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There would be two choices for breakfast. A student shall choose one of the following
two choice on a particular day.
I) One among the following items shall be served on a particular day. The schedule will be decided
by mess committee.
I) Idli ,vada , Sambhar, coconut-penut chutney,tea,seasonal fruit II) varities of paratha ,
Aloo-Chana Sabji/Dahi , Boiled Egg(1)/ seasonal fruit ,tea III) Poha,Aloo mutter, shev,
pyaj, seasonal fruit , tea IV) Puri , Aloo-chana sabzi, seasonal fruit , tea V) Dosa ,
sambhar, chutney(coconut-penut), seasonal fruit , tea VI) Aloo Paratha, Dahi,Mango
pickle, tea ,seasonal fruit VII) Upama , Groundnet-coconut chutney , tea, seasonal fruit
VIII)Uthappam, Groundnet-coconut chutney , tea, seasonal fruit ,etc. IX) Kachori- Aloo
chana, seasonal fruit,tea

II) Toasted Bread in any one of the variants - Honey & Oats Bread, Multi-Grain Bread, 100%
Whole Wheat Bread and Multi-Fiber Bread Consisting 6 slices with butter and fruit jam ,
tea,seasonal fruit

B. Add-on
I. Boiled egg ii. Butter iii. Seasonal fruit iv. Omlette v. Milk vi. Coffee

Lunch & dinnerA. Basic
All the following items shall be served in both lunch and dinner. A schedule of the items in * and
** for a month shall be decided by the mess committee in consultation with the caterer
(a) Indian bread (plain tawa roti) (b) Plain Rice (c) Seasonal vegetable* (d) Dal** (e)
Saambaar/Rasam(3 days) (f) Aloo-bhujia+seaonal-vegetable (5 times in a Week) (g) Green salad
h) mango pickle/papad(3 days)
A variety of vegetables shall be served( Quantity of potato should not exceed 30% in any

B. Add-on
I. Non veg: chicken, Fish , mutton , egg curry II) Special vegetables : mutter panner , malai-kofta ,
Dal fry, Dal-makhani, Chana-masala, shahi-panner etc. III. Sweet : Besan ladoo, boondi ladoo,
gulab jamun , Rasogolla , Sewai kheer , Rice kheer , Ice-cream , Balushahi, Jalebi etc
IV. Sudha
Curd(100 gm) V. Chole-Bhature
VI. Boondi Raita/carrot raita VII Papad/Mago pickle
( whenever it is not present in basic menu) VIII) Puri sabji


9:45 and (upto 22:30 on holidays) The caterer shall use only branded raw materials and best quality resources for preparing food (See Table-1). Nestle 14. onion pakoda ii. 2. (i) Omelette. Bedekar. Jam Kisan(152/700gm). Nature fresh Spices M. Taj Mahal 13. Britannia(35/500gm) 9.It should consist of one out of following items on a particular day with tea everyday & schedule of items in month's menu will be decided by mess committee in consultation with the caterer I. Annapurna. Amul. Nilon’s 6. 4. (iii) Vegetable fried rice iv) Butter roti etc. Lemon sharabat iv. Coffee Nescafe(109/50gm).08:00 – 10:15 Lunch – 12:30 . on extra payment basis. Mother Dairy. Kepra. Heinz.5:15 -6:30 Dinner . Paneer sudha. Tata. Biscuit Add-onIt should consist of following 4 items everyday. Mother Dairy 12. Nestle 10. Aloo-cop v. Wibs. Masala. pyaji vi. Samosa iv. Mapro. Tea Brooke bond(332/kg). Saffola. Annapurna 7. Salt Tata(17/kg). The Caterer shall submit at least three brands for each item (taken from Table-1) and the mess committee shall approve these brands if satisfied after inspection. Fortune(455/5kg) (use of Hydrogenated (vanaspati) oil is prohibited) 5. Cremica Oil Sundrop(500/5kg). Amul(173/500gm). Sprouts Live Counter A live counter is to be operational during the mess timings.D. Soyabean Nutrella(128/kg) . Kwality. Mess committee reserves the right to check the raw materials used for cooking and the cooking processes Table-1 1. Badshah. Good life(Nandini) 11. 3. Bread Modern. Butter Sudha. I. Kwality. Kissan(126/kg). Milk ii. (ii) Egg Bhurji. PickleMother's(95/500gm). Kachori vii. Pravin. Cow Milk Sudha(20/500gm). Ice Cream Sudha. Taaza. Mother Dairy. Amul(285/kg). GO Milk. Coffee iii. Heritage. Satyam. Pillsbury. Priya. Natural’s 15. AataAshirvad(325/10kg). DINING TIMINGS Breakfast . Druk. Mother dairy 8. Sandwitch iii. Lipton. Everest Ketchup Nestle. Purabi. Godrej.2:45 Snacks. Amul. and is to make and serve the following indicative items upon demand by the students.H. Bru. Govardhan.7:30 . Druk.

4. the caterer can use any other FPO approved brands only if permitted by the & hygiene. Mess utensils especially spoons. Caterer's performance will be checked through feedback mechanism on points such as quality of ingredients used. Other things to be noted-1. Amul(38/400gm). Molakolukulu. Curd* Sona Masuri(985/20kg). They should also wear necessary hand gloves and caps/hair net in the kitchen and service areas. in writing. complete in uniform and should carry a photo identity card issued by the quality & punctuality. Sudha. rice case. performance of cooking staff. 2. Date: Place: Signature of Caterer . RiceHMT 17. Laxmi Bhog. glasses will be counted at the end of each month & if found less then mess manager need to arrange them before next meal I/We agree to the above terms and conditions specified. 5. 3. Heritage Note: In the case of specific brands for any other items not mentioned in the contract (or) unavailability of the brands in the market mentioned in the above Table 5. of servers to keep common things like chapati case. Mother dairy.The staff posted on duty should always bear a clean appearance. every month & will be fined if not attained satisfiable performance. Joha. Purabi.vegetables case etc. Ponni. It is mandatory to have one helper per 25 resident and one cook for 100 residents so that there would be sufficient no.16.(like in other IITs) on each table & cleaning of tables can be done during lunch & dinner time as well. Quantity of potato in vegetables should not exceed 30%. etc.