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Zaid Hamid Threatens 2nd year Medical Student

Posted by Abu Muhammad on March 3, 2010 (Source: It will not come as a surprise that in our country those people who heal the wounds of our nation, often face the threat of injury. These threats do not come from accidents or machines, but by rouges that live in our midst. Very often we will hear stories about doctors being hassled and harassed. I have a similar story to share. It will come as a shock to the entire doctor community that a prominent speaker, Zaid Hamid, personally threatened a second year medical student the day before yesterday. I am a third year student in Shifa Collage of Medicine Islamabad. In early feb, some of our students arranged an Islamic conference to which Mr Zaid Hamid was invited. A controversy arose as there were some allegations that Mr Zaid Hamid had some link with a false prophet named Yousf Kazzab, who was latter sentenced to death. In order to clarify this allegation some of the students went to meet Mr Zaid Hamid. As the student who was threatned(lets call him x), was a very close friend of Mr Zaid Hamid’s son who himself is a first year student at shifa, he too went in that group. As a big controversy had been created in shifa about Yousf Kazzab, Zaid told X to make a video in which he explained that Yousf Kazzab was innocent and wrongly accused. It was a 58

min video, and X was instructed to show it to people but not at any cost be given to any one or be uploaded to youtube. X did as he was told but very soon he started receiving threats that he should delete the video or else horrible things will happen to him and his family. The problem was that X had given that video to a few friends including me. For the past 1 month X has been suffering from sever depression. He took world distinction in A levels and was a top student but Zaid Hamid made him so tense that he missed his neuro science module exam. He stoped meeting people even in college. The day before yesterday Zaid Hamid called him personally and said “I warn you and I threaten you… If you leak that video there will be blood shed”. X has no Family in Islamabad. The nearest person he knows lives near Bhawalpur. His father is 75 years old. If they know that there is a threat to his life they will call him back and his future will be lost. I told him to stand up for his rights and he has even stoped talking to me. That is why I am not using his name. I checked whether I should report it to the Police but people told me that Zaid Hamid will lodge an FIR against X. Besides I don’t know much about this kind of stuff. I really feel angry that a person who is a cream of the Nation is tortured so much and there nothing we can do. Talha Saad
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