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HDFC Bank Limited is an Indian banking and financial services company

headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Incorporated in 1994, it is the fifth
largest bank in India as measured by assets.
It is the largest private sector bank in India by market capitalization as of
February 2014. The bank was promoted by the Housing Development Finance
Corporation, a premier housing finance company (set up in 1977) of India.
According to the Brand Trust Report 2014, HDFC was ranked 32nd among India's
most trusted brands. HDFC was ranked 45th on the list of top 50 Banks in the
world in terms of their market capitalization.

HDFC Products
HDFC Bank offers the following core products:

NRI banking
Under NRI Banking, HDFC offers:

Accounts & Deposits
Money Transfer
Investments & Insurance
Research Reports
Payment Services

SME banking
Under SME Banking, HDFC offers:

Accounts & Deposits
Business Financing
Trade Services
Payments & Collections
Wholesale banking

small and mid-sized corporates and agriculturebased businesses in India. These services are provided through the bank's Treasury team. stock exchange members and banks. The Treasury business is responsible for managing the returns and market risk on this investment portfolio. Local Currency Money Market & Debt Securities. Bill Payments.000 point-of-sale (POS) terminals for debit / credit cards acceptance at merchant establishments. Investment and other proposals offered by HDFC Mutual funds A mutual fund is a type of professionally managed investment fund that pools money from many investors to purchase securities. The Bank is positioned in various net based B2C opportunities including a wide range of Internet banking services for Fixed Deposits. By the end of June 2013. the bank had a total card base (debit and credit cards) of over 19. and Equities. To comply with statutory reserve requirements. The Bank is also one of the leading players in the "merchant acquiring" business with over 240.94 million. to large. it had a credit card base of 5. including working capital finance. By March 2012. Loans.HDFC offers Wholesale Banking for Corporates and Financial Institutions & Trusts.7 million. The bank is also a leading provider of these services to its corporate customers. The Bank launched its credit card business in late 2001. etc. It is an investment . the bank is required to hold 25% of its deposits in government securities. Retail banking services HDFC Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (Visa Electron). transactional services. The Bank also provides services such as Investment Banking and other services in the Government sector. trade services. The bank also issues the MasterCard Maestro debit card. mutual funds.Foreign Exchange and Derivatives. etc. Treasury The bank has three main product areas . cash management.[14] HDFC Services Wholesale banking services HDFC Bank provides a range of commercial and transactional banking services.

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