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Model QTP Resume

for QTP Scripts and Documents

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I. Career Brief:
 Involvement in Setting up Test Environments, Requirements Management, Client
Interactions, Test Infrastructure Development, Test Strategy Development, Test
Planning, Test design, Test Automation, Test Execution, Defect
Reporting, Test Status Reporting, Test Closure Activities, Risk Management.

II. Professional Summary:

 Over 6 years of IT experience, in which around 5 years of experience in
Software Testing of Client/Server and Web based Applications.
 Around 1 year of experience in Test Automation using QTP (8.2 to 9.2
 Well-versed with all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and
Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
 Experience in Test Environment Setup and Test Infrastructure Development in
both Manual and Automation.
 Good Exposure on Requirements Analyzing and Streamlining and Management.
 Good Expertise in Financial, Banking, ERP and eCommerce Business Domains.
 Well versed with Various Testing Stages/Levels/Phases, Testing Types, Testing
Techniques and Quality Work Products.
 Experience in Functional and Non-Functional (Availability, Usability, Reliability
and Compatibility) Testing Types.
 Expertise on Black box Testing Techniques, like BVA, ECP, Decision Tables and
Use Case Testing.
 Hands on experience in preparing Test plans, Test cases, Automated Tests and
Test Data. And executing the same.
 Good expertise in peer reviews (Test Design and Defect Reporting).
 Expertise in analyzing the results and reporting Suggestions and defects.
 Good Exposure on Bug Life Cycle.
 Extensively used automated test tools like WinRunner and QTP for Functional and
Regression Testing.
 Experience in Preparation of Automated Tests within the Keyword driven
automation framework.
 Good Expertise in VB Script and Automation Infrastructure Development.
 Good Exposure in Using of QTP Integrated Environment (Step Generator,
Synchronization, Actions, Recovery Scenarios and Methods etc.).
 Experience in Descriptive Programming using QTP.
 Good Knowledge on Test Management Tools like TestDirector and Quality Centre.
 Exposure on LoadRunner.
 Experience in executing SQL queries in order to view successful transactions of
data and for validating data.
 Good expertise on Exploratory Testing using Domain Knowledge.
 Working knowledge on Java, .Net, Oracle and SQL Server Technologies based
 Worked closely with development and Technical Support teams to resolve quality
 Experience in System Administration and Awareness on various Network
 Good interpersonal skills, commitment, result oriented, hard working with a quest
and zeal to learn new technologies.
 Good Knowledge in IEEE and CMM/CMMI Standards.

III. Educational Qualification:

 Master Degree in Computer Applications from Osmania University, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh with First Division in 2001.

IV. Work Experience:

 Currently working as a Test Analyst with Sun Technologies, Hyderabad, since
January 2006 to till date.
 Worked as a Technical Associate (Testing) with Citation Softech Limited,
Hyderabad from November 2003 to December 2005.
 Worked as a System Administrator With Jognics (p) Ltd, Bangalore from February
2002 to September 2003.

V. Training Programs Attended:

 Attended QuickTest Pro In-house Training program in December 2005.
 Attended Corporate Program on ‘Quality Measures and Metrics’ in August 2004.

VI. Software Skills:

Operating systems : Windows 98, 2000 Prof, XP, Win 2000 Server and UNIX
Languages : C, C++
Databases : MS Access, SQL Server, ORACLE and MYSQL
Automated Testing Tools : WinRunner, QuickTest Professional and LoadRunner
Test Management Tools :TestDirector, Quality Centre.
Bug Tracking Tools : Bugzilla and Bug Tracker.
Tools & Utilities : Ms-Office, Outlook Express, VSS
Web Technologies : HTML, XML and VB Script
Web, Application Servers : IIS, Apache Tomcat, Jboss, Web Logic.

VII. Projects Profile:

 CBS (Centralized Banking System) for Port land Technologies (web based

 Loan Management System for Global Financial Service, US (Intranet web

 Corporate e-banking for Bank of Hawaii (Internet web application).
 PoPs (Purchase order processing System) for Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd (Client/
Server application).
 Online Resources System for Goliath Inc, US (Internet application)

Project Type : Web based Banking Product

VIII. Project #1 CBS (Centralized Banking System)

Client : Port land Technologies
Organization : Sun Technologies
Technology : HTML, XML, JAVA script, IIS, ASP and SQL Server 2000.
Testing Approach : Manual and Automation
Tools Used : QuickTest Professional and Sun-Tracker.
Role : Test Analyst
Duration : December 2007 to till date
CBS (Centralized Banking System) is a complete web based and centralized banking
solution covering all the functions of a bank. It supports multi currency transactions and
all types of delivery channels. The product has been developed using open, industry
standard, proven technologies and high quality software engineering methodologies.
CBS is highly parameterized to support constantly changing customer and regulatory

Centralized database, Modular deployment, Multi-currency transactions, Multi-currency
general ledger, Can be Internet enabled on the fly, Can interface with any channel for
service delivery like ATM, IVR Tele banking, internet banking, Server-centric and thin
client software deployment.

Administration, System Control, Cash Operations, Accounts (SB/Current/OD /CC),
Clearing Operations, Transactions (Withdrawals/Deposits), Term Deposits, Loans, Safe
Deposit Vaults, Forex, General Ledger, ALM and Treasury Management and Back Office


 Preparation of the Test Strategy and guiding the team.

 Involvement in the System Test Plan Preparation and Requirements Streamlining.

 Involvement in Preparation of Test Procedures, Test Scenarios, Cases and Test
 Responsible for GUI and Functional Testing, using Black box Testing Techniques.
 Involvement in Test Execution, Results Analyzing and Defect Reporting.

 Involvement in RTM Preparation.

 Involved in Automation Infrastructure Development in QuickTest.
 Designed Tests Using keyword Driven Methodology for selected areas.

 Execution of Test Plan and Monitoring Defect tracking Process Using Sun-Tracker.
 Enhancing the Test Scripts for Global Execution.
 Involved in solving Environmental problems along with Technical Support People,
especially in Sever Connections and Database sharing activities.
 Involved in Regression Testing using QuickTest.
 Preparation of weekly and monthly status reports.

IX. Project #2 Loan Management System
Client : Global Financial Service, US
Organization : Sun Technologies.
Environment : JAVA, HTML, XML, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Weblogic, Oracle.
Testing Approach : Manual And Automated.
Tools Used : QTP and Sun-Tracker.
Role : Test Engineer.
Duration : January 2007 to November 2007
Loan Management System allows a retail finance organization to optimize their loan
Management process by integrating Field Investigation, Mortgage, Processing, Recovery
and Property management Systems in a Central Unit. Being web-based, it gives an
organization truly any time, anywhere access.
This involves entry of all the details necessary for keeping a record of all inflows and
outflows of loans.
It has several modules like Administrator, New business, Disbursements, Clearing
operations, General Ledger & Financial Accounts, Recoveries, Miscellaneous, Legal
Issues, Back Office and Reports.

 Involved in ‘Module Test Plan’ Preparation and Requirements Streamlining.

 Preparing Requirement Traceability matrices for New business Module.
 Guiding the team members and handling the Risks.
 Involvement in Test Design includes Test Data preparation and Reviews.
 Responsible for GUI and Functional Testing, using Black box Testing Techniques.
 Involved in Automation Infrastructure Development in QuickTest.
 Designed Tests Using keyword Driven Methodology for selected areas.

 Execution of Tests and Reporting Defects Using Sun-Tracker.

 Enhancing the Test Scripts for Global Execution.
 Involved in solving Environmental problems along with Technical Support People,
especially in Sever Connections and Database sharing activities.
 Involved in Regression Testing using QuickTest.

 Preparation of weekly and monthly status reports.


 Involvement in Automation Infrastructure Development Using QuickTest Pro,

along with automation Specialist.
 Preparation of QTP Corporate Material.

Client : Bank of Hawaii

X. Project # 3 Corporate e-banking

Organization : Sun Technologies.
Environment : C#.Net, ASP.Net, IIS, Jboss, Oracle and Win2000.
Testing Approach : Manual and Automated.
Tools Used : Sun-Tracker
Role : Test Engineer.
Duration : February 2006 to December 2006

Corporate e-banking system is a comprehensive corporate and small business banking
solution providing a single unified view of the corporate banking relationships across
asset and liability products, limits, trade finance and cash management. Corporate
customers of the bank gain the flexibility to view details of each account, capability to
make Inter-bank and Intra-bank payments, access to trade finance information and
transactions, and the ability to perform cash management activities. This also supports
comprehensive authorization workflow, Transaction Limits, Electronic Invoice
Presentment and Payment (EIPP) and Corporate Administration.
It is also highly secure and provides support for different authentication mechanisms.

 Involved in Automation Test Plan Preparation.
 Test Design Based on the Use case Specifications.
 Involved in Converting WinRunner Scripts to QuickTest.
 Test Scripts generated Using QuickTest.

 Involved in Tests Execution and Reporting Defects Using Sun-Tracker.

 Responsible for GUI, Functional and System Testing.
 Involved in Compatibility Testing.
 Performed Database Testing using SQL in order to check the Data Validation and
Data Integrity.
 Involved Peer reviews (Test Design).
 Clear look on updating concepts and finding defects, sending it with suggestions.
 Participation in implementation of ‘Sun-Tracker’ (in-house) as Defect
management Tool.

XI. Project # 4 PoPs (Purchase order processing System)

Client : Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd.
Organization : Citation Softech Limited
Technology : VB, VB COM, SQL Server Windows2000.
Testing Approach : Manual.
Tools Used : Bugzilla.
Role : Technical Associate.

Duration : October 2004 to November 2005
PoPs (Purchase order processing System) facilitates the function of buying
materials /components / products / raw materials at economical cost in a timely
manner. This will have broad functionalities of request handling, obtaining quotations
including comparison, placing purchase orders and follow-up of purchase orders for
timely deliveries, supplier information, vendor wise supply analysis, and purchase
payments. This covers all type of Enquiry, Quotations, Comparisons, and Approval of
Purchase order. Sending PO to Supplier, maintaining Bills.

 Understanding the Business Requirement Specifications.

 Designing Test Cases, Execution of the test cases and reporting the bugs.
 Conducted Functional testing with Valid/Invalid inputs under different scenarios.
 Communicates with Functional Analyst on any issue clarifications.
 Preparing Defect report as per severity and priority Active participation in Bug
triage meetings.

 Modifying the Tests and Conducting Regression Testing.

 Participation in Test Closure activities.

 Participation in Client’s ‘Business Operations’ Study

 Requirements Streamlining along with Project Management.

XII. Project # 5 Online Resources System

Client : Goliath Inc, US.
Organization : Citation Softech Limited
Environment : Java, JSP, Oracle and Win2000 Server.
Testing Approach : Manual.
Role : Information Associate.
Duration : December 2003 to September 2004
This is an application for online-business content service and promoting e-
learning, e-training, e-collaboration over Internet. Its motive is to bring education,
training, certification etc and other domains on a single platform, evaluate them to
collaborate, share the knowledge, resolve the problems and provide instant solution to
the client. It has three kinds of users: Client, Student, Customer, Trainer and
Administrator who manages the entire the portal site. Its features are Dynamic course
building, Information Building, Content generation & Deployment, Course Browsing,
Business Reports, Audio & Video references. The different modules in this application
are: Admin, Industry Info, Business Management Resources and Business Development


 Involved in designing test cases based on S.R.S and Test Plan.

 Executing Tests and analyzing results as per client requirements.

 Detecting the bugs and classifying them based on the severity and reporting.
 Involved in Functional Testing, G.U.I Testing and Compatibility Testing.
 Regression testing performed on every new build of the application.
 Reporting the Coverage status of test performed on the daily/weekly basis.
 Involved in Project meetings and interacted to other team members in order to
resolve the problems.

XIII. Academic Profile:

o (10 th) SSC in 1992 with 61%
o (10+2) Intermediate in 1994 (92-93, 93-94) with 57%
o (10+2+3) BSc (MPC) in 1997 (94-95, 95-96, 96-97) with 68%
o (10+2+3+3) MCA in 2001 (98-99, 99-00, 00-01) with 70%

XIV. Skill Summary (Software Testing and Others)

 Software Engineering (Life Cycle Models etc.)

 Requirements Management
 Query Reporting
 Project Meetings
 Client Interactions
 Test Stages/Levels/Phases (Unit, Component, Integration, System and UAT)
 Test Types (Functional & Non-Functional (Usability, Compatibility and Reliability)
 Testing Techniques (BVA, ECP, Decision tables and State Transition testing)
 Test Strategy
 Test Plan
 Test Estimation (Budget, Time and Skilled Human ware)
 Test Environment Setup (Test Lab and Test ware)
 Configuration Management (using VSS or Other Tools)
 Net Meeting
 Internal Communications (using Outlook express or Other Tools)
 Test Case design (Scenarios and Cases)
 Test Data
 Reviews (general, peer)
 Test Execution
 Defect Reporting
 Defect Tracking
 Defect Reporting & Tracking using Spread Sheet (Manual)
 Defect Reporting & Tracking using a Tool
 Test Log
 Test metrics Implementation
 Metrics Collection
 Re and Regression Testing

 Test Status Reporting using Spread Sheet (Manual)
 Test Status Reporting Using a Tool
 Risk management (Product and Project Risks)
 Test Summary Report
 Test Closure Activities
 Ad hoc Testing
 User Acceptance Testing
 Live Testing
 Product Support Testing
 Production Support testing
 Maintenance Testing
 Windows Environment
 Web Environment
 Unix/Linux Environment
 Computer Networks (Hardware & Networking)
 Computer Software (System, Programming and Application)
 Programming Logic
 Test Automaton (Functional and Performance) Planning
 Automation Framework Implementation
 Automation Infrastructure Development
 Tests Preparation & Execution
 SQL Concepts and Practices
 Documentation (using Ms Office or Other Tools)
 Quality Standards (IEEE, CMMI etc)
 Business Domains (BFSI, ERP, Ecommerce and Others)

XV. Personal Details:

 Father’s Name : Srinivasulu Reddy.

 Date of Birth : 15-04-1977

 Blood Group : O+
 Languages known : Telugu and English.