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2 kg of chuck beef (fat and gristle removed)
750 de-boned thick rib of pork
200 g of pork fat (spek)
1 tablespoon ground coriander
2 tablespoons salt
a good pinch of nutmeg
½ cup vinegar
About 90g of pork casings (ask your butcher for some or ask him where you can buy it)

Instructions on how to make it

Cut the meat and spek into small cubes. Sprinkle the seasoning over the meat (not the vinegar
Penny), mix well and then mince together. Add the vinegar and mix lightly, but thoroughly.
Stuff into casing and refrigerate for 24 hours in a covered, non-metal container.

(Optional: You can experiment by adding additional ingredients. For a lovely curry flavour add
a tablespoon of curry powder to the above recipe. For a great garlic flavour add finely crushed
and chopped garlic and for a sharper taste add more vinegar).

Do not overcook sausage. About 12-15 minutes over slow coals should do well. Serve with
other BBQ dishes like Mealie Bread.
Meat Selection
Meat selection is all important when attempting to make a top quality boerewors which will
deep the customers coming back for more.

• Where possible try to always use fresh meat rather than trimmings which have been
frozen and then thawed out. The freezing process cause free moisture in meat to form
ice crystals which in turn break the protein chains with the muscle. When the meat is
then thawed, these crystals melt ant the water leaches out of the meat.
• When the raw boerewors is manufactured, there will be a reduction in the water binding
potential of the meat and this will result in a final cooked product which is dry and
• Before mincing the trimmings in preparation for making boerewors, ensure that there
are no bone chips, cartilage and excess connective tissue.
• Always ensure that meat is cold when you mince it (0 - 3°C). There will always be a
temperature gain during the mincing process.

Always make sure that equipment is clean and sterile. Dirty equipment is one of the major
reasons for reduced shelf life in fresh products. Mincer knives and plates should always be as
sharp as possible to ensure that a clean cut is made on meat with minimal temperature

Other raw materials

• It is very important that you use cold water when making boerewors, this will improve
the binding of the water in the recipe and will result in a better yield of product, both in
the raw form and when braaied.
• Check the vinegar you are using if the recipe calls for it. There are varied strengths of
vinegar available and you should make use of a 5% strength vinegar where possible.
• Make sure that you use the entire batch pack and make up the full recipe of product.
This will prevent any variations in the finished product taste, as some settling occurs
when complete packs are stored.
• Casings should be thoroughly washed off in clean luke warm water to remove all traces
of salt. Casings should be stored in luke warm water while filling. NOTE: When
separating bundles, it is useful to add a teaspoon of phosphate to the water in which the
casings are placed. This will make them a little bit slippery and will facilitate easier
sorting of the bundle.

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