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Welcome to Intellect’s Spring 2010 books catalogue. Since 1986, Intellect has established a diverse and innovative publishing portfolio, presenting scholarly work at the intersection of arts, media and creative practice. Our primary commitment is to the author, and we champion original, ground-breaking thought and debate. Intellect also strives to facilitate a platform for creative artists to critically reflect on their work, promoting a blend of artistic creativity and academic critique.

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Cultural & Media Studies

Media & Cultural Studies


ISBN 9781841502724 Paperback UK £19.95 US $35 Related Titles European Culture and the Media ISBN 9781841501116 Harm and Offence in Media Content (2nd Edition) ISBN 9781841502380

The Propaganda of Peace
The Role of Media and Culture in the Northern Ireland Peace Process
By Greg McLaughlin and Stephen Baker
When political opponents Ian Paisley and Martin McGuiness were confirmed as First Minister and Deputy First Minister of a new Northern Ireland executive in May 2007, a chapter was closed on Northern Ireland’s troubled past.. The Propaganda of Peace analzes this incident and others in a wider study of the role of the media in conflict resolution and transformation. With analysis of media forms, it proposes a radically different approach to the media’s role in reporting and representing.

Media & Cultural Studies 5

ISBN 9781841503240 Hardback UK £24.95 US $45 Related Titles International Journal of Iberian Studies ISSN: 1364971X Performing Spanishness ISBN 9781841501345

The Mobile Nation
España Cambia de Piel (1954–1964)
By Tatjana Pavlovic
The last five years have witnessed a surge in publications on Spanish cinema and Spanish cultural studies, but the subject of consumer culture in Spain has been neglected until now. The Mobile Nation: España Cambia de Piel (1954–1964) presents the first systematic treatment of this crucial period during Spain’s transition to modernity and highlights the forces that converged during this dramatic decade to change the face of Spain.

Media & Cultural Studies 6

ISBN 9781841503219 Hardback UK £24.95 US $45 Related Titles Understanding the Global TV Format ISBN 9781841501321 Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture ISSN: 17572681

Reinventing Public Service Television for the Digital Future
By Mary Debrett
Once regarded as a system in decline, public service broadcasters have acquired renewed legitimacy in the digital environment, as drivers of digital take-up, innovators and trusted brands. Exploring this remarkable transformation, Reinventing Public Service Television for the Digital Future engages with the new opportunities and challenges facing public service media, outlining the ways in which interactive technologies are now expanding the delivery of diverse goals and enhancing public accountability.

Media & Cultural Studies 7

ISBN 9781841503172 Paperback UK £17.95 US $35 Related Titles International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics ISSN: 17408296 Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies ISSN 17571898

Confronting Theory
The Psychology of Cultural Studies
By Philip Bell
Confronting Theory presents a methodological (philosophical) and educational evaluation and critique of what has come to be known as Theory (‘with a capital-T’) in cross-disciplinary humanities education. Rather than merely dismissing Theory writing as risibly pretentious and abstract, Confronting Theory examines its principal concepts from the perspective of academic psychology and shows that although many of these analyses sound like revolutionary psychological theory, few, if any, have empirical implications that students can evaluate.

Media & Cultural Studies 8

ISBN 9781841501581 Paperback UK £19.95 US $35 Related Titles Art, Community and Environment ISBN 9781841502571 Public Spheres After Socialism ISBN 9781841502120

Cultural Quarters (Second Edition)
Principles and Practice
By Simon Roodhouse
The much-praised Cultural Quarters returns in a revised edition, offering new case studies and new chapters on the economics of cultural quarters and the importance of historic buildings. This definitive text provides a conceptual context for cultural quarters through a detailed discussion of urban design and planning.

Media & Cultural Studies 9

Film Studies

Film Studies 10

ISBN 9781841503325 Paperback UK £14.95 US $25 Related Titles Cultural Quarters (PB) Principles and Practice ISBN 9781841502137 Public Spheres After Socialism ISBN 9781841502120

The Film Paintings of David Lynch
Challenging Film Theory
By Allister MacTaggart
Aimed at both Lynch fans and film studies specialists, Allister MacTaggart addresses Lynch’s films from the perspective of the relationship between commercial film, avantgarde art, and cultural theory. Individual Lynch works – The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, The Straight Story, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire – are discussed in relation to other films and directors. The Film Paintings of David Lynch offers a unique perspective on an influential director, weaving together a range of theoretical approaches to Lynch’s films to make exciting new connections among film theory, art history, psychoanalysis and cinema.

Film Studies 11

ISBN 9781841503356 Paperback UK £16 US $25 Related Titles Hong Kong New Wave Cinema (1978–2000) ISBN 9781841501482 Declarations of Independence American Cinema and the Partiality of Independent Production ISBN 9781841501857

Directory of World Cinema: Japan
Edited by John Berra
From the revered classics of Akira Kurosawa to the modern marvels of Takeshi Kitano, the films that have emerged from Japan represent a national cinema that has gained worldwide admiration and appreciation. The Directory of World Cinema: Japan provides an insight into the cinema of Japan through reviews of significant titles and case studies of leading directors, alongside explorations of the cultural and industrial origins of key genres. As the inaugural volume of an ambitious new series from Intellect documenting world cinema, the directory aims to play a part in moving intelligent, scholarly criticism beyond the academy by building a forum for the study of film that relies on a disciplined theoretical base.

Film Studies 12

ISBN 9781841503233 Paperback UK £19.95 US $35 Related Titles French Costume Drama of the 1950s Fashioning Politics in Film ISBN 9781841503189 Studies in French Cinema ISSN: 14715880

Studies in French Cinema
UK Perspectives 1985–2010
Edited by Will Higbee and Sarah Leahy
Studies in French Cinema looks at the development of French screen studies in the United Kingdom over the past twenty years and the ways in which innovative scholarship in the UK has helped shape the field in English and French speaking universities. This seminal text is also a tribute to six key figures within the field who have been leaders in research and teaching of French cinema: Jill Forbes, Susan Hayward, Phil Powrie, Keith Reader, Carrie Tarr, and Ginette Vincendeau.

Film Studies 13

ISBN 9781841502717 Paperback UK £14.95 US $25 Related Titles The Danish Directors (PB) Dialogues on a contemporary national cinema ISBN 9781841508412 Studies in European Cinema ISSN: 17411548

The Danish Directors 2
Dialogues on the New Danish Fiction Cinema
Edited by Mette Hjort, Eva Jørholt and Eva Novrup Redvall
Over the last two decades, the New Danish Cinema has established itself as an important source of cinematic renewal and innovation. With insider information about the making of award-winning films, and interviews with seminal directors such as Anders Thomas Jensen, Annette K. Olesen, and Lone Scherfig, The Danish Directors 2 allows entry into what might seem to be a forbidding body of work. The editors’ appreciation of the specific qualities of each director’s work elicits thoughtful replies. This volume will appeal to students, scholars, and cinephiles alike.

Film Studies 14

ISBN 9781841503189 Paperback UK £24.95 US $45 Related Titles Studies in French Cinema ISSN: 14715880 International Journal of Francophone Studies ISSN: 13682679

French Costume Drama of the 1950s
Fashioning Politics in Film
By Susan Hayward
When political and civil unrest threatened France’s social order in the 1950s, French cinema provided audiences a seemingly unique form of escapism from such troubled times: a nostalgic look back to the France of the nineteenth and earlier centuries, with costume dramas set in the age of Napoleon, the Belle Époque, the Revolution and further back to seventeenth-century swashbuckler adventures and tales of mystery and revenge. Film critics have routinely dismissed this period and this genre of French cinema, overlooking its importance in terms of political cultural history.

Film Studies 15

ISBN 9781841503202 Paperback UK £19.95 US $35 Related Titles Film, Drama and the BreakUp of Britain ISBN 9781841501505 Cinema and Landscape Film, Nation and Cultural Geography ISBN 9781841503097

Don’t Look Now
British Cinema in the 1970s
Edited by Paul Newland
While post-war British cinema and the British new wave have received much scholarly attention, the misunderstood period of the 1970s has been comparatively ignored. Don’t Look Now uncovers forgotten but richly rewarding films, including Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now and the films of Lindsay Anderson and Barney Platts-Mills. This volume offers insight into the careers of important film-makers and sheds light on the genres of experimental film, horror, rock, and punk films, as well as representations of the black community, shifts in gender politics, and adaptations of television comedies.

Film Studies 16

Performing Arts

Performing Arts 17

ISBN 9781841503196 Paperback UK £19.95 US $35 Related Titles Allegorical Images Tableau, Time and Gesture in the Cinema of Werner Schroeter ISBN 9781841501383 Beyond Auteurism: New Directions in Authorial Film Practices in France, Italy and Spain since the 1980s ISBN 9781841502045

Christoph Schlingensief
Art Without Borders
Edited by Tara Forrest and Anna Teresa Scheer With a foreword by Alexander Kluge
The work of acclaimed German artist Christoph Schlingensief spans three decades and a diverse range of fields, including film, television, activism, opera, and theatre. Christoph Schlingensief is the first book to be published in English on Schlingensief’s groundbreaking, politically engaged body of work. Leading scholars in the field offer a critical assessment of Schlingensief’s hybrid practice, and an interview with Schlingensief himself provides the reader with insight into past and present projects.

Performing Arts 18

ISBN 9781841502328 Paperback UK £14.95 US $25 Related Titles Pop Fiction The Song in Cinema ISBN 9781841500782 Journal of Music, Technology and Education ISSN 17527066

Pop Up
Popular Music Since 1945
By Anthony May and Cory Messenger
In film, television, and advertising, a few bars from a pop song can evoke a moment in time – a singular intersection of personal memory and public history – with unparalleled intensity. In the years after World War II, the recording industry ushered in a new version of popular music, supplanting the big bands and crooners that had dominated the airwaves and dance halls of previous decades. In its various forms – singles, albums, and compact discs – the sale of pop music on disc became a central feature of western life until the shift to the mp3 in the new millennium.

Performing Arts 19

ISBN 9781841503264 Paperback UK £17.95 US $30 Related Titles Applied Theatre ISBN 9781841502816 Contemporary Theatre in Education ISBN 9781841501703

The Philosophical Actor
A Practical Meditation for Practicing Theatre Artists
By Donna Soto-Morettini
There have been many books published on acting, actor training, and practical theories for preparing for a role, but none of these books have looked philosophically at the concepts that we use when we talk about acting. This book is the first attempt to grapple with the fundamental questions of truth, art, and human nature unexamined in past treatments, from the first essay by Diderot to the exhaustive system described by Stanislavski. With wide appeal to actors, directors, acting students, acting teachers and trainers, Soto-Morettini draws from twenty-five years of experience as an acting teacher and director to introduce innovative ways of thinking about acting.

Performing Arts 20

Visual Arts

Visual Arts 21

ISBN 9781841503257 Paperback UK £19.95 US $35 Related Titles Drawing – The Purpose ISBN 9781841502014 Writing on Drawing Essays on Drawing Practice and Research ISBN 9781841502007

The Enactive Evolution of the Practitioner
By Patricia Cain
In an era which has seen many forms of artistic creation becoming digitized, the practice of drawing, in the traditional sense, has remained constant. However, many publications about the relationship between drawing and thinking rely on discipline-dependent distinctions to discuss the activity’s function. Drawing redefines drawing more holistically as an enactive phenomenon, and makes connections between a variety of disciplines in order to find out how drawing helps us understand the world.

Visual Arts 22

ISBN 9781841503165 Paperback UK £14.95 US $25 Related Titles Truth or Dare Art and Documentary ISBN 9781841501758 Aesthetic Journalism How to Inform Without Informing ISBN 9781841502687

Unmapping the City
Perspectives of Flatness
Edited by Alfredo Cramerotti
Unmapping the City, the first title in the new Intellect series ‘Critical Photography’, features photographs shot between 2004 and 2008 in fourteen different cities around the world. The images are linked by their shared attempts to define a two-dimensional approach to a three-dimensional built reality, and to address spatial representation and urbanity through art. In representing the cityscape through a flat texture of lines and minimal colour tones, the book draws the reader into a conversation about the interplay between reality and its representation. This volume significantly challenges and expands the critical discourse on photography and text and will be of interest to artists, curators, photographers, architects, and critical theorists.

Visual Arts 23

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