Chapter 9

*~*~*Jasper's Point Of View*~*~* Emmett walked out of Dr. Giggles office feeling calm and relieved. Rosalie stalked out behind him feeling royally pissed off. "Somebody needs a happy meal," I muttered under my breath. Rosalie growled at me and threw a silver stiletto at my head. I ducked and the shoe got stuck in the wall. "Fuck you Jasper!" Rosalie snarled. I flinched at the anger and vexation pouring off her. "Ali, Jazz, the doc asked for you next," Emmett muttered, pulling Rose out of the room. With a sigh, I lead Alice into Dr. Giggles office. We took our seats in front of his desk in silence. He continued to scribble on the legal pad in front on him. Perhaps we had entered a little too quietly for he hadn't seemed to notice us. I cleared my throat to gain his attention. His head whipped up and his emotions went from relatively calm to full of fear and anxiety. At the rate his heart was pounding I feared he was bound to suffer from cardiac arrest unless he calmed the hell down. I sent him subtle waves of calming and tranquility. "Hello Alice and Jasper. How are the 2 of you today?" Dr. Giggles inquired kindly. "I'm fine," Alice smiled. "I'm quite well thank you. A little hungry. I skipped breakfast," I said quietly. If I was going to be forced to be here I might as well have fun with it. "Jasper, you said you liked the Civil War. What about it draws you in?" Dr. Giggles asked. I sighed too quietly for the good doctor to hear and responded, "I don't know. My great great grandfather died during the Civil War. His name was Jasper Whitlock. I'm actually named after him. He was proud to die serving his country. Cause. Whatever." "Would you be proud to die for your country?" Dr. Giggles asked, curious. "Of course I would! But the point of war isn't to die for your country. It's to make the other bastard die for his," I retorted. Alice laughed from her chair next to me. I smiled, gazing deep into her onyx eyes, darkened not from hunger but from love and passion which poured from her. I sent waves of love and desire back at her until Dr. Giggles interrupted us. The jealously coming off of him was staggering. "That's an interesting way of putting it," Dr. Giggles noted. "So Alice, Carlisle and Esme tell me your very passionate about fashion and shopping. What's the longest you've ever gone without making a purchase?" "2 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes, 11 seconds," Alice chuckled. "See I'm not dependent on shopping. Besides, it's not like I have to worry about money. Thank god I'm independently wealth." Alice was bouncing in her chair, her eyes far away with a vision. Excitement radiated from her.

"How much money do you have independently Alice?" Dr. Giggle asked. I thought it was rude to ask such things but perhaps that's because I was brought up in a more proper era. "I have $3,647,128.97 in my bank account," Alice said innocently. I suppressed a laugh. She had that in one account, but what about the 27 others that are hers? Or that 31 that are for the entire family? Plus she has access to my 23 accounts…Not to mention the fact that if she ever really wanted to she could get into the 284 accounts the family has in total. When I saw the look on Dr. Giggles face I couldn't help but laugh along with Alice. I'm sure it was a tough pill to swallow, knowing your "17" year old patient has more money than you ever will. If only he knew how much the little pixie is truly worth. She could buy out the 10 wealthiest men in the world without batting an eyelash. In fact she had bought out Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Walton's, and Bernard Arnault. She actually owns Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Wal-mart, and Louis Vuitton. "That's impressive Alice. Do you ever dress-up the family against their will?" Dr. Giggles asked, recovering from his shock. "Look Dr. Giggles, I only dress them up when were all either bored and have nothing to do or when we have to go out in public and they can't dress themselves. Like today, Jenny was going to wear this gaudy ass yellow shirt with black strips, pink tights with black strips and yellow and black pajama pants. I could NOT let that happen! Ever!" Alice snarled. "Shouldn't it have been her decision to make though?" Dr. Giggles commented. Oh shit! Duck and cover. I repeat, DUCK AND FUCKING COVER! The irritation coming off of Alice is not a good sign. "Part of being a Cullen is dressing like a Cullen!" Alice shrieked. "But your not a Cullen, you're a Swan," Dr. Giggles said calmly, as though he was commenting on the weather. "Look here asshole! My last name may be different than my parents but their still my parents. Being a Cullen isn't just a last name, it's a fucking state of mind!" And with that said, Alice flew at Dr. Giggles feeling murderous. I grabbed her and held her to the ground. Lucas burst through the door and ran to us, at human pace unfortunately. "Mary Alice Brandon-Swan-Cullen! Calm down this instant! Do not make me hurt your little plastic friends. You know I can and will. Dr. Giggles apologizes for insulting you, don't you doctor?" Lucas said calming Ali and scaring the shit out of Dr. Giggles at the same time. I sent waves of remorse at Dr. Giggles. "I'm so very sorry Miss Swan. I never meant to insult you," whimpered Dr. Giggles, on the verge of tears. To much remorse…But seeing the doctor have a breakdown was so much fun! "I'm sorry Jazzy. You know you're the credit to my card, don't you?" Ali said, love and regret coming off her. "I love you too baby girl," I said quietly, wrapping my arms around her. I pulled her into my lap and we sat in my chair in front of Dr. Giggles desk together. Lucas slipped out of the room unnoticed as soon as Ali was calm. I loved my brother-inlaw. He and Ali have such a strong, pure bond. "Jasper, is it true you like to dress-up in women's clothing and pole dance?" Dr. Giggles asked.

If I could blush I probably would be but since I can't, I settled for scowling at Dr. Giggles like a 2 year old. "I don't see how it's any of your business but if you must know I was practicing for RENT. I'll be playing Angel in the back-to-school production in 2 months. It'll be my senior year after all, I might as well enjoy it," I informed him. "Well that's our time for today. Could you please send Edward and Bella in next?" Dr. Giggles announced suddenly. I stood up, pulling Alice with me, and we quickly walked out of the room.

Chapter 10
*~*~*Edward's Point Of View*~*~* "Alice says were going to be up in about 10 minutes," I murmured to my beautiful Bella. "Oh joy. You know he may have survived Rose and Ali but I don't know if he'll survive me. After all, I'm the 'newborn'," Bella joked. "Oh love you've never been a 'newborn'," I said kissing her nose softly. She giggled and Emmett gagged. "You know Emmett we have to deal with you and Rose's sexual behavior on a daily basis. Me kissing my wife's nose is nothing to gag about," I growled at him. 'Yeah but you've had forever to get used to it. I haven't,' Emmett thought rudely. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to interrupt your childish banter but I'm looking for a young woman named Sasha Rose. She has soft short yellow curls, golden eyes, and really pale skin. In fact, she looks a lot like y'all," a petite girl with fiery red hair that fell to her shoulders asked. Her golden eyes bore into mine. 'Great, more vampires. At least they have eyes like ours. They seem tame. I'll ask Luna what she thinks later. First we must find Sasha. She really needs to stop disappearing. I wonder if they scared her off,' Elizabeth thought a slight frantic tone to her mind. "No we didn't scare her off. She thought she needed to hunt after spending an hour with Dr. Giggles. In fact she said she would be seeing us again soon," I answered her thoughts. "Wait, can you read minds?" the girl with long raven hair that went to her waist said. Her eyes were onyx. 'I bet he can but how to be sure. I know I'll ask him what number I'm thinking of. I bet he won't be able to guess 1,929,' she thought to herself. "Why 1,929? And what are your names by the way?" I asked. My family simply looked confused with the girls looked nervous. "Sorry. I'm Luna and this is Elizabeth. I'm assuming you've already figured out we're vampires as is Sasha Rose. We hunt only animals though from your eyes I'm assuming the same is for you," the young girl, now known as Luna said quietly. 'Why is it whenever we move, we find more and more vampires? Can't we just settle somewhere we don't have to worry about others. Fuck!' Rosalie thought, her thoughts angry.

'What the hell is going on out there?' Alice thought. Hmm, I should have someone explain when they get done. 'Ohh, more good vampires! Yay for visions!' Looks like I won't have to have someone explain. "Yes, we're very friendly. May I ask if you have any powers we should be aware of? We have a wide range of powers ourselves. Edward can read minds as you've figured out, Bella can block mental powers, Alice can see the future, Jasper can control emotions, Renesmee can project her thoughts into peoples minds and she can take thoughts out, she can also borrow peoples powers, Ashley knows things, Lucas sees the past and he also sees the present as it unfolds, Maggie knows when she's being lied to, and finally Jenny can levitate, posses telekinesis, and she can alter her appearance at will though she hasn't gained much control yet," Carlisle explained. "Wow, that's very impressive. Well I can control animals which makes our hunting habits so much easier. Luna can produce many forms of light, her personal favorite being her ability to glow like a light bulb. Sasha Rose can see people's aura's it's very impressive. We're sisters though we look nothing alike. As hard as it is to believe we were born together and turned together. Triplets. We really should go find Sasha Rose though. She tends to get herself into trouble. Perhaps we could get together after your therapy session?" Elizabeth said. 'Maybe after dinner time. I can see there are humans and werewolves among them but good people none the less,' Luna thought to herself. "After dinner would be perfect and you need not worry about the wolves, they will cause you no harm. They are family," I said as Alice skipped out of the room with Jasper. "You're up! Enjoy," Alice said smiling defiantly. I growled at her but got up anyways. Bella and I said goodbye to the girls and walked into the office. We both eyed the couch conspiratorially. Bella lifted her shield and thought, 'Wanna get comfy and make a show out of it?' I nodded and pulled her towards the couch. I laid down, stretching out. Bella laid herself out next to me, instinctively I curled my arms around her. "Hello Dr. Giggles. How are you today? Have our siblings driven you insane yet?" Bella asked, her voice coy. "I'm umm…I'm well. Your siblings are very interesting but I assure you I still have my sanity," Dr. Giggles said. His thoughts contradicted him though. 'Insane? HA! Your family is driving me down right batty!' I laughed. I had a feeling after dealing with us he was going to be institutionalized himself. "So doctor what would you like to talk about today?" I asked causing Dr. Giggles to look dumbfounded. "Well how about we start with your attempted suicide?" Dr. Giggles suggested. 'Like why you would be stupid enough to do that.' "Look doctor we've been over the why and the how. There's not much left to discuss. Yes I attempted to kill myself, yes I regret my actions, no I don't plan on doing it again, yes I understand the severity of what I did. I think that covers any and all possible questions. Oh wait, no I wasn't put into a mental hospital after I attempted suicide. Carlisle understood what happened and knew I didn't and don't need to be locked up," I said, listing the answers to all the questions he could think of.

"Bella love, his mind is getting on my nerves. Would you mind greatly?" I asked to low for Dr. Giggles to hear. Almost immediately his mind was silent. It was nice not having to listen anymore. Between Bella blocking the doctor and me ignoring the family it was almost quiet in my mind. "Yes I think that covers everything. Bella, you said your writing a book based on a true story. You also said it was about vampires. Do you believe vampires are really?" Dr. Giggles asked. "Of course I do. I know a lot of vampires. And my best friend is a werewolf. Actually he's a shape shifter but werewolf sounds more manly. He's going to be in my book too!" Bella announced. Way to sound like someone who needs to be institutionalized Bella! I hugged my wife closer to my chest, love filling my heart. She is perfection. Making the doctor think we're insane is so much fun! "Bella would you say you live a stressful life?" Dr. Giggles asked. I wasn't sure what he was getting at but I knew I would love Bella's answer. "Since I believe stress is just a condition caused by repressing the body's desire to strangle the living daylights out of some asshole who desperately deserves it, no I don't feel I live a stressful life. You see I don't repress that feeling. Do I honey?" Bella said, trying very hard to not laugh. I rubbed my neck as though to say, why no, no you don't. "Do you strangle anyone who annoys you or only your family?" Dr. Giggles questioned Bella. "Are my hands around your neck right now? I didn't think so. Let that answer your question," Bella snapped at him. I laughed when Dr. Giggles eyes got as big as saucers. He should get used to having his life threatened. It's a Cullen family tradition. "Edward, would you say you overreact to things?" Dr. Giggles asked, leaving Bella alone after her little threat. "I don't overreact, I react just enough. There is a difference even if certain people don't know that," I answered. Bella laughed against my chest. "You so totally overreact. Remember the first time I got my period at the house?? Or when Jacob and Renesmee first kissed? Or how about the time…" Bella rambled on. "Okay I get it! I overreact. Let's not keep going down that line of thought okay?" I interrupted her. "What happened the first time you got your period Bella?" Dr. Giggles wondered. Oh my god…Does he not know that some things are private? "Emmett thought I was dying and Rosalie simply made fun of me. In fact Edward was hunting with the rest of the family and Emmett and Rose and I had decided to stay home. I hadn't realized I started and I bled through my white jeans. Emmett saw and started freaking out. He called Edward, who rushed home and didn't understand. I tried calming him but he just didn't get it was a natural thing," Bella explained through laughs. "Whatever. Any loss of blood is unacceptable," I growled. I couldn't help but shudder a little the memory. Bella found it funny but I hadn't. I knew all women get their periods and that results in bleeding but I couldn't help but freak out. She had gotten her period in a house full of vampires. So what if only 2 vampires were home at the time? What would have happened if Jasper had been around at the time? Would he have tried killing her?

"You seem very protective of Bella, do you think you ever take your protectiveness to far?" Dr. Giggles questioned. "Yes I do. I know I do. I would say I don't but then Bella would just bring up a string of instances when I was and then I would just have to admit it. I figured I'd cut out the middle man," I answered him honestly. Bella elbowed me in the stomach and hissed, "I'm a woman you idiot. You cut out the middle woman." "Sorry love," I apologized kissing the top of her head. "Well I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today," Dr. Giggles said standing. Together the 3 of us walked out of the office and back into the waiting area. I chuckled, seeing the stiletto was still sticking out of the wall. I would have thought Rose would have retrieved her shoe by now. Looking down at her feet told me instead of retrieving the offending shoe, she simply fetched a new pair out of her car. "Today has been a fairly interesting day and has simply flown by. Thank you all for coming. I shall see you all tomorrow when we will continue with the couples sessions. Have a good day," Dr. Giggles said, turning and walking back into his office before anyone could say anything. "Asshole," Rosalie muttered. "Shall we go home and see about having a little alone time before we meet with the new vampires?" I asked Bella. She simply giggled and pulled me out the door at vampuric speed. That's my Bella for ya.

Chapter 11
*~*~*Claire's Point Of View*~*~* I walked into the kitchen in search of the cookie jar. Esme has made a fresh batch of her triple-chocolate-death-by-Tollhouse cookies or as I like to call the a sugar high in each bite. I spotted my query high above me, sitting innocently on top of the fridge. Shit…I contemplated calling for Quil or someone tall but I heard strange voices and I decided against it. They could be having an important meeting, no need to disturb them. Sighing I opened the fridge. I had a plan. It wasn't a smart plan but it was a plan. Taking a deep breath I began to climb the inside of the fridge. See? A stupid plan… Amazingly I reached the cookie jar unscathed and without difficulty. Reaching in, I pulled out 2 of the monstrous cookies. I carefully jumped down, landing how Renesmee had taught me. I bent my knees and absorbed the impact with the balls of my feet. Unfortunately, being the human I am I stumbled and fell on my bum. I sighed and mumbled, "The millisecond I turn 18 someone is biting me!" I stood and walked into the living room, a cookie in each hand. Standing with my family were 7 strange vampires. Elizabeth and Luna along with 5 I didn't recognize. As I entered, every pair of eyes fell on me. "Hello. I'm Princess Consuala Banana Hammock and I believe that a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. Who are you people?" I announced proudly.

"I'm Sasha Rose and these are Elizabeth, Luna, Grace, Rhiannon, Shaunee, and Alycia. Elizabeth and Luna are my blood sisters and Rhiannon, Shaunee, and Alycia adopted us. Would you like to see something really cool?" Sasha Rose said, smiling down at me. I took a bite of one of the cookies and nodded my head. Sasha Rose motioned to Luna. Suddenly Luna began to glow. Not sparkle like I was used to but glow like my old nightlight did. My jaw dropped as she concentrated the glow to the tip of her nose. Then the glow started to change color. I jumped up and down, cheering. That was SO cool. T he girl Sasha Rose introduced as Alycia laughed. "Watch this little one," Alycia said. Water started pouring out of her right pointer finger. Instead of falling like water should, it started circling the room in a beautiful dance. I giggled as the water disappeared. "Wow! You guys are really cool. Wanna cookie?" I asked, holding the unbitten one up. "I would love one angel," Grace said. I handed her the cookie and padded my way over to one of the many couches. Grace bit into the cookie, humming contently. Quil sat down next to me, stealing a bite of my cookie. I growled unimpressively at him, causing everyone to laugh as they too sat down. "Actually this little munchkin is my Claire. She's a very unique angel. I guess that's what happens when you grow up surrounded by magic," Quil explained, causing everyone to laugh again. I pouted and said, "Claire has left the building. For today I AM PRINCESS CONSUALA BANANA HAMMOCK!" "Of course you are my darling Princess Consuala Banana Hammock. So let's see if I've gotten this all correct…Sasha Rose can see auras, Elizabeth can control animals, and Luna can produce light. The 3 of you are natural born triplets who were then changed by the same person at the same time. You subsequently killed the vampire that changed you. Alycia can produce, manipulate, and absorb water. Shaunee can sleep and make others sleep, even vampires. She doesn't have to sleep, she just likes to sometimes. Rhiannon doesn't have a 'power', she's simply the best singer in the world hands down. Finally, Grace is actually a hybrid of sorts. Born to a werewolf mother and a vampire father. She doesn't live with them anymore though. When she phases she's snow white. She doesn't currently belong to a pack. And all of your mates are out of the state for a male bonding weekend consisting of hunting and God only knows what else. Did I forget anything?" Bella said. My mouth hung open from shock. These new vampires are AMAZING! I wonder if I'll have a power when I change. I really hope I do. "Nope that's about it. Sometimes I think our husbands are so much cooler though. Sasha Rose's hubby Aiden has the power of Animation. Ethan, Elizabeth's husband, possesses the power of Biokinesis. My baby Kayden has the power of Omnilingualism. Grace's husband Jack holds the power of Temporal Stasis. Grayson, who married Rhiannon, can conjure. Brayden, Shuanee's husband, possesses the power of Technopathy. Finally Alycia's husband Jackson possesses the power of Cryokinesis," Luna told everyone. I didn't really understand the big words but it all sounded so cool. Plus their husbands had really awesome names. I giggled when Luna said Grace's husband's name was Jack. Just like on the reruns of The Secret Life Of An American Teenager. "You know I still can believe you thought Sasha Rose was human this morning," Jasper said to someone. I wondered silently who would ever be able to mistake her for a simple human.

Edward chuckled, "It was your crazy uncle Emmie. He's such an idiot sometimes." Emmett growled and lunged at Edward. They fell to the floor, cracking a floorboard or 6...They continued rolling around, breaking 2 lamps and one of the many couches in the process. Esme was livid. "You broke my RARE $10,453 LAMP! The 2 of you are in SO beyond dead. I want a finger each!" Edward and Emmett sighed, sticking their pinky fingers into their mouths. They bite down, detaching the fingers with a screeching metal-on-metal sound. They spit their fingers out into Esme's waiting palm. "Next time it will be a whole appendage," Esme growled before going upstairs. Most likely to her office. It was the one place no one was aloud aside from Carlisle. "I liked that couch!" I cried. I started to sniffle and the tears began to pour. Oh yes! This was going to be perfect. Esme came running back downstairs, engulfing me in the sweetest smelling hug. I love it when Esme hugs me. She smells just like sugar cookies and ginger. Simply delicious. "What's wrong angel?" Esme asked me, rubbing soothing circles on my back. "They b-b-broke my favorite c-couch!" I wailed. This was going to be amazing! I really did have a thing for the light gray couch though. "Well boys I have some good news and some not so good news. The good news being you get your fingers back. The not so good news? I'm taking your whole bloody hand for making Claire cry!" Esme said, grabbing the boys by their ears and dragging them upstairs. It took everything I had not to do a triumphant dance. Everyone laughed at the sight of Edward and Emmett, now without their right hands, walking back into the room. "Is it always like this around here?" Rhiannon asked. "Umm…Yeah pretty much…" Bella said, laughing. "And I thought my husband was bad," Shaunee said. "Brayden is a saint compared to Aiden! At least your husband doesn't talk to the toilet for hours on end. I swear sometimes I wonder if he's mentally retarded," Sasha Rose complained. "Have you ever tried talking with the toilet? Maybe then you'd understand why Aiden spends so much time talking to it. I knit I love talking to my toilet. It listens to all my problems and it doesn't' judge me," I told my captive audience. A few of the, Quil included, looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Maybe I had but what's it matter to them? Huh? "You know she's got a point Sash…" Grace agreed. Holy cookie crumbs did someone actually AGREE with ME?? That never happens…like ever… "I love you Grace!" I screamed, jumping into her lap and hugging her. She's my new favorite person…other than my Quil of course.

"Claire has the whites aura I've ever seen. Such a pure soul," Sasha Rose commented to no one in particular. Important! Sasha Rose - sees peoples Aura's Elizabeth - can control animals with her mind Luna - can produce and absorb light Grace - half-vampire/half-werewolf hybrid Rhiannon - worlds greatest singer Shaunee - has the ability to sleep and put others to sleep Alycia - can produce, absorb, and manipulate water Aiden - Animation (Sasha Rose) Ethan - Biokinesis (Elizabeth) Kayden - Omnilingualism (Luna) Jack - Temporal Stasis (Grace) Grayson - Conjuring (Rhiannon) Brayden - Technopathy (Shaunee) Jackson - Cryokinesis (Alycia) Animation - Power to bring inanimate objects to life. Biokinesis - Ability to control biology. Biokinetics can heal and alter their (and others) body composition and other things related to the body. Conjuring - Ability to think of something and have it appear. Cryokinesis - Ability to reduce temperature, often used to control, generate, or absorb ice. Omnilingualism - Ability to decipher and speak any language. Technopathy - Ability to control technology with the mind. Temporal Stasis - The power to 'freeze' an object or person in place.

Chapter 12
*~*~*Alice's Point Of View*~*~* I sat talking with Shaunee, her short white hair looking beautiful with brilliant crimson highlights. Standing at a mere 4'7" she looked a lot like me. She had a light, bubbly personality and is just as in love with shopping as I am.

Across the room Luna was talking to Jenny. Luna's long raven hair was braided down to the middle of her back. She stood to be about 5'7". Grace sat near Luna and Jenny talking to Bella and Edward. Grace was a unique creature. Her pale blonde hair was cropped short in the traditional female wolf cut, and her baby blue eyes were dancing with amusement. Grace too stood around 5'7". Alycia was, once again, entertaining Claire with her wicked water tricks. Alycia's hair was a reddish brown color that rolled down past her shoulders in graceful waves. Alycia was around 5'3". Rhiannon and Renesmee were on the balcony singing Miranda Lambert's Gunpowder & Lead. Rhiannon's light brown hair swished around her shoulders as they danced. At 5'11", Rhiannon towered over Renesmee's 5'1" frame. Elizabeth was talking with Jacob and Seth. Her fiery red hair reminding me of Victoria's though Elizabeth's hair hung only to her chin. At 5'9" she looked infantile next to Jake and Seth. Finally my eyes passed over Sasha Rose who was sitting with Carlisle and Esme. They were talking about Sasha Rose and Aiden's adopted twin girls Logan and Kuran. Sasha Rose's soft yellow curls bound around her face as she explained about the death of Katherine and John, the twins birth parents. Sasha Rose stood at only 5'4" but was obviously the voice of the group. Sasha Rose's phone began ringing. 'When my world goes crazy, you won't let go. When the ground gets shaky, you give me hope.' "Hello Aiden, home already?" I heard her ask. My eyes turned to something far away. Sasha Rose was hanging up the phone, a worried look on her face. She turned back to Carlisle and Esme and said, "Kuran and Logan's babysitter Bethany got sick. Would it be okay if one of the boys brought them over for a while?" Before Carlisle and Esme could respond, Jenny and Claire were jumping up and down, excited at the prospect of making new friends. "Of course the twins can come over!" I exclaimed. Everyone look at me, obviously surprised by my latest outburst. They really should be used to it by now…seriously… "Are you sure?" Sasha Rose asked. "Of course. Jenny and Claire would love for Logan and Kuran to come over. They love making new friends," I told her as Jenny and Claire squealed. We all turned back to our conversations. "So Shaunee, would you like to go shopping tomorrow after I'm released from hell?" "Alice," Esme chided, her voice holding an obvious warning in it. "I'm sorry…After I'm released from therapy," I amended myself for Esme's sake even though hell was so much more appropriate.

"That would be AWESOME. There's this store in Kaktovik that I've wanted to go to but no one will go with me," Shaunee pouted, glaring gently at her family. "I understand exactly how you feel! If I want a shopping partner, I usually have to forcibly drag someone along," I told her. "Usually me," Jasper muttered across the room. I glared at him, causing him to flinch. Someone knocked on the door causing Jenny and Claire to jump up excitedly while Carlisle answered the door. A few seconds later a male vampire flanked by two human children entered the room. "Ethan!" Elizabeth exclaimed as Kuran and Logan ran into Sasha Rose's waiting arms. Ethan had short ink black hair that was tastefully windswept. Ethan stood to be about 6'3". Shorter than Jasper but still a lot taller than his wife. Elizabeth and Ethan shared a short kiss before introducing him to everyone. Jenny and Claire were already making fast friends with Kuran and Logan, both of whom had light bronze hair, similar to Edward's, and they both had one green eye and one brown eye. They were simply beautiful and so unique. It was so fun watching the children play. Jenny wasn't really a child though she was merely 16 when she was changed. She still had the heart and spirit of a child but the mind and soul of an adult. A difficult place to be frozen at. Thankfully with her gift she looked to be about 18. I wondered idly what life would have been like for Jenny if she had not found Embry. Would she have turned into a red eyed monster or would she have continued down the path she was on, never hurting a soul. Thankfully we would never have to know. I saw Edward nod his head every so slightly in agreement with my thoughts. I closed my eyes and felt myself slipping into a land I had never before known. I was staring at a tan Jasper with pale blue eyes. His hand was warm as he grasped my little hand in his large one. He was laughing freely. Then he pressed his tender lips to mine and I felt my heart soaring. It took me a minute to realize my heart was actually beating in my chest. "Alice," Jasper said in his sexy southern accent. My name never sounded so good. "Yes?" I answered, my voice no longer tinkling like bells, instead it too was now thick with a southern drawl though it was still light and airy. "I love you, you know that right?" he asked me quietly. "As I love you Jasper," I told him. Suddenly Jasper got down on one knee and pulled out the velvet box every girl dreams of. "Mary Alice Brandon, with each passing minute my love for you grows. I am never going to want anyone else. Would you do me the wonderful honor of being my bride?"

"Oh Jasper! Of course I will!" I shouted, jumping up and down like the pixie I am. Jasper slipped the elegant diamond ring onto my small finger. Our lips met once again in a kiss filled with joy and passion. I was suddenly no longer standing under the summer sun. I was once again sitting on one of the many couches in the main living room. Well laying now. "What just happened?" I asked no one in particular. Everyone's eyes were on me. "Well…earlier Jasper kind of asked me for a favor. He said it was like a dream of yours. Being able to sleep that is. Well you just did and according to Edward you had a beautiful dream," Shaunee explained. "Thank you Shaunee," I told her. Wow…I actually slept. And I dreamed the most amazing dream too! "Well I think we better get going. The munchkins all need to sleep I'm sure. Besides y'all have an appointment with Dr. Giggles in the morning," Elizabeth announced as Logan yawned and climbed unto her back. Kuran followed suit, climbing on Sasha Rose's back. We all said our goodbyes and I grabbed Jasper, pulling him to our room upstairs. I wanted to thank him properly for the dream.

Chapter 13
*~*~*Jenny's Point Of View*~*~* I was hovering over the bed, watching Embry sleep. I was so lucky to have found him. He was already my whole world and we had only been together for 2 short days. I already felt as though I belonged, not only with Embry but with the entire family. "Good morning Jenny," Alice whispered as she slipped into the bedroom. "Good morning Alice. How are you today?" I asked Alice politely, swiveling in midair to face her. I love being able to levitate. "I'm great. But I just had a vision. Embry and you are going to be the first to go today with Dr. Dipshit," Alice told me. I sighed and sunk down a few inches. "Oh joy. He looked absolutely horrifying yesterday and smelled even worse." "Don't worry. I'm sure it won't be too terrible," Alice said before dancing out of the room. Embry began to stir under the covers. I smiled down at him, floating back up so I was once again hovering about 2 feet above the bed. "Mmm…Good morning beautiful," Embry said, stretching. "Good morning Embry," I said, dropping down to kiss him softly before sighing again. "Is something wrong babe?" he asked me worried. "Alice was just in to see me. She had a vision. Dr. Giggles will want to see us today," I told him.

Embry wrapped his arms around me, pulling me down onto of him. It felt good to be wrapped up in his warm embrace. "I love you Jenny. Everything will be fine. I promise," Embry told me. "I love you too," I whispered, resting my head on his bare chest.

"I so don't want to be here…Why am I here…?" I wondered aloud to no one in particular as we waited for Dr. Giggles to make an appearance. "Because your part of this family and to be honest, everyone in this family is bat shit crazy," Carlisle informed me. In the 2 days I'd been living in the Cullen Mansion, I'd found that out for myself. Hell the only reason I had even met Embry was because he had to fix his window after attempting to kill himself. Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it. Dr. Giggles came out and his eyes immediately zeroed in on me, nestled in Embry's lap… "Good morning everyone. I see a new face. And who are you?" Dr. Giggles asked. I stood up and walked towards him. "I'm Jennifer Dove. Dr. and Mrs. Cullen just adopted me 2 days ago. I'm also Embry's girlfriend," I told him, shaking his hand tight enough to make him wince and maybe even bruise but not hard enough to break anything. "Oh really? Well would Embry and yourself mind being the first couple to go today?" Dr. Giggles asked. Like we have any choice. "Of course we wouldn't mind," Embry said, coming up behind me and hugging me. We followed Dr. Giggles into his office. Such a depressing little room. Embry sat down on the couch while I sat on the floor between his legs. "So Jennifer, tell me about yourself," Dr. Giggles requested. "Let's see…I'm 17 years old. I was recently orphaned but I don't really care. My birth parent's weren't the best people in the world. I met Embry 2 days ago at Spoon's Hardware and let's just say it was love at first sight but so much stronger. A few hours later Carlisle and Esme were signing the adoption papers and I moved in with my amazing new family. I believe that being weird is just like being normal only so much better. My favorite word is sarcasm and I speak it fluently. I love late fall and the color green, if it's the right shade. I'm a night owl and never sleep. Sometimes I talk to much but it's part of my charm. Any questions? Comments? Concerns?" I said somewhat quickly but still slow enough for the evil one to understand. "So you've known Embry for only 2 days and already the two of you are living together?" Dr. Giggles stated. Retard. "Well I already know that I love her more than anyone has loved anyone else. Ever. And that's never gonna change," Embry said. "Considering we're both orphans, we know how short life can be and I know she, like me, believes in living for the moment." "Interesting," Dr. Giggles murmured. His hand flew across the legal pad in front of him making note after note. "Jennifer, are those your natural hair and eye colors?" "Yes doctor, I was born with amethyst eyes and snow white hair," I said as Embry ran his fingers through my hair softly.

I felt his hands pressing down on my shoulders. It was then I realized I was hovering almost 2 inches above the floor. Thankfully I was wearing a long full skirt so Dr. Giggles didn't notice my little magic act. Sometimes when I'm really happy I float on air and don't even notice. "Is that even genetically possible?" Dr. Giggles asked. "Umm…Obviously," I hissed. Dr. Giggles flinched unconsciously. "So Embry, tell me about how you met Jenny," Dr. Giggles asked. Oh the joy. "Well I had attempted to kill myself, ended up breaking a window, had to go down to Spoon's Hardware, saw Jenny, fell in love, asked her to move in with me, and here we are," Embry summarized terribly. Note to self: Ban him from talking about the 'accident'. You could practically hear the cricket's chirping as Dr. Giggles sat dumbfounded. 10 to 1 say's he's contemplating having Embry committed. "Oh but don't worry, now that I have Jenny, I don't plan on ever trying again," Embry smiled. Dr. Giggles blinked a few times then he cleared his throat. He made a few more notes before speaking again. "Embry, why did you attempt suicide?" "Because I couldn't take the pain anymore. I was sick and tired of everyone being so freaking happy around me while I was slowly dying inside," Embry said. If I could cry I would have. "Okay. What is it about Embry you love Jenny?" Dr. Giggles asked. "He holds me when I'm sad, he makes me smile with just his eyes, shares my hopes, dreams, and fears. Makes all my nightmares disappear. I love him without regret. I just love him because he's him," I told Dr. Giggles. "The more I learn about this family, the less I understand," Dr. Giggles muttered so low no human would be able to hear but we're not humans… I growled at him as did everyone in the other room, barring Claire of course. The more I saw of Dr. Giggles, the less I liked. Asshole. "One final thing before I let the 2 of you go. Are y'all sharing a room?" Dr. Giggles asked. "Of course we are doctor, but we both have our own rooms too. So 2 people, 3 rooms," Embry said. With that we stood and walked out the door. I needed to get far away from him before he ended up in a pine box.

Chapter 14
*~*~*Bella's Point Of View*~*~* "Bella? Are you okay?" Edward asked me. I laughed, as if anything could honestly be wrong. Well physically at least.

"I'm fine, I'm just thinking back. Remembering my life before I was changed, you know?" I told him, leaning against his shoulder. "Ahhh…Any memory in particular this time?" Edward wondered. "The first weekend I got to spend with the best babysitter ever," I said thinking back...

"I love you Bella. I'll be back Monday morning before you wake up. Emmett and Jasper are staying with you and I'm just a phone call away," Edward said, kissing my forehead softly. I hate it when he leaves me. I know it's necessary though. His eyes are evidence of that. Edward's eyes could give coal a run for it's money. "I love you too Edward. Don't worry about me. Emmett and Jasper are sure to keep me from killing myself. Go…The sooner you leave, the sooner you'll be home with me," I told him, pushing him gently. Even if I couldn't move him, I could make sure to get my point across. Edward ran out of the house with Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Rosalie. Emmett and Jasper continued to watch the Georgia Bulldogs cream the Florida Gators on TiVo. It was going to be a LONG weekend. I feel depressed. "Bella it's going to be fine. Edward will be home in just 3 short days and I promise I'll keep out of biting distance," Jasper said, forlorn. I instantly felt guilty. I wish Jasper and I could get closer. Emmett's phone rang loudly, jolting me from my silent desires. "Are you sure Ali?" I heard Emmett say into his phone. He looked puzzled while Jasper looked downright frightened, his light butterscotch eyes wide. I felt scared too, wondering what could be happening now. "I'm on my way," Emmett said, rushing out the door. I turned to Jasper, dumbstruck. My main babysitter had just run away, with no explanation. I can't wait to be a vampire. Then I would be in the know. "Alice had a vision…of us," Jasper said quietly. "I know you want us to be closer. I just couldn't live with myself if I were to kill you. Edward hasn't been the only one effected by you. The whole family loves you. Even Rose…in her own unique way. You truly are the little sister I've always wanted." "Can I give you a hug?" I asked as the tears fell silently. Jasper held his arms open, letting me give him the hug I've always wanted to. I felt the love pouring off of him. In this moment, he truly became my brother. "I love you Jasper. I know you worry about hurting me but I have faith in you. I believe in you," I whispered. Jasper smiled softly. I returned to my seat and returned the smile. "I love you too Bella. We have all weekend together to prove to the rest of the family that I won't kill you. Mainly Edward. But first I believe the human needs sleep, does she not?" Jasper whispered back. I blushed. Ah yes…my over-protective boyfriend. I mean overprotective fiancé. I'm shocked he had aloud Alice to call Emmett, leaving me alone with Jasper.

I yawned involuntarily as if proving Jasper's point. I stood without responding. Jasper followed suit and together we walked up to Edward's room. Thankfully I only attempted to visit the floor once, and Jasper gracefully stopped that from happening. "Goodnight Bella," Jasper whispered from the doorway. "Goodnight Jasper," I whispered back. I fell asleep mere moments after my head hit Edward's oh so soft pillows. I wasn't asleep for long when the nightmare began. I woke up scared, screaming bloody murder. Jasper was by my side an instant later, holding me close and rubbing my back as I sobbed. "It's okay Bella. Shh…It's okay. Edward will be home Monday," Jasper whispered. "Jazz will you stay with me? I don't think I could handle being alone. I'll understand if it's too much for you to handle though," I whispered. I knew I would never get any sleep tonight unless someone stayed with me. "Of course I'll stay with you Bells," Jasper whispered. I suddenly felt a lot calmer and slipped under once again. The next time I opened my eyes the sun was streaming through Edward's window and Jasper's cold arms were still wrapped protectively around me. "Morning Bella. How did you sleep?" Jasper asked cheerfully. I stretched and said, "Much better. Thank you for staying with me. Was it very hard for you?" Jasper chuckled and squeezed me gently. "Silly Bella after almost 2 years it's gotten a lot easier. Besides, I love my little sister to much to kill her." I laughed along with him as we headed downstairs. I was starving and Edward would be pissed if I skipped breakfast. "What would my favorite human like to eat this morning?" Jasper asked. "Hmm…How about I hunt and you watch?" I suggested. Jasper nodded, smiling and I wondered idly if he had ever cooked a meal in his entire existence. I went to the cupboard, grabbing my Fruit Loops. I looped over to the fridge, snatching the milk and orange juice. As I assembled my breakfast, Jasper's phone began ringing. "Hello Edward…Bella's fine…She's hunting up her breakfast…Umm, Fruit Loops I believe… Yes, everything is perfectly fine…Not even once…No Edward, I'm not lying. ..If I can't handle it, I'll call…I have no idea what Alice is hiding from you…Okay…Sure…Tell Alice I love her…One second," I heard Jasper say, before passing the phone to me. I put down my spoon and spoke into the receiver, "Good morning Edward." "Good morning love. How are you today?" Edward asked, his velvet voice making my heart skip the usual beat. Jasper chuckled on his way out. I assumed he was going back to whatever game I interrupted last night.

"I'm quite well. Jasper's on his way to being my favorite babysitter. Are you being good or is Rose on the verge of killing you again?" I asked, sipping on my orange juice. "Emmett is keeping Rose bust so I don't annoy her. Alice and I have been alternating between hunting and watching your future but now Alice is keeping something from me. I must say, I'm very proud of Jasper…Well Alice is glaring at me so I have to go. I love you Isabella," Edward said. "I love you too. Go bag a mountain lion for me," I said. I finished the rest of my breakfast as soon as we hung up. I was excited to spend more time with Jasper. As soon as I was done, I rinsed my dishes and ran into the living room. Jasper sat playing Skate 2, growling softly as he biffed it. "Losing Jazz?" I asked mockingly. Jasper simply growled louder, causing me to laugh. "So what would you like to do today?" I asked him as he biffed it yet again. Jasper gently chucked the remote at the wall. It still shattered into a million pieces. I was shocked. I had never seen Jasper break anything without Emmett involved. "Well after the dream you had last night, how about we get a trampoline?" Jasper asked. I looked at him, dumb founded. Jasper wanted to buy a TRAMPOLINE?! "You do remember who your talking to right? This is Isabella Marie Swan, queen of the danger magnates. I can trip over NOTHING!" I reminded him. Jasper laughed, pulling me towards the garage. "Don't worry Bells. I won't let anything happen to you. Besides, I think this is one physical activity you won't fail at." We got into Carlisle's Mercedes and sped towards Seattle, home of the nearest Wally World. We really need to get a Wally World closer to home or maybe even a mall. Hmm…I wonder if Alice could convince someone to put a mall in like Port Angeles. "So are you scared Bella?" Jasper asked me quietly. I sighed, knowing exactly what he was talking about. "I'm just worried he won't love me anymore after I'm changed," I admitted, blushing deeply. My voice was barely a whisper in the wind, thankfully I was riding with a vampire. I felt waves of reassurance pouring over me as Jasper said, "Bella nothing is going to change except you will no longer make him thirsty. Edward loves you for so much more than your blush and your heartbeat. He loves your beautiful mind though he can't hear it's marvelous secrets, your eyes that tell him what your mind won't , and your smile that some home manages to make his dead heart skip a beat. It's not just your voice that makes his heart soar, your sleep talking that entertains us all, or your clumsiness that is so heartwarming. Edward loves you for the simple reason that your YOU." A silent tear fell from my eye as Jasper gave me a one armed hug. "Thanks Jazz. That really means a lot to me. I'm so glad we get to spend the weekend together. Emmett would have spent the weekend laughing at me after I tripped going to bed last night," I said laughing as I wiped away the tears. ********3 LONG Hours Later********

We finally had the trampoline at home and set up, safety net included. I was staring at the monstrous creation as Jasper laughed. "Feeling a little anxious Bella?" Jasper joked. I turned to glare at him. "Shut up Jazz," I muttered. Jasper picked me up and together we jumped OVER the safety net, bouncing about 6 times before we lost momentum. Stupid showoff-y vampire. Note to self: strangle him after I turn! Oddly enough the bouncing was fun and not very hard. After a little practice, Jasper let me jump without his guidance. It was exhilarating…until I overshot a jump and went sailing into the safety net. Jasper was reading and apparently didn't sense danger in time to save me. "So much for something I can do," I grumbled as Jasper helped me up and into the house. "Oh Bella…" Jasper chuckled.

I snapped back to reality as Dr. Giggles came out of his office. I sighed, smiling. Best… babysitter…ever!

Chapter 15
I'm sorry but we really need to cut this session short today. My dear friend and secretary, Stephanie, has been in a terrible accident. Shall we resume this next week?" Dr. Giggles asked. He looked truly devastated. I felt my eyes glaze over and Carlisle's response was lost to a vision of the past. I saw a young girl of barely 18 walking across the snow covered road late at night. She had headphones on, her music turned up loud. A man was approaching in a large SUV, his vehicle swerving back and forth. The driver of the black SUV was visibly drunk. I cringed as the front of the SUV made contact with Stephanie's side. A blood curdling scream escaped her lips. Ellie, a young girl I recognized from school, screamed and ran to Stephanie's still body. The drunk driver continued to speed away. Ellie shook Stephanie, causing me to shake too. If I could cry, I would. I had seen and done many terrible things in my existence but the loss of such a vibrant young life truly sickens me. I remembered Stephanie from school. She lived her life to the fullest, always trying her best. She believed in persevering no matter what. As my eyes focused back I saw Edward shaking with the same fury that was currently boiling through me. Jasper flinched from all the raw anger radiating from Edward and I. "What the hell is going on?" Jasper hissed, our anger reflected in his voice. "Calm down everyone! Jasper isn't handling the anger well!" Alice said, rubbing Jasper's arm soothingly. I worked on slowly controlling my anger, letting Jasper's calming magic work on me.

xXx 3 Hours Later xXx "Well it looks like therapy's over. TO bad. It was just getting interesting," Alice commented. "What do you mean Ali?" Jasper asked before I could. Alice laughed and said, "Well since our therapist is going to be locked up in an asylum, it'll be hard for us to continue seeing him. He saw her and he snapped. He was apparently a mental patient before you know." I was still confused as were most of us. "Alice…why would seeing her cause him to snap? Who is 'her' for that matter?" I asked. Before Alice could answer, Stephanie walked through the front door. She looked absolutely beautiful yet completely miserable. Stephanie looked only at the ground. "I went to see him," she mumbled. "He was so scared. I'm supposed to be dead after all. Even if I disappeared from the scene…Ellie saw me die. I was as close to death as one could be. But I was saved. Doesn't he see? This isn't a bad thing. This is a good thing. I'll spend the rest of my existence saving those like me…Saving those who don't have anyone else that can save them…" The now vampire Stephanie continued walking up the stairs. "How?" was all anyone could ask…all anyone could say. "She has the ability to speed things up," Carlisle explained. "A transformation that should have taken days, took merely hours. She's a unique specimen. Stephanie has chosen to spend her life helping the helpless. I didn't tell anyone about her because she didn't want anyone to know." We all turned to stare at the top of the stairs where Stephanie disappeared. "So what should we do now?" Alice asked. Renesmee laughed and said, "I have an idea…" This should be interesting.