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The Invisible Subconscious

Just wanted to share a few things most already know, using the
conscious human mind in contrast to faith from the heart or the
subconscious mind.

Faith is a (subconscience), expectation from the heart Rev.

George Pike

Die to the Darkness within you! Whatever that darkness may be, hate, lust,
greed, selfishness, jealousy, pride, fear, etc. Darkness is not a force to be
battled, it is "simply", "The absence of Light". So let down your walls of that
prison you are in that blocks the light, and allow light to enter and it instantly
dissipates the darkness.

How does one remove darkness in the heart? Turn on the Light.

The conscious mind is born to only believe, if it can see.

The subconscious mind is born to believe what it cannot see.

The Conscious Mind dies because its eyes tell it it is aging and sick and like all
things seen it too must pass away.
The Subconscious Mind never dies because all it see's is the invisible world of
the eternal.

The Conscious Mind is inclined to believe only what it deems is possible.

The Subconscious Mind is inclined to believe the The Impossible!

Christ came to teach us how to deny the conscious mind of limited sight.
To open our subconscious mind to the unlimited!

Let your subconscious mind believe in what your natural eyes cannot see.
Deny your Conscious Mind of all the walls, and obstacles of limited sight.

Faith comes from the supernatural subconscious mind in the heart.

Unbelief and doubt and fear come from the conscious mind in the head.

In the conscious mind lies the darkness.

In the subconscious stands the Light!
They form The Cross!

The Word of God is that which gives the Subconscious Mind Sight to see the
It also closes the eyes to the conscious mind and judges it as falsehood.

The Word of God condemns the limited darkness of fear and doubt in the
conscious mind.
It gives life and hope and faith to the unlimited light of the subconscious!

Deny Yourself = Cast down the conscious mind of doubt and fear and the 5
Take Up Your Cross = Deny the conscious mind and grant sight to the
subconscious mind.
Have Faith in God = Faith only comes from the heart, the subconscious mind.

The 5 senses of the conscious mind is the negative darkness of Imprisonment,

resulting in death.
The 6th Sense of the subconscious mind is the Positive Light of Freedom
resulting in Eternal Life!
You MUST be born again!

Christ lived according to the Subconscious Heart of Invisible Sight and Faith.
He never believed what His natural conscious mind and 5 senses told Him.
He walked through the walls, He rent the veils, He ascended into glory, He
walked on the water, he commanded the Wind and waves to obey Him, He spoke
and darkness fled, He found and discovered eternal authority that whatever He
said was done and His Word never returned to Him void. He believed the
impossible, He raised the dead, he healed the sick, He fed the multitudes, with
nothing, He changed water into wine for the guest. He lived LIFE according to the
Inner Sight of the Invisible Subconscious Mind and World. He left us a witness
and a a testimony and the way, to discover, and open, and awaken that same
subconscious eternal Mind of beholding the invisible world of the Impossible.
Have Faith in the Invisible, in the Impossible, in the Unseen, believe and hope
and do not fear, the answer is within you, no matter what the problem, the
answer is within you, sitting right there awaiting to be awakened, the Faith in the
Eternal and the Impossible in the deep secret place of the heart. There sits the
Master who but sleeps, when the storms arise, you must go to awaken Him and I
assure you, He the Invisible Master will arise and speak to the seas and the
storms and the waves and say, "Peace Be Still"! They will obey!

Thank You!
Bro Pat