two at school and I have a
private lesson and table tennis training in the afternoon. Then I have to do a lot of
homework for Wednesday when we have double maths. I have difficulties with this
subject. For my parents the hardest day is Monday because they both have long
meetings at work.
39. What kind of things do you do together with your parents?
We talk a lot and sometimes we play boardgames or ballgames, depending on the
weather. I like long weekends most of all because then we usually travel somewhere.
We visit historical places, try local specialities and enjoy being together.
40. Do you have any bad habits?
Yes, unfortunately I tend to leave things for the last moment which can irritate people
around me. The other problem is that I like chatting over the phone and my family
doesn't like it at all.