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Linda Green

SLIS 5415 Summer 2015

Final Project
Generations: Senior to Senior Graphic Novel Workshop
Project Proposal
Purpose, Goals and Objectives
Building on an already successful library program which pairs senior adults with senior high
school students, the Generations: Senior to Senior Graphic Novel Workshop is a project designed
to foster a bridge between senior adults and teens through the collaborative creation of graphic
novels. During this one day workshop, senior adults will provide personal photos, documents
and recollections for the graphic novel while teens will provide an informal introduction to the
genre and hands-on assistance with the use of ComicLife novel generating software. Overall
goals of the program are twofold: give senior adults an introduction and appreciation of the
creative possibilities within the graphic novel genre while promoting leadership, interpersonal
skills, and community engagement in teens.
Needs Assessment
A needs assessment serves as a vital process in library programing. Needs assessments
distinguish the interests, goals, and general mind-set of the community and/or targeted group. As
a planning tool, the assessment(s) can provide focus to the goals and objectives of program to
make certain that community needs are achieved.
Organization Needs Assessment. Two years ago the Conway County Library conducted a survey
of senior adults living within the service area to determine their interests and needs. From this
study, it was determined that seniors were primarily interested in two types of programs: (1)
those that introduced them to new technology; and (2) ones that kept them current and active
with todays events. Seniors frequently noted how they felt out of touch and unable to relate to
the youth of today. A follow-up survey was conducted within the young adult populace which
indicated that youth felt they would benefit from additional community engagement/volunteer
opportunities as well as a means to develop leadership skills prior to college. To meet these
needs, the library developed an ongoing program entitled Seniors to Seniors.
The Seniors to Seniors program brings together senior high school students and senior adults in
the community. The programs are held regularly and content is agreed upon by representatives
from each group. Previous programs have included basic computer skills for seniors, an
introduction to social media, and an oral history program for veterans. With the increased
demand and circulation of graphic novels in the library, this workshop will help meet the needs
of both target groups.
Project Needs Assessment. To gauge the needs to this particular program, the following
assessments will be conducted:
Written survey on registration form to evaluate participants familiarity with graphic
Written survey to teen volunteers to determine current graphic novel readings and
familiarity with ComicLife software

Green/5415/Graphic Novel Project Proposal/p. 2

Informal discussions with patrons to determine interest and knowledge in graphic novels
Social media campaign for graphic novels and examples of ComicLife which allows
informal discussion as well as providing web traffic analytics for review and assessment

Implementation Plan
This section details the resources necessary to complete the proposed graphic novel workshop.
When possible, exact numbers and financial information has been provided. Where exact
numbers cannot be determined, projected costs have been calculated based on previous programs
of similar substance.
Staffing: Linda Green will be the primary project developer. Volunteers from the Teen Advisory
Group will be involved in the actual instruction and content of the program.
Funding: Costs for marketing materials, program supplies, and evaluation tools will be from the
librarys current programming budget and/or in kind contributions and donations. A suggested
budget for the workshop is provided below.

Library staffing

Library Cost



In Kind Contribution


8 hours for one library
5 hours each for 6 teen



Total program cost:

- (in kind contributions)

Annual subscription fee

is included in library
general operating budget
each year, no additional
fees required
Copy and advertising fees
Drinks and light snacks
provided by local

Resources/Equipment: The program requires no new resource or equipment purchases. The

workshop will make use of the following in-house resources:

Green/5415/Graphic Novel Project Proposal/p. 3

Laptop and/or desktop computers (determination based on number of participants and

participants comfort level with each type of device);
Printers, ink and paper
ComicLife subscription software
Scanners (if needed to digitize items provided by participants)
Storyboard sheets (see Appendix C)

Timeline: As an addition to an already existing program, the graphic novel workshop does not
require a lengthy planning timeline. The timeline below can be accelerated as necessary to meet
community needs.

Week Five: Create all promotional materials for program for distribution
Week Four: Distribute promotional materials at Seniors to Seniors regular meeting
Week Three: Distribute promotional materials throughout community. Advertise
program in local media outlets and through library social media accounts. Begin taking
Week Two: Confirm software subscription, confirm volunteers and refreshment
sponsors. Meet with teen volunteers to discuss program design, schedule and goals.
Week One: Send out reminders to registrants and hold workshop.
Final week: Compile reports and end of program survey results to evaluate and
assessment program results.

Program Content
This program is designed as a 4 hour workshop to be held at the library. Content includes
activities done prior to the workshop, schedule of the workshop itself, and evaluation following
the close of the workshop.
Pre-workshop Content. Prior to the workshop date,
Program Evaluation

Green/5415/Graphic Novel Project Proposal/p. 4

Appendix A
Program Flyer

Green/5415/Graphic Novel Project Proposal/p. 5

Appendix B
Workshop Trifold Brochure

Green/5415/Graphic Novel Project Proposal/p. 6

Appendix C
Storyboard Form

Green/5415/Graphic Novel Project Proposal/p. 7