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Is Diego Maradona
Will presidential weight carry healthcare through? swearing or
Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row using the election scare tactic
Washington) aimed at Democrats worrying itching?
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:24:59 PM about losing seats in November (Latest news, breaking news,
— “Every election in America current news, UK news, world
President Barack Obama spoke. this fall will be a referendum on news, celebrity news, politics
Republicans talked back. this issue,” Senate Republican news)
No sign that anyone shifted Leader Mitch McConnell said. Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:05:18 AM
positions after the president’s Obama’s road trips next week Accessibility links
remarks today in the East Room to Philadelphia and St. Louis are • Skip to article
at the White House with lots of aimed at creating momentum • Skip to navigation
white hospital coats in the after asking Congress to
audience. schedule a vote in the next few Five Filters featured article:
In fact, it appears that the two weeks. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
sides — Obama and the “From now until then, I will do PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Republicans — hardened their everything in my power to make Term Extraction.
resolve, setting the stage for a
should look like — and not all deserves the same kind of up or the case for reform,” he said.
political tug-of-war that’s only
Democrats support it. down vote that was cast on Will Obama’s determination be
going to turn more fierce as the
Democrat leaders are preparing welfare reform, that was cast on enough to succeed where others March 4, 1877: The
November elections near.
to try and push the legislation the Children’s Health Insurance have failed and get healthcare
Obama wants it, Republicans Microphone Sounds
through with a process called Program, that was used for reform enacted?
oppose it. But it’s the
reconciliation that would require COBRA health coverage for the For more Reuters political
congressional Democrats left
a simple majority, involve an unemployed, and, by the way, news, click here
Much Better
trying to push through Congress
umpire, and leave Republicans for both Bush tax cuts — all of Photo credit: Reuters/Larry Eliot Van Buskirk (Wired Top
an issue that has created discord
steaming. which had to pass Congress with Downing (Obama speaks about Stories)
within their own ranks.
Obama said as much in his nothing more than a simple h e a l t h c a r e r e f o r m ) , Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:00:00 PM
Democrats in the Senate differ Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
speech without actually using majority.”
from their colleagues in the
the R word: “And now it Republicans responded by ( M c C o n n e l l t a l k i n g a b o u t A German-American immigrant
House on what the legislation healthcare in December) invents the carbon-disk
ADVERTISEMENT: microphone that makes the
(BloggingStocks) telephone practical.
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What's Best for Kids: Bottled Water or Fountains?

(National Geographic News) Royte's 2008 book Bottlemania: installed before 1985. The school district decided it consumption is linked to higher
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:54:28 PM How Water Went on Sale and (Related:"Cocaine, Spices, would be cheaper to provide body weight among adolescents.
Why We Bought It. Hormones Found in Drinking bottled water than testing and "Soda in schools has been such
This story is part of a special Transporting the bottles and Water.") remediation efforts. a huge problem for the last
series that explores the global keeping them cold also burns Schools that rely on their own Edwards applauds Baltimore's couple of decades, and getting
water crisis. For more clean fossil fuels, which give off wells are subject to regular decision. rid of sugar-sweetened
w a t e r n e w s , p h o t o s , a n d greenhouse gases. testing by the U.S. "I’m a huge proponent of tap beverages and shifting to bottled
information, visit National Groundwater pumping by Environmental Protection water, but if your child going to water should be a top priority,"
Geographic's Freshwater Web bottled-water companies also Agency (EPA). But the agency one of schools where pieces of Wootan said.
site. draws heavily on underground does not regulate drinking-water lead are falling into the tap The School Nutrition
As the U.S. taste for bottled aquifers and harms watersheds, quality for the rest of the water on a random basis, that Association is also advocating
water grows, environmentalists according to the environmental nation’s schools, which get their risk pales in comparison to the for the elimination of all sugar-
have been trying to sell people nonprofit the Sierra Club. And a water from local utilities. small cost of bottled water." sweetened beverages from all
on good old-fashioned—and 2008 investigation by the Most school districts do not test Sugar High schools when Congress takes up
free—tap water. nonprofit Environmental their water because of the costs Margo Wootan, director of the reauthorization of the Child
But tap water's place in schools Working Group found some associated with lead nutrition for the Washington, Nutrition Act in March 2010.
is thorny, since some experts bottled water is sullied with remediation, said Marc D.C.-based Center for Science Low-fat milk, 100-percent
say children should actually be untested industrial chemicals, Edwards, a civil engineer at in the Public Interest(CSPI), juices, and bottled water are the
drinking more bottled water to and may not necessarily be Virginia Tech. added that environmental groups new recommended beverages
head off two stubborn health cleaner than tap water. "Even when we offer to do the that have demonized bottled for school meal programs and
threats: obesity due to sugary (Related:"Bottled Water Isn't analysis for free, the majority of water should refocus their vending machines.
drinks and lead poisoning. Healthier Than Tap, Report schools don't want to know," campaigns on all bottled But other health experts intend
"If children go from sugary Reveals.") Edwards said. beverages, including soda. to keep fighting for tap water.
beverages to bottled water, you Lead Dangers But some solutions are much "Environmentalists place a "There's more demand for
get a benefit to public health, But switching to tap water less costly than replacing a higher burden on people who bottled water now in schools,
b u t n o t s o m u c h t h e could be a bad idea in some whole pipe system, he said. drink water instead of soda, and and the beverage industry says
e n v i r o n m e n t , " s a i d K e l l y schools where the risk of lead Those range from putting filters that isn’t fair," Wootan said. they have public health in
Brownell, director of the Rudd c o n t a m i n a t i o n f r o m o l d on taps to remove lead, to School beverages, particularly mind," Yale's Brownell said.
Center for Food Policy and pipes—known to affect physical flushing water fountains after a sugar-laden soda and sports "But we're hoping to do a big
Obesity at Yale University. and mental development—is period of stagnation. drinks sold in vending campaign to encourage
" I f t h e y g o f r o m s u g a r high, particularly in large urban Still, for some school districts, machines, have come under consumption of tap water
beverages to [clean] tap water, areas such as Chicago, Los the most cost-effective measure increasing fire from nutrition- instead."
you get a public health home Angeles, and Washington, D.C. may be providing kids with advocacy groups such as CSPI. Five Filters featured article:
run and environmental home For instance in September bottled water. Obesity rates among children Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
run." 2009, the Associated Press In 2007, Baltimore City public aged 6 to 11 have more than PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Bottled water is a drain on the p u b l i s h e d a n a t i o n w i d e schools switched their entire doubled in the past 20 years, Term Extraction.
environment: The U.S. public investigation showing that the system to bottled water after a according to the U.S. Centers
goes through about 50 billion drinking water in schools in 27 study of 84 randomly selected for Disease Control and
water bottles a year, and most of states is contaminated with lead water fountains found 10 with Prevention. A 2006 study by
those plastic containers are not and other toxic substances from lead levels high than the EPA's Harvard nutritionists found
recycled, according to Elizabeth lead-soldered pipes generally cutoff of 20 parts per billion. sugar-sweetened beverage
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Lord Ashcroft cleared of breaching electoral law with £5.1m

Tory donations
(Latest news, breaking news, watchdog would also be called front. uncertain of the money's said: "Following an 18-month
current news, UK news, world before the committee. The report said there was "no provenance by ascertaining its investigation, the Electoral
news, celebrity news, politics The Electoral Commission's 18- basis to conclude" that the donor "state of mind" in regard to the Commission has definitively
month investigation was sparked was anyone other than Bearwood donations. concluded that donations made
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:01:31 AM by a complaint from Labour Bearwood. The party's registered treasurer by Bearwood, the company in
Published: 2:01PM GMT 04 MP John Mann, amid Labour And it said there was assured commissioners in which Lord Ashcroft has an
Mar 2010 concerns that the billionaire's "insufficient evidence to writing that he was in "no interest, were legal,
An Electoral Commission money was being used to conclude, on the balance of doubt" as to the identity of the permissible and correctly
report rejected allegations that boost Conservative candidates' probabilities, that the party was donor, dismissing comments reported.
B e a r w o o d - w h i c h i s chances in key marginal seats uncertain as to the identity of suggesting that the party "It has now been put beyond
controlled by Ashcroft - was not in the forthcoming election. the donor when accepting the regarded the money as coming doubt that donations from
carrying on business in the UK But the long-awaited report donations". direct from Ashcroft as "loose Bearwood were entirely
and was therefore ineligible to found that Bearwood (BCS) met But it revealed that a number of language". legitimate. Separately, we also
donate money to political t h e r e q u i r e m e n t s o f a Conservative officers and staff And the report said: "The know that Lord Ashcroft is non-
parties. permissible donor by being declined to be interviewed on Commission asked various domiciled, putting him in
However, the Commission has registered at Companies House, the issue. The Commission has officers and staff within the exactly the same position as
asked to meet Conservative incorporated within the UK or no power to force people to party to attend interviews on a Labour and Lib Dem donors
officials to ensure that they are another EU member state, and attend interviews. voluntary basis, but these such as Lord Paul.
clear about their responsibilities carrying on business in the UK After studying internal party requests were not agreed to." "This means the Conservative
for complying with the law. at the time the donation is made. emails and documents, Mr Prentice wrote on his blog Party's clean bill of health with
The report came as it was It concluded: "No breach of including from constituency earlier: ''Just back from the the Electoral Commission
disclosed that Lord Ashcroft P P E R A ( P o l i t i c a l P a r t i e s , associations which had received Public Administration Select remains fully intact. It is now
would be called to appear Elections and Referendums Bearwood funding, the Committee where we agree to clear that the continuing attacks
before the public administration Act 2000) has been established Commission formed the view do a special one-off inquiry on Michael Ashcroft are part
select committee for a ''special a n d . . . n o l e g a l a c t i o n i n that "there was evidence to into the Lord Ashcroft affair. It of a politically motivated
one-off inquiry'' on March 18. relation to the Conservative suggest that at least since 2006 will be on Thursday 18 March. campaign orchestrated by the
Lord Ashcroft revealed this Party should be taken. the party would have reason to ''The issues fall squarely within Labour Party in advance of the
week that he did not pay UK tax "The Commission has, however, question whether the donor the Committee's bailiwick. We general election in order to
on his extensive overseas asked to meet party officials to was Lord Ashcroft rather than keep an eye on the Cabinet distract attention from the real
earnings, apparently at odds ensure that they are clear BCS". Office and the House of Lords issues facing this country.
with Tory assurances when he about their responsibilities for Gifts from BCS "were often Appointments Commission. We Five Filters featured article:
was given a seat in the Lords. complying with the law." referred to in internal party shall see what they have to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Labour's Gordon Prentice, who Parties receiving donations communications as 'Ashcroft' say. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
waged a long-running campaign from companies are required to donations", noted the report. ''Oh yes... the Committee will Term Extraction.
to have the peer's tax status check that the money is To establish a breach of the invite Lord Ashcroft to come
made public, said the Cabinet coming from the firm, rather rules, the Commission had to before it.''
Office and an appointments than from someone using it as a prove that the party was A Conservative spokesman
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Space Photos This
Dinosaurs Ten Million Years Older Than Thought Week: Mars Streaks,
(National Geographic News) extreme forms, the ones that plants and meat, the researchers crocodilians.
have gone off in their ... own say. Since a crocodilian dinosaur-
Cosmic Web, More
Submitted at 3/3/2010 12:36:46 PM
weird directions," such as Mysteriously, the long-tailed ancestor from the middle (National Geographic News)
A new dinosaur relative found Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus animal ran on all fours—even Triassic had already been found, Submitted at 3/3/2010 12:03:23 PM
in Tanzania is the oldest known rex, said Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., a though the vast majority of early unearthing an animal like
creature of its kind—a discovery vertebrate paleontologist at the dinosaurs were two-legged Asilisaurus was just a matter of Listening for Phoenix
that pushes back the origin of University of Maryland, who carnivores, according to the time. Image courtesy NASA/JPL-
dinosaurs by at least ten million was not involved in the study, to be published tomorrow But the new research goes Caltech/University of Arizona
years, paleontologists say. research. in the journal Nature. beyond that, Brochu said. "It's As spring embraces northern
Dubbed Asilisaurus kongwe, "But they all came from a "It's making the picture a little part of a larger, growing Mars, surface ice has decreased
the Labrador retriever-size common ancestor, and fellows bit murkier, because we have a realization that the earliest around the Phoenix Mars lander,
creature was a silesaur, the like Asilisaurus help us possible herbivore and archosaurs were far more as seen in two aerial views taken
closest relatives to true understand what that original quadruped very close to the diverse than we ever thought." February 8 (left) and February
dinosaurs. The newfound animal dino state looked like." dinosaur lineage," said study co- (Take a dinosaur quiz.) 25 by the Mars Reconnaissance
lived 243 million years ago, Early Dinosaur Relative an author Sidor, who received In addition to finding Orbiter.
during the middle Triassic Omnivore? funding for the research from Asilisaurus, study leader Sidor Phoenix, which arrived on Mars
period. Parts of at least 12 Asilisaurus the National Geographic and colleagues have already in May 2008, worked for five
Since silesaurs and true skeletons were found in 2007 in Society's Committee for collected several other archosaur months before the onset of
dinosaurs diverged from a southern Tanzania's Ruhuhu Research and Exploration. (The species from the Ruhuhu Martian winter left the solar-
common ancestor, the two Valley. With no intact specimen National Geographic Society Valley—many more than in powered craft with too little
groups should have existed to study, Sidor and his team had owns National Geographic other archosaur hot spots. sunlight to stay alive.
during the same time frame. But to piece together a composite News.) It's unknown why the lush, wet Starting in January 2010,
the oldest known true dinosaurs skeleton. Dinosaurs' World in Transition valleys of prehistoric Tanzania NASA has been using the
date back to just 230 million What emerged looked nothing In a way, Asilisaurus' s produced so many strains of orbiter to listen for radio signals
years ago. like what paleontologists had discovery "is an elegant dinosaur relatives, from Phoenix, in case the lander
Finding a silesaur that's ten imagined. fulfillment of a prediction," said paleontologists say. rises again and is able to resume
million years older makes "a big Instead of resembling the Christopher Brochu, a vertebrate Whatever the reason, "what even limited operations. So far,
difference," said study co-author "typical hatchet-headed, blade- paleontologist at the University we're seeing here is a picture of no contact has been reported.
Christian Sidor, curator of toothed meat-eaters," of Iowa who also wasn't part of a world in transition," Brochu Published March 3, 2010
vertebrate paleontology at the Asilisaurus was a light, slender- the study group. said. "It's really a fascinating Five Filters featured article:
Burke Museum of Natural limbed animal with peg-like That's because paleontologists time in the history of life." Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
History and Culture in Seattle. teeth and a small beak-like know dinosaurs belong to the Five Filters featured article: PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Asilisaurus' s age suggests that structure on its jaw, the archosaurs. Within this group, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Term Extraction.
some early forms of dinosaurs University of Maryland's Holtz dinosaur ancestors are divided PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
must have also been plodding said. into two main branches: a line Term Extraction.
around in the middle Triassic. The shape of the beak suggests that includes silesaurs and
(See a prehistoric time line.) Asilisaurus tore into tissue, shares skeletal features with
"When people think about which means the animal might modern birds, and a line that has
dinosaurs, we think about the have eaten plants—or both more in common with
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Size matters at Geneva Motor Show

(Latest news, breaking news,
current news, UK news, world
news, celebrity news, politics
cars, fitted with turbochargers to
boost power.
models touted in Geneva for
the coming decade, the
Nissan said its Juke crossover
would head to the United States DocStore
Fiat, Opel, Ford, Volkswagen, downsized option is on sale while Mini has similar plans
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:14:53 AM
even Mercedes and BMW were
on trend, with six or even four
now, without compromising
on cost, range or ease of
for the Countryman SUV,
aiming for largely urban or
Opens Up to
By Peter Capella, in Geneva for cylinders replacing eight - and
AFP two or three replacing four in
refuelling in the absence of
roadside networks of power
suburban customers.
For Lutz, while Americans are
More Sellers
Published: 2:14PM GMT 04 the smallest cars. sockets, analysts said. unlikely to take to the smallest Nadine Heintz (
Mar 2010 "The minimum acceptable "In the next ten years, the real runabouts in big numbers, US Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:16:58 AM
"My generation grew up with vehicle size is gradually moving trend will be downsizing and habits are clearly shifting
huge cars, long Cadillacs, things downward and where it's small cars for big megacities," towards more compact vehicles Last week, online document
that looked like aircraft particularly evident is with said Frank Schwope, a motor and thriftier engines as marketplace DocStoc launched a
carriers going down the road," engines," said Lutz. industry analyst at German bank generations change. new platform that lets anyone
explained Bob Lutz, 78, vice Audi returned to small cars NordLB. "I would estimate that in another sell professional and business
chairman of General Motors. with the sub four-metre A1 by In Asia, space and tax 10 or 15 years there will be very documents on the site.
But at the Geneva Motor Show, adding its sporty and upmarket restrictions in densely populated little size difference in the To start selling in the DocStore,
which opens to the public on twist to parts shared with parent Japan have traditionally average vehicle in a highly simply sign up for a free
Thursday, the values of the Volkswagen, while Nissan favoured compact vehicles developed wealthy European account and begin uploading
t w o c o n t i n e n t s m e e t , a s revamped its small Micra with while affordable, practical market like Germany and the documents onto the site (you
"downsizing" gained ground in the aim of giving it a global runabouts are in demand in fast- United States," added the GM also can embed DocStore
the global motor industry - reach. growing emerging nations. stalwart. documents on your website).
smaller engines, smaller cars The Japanese company wants to Colin Couchman, automotive However, one relic of the gas DocStoc handles all the
and less fuel. sell one million Micras a year analyst at Global Insight, said guzzling era might resist, financial transactions and sends
In the Swiss city, Nissan, Mini across 160 countries by 2013. official pressure to cut carbon especially in the US heartland, you a check at the end of each
and Dacia presented shrunken Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn emissions and fuel consumption, Lutz predicted. month. Sellers keep 100 percent
SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) called the car "a strategic with stringent limits looming "The American pickup truck is a of all sales for the first 60 days,
or crossovers that claim to mix investment for Nissan's future in Europe or the United States, workhorse and every time with no hidden fees. After that,
offroad style with on road growth. was also telling. someone tries to do a smaller you'll split sales evenly with the
sportiness. "In the past, Nissan had minimal "Part of it is a hedge by pickup ... they never succeed." store, which will send you a
GM's European affiliate Opel p r e s e n c e i n t h e c o m p a c t manufacturers. They have to be Five Filters featured article: check for your 50 percent of
showed off its Meriva compact segment because we did not seen to be doing something," Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: sales in any given month. You
people carrier for the first have a specific platform suited said Couchman. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, can set any price you'd like for
time. for those customers' needs," said "Increasingly what they want to Term Extraction. your documents, those most on
Most manufacturers were also Ghosn. try and do is downsize but offer the site sell for between $15 and
fitting smaller and cleaner Unlike the growing range of products that work $30. You also can track sales on
running engines even in bigger electric or hybrid powered everywhere in the world." a personalized dashboard.
Of course, the store won't let
How to consume less you sell just any document. All
(Holy Kaw!) consume less and live the life of • Leave your wallet at home. Full story at Dumb Little Man. documents posted for sale are
a minimalist. These are some of • Ask yourself: “Do I really More on life. reviewed by DocStoc. If a
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:20:00 AM
his key points: need this?” Permalink| Leave a comment » document is not approved, you'll
Henri Junttila explains how to • Pay with cash. receive an email with an
explanation for the rejec
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Passengers on Mediterranean cruise ship hit by

freak waves describe chaos New Small
(Latest news, breaking news, spectacular," he said as the ship minor injuries were taken to killed were German and Business Server
current news, UK news, world
news, celebrity news, politics
sat docked at Barcelona's port
with passengers sunning
hospital as a precaution.
Arrangements have been made
The ship was on a 12-day cruise
from Lenovo
news) Nadine Heintz (
themselves on deck the day after to fly all 1,350 passengers back from the ports of Genoa and
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:33:44 AM the accident on Wednesday. home Thursday and the ship Marseilles in the western Submitted at 3/3/2010 12:47:56 PM
Published: 1:24PM GMT 04 "A lot of water came in. Many will carry on with its normal Mediterranean, calling at
Mar 2010 cabins were flooded," said cruise schedule later this month Tangiers, Casablanca, Tenerife, Lenovo recently unveiled the
C l a u d e C r e m e x , 7 3 , o f Cremex, who was traveling after repairs are completed, he Lanzarote, Cadiz, Cartagena, ThinkServer Ts200V, a new
Marseille, France said he was in with his wife. "Many people said. Barcelona and had been due to server designed for small
his cabin resting because of were very frightened." Maratheftis said the two dead return to Genoa on Thursday. businesses. The single processor
rough seas when the walls of "Suddenly we saw a wave that passengers suffered fatal injuries "Louis Cruises extends its server comes loaded with Intel
water hit the Cypriot-owned went up above our level, and I from the glass shards and sincere condolences to the Active Management
Louis Majesty, which was said to my husband, 'tonight ripped-out window frames and families of the two victims Technology that makes remote
carrying 1,350 passengers and we will not have to wash the furniture. and its full support to the injured management easier for
580 crew members off the w i n d o w s , " ' s a i d C l a u d i n e "It was three waves, one after passengers while expressing its companies without a dedicated
coast of northeastern Spain. Armand of France, who was in the other. The damage was done deep sorrow for the incident," IT staff. It also has an
The ship's owner and operator, her cabin at that point. by the second and the third the statement said. EasyStartup feature for quick
Louis Cruise Lines, said the "Right then we heard we heard a waves. We are talking about Maratheftis said many server set-up. The servers,
vessel was struck by three loud noise, and it was the wave waves that exceeded 10 meters passengers have already left the which come in either tower or
"abnormally high" waves more that hit us. When we came out in height. This was unforeseen ship to return home. rack models, start at under $500.
than 33 feet (10 meters) high of the room we saw the wave and unpredicted because the Louis Cruise Lines' website You'll also get a 90-day free
that broke glass windshields in had flooded everything." weather was not really that says the ship is 680 feet (207 trial of Lenovo's ThinkPlus
the forward section. Pierre Languillon, also of bad," Maratheftis said. meters) long, and features 10 Priority Support, which gives
Two people died and 14 were F r a n c e , s a i d d a m a g e w a s De Alfonso said there was a big passenger decks and 732 you 24/7 phone access to techni
slightly hurt, the company said. extensive and he saw many storm in the area at the time and staterooms along with various
Large waves are common in the people with superficial injuries. the waves might have been bars, pools, restaurants and
Mediterranean but ones that size "They called for doctors, as stirred up by fierce winds. shops.
occur only once or twice a many doctors as there were. Waves often come in threes, she Five Filters featured article:
year, said Marta de Alfonso, an Luckily nothing happened to said. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
oceanographer with the Spanish us, but I think we averted a A Louis Cruise Lines statement PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
government. catastrophe." said the waves smashed Term Extraction.
Cremex said he did not see the Louis Cruise Lines spokesman windows in a public area on
waves himself but later viewed Michael Maratheftis said 14 deck 5 on the forward part of the
the damage. "It w a s passengers who suffered only vessel. It said the passengers

Awesome caption #fail

(Holy Kaw!) Hint: The caption says, “Hillary Head over to The NYTPicker to Permalink| Leave a comment »
Submitted at 3/3/2010 10:22:00 PM Rodham Clinton and Chilean see the full image and caption.
President Michelle Bachelet.” Who is who? More on journalism.
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Glowing Animals: Pictures of Beasts

Shining for Science
(National Geographic News) Shimomura in 1956 was the be cyan, blue, and yellow. Yet
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:37:31 PM result of crushing countless more colors were found in
jellyfish. fluorescent coral. He remixed
Bacteria After publishing his findings in these materials into glowing
Photograph courtesy UC San 1962, Shimomura studied GFP proteins such as "mPlum,"
Diego via AP in detail and realized that no "mStrawberry," and "mOrange."
How does it glow? extra fuel was needed to make it Though their inventions may
Multiple colors of fluorescent glow--other glowing substances have revolutionized the fields of
protein, introduced into its DNA need chemical additives to medicine, biology, and
(2008) shine. GFP, by contrast, just chemistry, the fluorescent
What can we learn? needed to be exposed to proteins also have creative
One of the team of scientists ultraviolet light. applications, as shown above.
that won a 2008 Nobel Prize for
green fluorescent protein--
Chalfie, the third of the GFP
Nobel winners, realized the
Fluorescent proteins have also
been used in the name of art to The Indelible Brilliance of
Osamu Shimomura, Martin maintenance-free protein could make sculptures out of glowing
Chalfie, and Roger Y. Tsien--
couldn't resist showing off their
be used to literally watch how
creatures work. He proved with
beakers and live glowing
Jack Donaghy, the World's
creation a bit. From Tsien's lab
comes this artful plate with
the intestinal bacterium E. coli
that GFP alone--with no fuel--
May 14, 2009
Five Filters featured article:
Greatest Executive
selectively swabbed fluorescent glowed, and promptly started Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Dan Nosowitz (Fast real book):
bacteria. putting it into roundworms. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Company) Office romances are, in the
The discovery of green Roger Tsien kicked it up a Term Extraction. Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:00:44 AM minds of HR shrews and other
fluorescent protein by notch by reengineering GFP to naysayers, to be avoided for
Hulu, as part of their relentless legal and morale reasons. But
Fla. Monkey Eludes Capture for More Attack on My Productivity, has
put together a bunch of clips
being a man in power means
some leggy underlings will want
featuring Jack Donaghy, the GE to throw themselves at you--this
Than 1 Year executive played by Alec
Baldwin on 30 Rock, at his
is the reward for being such a
fantastic manager. See Fig. A
( was twice hit with tranquilizer before crossing a busy street. managerial best. Whether you for details/instructions.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:46:18 AM darts, but still got away by Officials didn't say how the need to know when to wear a Fig. A:
ducking behind a drug store and monkey got loose. They say it tuxedo (after 6, every day) or Other examples of the wisdom
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. A a church. isn't considered a threat to how to win at marbles (you hide of Jack Donaghy:
monkey that has eluded capture Wildlife rehabilitator Vernon humans. them), Jack Donaghy is the man And one last one:
in the Tampa Bay area for more Yates says the tranquilizers Five Filters featured article: to ask. Warning: the following Check out Hulu's blog post for
than a year has again escaped don't appear to affect the animal, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: post contains (mostly consists a few more annotated examples.
from Florida wildlife officials. though officials have increased PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, of, really) Hulu clips, which You'll be a better manager for it.
Authorities were called to a the dosage each time they've Term Extraction. means those outside the US are [ Hulu]
neighborhood in St. Petersburg used the drug on the monkey. out of luck. Sorry!
on Wednesday when the rhesus Yates says the monkey is smart, From The Book of Jack (not a
macaque monkey was spotted. It even stopping to check traffic
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Website Uptime Means Happy Customers Amazing Holi

Howard Greenstein ( pictures
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:38:10 PM (Holy Kaw!)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:26:00 AM
Last week's piece about
keeping customers was more a
Holi is the festival of colors.
discussion of customer service. our clients. AlertSite monitors edited or conditional logic can We also share reports internally
People in India and other
This week, I'm profiling a East Coast, Central and West be added. It even worked on a with entire company so
countries with large Hindu
company that ensures your Coast for us. We give customers flash site I was shown. Setting everyone knows our uptime and
populations celebrate it as
customers can be kept - by a report with the AlertSite logo up the monitoring was not our reliability."
victory of good over evil.
making sure your website, store that shows we had 99.97 percent rocket science - most site How big does your company, as only
or service is up all the time. This or greater uptime. When you're owners could do it with little have to be to consider can do, provides
is very important for keeping dealing with larger companies help or coaching. AlertSite then monitoring services? "If you're a
thirty-seven amazing pictures of
customers happy, especially if as a startup organization, this tests your site, using your script, web based business," Godskind
Holi in The Big Picture.
the web is the primary method reporting helps your reputation. from data centers around the told me "and you're putting a lot
I just found this FAQ with the
by which customers reach you You have to be prepared for an country. They then report back of effort into sharing a brand
creator of these photo-
or buy your products or extra level of scrutiny, but if you how long it takes for your site to feeling - and keeping customers
journalism stories: Alan Taylor.
services. want to be a successful startup load, and ensure that the service - you want to make sure your
Apparently, it’s his personal
Web service uptime is critical you have to be prepared for that can successfully complete the site is available, functions
vision. The Big Picture shows
for Jay Gave, CTO for edo scrutiny anyway." scripted transactions. reliably, and you want to know
why curation is a valuable skill.
Interactive, a company that has Ken Godskind, Chief Strategy Godskind describes their how your load time changes
See all the Holi pictures at
a technology that puts coupons Officer of AlertSite opined "In product set as services that help during the day. There's a very
directly onto customer's debit Small and Medium businesses, customers make sure that inexpensive, availability
More on India.
cards. edo has 27 employees and they don't want to be monitoring whatever the important thing monitoring service for
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works with large companies like experts. They know their store, they're doing on line, it is $10/month, but if you have
Coca-Cola for an under-the-cap blog, or website. With our Deja working well for end users. In multi-step store transactions to
loyalty program, as well as the Click product, you don't have to Retail, that may mean, "Can test, you can expect to pay more Live blog
financial institutions that issue be highly trained, you just have shoppers go to home page, like $100/month and up."
debit cards. to know how to click through an search for products, view If your business lives and dies Thursday: YouTube
Jay told me "In the modern age application. It is designed so a
normal user can accomplish it."
products from a catalog, add to a
shopping cart and check out?"
by its website, $1,200 a year to
have peace of mind that your
press conference
of service-oriented architecture,
if we're hosting a web service The demo I saw allowed a user Gave said "They can spit out site is up seems a pretty small Josh Lowensohn
for a customer, unless we can to hit a 'record button' and monthly reports, let us know price to pay. Do you track your (
prove it is up, they're going to capture their path through the when we were up, and since online uptime and make sure Submitted at 3/3/2010 3:00:00 PM

think it is down. We use site. If there were user names or they're a 3rd party, they're your customers can buy or
AlertSite DejaClick to track our fields to fill out, the product immediately more trustworthy contact you at any time? How YouTube is holding a press
web site and web services for captured those. They can be than if we reported to the client. do you do it? The comments are conference at 10 a.m. PST
Thursday to discuss, well,
Google admits its SEO could use a little work something. We'll be there live
for details on, well, whatever it
Josh Lowensohn Google comes up a bit short v e r s i o n o f t h e r e p o r t f o r Crawler is.
( after looking at its own search Webmasters to use on their own Originally posted at Web
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:36:00 PM engine optimization. As a result, sites. Crawler
it's made available a public Originally posted at Web
E-reader News Edition Business/ Tech/ 9

U.S. Cyber Security Czar Comes Out of the Shadows to

Reveal Defense Plans
Kit Eaton (Fast Company) Also speaking at the RSA
Submitted at 3/4/2010 8:45:12 AM conference, Microsoft's VP for
Trustworthy Computing Scott
The U.S.'s cyber security czar Charney suggested that one way
Howard Schmidt has obviously to raise the serious money to
been doing something apart fund national-level defenses
from tidying his desk in the against cyber attacks is to levy a
three months since being tax on Net usage. The plan
appointed: He's been coming up would obviously pay for some
with a cyber defense plan, of Schmidt's work, and
which he's just revealed to the presumably MS would be
World. hoping that it (along with its
Schmidt was speaking at the competitors) would see some of
RSA event in San Francisco, the cash, and use it to improve
and it's the first real showing their own defenses and code in
he's made since starting his job public and governmental use.
in December 2009. What he was But whereas Schmidt's speech
talking about were the aspects of may have been considered a
the freshly-upgraded breath of fresh air coming from
Comprehensive National a government figure, Charney's
Cybersecurity Initiative that presentation was not well
including the cloak-and-dagger educating the public as much as widespread cyber attacks that
have been declassified for received...and given MS's
counterintelligence stuff. Its working behind the scenes--he targeted Google, other
public consumption. And while shocking reputation for security
overall intent, revealed for the noted that the authorities have to companies and U.S. official
you may suspect that Schmidt loopholes in its OS and other
first time since its inception in "continue to seek out innovative bodies at the end of 2009. These
could only reveal the tiniest of software, as well as the
2008, is to be the first line of new partnerships--not only were internationally-sourced
details about such in important company's billions of dollars of
defense against immediate cyber within government, but also complex, penetrating attacks
plan, he actually spilled quite a business, this really isn't a
attacks, to defend against every among industry, government that could've wreaked untold
few beans in an attempt to get surprise.
possible kind of attack, and to [sic] and the American public." damage, and the actual events
academics and private [Via BBCNews, SeattlePI]
work to improve future And that's precisely why the are still being combed through,
companies to buy into the
cybersecurity. decision has been made to but cyberattacks at a more
government's plans.
Schmidt's speech suggests that declassify parts of the CNCI. personal level have also recently
The CNCI is a twelve-part
he'll be a figure appearing a lot His point is well made, coming been in the news with a huge
initiative that covers several key
in the media, with the goal of close on the heels of the phising scam affecting Twitter.
aspects of digital security,

Google tries again in search personalization

Stephen Shankland People were skittish about SearchWiki. Instead, they can Originally posted at Deep Tech
( elevating or deleting search now personalize results with
results using Google's stars.
10 Business/ Tech/ E-reader News Edition

Penguin Demonstrates iPad-Bound Books: Amazing, but Are

These Really "Books"?
Dan Nosowitz (Fast those examples are books. Lest
Company) you think I'm being a snob,
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:25:08 AM clutching onto my glue-bound
tomes of pulverized tree pulp
If publishers (and, more after their expiry date, Penguin
importantly, the public) really doesn't even think these things
embrace the iPad, we're going to are books. I know that because
be seeing more than just black- Penguin intends to sell this
text-on-white books--if you digital content in the app store,
wanted that, you'd buy a Kindle, as individual apps, not in the
not a giant iPhone with Wi-Fi, a iBooks bookstore. There's
huge LCD, and a top-of-its-class nothing wrong with that--these
mobile processor. But then, are apps look great, and the
these crazy game/video/audio prospect of enriching the
hybrids really "books"? If definition of "book" is exciting--
Penguin's amazing examples are but as companies take advantage
a sign of things to come, we of the iPad, the publishing
may be asking that question industry is going to have to
quite often. expand in ways we don't quite
Said Penguin's CEO, John understand yet.
Makinson, at an event this Eventually, ebooks may have
stores, in HTML. section with a tap is likely far forums.
week: specific criteria, like an ebook
He wasn't kidding. Check out less fun for kids than frantic Moving onto the more adult
We will be embedding audio, has to consist of only text, or
this video. scribbling--but the point is, fare, the travel book looks like a
video, and gaming into any content that needs to be
That clip shows how dedicated frantic scribblng is possible too. far more comprehensive guide
everything we do. The .epub updated regularly is classified as
Penguin is to truly taking Vampire Academy, too, despite than say, a similar iPhone app,
format, which is the standard for an app. But those days are to
advantage of the iPad's its eye-rolling trend-hopping really taking advantage of the
ebooks at the present, is come. We'll see once the iPad
capabilities. That children's premise, is more of a game or big screen. Starfinder is actually
designed to support traditional and its ilk actually see release.
book that opens the clip is really community than a book, but an old idea; Google Sky Maps is
narrative text, but not this cool [ PaidContent via Gizmodo]
more a game than a book (kids, again, imagine the possibilities. a free download for Android
stuff that we’re now talking
of course, will likely see that as Extend the idea a little farther, (version 2.0 or later) and does
about. So for the time being, at
a positive). The "coloring book" and you've got workshopping the exact same thing, with more
least, we'll be creating a lot of
section is very clever, even if capabilities for budding writers, accuracy.
our digital content as
the idea of instantly coloring a or collaborative blogs and But here's the thing. None of
applications, to be sold on app

Unleash your inner food critic on Yelp for Android

Jessica Dolcourt A small but significant update publishing.
( lets you bookmark businesses Originally posted at Android
and draft a review for later Atlas
E-reader News Edition Business/ Tech/ 11

Voice-Recognition Software Somewhat Sexist, Only Listens to

Addy Dugdale (Fast that it's all in the pitch. And, um, British, Indian and Australian
Company) the weird linguistic, err, tics that accents. Google's ambitious
Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:04:18 AM apparently afflict, umm men plans to create a translator
more than the, err, fairer sex, phone will, no doubt, overcome
Researchers at the Universities have got a lot to do with it. this problem.
of Edinburgh and Stanford have As have (...) pauses. I can't *My tongue is firmly in my
discovered that voice- decide whether this news is cheek here.
recognition technology doesn't good for women, meaning that [Via BBC News and
work as well on men as it does we are--hah!--better than the Image Carin
on women. The report, which opposite sex, or whether it just Baer,]
recorded phone conversations in reinforces the stereotype that encountered with Google Voice got them searches relating to
an attempt to understand why men are in greater need of a in territories other than the PA. Google has fixed this--its
those infuriating automated secretary* than ever. United States. For example, voice recognition programs for
booking lines don't work quite The findings are very Australian users of the iPhone Android now come with
the way they should, discovered reminiscent of the problems found that the word "Good day" separate versions for American,

Pier 1 Issues Healthy Fourth-Quarter RSA 2010: Taking on

Forecast cyberthreats
Mark Fightmaster that PIR predicts its fourth- (CNET Spam: Advertisements or
(BloggingStocks) quarter revenue will total $396 Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:00:00 AM commercial links
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:00:00 AM million while expectations call Disruptive posting: Flaming or
for $406.02 million. Report offensive content: offending other users
Filed under: Before the Bell, Continue reading Pier 1 Issues If you believe this comment is Illegal activities: Promote
Forecasts Retailer Pier 1 This wasn't the only news from Healthy Fourth-Quarter Forecast offensive or violates the CNET's cracked software, or other
Imports ( PIR) issued fiscal PIR, as the company forecast Pier 1 Issues Healthy Fourth- Site Terms of Use, you can illegal content
fourth-quarter earnings forecast fourth-quarter merchandise Quarter Forecast originally report it below (this will not Comments(optional): Report
Thursday morning, saying it margins of 55.7%, which is appeared on BloggingStocks on automatically remove the Cancel
expect earnings to come in at at better than last year's 44.3% and Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:00:00 comment). Once reported, our Five Filters featured article:
least 29 cents per share. A year the Street's expectations. PIR's EST. Please see our terms for staff will be notified and the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
ago, PIR lost 33 cents per share same-store sales also increased use of feeds. Permalink| Email comment will be reviewed. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
in the fourth quarter. Moreover, by 6.5%. A true bevy of good this| Comments Select type of offense: Term Extraction.
the consensus estimate for the news, but we could see the Offensive: Sexually explicit or
retailer's quarterly earnings jubilation tempered by the fact offensive language
checks in at 25 cents per share.
12 Business/ Popular News/ Tech News/ E-reader News Edition
'Google' Hackers
Big Lots Living Large Crude Awakening: Oil Had Ability to
in Q4 Pushes Through $80 Alter Source Code
Kim Zetter (Wired Top
Steven Mallas Joseph Lazzaro
(BloggingStocks) (BloggingStocks) Stories)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:20:00 AM Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:40:00 AM Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:13:00 AM

Filed under: Earnings Reports, Filed under: Forecasts, Oil Oil Hackers who targeted Google
Wal-Mart (WMT), Target Corp. inventories are high, U.S. and other companies in January
(TGT) unemployment has taken targeted source code
Big Lots ( BIG) surely satisfied millions of drivers off the road, management systems, security
its investors yesterday when it but the price oil is ignoring both term," Sherman said. firm McAfee asserts,
reported double-digit earnings experienced significant to trend higher: oil closed Continue reading Crude manipulating a little-known
growth. On an adjusted basis, increases. Gross margin Wednesday up $1.20 to $80.88 Awakening: Oil Pushes Through trove of security flaws that
net income from continuing expanded over both of those per barrel. $80 would allow easy unauthorized
operations jumped over 30% to periods as well. Further, Haag Sherman, chief Crude Awakening: Oil Pushes access to the intellectual
$1.31 per share during the Continue reading Big Lots investment officer for Salient Through $80 originally property it is meant to protect.
fourth quarter. Analysts couldn't Living Large in Q4 Partners, told Bloomberg News appeared on BloggingStocks on
keep up, because they were Big Lots Living Large in Q4 he sees oil moving above $90. Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:40:00
looking for $1.28 per share, originally appeared on "You are going to see it EST. Please see our terms for
according to BloggingStocks on Thu, 04 Mar breaching $90 a barrel, up to use of feeds. Permalink| Email
Total sales went up 7%, but 2010 09:20:00 EST. Please see $100 barrel; $147, $150 is out this| Comments
same-store revenue, the more our terms for use of feeds. Read| of the question in the near
vital metric, was higher by Permalink| Email this|
5.1%. Cash flow from operating Comments
activities for both the quarter
and the full fiscal year

Man Arrested in Connection With Deadly Ill. Home Invasion

( According to the Lee County looking for Nodarse, who was L. Kramer, 48, and their 20-year harmed.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:34:20 AM Sheriff, Jacob Nodarse, 23, was described as a suspect in the -old son Michael J. Kramer Click here for more from
taken into custody in Lehigh slayings. He apparently has were shot to death around 3 a.m.
A man sought in the killings of Acres by a U.S. Marshals task relatives in Jasper, Fla., and in Tuesday inside their home in the Five Filters featured article:
a couple and their son in Darien, force. the Miami area – near where he Tara Hill subdivision. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Ill., was arrested in Florida Nodarse is expected to be was arrested – according to Another grown son and a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Wednesday afternoon, officials charged with obstruction of Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Alex daughter, along with Michael Term Extraction.
s a i d , a c c o r d i n g t o justice. Annunziato. Kramer’s 17-year-old girlfriend, Police in Darien had been Jeffrey R. Kramer, 50, and Lori were in the house but weren’t
Research Casts Doubt on Forensic DNA Technique
Brandon Keim (Wired Top Mitochondrial DNA can vary trouble for its use in forensics.
Stories) between cells, which could spell
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ 13

No is no: More men file sexual harassment claims (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) percent of all cases a decade chain agreed to pay $345,000 to complained to his supervisor this nauseous feeling in my
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:28:03 AM ago, but the percentage has six male employees who and the theater's then-general stomach."
continued to rise even as the claimed they were repeatedly manager, he claims, she failed to The restaurant has denied the
WASHINGTON – John overall number of sexual sexually assaulted by a group of stop the harassment and instead charges. In a statement, the
Pilkington's boss wouldn't take harassment complaints has male kitchen staffers at a retaliated against the victim with company that owns Fleming's
no for an answer. declined. And last year, the Phoenix-area restaurant. unfair discipline and lower said the restaurant "has always
During more than two years as percentage of lawsuits the The EEOC said the abusers performance evaluations. been committed to providing a
a food runner at an upscale EEOC filed on behalf of male would drag some victims The number of cases filed by safe and healthy workplace free
steakhouse in Scottsdale, Ariz., victims hit an all-time high, kicking and screaming into a men has grown steadily since a of harassment for all of its
P i l k i n g t o n s a y s h i s m a l e making up 14 percent of all walk-in refrigerator, touching landmark Supreme Court ruling associates."
supervisor groped, fondled and cases. and grinding against the victims' in 1998 held that same-sex Many victims are hesitant to
otherwise sexually harassed him "It's certainly possible that genitals and take turns harassment is a valid claim come forward because they are
more than a dozen times. there's more sexual harassment simulating rape. The company under federal anti- afraid of being considered
"It was very embarrassing," of men going on, but it could denied the allegations but discrimination laws. That ruling unmanly or being derided by co-
Pilkington said. "I felt like I had just be that more men are agreed to make a financial involved an offshore oil rig workers, said Mary Jo O'Neill, a
to do something because the c o m i n g f o r w a r d a n d settlement and educate its worker who said he was subject regional attorney in the EEOC's
situation was just so bad." complaining about it," said employees and managers about to humiliating sex-related Phoenix District office.
Now Pilkington, a married Ernest Haffner, an attorney in sexual harassment. treatment by other workers, "All sexual harassment victims
father of two, is the star witness the EEOC's Office of Legal Susan Strauss, a consultant who including being sodomized in feel humiliated, lacking control
in a federal lawsuit against Counsel. advises companies about how to the shower with a bar of soap. and power," O'Neill said. "This
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & While some cases allege avoid sexual harassment in the In Pilkington's case, he claims has a different twist because
Wine Bar and one of a growing h a r a s s m e n t b y f e m a l e workplace, said she's seeing the restaurant's chef would everyone expects that they
number of men claiming they supervisors or co-workers, most more cases in which men are grope and pinch his genitals or would be able to handle it and
are victims of sexual harassment charges involve men harassing subject to a sexualized form of grab his backside when take care of it themselves."
in the workplace. other men. Sometimes it's hazing. Pilkington walked to the kitchen Pilkington has since moved on
F r o m 1 9 9 0 t o 2 0 0 9 , t h e unwelcome romantic advances. "If you don't fit the masculine or stock room. Despite his to another job. While he is
percentage of sexual harassment Other times, men are picked on stereotype or are viewed as complaints to the restaurant's embarrassed by the publicity his
claims filed by men has doubled because they are gay, perceived effeminate, you get picked on in operating partner, he says the case has received, he says it was
from 8 percent to 16 percent of as being gay or not considered a sexual way to demean you," conduct didn't stop. the right thing to do. The EEOC
all claims, according to the masculine enough for the work Strauss said. After one incident, Pilkington lawsuit seeks damages for him
Equal Employment Opportunity setting. Cases involving women making lost his composure and yelled at and other workers alleging
Commission. In the past, some employers unwanted advances toward men the chef, making a scene. Days harassment, along with back pay
W o m e n s t i l l f i l e t h e might have shrugged off such may also be rising as women later, he was fired — an action and compensatory and punitive
overwhelming majority of antics as "boys will be boys" make up a growing part of the he claims was retaliation for his damages.
sexual harassment claims with horseplay or fraternity-type work force. Last year, the Regal complaints. An EEOC lawsuit Five Filters featured article:
the EEOC and state and local behavior. But the EEOC has Entertainment Group, which on behalf of Pilkington and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
agencies. But lawyers at the been filing more lawsuits operates a national chain of three other current and former PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
commission say they've noticed involving male victims, saying it movie theaters, agreed to pay employees is pending. Term Extraction.
the increase in complaints by wants to send a message that $175,000 to settle a lawsuit by a "I think maybe it's just harder
men — more than 2,000 were such behavior is unacceptable male employee who claimed a for males to come out and file a
filed in 2009 out of about and unlawful. female co-worker repeatedly complaint because of how
12,700 cases. In November, for example, the grabbed his crotch at work. embarrassing it is," Pilkington
Male claims made up about 12 Cheesecake Factory restaurant When the employee said. "When I talk about it I get
14 Popular News/ E-reader News Edition

Controller complacency could jeopardize air safety (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) nonessential conversation flying licenses of two pilots, Kennedy incidents appear to scheduled a forum this spring on
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:23:12 AM during landing approaches. who are now appealing to have have felt free to break rules, pilot and air traffic controller
"The hair is beginning to stand them reinstated. which suggests supervisors professionalism.
WASHINGTON – For the third up on the back of our necks a _Last August, an air traffic tolerated such lapses, said In a statement responding to the
time in seven months, the little bit," said Jack Casey, an controller at Teterboro Airport Michael Barr, who teaches Kennedy incident, the National
judgment of those who operate aviation safety consultant and in New Jersey who handed off a aviation safety at the University Air Traffic Controllers
the nation's air traffic control former airline pilot. "When you private plane to controllers at a of Southern California. Association— the union that
system has been called into get complacency, you run a neighboring airport failed to FAA spokeswoman Laura represents controllers — said it
question and concerns raised h i g h e r r i s k o f h a v i n g a n correct the plane's pilot when he Brown said the incidents were doesn't "condone this type of
that complacency may be accident." read back the wrong radio "isolated occurrences" and not behavior in any way."
causing controllers and their Other recent incidents: frequency. Controllers at both indicative of a broader safety But Mary Schiavo, a former
supervisors to bend rules. _In October, controllers in airports later tried problem. Transportation Department
While major air crashes have M i n n e a p o l i s h a n d e d o f f unsuccessfully to reach the pilot. "The unfortunate behavior of a inspector general who has filed
declined sharply over the last responsibility for a Northwest The plane collided moments few individuals doesn't reflect a lawsuit against the FAA on
d e c a d e , t h a n k s l a r g e l y t o Airlines jet without alerting the later with a tour helicopter over the true caliber of our work behalf of the families of five
improved technology, aviation next controller that they had the Hudson River. Three people force," she said. Italian tourists killed in the
safety experts say they are been unable to make radio in the plane and six in the The FAA is implementing a Hudson River collision, said
seeing signs that vigilance may c o n t a c t w i t h t h e p l a n e . helicopter were killed. The new program that encourages air there needs to be a strong
have eroded. Supervisors also failed to follow Teterboro controller was traffic controllers to report message sent from the top. She
The latest incident was reported p r o c e d u r e s f o r a l e r t i n g a chitchatting on the phone with a safety problems, including their suggested Babbitt and
this week: A controller twice n a t i o n a l security female friend until seconds own mistakes, so that the Transportation Secretary Ray
brought a child to work at the communications network to the before the collision. The agency can spot trends and act LaHood call "an all-hands-on-
c o n t r o l t o w e r a t J o h n F . problem. As a result, the Airbus controller's supervisor had left to prevent future problems, deck meeting and make sure air
Kennedy International Airport A320 carrying 144 passengers the airport to run a personal Brown said. To encourage traffic controllers know it's
in New York, one of the nation's was out of radio contact for 69 errand. reporting, controllers aren't every rule every time."
busiest airports, and allowed the minutes before the security The incidents suggest a punished for errors they ___
child to radio instructions to network was alerted. Rules put casualness about rules that identify. On the Net:
pilots. The Federal Aviation in place after the Sept. 11, 2001, undermines safety, said Carol The agency has had a similar Federal Aviation
Administration said Wednesday terrorist attacks are supposed to Carmody, a former National program for pilots for nearly a A d m i n i s t r a t i o n :
the controller and his supervisor trigger an alert when a plane Transportation Safety Board decade.
have been suspended pending an can't be raised by radio for 10 member and former FAA FAA Administrator Randy National Air Traffic Controllers
investigation of the incident last minutes. official. Babbitt, in speeches and A s s o c i a t i o n :
month. The larger issue at play in this "If they don't follow fairly rigid congressional testimony, has
The problem extends to airline incident, however, was the procedures, they're going to called on pilots and air traffic Five Filters featured article:
pilots as well. In several conduct of the cockpit crew on make mistakes," Carmody said. controllers to create a Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
accidents in recent years — the t h e N o r t h w e s t p l a n e . A n "If you are in the safety professional atmosphere in PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
crash of a regional airliner in investigation by the National business, you make a big deal cockpits and radar facilities and Term Extraction.
upstate New York a year ago Transportation Safety Board out of anything like this because not to tolerate rule-breaking by
that killed 50 people is one into the missed landing ensued, random events cause accidents." colleagues.
example — pilots broke a a n d t h e F e d e r a l A v i a t i o n Even more serious is that the The NTSB is concerned enough
cardinal safety rule prohibiting Administration revoked the controllers in the Teterboro and about the situation that it has
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AP source: Black leaders to meet on Paterson fate (AP)

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) severe reports, his ability to he and others in his aide. But the panel said the aide, Cuomo is investigating whether
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:22:11 AM govern effectively is called into administration had with a David Johnson, was one of Paterson or anyone from his
question," said a second woman who had accused a top Paterson's four guests, along staff or security detail
ALBANY, N.Y. – The Rev. Al prominent black leader in New aide of domestic violence. At with Paterson's son and a son's influenced the woman's decision
Sharpton is convening a group Y o r k C i t y w h o a t t e n d e d issue is whether Paterson or friend, getting tickets for the not to press charges after she
of black Democratic leaders Saturday's meeting and is others urged the woman to drop Oct. 28 World Series game told police that Johnson roughed
who could urge Gov. David invited to Thursday's meeting. her complaint. provided by the Yankees. her up.
Paterson, who is embroiled in "I got the impression that the Paterson was also accused Four days later, also in the "My side of the story will not be
two misconduct scandals, to seriousness of the charges Wednesday of breaking ethics Bronx, Johnson was accused of unsourced, it will not be in
resign, a party adviser told The against him has grown since the laws when he sought and domestic violence by his then- inaccurate, it will be the truth,"
Associated Press on Thursday. group met Saturday, and this obtained free Yankees tickets girlfriend, a case that now Paterson said Wednesday,
The meeting is set for Thursday presented an opportunity to re- for the 2009 World Series and threatens Paterson's job and taking a swipe at some media
n i g h t a t a r e s t a u r a n t i n evaluate or determine what is then may have lied about his administration. reports.
M a n h a t t a n ' s H a r l e m necessary to stake out another intention to pay for them, But the ticket scandal may The governor's chief of staff,
neighborhood and follows a position if necessary," the leader according to a state report. ultimately be more damaging to Lawrence Schwartz, said
flurry of calls overnight in said. He faces penalties of nearly the governor, especially given Paterson was meeting with
which many of the leaders The Democrat, who also spoke $100,000, and the case was the timing. legislative leaders and staff
reconsidered their support for on condition of anonymity referred to the Albany County "I, at all times, upheld the oath Wednesday and that the fiscal
Paterson. Those calls were also because of the sensitivity of the prosecutor's office and the state of my office and never at any crisis is Paterson's top priority.
voiced in a similar summit issue, said there is increased attorney general for possible point attempted to influence or Paterson has no public events
Saturday in Harlem, although pressure on Paterson to either criminal investigation into coerce anyone to do anything scheduled for Thursday.
the group overall supported tell his side of the story, which whether Paterson or anyone else they didn't want to do," Paterson "The governor is the governor,"
Paterson's plan to continue to the governor has said will gave false answers to questions told reporters Wednesday, Schwartz said. "He's in charge."
s e r v e . H e h a d e n d e d h i s exonerate him, or step aside. by the Public Integrity saying he intends to fight the ___
campaign for a full term the day The news about the Manhattan Commission or backdated a ethics charge. Associated Press writers
before. meeting contrasted with a check to pay for the tickets. Paterson told investigators that Colleen Long in New York and
The adviser spoke on the statement Thursday by an "The drum beat is awfully loud he always intended to pay the Valerie Bauman in Albany
condition of anonymity because organization of black police right now and not getting $850 for tickets for his son and contributed to this report.
of the sensitivity of the issue. officers who stepped up to show quieter," Lee Miringoff of the the son's friend. They were paid Five Filters featured article:
The adviser said Sharpton is support for Paterson. The group, Marist College poll said for with a postdated check, and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
expected to say he's rethinking 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Wednesday. He noted that the the governor paid for them only PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
his support for New York's first Who Care, urged an end to what Yankees tickets case is clearer, when confronted by a reporter Term Extraction.
black governor. it called a "rush to judgment." and therefore potentially more for The New York Post, the
"I still believe the he's entitled to Still, the damage was mounting of a threat to Paterson's job. report said.
the presumption of innocence, in the wake of the scandal The ethics charge isn't directly In the other case, the office of
but as each day brings more plaguing Paterson over contact related to the scandal over the state Attorney General Andrew

Crafting Awesome Vibe of 'Alice in Wonderland'

Annaliza Savage (Wired Top Tim Burton's spin on the classic designer Colleen Atwood talk
Stories) tale gives familiar characters an about bringing the dazzling 3-D
Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:00:00 PM oddball twist. Burton, actor vision to the big screen. A
Johnny Depp and costume video gallery.
16 Popular News/ E-reader News Edition

Congress slowly loosens its grip on Washington,

(Yahoo! News: U.S. News) using tax money to help poor budget. The second would allow residents got the delegate spot in
Submitted at 3/4/2010 12:24:26 AM women pay for abortions and city laws to go into effect Congress and the right to elect
implementing a decade-old immediately, instead of waiting their own mayor and City
WASHINGTON – measure legalizing medical for 30 or 60 days for a Council.
Congresswoman Eleanor marijuana. congressional all-clear, as in the Change is slow, however.
Holmes Norton didn't flinch
when comedian Stephen Colbert
And though Congress could
have killed a gay marriage bill
case of the same-sex marriage
Norton predicted on Colbert's
show a year ago that she would
Sign up for
congratulated her on D.C.
becoming a state.
passed by the D.C. Council,
federal lawmakers allowed it to
Mayor Adrian M. Fenty
testified that the budget process
soon be a full voting member;
Colbert called her a "fake
300 sites at
"Not quite," she replied during a
segment on his show not long
become law without weighing
in. Same-sex couples started
often causes delays in services
to residents. Most of the
congresswoman." But
momentum to give her voting
after President Barack Obama's applying for marriage licenses hundreds of laws he signs every powers stalled when an (Holy Kaw!)
election. Wednesday, though a three-day year, from adoption to zoning, amendment was added in the Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:33:56 AM
Colbert may have been joking, waiting period means they can't "are of no interest to Congress Senate that would repeal a strict
but with Democrats in control, actually get married till next whatsoever," he said. city gun registration As you get into social media,
Congress seems increasingly week. Longtime residents are used to requirement, something you should check for the
willing to loosen its grip on Now, Congress is considering Congress having the ultimate Democrats did not want. availability of your personal and
Norton's city and allow it to bills that would give the city say. Gary Thompson, a lawyer Norton says she believes she your organization’s name on as
function more like a state. That's even more freedom. Norton, who has lived in the district may now have found a way many sites as possible. I found a
no laughing matter for some who was elected in 1990 and since 1992, said it seems like around the amendment and will service called Knowem that
600,000 city residents. represents more people than live every couple of years some get the bill passed early this does this for 350 sites in one fell
Congress still must OK the in Wyoming packed in a city momentum to change that takes year. swoop.
D.C. budget and it can veto laws 1/17th the size of Rhode Island, hold, then stalls. Lifelong resident Jenica The company also offers four
the City Council passes, though calls it a "moment of "I'm a little bit hardened and a Degree, who works at a store levels of paid service ranging
that's rare. And despite some opportunity." little bit cynical at this point," that sells political memorabilia, from $99 to $599. For $99
optimism early in Obama's Three-quarters of Washington's said Thompson, who heads a isn't convinced that having a Knowem will signup your name
administration, Norton still can't registered voters are Democrats. neighborhood group and says he voting congresswoman would at 150 sites. For $599 it will
vote on the House floor, though And now that Democrats hold will advocate for civil change much. Not having one signup and provide your profile
she can introduce bills and vote the House, Senate and disobedience, like blocking "really doesn't bother me," she info (photo, bio, URL, and
in committees. presidency for the first time entrances to government said. description) for 300 sites.
But cracks in congressional since 1992, there's support for buildings, if things don't change Five Filters featured article: More social media tips.
control have started to appear. letting go of some federal soon. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Permalink| Leave a comment »
For the first time in recent control. The U.S. Constitution makes it PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
memory, Congress didn't attach Norton has introduced two bills clear the city is under Term Extraction.
any restrictions, called "riders," to give the city more control congressional control. City
when it approved the city's over its affairs. The first would residents didn't get the right to
budget in December. That lifted eliminate the requirement that vote in presidential elections
bans preventing the city from Congress approve the city's until 1961. In the 1970s,
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ Politics/ Gadgets/ 17

US lifts lid on cyberwarfare plan Spidey Gets

(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
The Comprehensive National
Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI)
approaches have fallen short,
but says the federal government
"So this allows more people to
play and given that 85% of the Axed for
was introduced in 2008 by then- is moving forward in outlining critical infrastructure is not in
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:53:09 PM
President George W Bush.
T h e W h i t e H o u s e h a s Going public
"grand challenges" for the
research community to help
government hands, it certainly
makes sense to include the rest
declassified parts of a top secret There are 12 parts to the CNCI, solve. of the expertise," Mr Markulec (Little Green Footballs)
plan outlining how government i n c l u d i n g c y b e r Mr Schmidt said the told BBC News. Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:12:31 PM

will protect the nation's counterintelligence and declassification would show that Hilton Collins of Government
computer networks from cyber d e t e r r e n c e s t r a t e g i e s . the government has a workable Technology Magazine agrees. Peter Parker, aka Spiderman,
warfare. For the first time the strategy for protecting the "The private sector has so much has been fired from his job as a
T h e a n n o u n c e m e n t b y government has published a nation's computer systems in the knowledge, power and money photographer because he
cybersecurity tsar Howard general description of what they event of a cyber attack. that for them to help the photoshopped some pictures.
Schmidt was made at the are on its website. Parts of the initiative that deal government innovate more Spiderman, the story goes,
world's biggest security event. The aim of the programme is with the nation's offensive plans technology security solutions is knows newspaper publisher J.
T h e m o v e i s a i m e d a t threefold: for cyberwarfare have not been the right way to go." Jonah Jameson, now mayor, is
e n c o u r a g i n g g r e a t e r c o - • to establish a front line of made public. The Electronic Privacy innocent of something heinous
operation between academia, d e f e n c e a g a i n s t t o d a y ' s 'Common sense' Information Centre (Epic), (it’s always something heinous,
government and the private i m m e d i a t e t h r e a t s Reaction to the announcement which had demanded the full isn’t it?), but the only way he
sector. • to defend against the full ranged from caution to praise. text of the CNCI, said it was can persuade people of that is to
"We have to fully recognise the spectrum of threats One supporter is Michael pleased about the digitally manipulate photos.
importance cybersecurity has in • to strengthen the future Markulec, chief operating declassification. He does and loses his job, so
our lives," Mr Schmidt said. cybersecurity environment officer for Lumeta, a company However the group said it still Spiderman becomes a victim of
"We must continue to seek out that provides large organisations wanted to see the full document the recession, although in these
innovative new partnerships - The CNCI funds a number of and government agencies with and what privacy safeguards are days of widespread layoffs at
not only within government, but sensitive projects including the secure network solutions. in place when assessing cyber newspapers prompted by
also among industry, government's Einstein "This move brings more people threats. economic forces, the superhero
government and the American technology, which focuses on to the table - organisations like Print Sponsor is hardly a typical victim.
public," he told delegates at the securing the vast computer mine that play in the Five Filters featured article: I say Jameson was right to fire
event, hosted by the security network that operates under the cybersecurity space, experts Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Parker, even though the
company RSA in San Francisco. domain, as well as here at the RSA who are PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, photographer was trying to help
It was his first major speech to detecting attempts to access currently not involved in Term Extraction. his boss.
industry peers since being those systems. discussions because they have
a p p o i n t e d t o t h e j o b i n The document acknowledges been at a classified level inside
December 2009. that traditional security the government.

New HourTime Podcast for you and yours

John Biggs (CrunchGear) Friday – a 30 minute show call-in talk show we’re calling like it, and we’ll talk about your Richard Mille Diver
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:41:10 AM called the HourTime Help Desk. Help Desk. We’ll still do our watch questions and discuss Outland 3H
But we need your help. On regular show, but this second your collections, your watch Download MP3
Don’t forget: We’re going to be Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern/3:30 show will probably run once choices, and your favorite Subscribe in iTunes
trying something brand new on PM Pacific we’re going to run a every two weeks, if you guys brands.
18 Popular News/ Gadgets/ E-reader News Edition

Obama urges vote on health reform

(BBC News | Americas | the same kind of up-or-down
World Edition) vote that was cast on welfare
Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:22:57 PM reform, the Children's Health
Insurance Program, Cobra
Please turn on JavaScript. health coverage for the
Media requires JavaScript to unemployed, and both Bush tax
play. cuts", Mr Obama said, referring
Mr Obama said he looked to other measures passed using
forward to signing health reform reconciliation.
into law But the BBC's Paul Adams, in
US President Barack Obama Washington, says the fact
has urged Congress to vote by remains that the Republicans are
simple majority on healthcare implacably opposed to the sort
reform, as he makes a final push of overhaul the president wants.
to have his proposals adopted. If the Democrats decide to
He said Congress should "finish force the issue to a vote on a
its work" and vote on the simple majority, they are still
legislation in the next few going to have to fight every step
weeks. of the way, our correspondent
Healthcare has been a priority adds.
for Mr Obama but the Senate Republican leader Mitch
legislation has been blocked by reform," Mr Obama said in a Mr Obama said he opposed have the 60-seat majority McConnell reaffirmed his
the Republican minority. speech at the White House. Republican calls to reject required to defeat blocking opposition to the president's
Last week, a televised summit He said the proposed reforms comprehensive bills passed by tactics by Republicans. plan.
hosted by Mr Obama in had incorporated the best ideas the House of Representatives Both chambers need to pass a "Americans don't want us to
Washington failed to break the from the Democrats and the and Senate last year and begin unified version of the legislation tack a few good ideas onto a bill
deadlock between parties. Republicans. again with a more step-by-step for the president to sign it into that reshapes one-sixth of the
'Implacably opposed' "I ask Congress to finish its approach. law. economy, vastly expands the
The president wants Congress work, and I look forward to "For us to start over now could 'Government expansion' role of government and which
to back the latest version of his signing this reform into law," simply lead to delay that could The Democrats can make use of raises taxes and cuts Medicare
$950bn (£621bn) plan to cover Mr Obama said. last for another decade or even a legislative technique called to pay for it all."
uninsured Americans and lower "At stake right now is not just more," he said. "reconciliation" to force the bill Print Sponsor
premiums. our ability to solve this problem, Health care legislation is through Congress, though Mr Five Filters featured article:
"I believe the United States but our ability to solve any currently stalled in Congress as Obama avoided using the term. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Congress owes the American problem," he added. the Senate Democrats no longer The healthcare bill "deserves PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
people a final vote on healthcare Term Extraction.

Yes, This Is An iPhone Case. Of Course It Is. [Iphone Cases]

Kat Hannaford (Gizmodo) retailer JOYCE's line of fashion you over the head with your
Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:34:44 AM designer-created iPhone "camouflaged" iPhone. [
cases...blah blah blahdy blah. HighSnobiety]
the feeling of a mugger beating
Unveiled as part of Hong Kong IT'S A ROCK. I hope you enjoy
E-reader News Edition Popular News/ Tech/ Entertainment/ 19

Brazil rebuffs US Iran pressure

(BBC News | Americas | which enjoys good ties with as I wish for Brazil: To use the
World Edition) Iran, to support its push for a development of nuclear energy
Submitted at 3/3/2010 3:50:23 PM fourth round of UN sanctions for peaceful purposes. If Iran is RealNetworks Agrees To Pay $4.5
against Tehran over its refusal to in agreement with that, Iran will
Brazil will not bow to pressure stop enriching uranium - a have Brazil's support." Million In Legal Fees To Hollywood
from the US to support further possible step to building atomic
sanctions against Iran over its weapons.
President Lula said he did not
want Iran to develop nuclear
Over RealDVD; Gives Up
nuclear work, the country's Tehran says the uranium is weapons and would raise the Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Hollywood to cover legal fees.
foreign minister has said. being enriched to provide fuel issue in a visit to Tehran in Submitted at 3/4/2010 1:02:12 AM It's a full capitulation.
C e l s o A m o r i m t o l d U S for nuclear power reactors it May. So what did Hollywood
Secretary of State Hillary envisages building. Mrs Clinton is visiting South We still can't quite understand accomplish here? It shut down
Clinton that Brazil wanted to see Brazil is currently a member of America at a time when there is Hollywood's crusade against a software product that allows
further negotiations on the issue the UN Security Council. a sense in the region that RealNetworks over its people to backup the DVDs they
b e f o r e i t w o u l d s u p p o r t "I think it's only after we pass President Barack Obama's RealDVD offering. The legally own -- not to distribute
sanctions. sanctions in the Security administration, distracted by so software presented a way for them. In the meantime, of
Mrs Clinton said that sanctions Council that Iran will negotiate many other issues, has not lived DVD owners to backup their course, there are a bunch of
had to be passed first in order to in good faith," Mrs Clinton said. up to expectations, says the DVDs. It didn't allow for DVD ripping programs out there
persuade Iran to "negotiate in " T h e d o o r i s o p e n f o r BBC's Gary Duffy in Sao Paulo. distribution -- unlike pretty that have no such restrictions.
good faith". negotiations. We never slammed The US state department has much every other ripping In other words, Hollywood's
The US fears Iran is developing it shut," she said. "But we don't said if Brazil uses its software. In fact, Real basically brilliant legal strategists just
nuclear weapons, a charge see anybody, even in the far-off relationship with Iran to press put a new DRM around each pushed anyone who wants to
Tehran denies. distance, walking toward it." the country to fulfil its backup copy. Personally, this back up their movies to use
At a news conference with Mrs Even before talks with Mrs international obligations then seemed to make the product less solutions that make it easier for
Clinton in the Brazilian capital, C l i n t o n b e g a n , B r a z i l i a n that would be an important step, useful, but the MPAA still sued them to share those movies with
Brasilia, Mr Amorim said: "We President Luiz Inacio Lula da but if it did not do that, RealNetworks for daring to let others. It just made sure that
will not simply bow down to an Silva repeated his stance that Washington would be people backup their movies, and such products will always be
evolving consensus if we do not isolating Iran's leaders is counter "disappointed". amazingly won nearly every underground, rather than where
agree. -productive. Print Sponsor aspect of the lawsuit. The judge the industry can actually work
"We have to think by ourselves "It is not prudent to push Iran Five Filters featured article: (the same one who shut down together with them. Congrats,
a n d w i t h o u r v a l u e s a n d against a wall. The prudent Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Napster, by the way) had guys, for killing yet another tech
principles," he said. thing is to establish PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, already banned the sale of product you didn't like, just
'Door open' negotiations," he said. Term Extraction. RealDVD, and now she's agreed because it made your products
Washington wants Brazil, "I want for Iran the same thing to a settlement that basically more valuable.
involves RealNetworks Permalink| Comments| Email
conceding every point, and This Story
paying $4.5 million to

Joan Jett Will Have the Nachos [Open Caption]

Richard Lawson (Gawker) [ Adam Lambert at gay Mardi
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:31:05 AM Gras in Sydney, AU; image via
20 Popular News/ Tech/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition

Mexico City gay marriage law in Interview with Zen

force Bound creators on iPad
(BBC News | Americas |
World Edition)
for the whole of society in
Mexico City," added Ms
gay marriage licences; they have
so far been unsuccessful.
Despite the move in the capital,
and iPhone games
Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:58:13 AM
Mike Schramm (The Unofficial
'Symbolic closet' a gay marriage law at a federal Apple Weblog (TUAW))
A law allowing gay and lesbian With this law - and previous level in Mexico remains
couples to marry comes into legalisation on abortion and unlikely. Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:00:00 AM

effect on Thursday in Mexico some form of euthanasia - the Judith Vazquez says: "Our real
City. Filed under: Gaming, Apple,
Mexican capital has become a battle is with our people in
The law, which was passed by liberal and progressive island in Developer, iPad AppAdvice has
Mexico... Now we will have to
the city's local assembly in w h a t r e m a i n s a m o s t l y an interview up with Secret
leave our symbolic closet
December, gives gay people full conservative nation, says the Exit, the folks who made one of
because we will be [considered]
marital rights, including the BBC's Julian Miglierini in the best iPhone games of last
citizens and we have to go out to
right to adopt. year, Zen Bound. They spoke
Mexico City. live in freedom."
Several gay couples are now But local gay activists say not only about that game and
In Latin America, only
expected to register to get homophobic attacks are still how the iPhone turned out to be
Uruguay has legalised civil
married as early as next week. frequent across the country, the perfect platform for them to
unions nationwide and allowed
Mexico City is one of the first where people continue to face start out on, but also about the
same-sex couples to adopt
capitals in Latin America to discrimination in the workplace iPad and what they're planning
fully recognise gay marriages. for being gay or are attacked to do with it in the future.
A handful of cities - in
Judith Vazquez and partner Lol when displaying public affection Secret Exit echoes a lot of other
Argentina, Ecuador and
-kin Castaneda hope to become to a person of the same sex, our developers in saying that it plans
Colombia - allow gay unions.
to make completely different is speculation -- it's certainly
one of the first couples to marry correspondent adds. Print Sponsor
apps for the iPad, not just possible that the $9.99 price
under the new law. Both the Catholic Church and Five Filters featured article:
upscaled or updated versions of point could become the default
"It's the end of our fight and the conservative groups oppose the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
iPhone apps. The hardware and for new iPad apps, which would
beginning of life in freedom in legislation, and the centre-right PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
the market, says Secret Exit, give developers a little more
Mexico City," Ms Vazquez told government even tried to get a Term Extraction.
both call for completely separate money to play with. But as with
the BBC. ruling by the Supreme Court to
releases. everything else iPad, we'll have
"This is a great, historic moment block Mexico City from issuing
They also say, however, that to see. At least the wait's not
Durant held to 19 as Nuggets they're worried about iPad
pricing. A bigger screen and
that long.
TUAW Interview with Zen
stomp Thunder more complicated layouts mean
that the investment for apps will
Bound creators on iPad and
iPhone games originally
Associated Press Denver: C. Anthony 30 Pts, 8 be bigger, and if only the most appeared on The Unofficial
( Reb, 5 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Thu,
recognized brands can hold
Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:34:29 PM Five Filters featured article: down a $9.99 price point, Secret 04 Mar 2010 07:00:00 EST.
Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Exit says that they may not be Please see our terms for use of
Top Performers PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, able to build out their games to feeds.
Oklahoma City: S. Ibaka 15 Term Extraction. the point that they'd like. Read| Permalink| Email this|
Pts, 13 Reb, 1 Ast, 1 Stl, 1 Blk Interesting points all. Of course, Comments
much of the iPad thinking so far
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 21

The future of the Internet on display at Singularity University

(CNET the Internet and that that number streaming at and around us made its way into consumer megacities, Canton said, but
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:00:00 AM could skyrocket in the next few across physical and digital technology, but it's not that far current data infrastructures are
years. The idea, then, would be artifacts. off, he suggested. In fact, he incapable of handling the needs
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California for the Internet of the future to Proactive search said that as much as 30 percent of those new metropolises.
--The Internet of the future is an comprise large numbers of Today, Canton said, in order to of the technology necessary for "There is not enough storage or
intelligent network capable of networks talking to nodes that find information online, we have such things to be part of our bandwidth to deal with this
proactively acting on our needs, are independently to turn on our computers and go every day lives has already been reality," he said. "We have to
following us wherever we go, communicating with each other, look for it. "But what if you built. And what's in the lab get how we enable
helping provide focused health "having their own didn't have to do that," he asked today, he pointed out, is in the that future to emerge."
care and possibly ushering in a conversation," he said. the executive students. "What if marketplace tomorrow. Perhaps as many as 80 percent
new energy paradigm. Indeed, Canton predicted a it found you?" And, he said, the model for of the next 100 megacities will
That's the vision James Canton, future in which the Internet is The idea, he said, is a such AI-based systems will be require next-generation Web
the CEO of the San Francisco- embedded just about worldwide system of intuitive one that already dominates the infrastructure, he predicted, and
based think tank, the Institute everywhere: in every imaginable networks that pay attention to planet: biology. The networks of society will have to find ways to
for Global Futures, shared with kind of devices, from TVs to us, and know our likes and the future will mimic living "migrate to that infrastructure."
the students in the executive phones to walls in rooms and desires, and proactively feed us ecosystems, he said. Ultimately, the "one key bucket
program of Singularity that every kind of product or the information we need to act At Singularity University, the of technology" that may drive
University Wednesday. A broad device--or even people--one can on them. students are getting high-level, the future of the Internet is
-reaching, theoretical talk that think of has an IP address. He "We're on the cusp of that," he intense lectures on fields of quantum mechanics, Canton
touched on many of the same added that while such a picture said, the Internet "intuitively study like nanotechnology, said, and that will create new
elements of an all-encompassing might seem distant, the U.S. sensing who you are, and what biotech, AI, robotics, dynamics like humans being
network more or less overlaid Food and Drug Administration your needs are and paying bioinformatics and the like, all able to "design space and time"
on people's consciousnesses as has already approved a chip that attention to your behavior and to of which fall under the rubric of and the possibility that the
science fiction by the likes of could be embedded in people's what you think is important." exponentially-growing contents of the entire U.S.
Vernor Vinge, Canton's vision bodies. In Miami, he said, the And such systems wouldn't just technology, and the Internet of Library of Congress could fit on
nonetheless seemed plausible, latest craze is women wearing be with you at home, but would the future Canton was something no bigger than a
particularly in light of the clothes with chips embedded travel with you everywhere, he illustrating is essentially a thumbnail.
curriculum of so-called that can be scanned to verify suggested. The kinds of devices mashup of these technologies, In the process, we may be able
exponential technologies being their identities so that they don't we see as discrete today, our he said. to access and process in real
taught here. have to carry purses. phones, our computers, TVs and As a result, the Internet will be time so much medical data that
Canton's vision of this future Similarly, he said that cars, will "at the end of the day, smart in a way we can barely we will have the wherewithal to
Internet begins with four key government workers in Mexico all...get mashed up," he said. imagine today and could finally eliminate huge numbers of
drivers: Telepresence, mobility, City can't get into buildings That means, he said, that each help us solve systemic crises deaths or illnesses.
artificial intelligence and without having some sort of of us will have our own like health care and poverty Internet 3, 4 and 5
specific vertical market wearable identification chip. "personal Internet layer...that while also helping create Some may feel that it's too
segments such as health care. It will be a key component, lives in your own personal thousands, or even millions of early to be defining these things,
In a straw poll of the 40-odd then, of the future of the Internet cloud [and] deciphers new companies in the process, but Canton clearly isn't one of
students in the SU program, the Internet, Canton predicted, that what's next" for us. or even entirely new markets them. He said that we are
majority felt that mobility was everything will have an IP It's not clear when such a that never existed before. currently living in the "middle
the most important of those address and that, therefore, we system will be functional, he Megacities ages" when it comes to
drivers, and Canton said that will be living in what he called a admitted, given that it would As the Earth's population computing networks, and that
made sense given that the world "blended reality," where require a great deal of artificial expands, it will result in the FUTURE page 25
currently has 5 billion people on information is constantly intelligence that has not yet blossoming of dozens of new
22 Tech/ E-reader News Edition

Feds weigh expansion of Internet monitoring

Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:00:00 AM

Homeland Security Secretary

Janet Napolitano, who said that
Einstein 3 could only be
discussed in a classified setting,
speaks at the RSA conference
on Wednesday.(Credit: James
Security and the National
Security Agency may be taking
a closer look at Internet
communications in the future.
The Department of Homeland
Security's top cybersecurity
official told CNET on
Wednesday that the department
may eventually extend its
Einstein technology, which is
designed to detect and prevent
electronic attacks, to networks
operated by the private sector.
The technology was created for
federal networks.
Greg Schaffer, assistant
secretary for cybersecurity and
communications, said in an
interview that the department is
evaluating whether Einstein
"makes sense for expansion to
critical infrastructure spaces" attempting to thwart in-progress Earlier reports have said that level of protection either for a space that's problematic from
over time. cyberattacks by sharing Einstein 3 has the ability to read federal government systems or a privacy perspective."
Not much is known about how information with the National the content of emails and other otherwise," Schaffer said. "As a If Einstein 3 does perform as
Einstein works, and the House Security Agency. messages, and that AT&T has practical matter, you're looking well as Homeland Security
Intelligence Committee once Greater federal involvement in been asked to test the system. at data that's relevant to hopes, it could help less-
charged that descriptions were privately operated networks may (The Obama administration says malicious activity, and that's the prepared companies fend off
overly "vague" because of spark privacy or surveillance the "contents" of data that you're focused on. It's cyberattacks, including worms
"excessive classification." The concerns, not least because of communications are not shared not necessary to go into a space sent through e-mail, phishing
White House did confirm this the NSA's central involvement with the NSA.) where someone will say you're attempts, and even denial of
week that the latest version, in the Bush administration's "I don't think you have to be Big acting like Big Brother. It can be
warrantless wiretapping scandal. Brother in order to provide a done without crossing over into FEDS page 25
called Einstein 3, involves
E-reader News Edition Tech/ 23

Thumbplay launches music service for BlackBerry

Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:00:00 AM

Thumbplay is set to launch on

Thursday the mobile version of
its subscription-based music
service for BlackBerry devices,
with Android and iPhone
versions to follow shortly.
Thumbplay is best known for
selling ringtones, but as that
market dried up, the company
shifted strategies and decided to
enter the subscription music
space, where it will compete
against longtime players like
Rhapsody, as well as a growing
number of new entrants such as
MOG and Spotify. So how does
it stack up?
Thumbplay Music's desktop
application. Can you find the
"shuffle" command?(Credit:
The company gave me a 30-day
invitation to its beta and loaned
me a BlackBerry Bold 9000 to
test it on, and after a few days,
my impressions are mostly
positive, with a few big
problems. I'll start with the
positives. The starting price is
only $9.99 a month, and that
includes access from your
computer using a desktop
application (it's based on competitors for mobile there were a few performance and you can import songs from added," and it will only import
Adobe's AIR platform and subscription music services. lags over 3G when I tried to a memory card. If you have 200 songs on any given playlist.
works on Mac or PC), as well as Sound quality was very good, switch out of a playlist or find a iTunes on your computer, you Also, if Thumbplay doesn't have
from any supported mobile and I didn't notice any audible new song. Finding music to play can also import playlists from certain songs in its service, like
device. That's quite a bit cheaper differences when testing it over is quite easy--the search engine iTunes to Thumbplay, but it nearly all tracks from The
than Rhapsody To Go ($14.99) AT&T's 3G service versus my is adequate as long as you won't import auto-generated
or Spotify Premium (9.99 home Wi-Fi network, although restrict searches to artist names, playlists, such as "recently THUMBPLAY page 27
pounds in the U.K.), its main
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Dear Aunt TUAW: Does size matter (when it comes to iPads)?

Erica Sadun (The Unofficial deciding between the 32GB and comes out? That's why I stayed really want instead of settling
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) 64GB. Just wondering if the to 4GB and 8GB iPhones until for not-quite-good-enough. Over
Submitted at 3/4/2010 8:00:00 AM $100 price difference would be my beloved 32GB 3GS finally time, prices drop. Storage
better spent buying the 32GB debuted. The money I saved increases. So long as I have an
Filed under: Apple, iPad Dear and putting the $100 toward a helped underwrite the entry-level iPad to get started
Aunt TUAW, year's worth of 3G connectivity? equipment I actually wanted. Of with, I'll be fine -- at least until
I am planning on getting an Love, kissies & hugs, course, I'm now thisclose from my dreamPad finally debuts.
iPad WiFi+3G when they Your nephew, RJ running out of room on my If you do have the spare cash
become available, but I am still Dearest RJ, newish 64GB iPod touch. And on-hand and don't have to count
undecided on which (storage) 16GB data? Buy the 32GB my 3GS? Sadly, overburdened pennies, well, buy the best unit
size I should get. I currently model, unless you can easily already. (Although, to be fair, available. With that kind of cash
have a 16GB iPhone 3GS which swing the 64 GB one. Then go it's had a really great year -- and flow, you don't have to worry
comfortably, for now, holds all for that. I've loved the storage space that about asking Auntie T.
my media needs. While I have a Auntie has a pretty firm policy it added to my life.) questions about which unit
lot of music and photos and on this kind of thing: always It's the same way with the iPad. offers the best value. But if
some video I don't feel the need buy the most storage you can Top of the line 64GB simply you're like me, a tech addict on
to have it all on my phone at one afford unless the storage on In that scenario, my advice is to isn't going to cut it for me under a tight budget and unwilling to
time. offer is insufficient, whether buy low, just getting the 16GB any plausible near term usage compromise on quality, you
Looking at what I store on my truly insufficient or plausibly model. "OMG, Auntie," you're scenarios. With movies and may consider buying down
iPhone I think an iPad 32GB insufficient. Here's how it saying to yourself. "How can books and lots of other iPad- instead of up until the right
would more than fit my needs -- works. Let's say you have about you give such poor advice? The ready great digital resources that model comes along.
but will my media files be larger 30GB of data. There's a 32GB 30 GB of data I currently use as go way beyond normal iPhone Love & hugs,
on the iPad with the larger item for sale and a 64GB item of today will fit comfortably on use, my storage requirements Auntie T.
format of the device? I don't for sale. Which should you buy? that 32GB unit! What are constantly moving upwards, TUAW Dear Aunt TUAW:
expect that my iTunes songs Auntie's advice is to always buy" not downwards. I'm buying the Does size matter (when it comes
will take up anymore than they the 64GB item. There's plenty of Here's the reasoning behind that 16GB model until at least a to iPads)? originally appeared
do on the iPhone, but will the room there for you to grow over advice: Buying any 128GB (and, preferably a on The Unofficial Apple
format of pictures and video time, and overbuying your iPhone/iPod/iPad unit with just 256GB) model shows up. Weblog (TUAW) on Thu, 04
take up more storage space? storage ensures that your device 2GB to spare is asking to pay Is this biting off my nose to Mar 2010 08:00:00 EST. Please
With AT&T increasing the will remain useful as your data extra for not-enough-room spite my face? (And, by the see our terms for use of feeds.
download size limit over 3G it demands grow. misery. You're going to ebay- way, that's physically harder Read| Permalink| Email this|
got me wondering if 32GB on Now let's say, we're in the same and-upgrade within six months than you might imagine unless Comments
the iPad will be more like a situation but with 16GB and anyway, right? So why not just you have a very flexible nose
16GB iPhone. 32GB units instead. Here's save the money and wait until and jaw, but I digress.) No, it's
At this point I would be where Auntie goes mental. something decent actually keeping my eyes on what I

No. 2 Kansas downs Kansas St. for outright title

Associated Press Kansas State: J. Pullen 20 Pts, 5 Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
( Reb, 1 Ast, 2 Stl PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:24:29 PM Kansas: X. Henry 19 Pts, 5 Term Extraction.
Reb, 1 Ast, 2 Stl, 1 Blk
Top Performers Five Filters featured article:
E-reader News Edition Fashion/ 25
continued from page 22 continued from page 21

service attacks. stressed the need for more that expanding Einstein 3 to the capable system called Einstein 2 we are surrounded by dumb
On the other hand, civil cooperation between the private sector would amount to a --which aimed to do intrusion devices and machines that
libertarians are sure to raise government and the private partial outsourcing of security. detection and not prevention-- cannot think for themselves.
questions about privacy, access, sector on cybersecurity, saying "It's clearly a win for people but has not done so for Einstein But he said an "Internet 3" will
and how Einstein could be used that "we need to have a system without the security know-how 3. be a "collaborative Web" that
in the future. If it can perform that works together." to protect their own networks," The department did, however, will have at its root a
deep packet inspection to During a House appropriations Appelbaum said. "It's also a prepare a general set of cooperation between people and
prevent botnets from accessing hearing on February 26, clear loss of control. And guidelines (PDF) for privacy our machines.
certain Web pages, for instance, Napolitano refused to discuss anyone with access to that and civil liberties in June 2009. His vision of an "Internet 4"
could it also be used to prevent a Einstein 3 unless the hearing monitoring system, legitimate or In addition, the Bush Justice will include evolutionary
human from accessing illegal were closed to the public. "I otherwise, would be able to Department wrote a memo networking that has a major self
pornography, copyright- don't want to comment publicly monitor amazing amounts of (PDF) saying Einstein 2 -organizing principle and which
infringing music, or offshore on Einstein 3, per se, here in an traffic." "complies with" the U.S. has human reproduction as an
gambling sites? unclassified setting," she said. Einstein grew out of a still- Constitution and federal wiretap inspiration. And "Internet 5"
"It's one thing for the "What I would suggest, perhaps, classified executive order, called laws. will mimic living ecosystems
government to monitor its own is a classified briefing for National Security Presidential That justification for Einstein 2 and feature smart and aware
systems for malicious code and members of the subcommittee Directive 54, that President "turned on the consent of physical spaces, embedded
intrusions," said Greg Nojeim, who are interested." Bush signed in 2008. employees in the government intelligence and systems that
senior counsel at the Center for Some privacy concerns about While little information is that are being communicated can do things like transfer
Democracy and Technology. Einstein have popped up before. available, former Homeland with, and on the notion that a energy amongst themselves as
"It's quite another for the An American Bar Association Security Secretary Michael person who communicates with they need them.
government to monitor private panel said this about Einstein 3 Chertoff once likened it to a the government can't then "It's not that far out," Canton
networks for those intrusions. in a September 2009 report: new "Manhattan Project," and complain that the government said. "I believe it's already
We'd be concerned about any "Because government the Washington Post reported read the communication," said started."
notion that a governmental communications are that the accompanying CDT's Nojeim. "How does that Five Filters featured article:
monitoring system like Einstein commingled with the private cybersecurity initiative legal justification work should Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
would be extended to private communications of non- represented the "single largest Einstein be extended to the PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
networks." governmental actors who use request for funds" in last year's private sector?" Term Extraction.
AT&T did not respond to a the same system, great caution classified intelligence budget. Five Filters featured article:
request for comment on will be necessary to insure that The Electronic Privacy Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Wednesday. privacy and civil liberties Information Center has filed a PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Cooperation, or a loss of concerns are adequately lawsuit (PDF) to obtain the text Term Extraction.
control? considered." of the order.
At the RSA Conference here on Jacob Appelbaum, a security Homeland Security has
Wednesday, Homeland Security researcher and programmer for published (PDF) a privacy
Secretary Janet Napolitano the Tor anonymity project, said impact assessment for a less

Street Chic: Paris Fashion Week (ELLE News Blog) edge to a preppy-chic ensemble. mail us your photo and you Become our Facebook fan!
Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:00:00 AM Photo: Stylesight could appear in's
Click here for our complete fall Street Chic Daily.
Strategically placed zippers add 2010 Fashion Week coverage Think you are Street Chic? E- Follow ELLE on Twitter.
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Vlingo 2 adds more voice power to iPhone

Michael Rose (The Unofficial items, dial your contacts (with Vlingo's servers to improve
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) optional contact name upload to recognition) and update your
Submitted at 3/4/2010 12:15:00 AM Vlingo's servers to improve Facebook or Twitter status. For
recognition) and update your email or SMS, you have two in-
Filed under: iPhone, App Facebook or Twitter status. For app purchase options to extend
Review email or SMS, you have two in- the free app's capabilities; it's
In the burgeoning market for app purchase options to extend $6.99 for either SMS or email
iPhone voice recognition apps, the free app's capabilities; it's action, $9.99 for both.
the free Dragon Dictate clearly $6.99 for either SMS or email Vlingo has gotten a thorough
holds the top spot. In fact, this action, $9.99 for both. UI overhaul in this new version,
paragraph was dictated using Vlingo has gotten a thorough and it's quite a bit easier to use
DragonDictate (with some UI overhaul in this new version, than it was. The dictation button
minor edits after the fact). and it's quite a bit easier to use can be used in hold-down or tap
However, the application doesn't than it was. The dictation button -to-talk mode, and the app can
always shine when it comes to can be used in hold-down or tap be set to recognize speech on
getting your text quickly and -to-talk mode, and the app can launch for maximum speed. You
easily into different places be set to recognize speech on can specify what action you
where you might want to use it. launch for maximum speed. You want by speaking it: "Email
You can send an e-mail or a text can specify what action you Joey, Subject how about some
message if you want to, but you want by speaking it: "Email coffee, Message Got time to
can't update your Facebook Joey, Subject how about some meet me at Starbucks? You're
status or send a Twitter message coffee, Message Got time to buying!" will create and address
without copying and pasting. meet me at Starbucks? You're an outgoing email for you, all in
Performing a search requires an buying!" will create and address one step.
entirely separate app. an outgoing email for you, all in TUAW Vlingo 2 adds more
To make your dictation process one step. voice power to iPhone originally
easier -- at least when it comes In the burgeoning market for You can send an e-mail or a text there's the latest update to the appeared on The Unofficial
to getting your text to go where iPhone voice recognition apps, message if you want to, but you Vlingo app, which we first Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Thu,
you want, when you want -- the free Dragon Dictate clearly can't update your Facebook reviewed last June. Vlingo 2.0 is 04 Mar 2010 00:15:00 EST.
there's the latest update to the holds the top spot. In fact, this status or send a Twitter message trying to up the ante for text Please see our terms for use of
Vlingo app, which we first paragraph was dictated using without copying and pasting. recognition by putting all the feeds.
reviewed last June. Vlingo 2.0 is DragonDictate (with some Performing a search requires an 'next step' options in one Read| Permalink| Email this|
trying to up the ante for text minor edits after the fact). entirely separate app. convenient place. Comments
recognition by putting all the However, the application doesn't To make your dictation process You can search (Google,
'next step' options in one always shine when it comes to easier -- at least when it comes Yahoo, or Bing), find map
convenient place. getting your text quickly and to getting your text to go where items, dial your contacts (with
You can search (Google, easily into different places you want, when you want -- optional contact name upload to
Yahoo, or Bing), find map where you might want to use it.
E-reader News Edition Tech/ Gadgets/ 27
continued from page 23

Beatles, you won't be able to get desktop and BlackBerry BlackBerry app (and reappear in testing it for a couple of days, Android 2.1 Update
them from iTunes to the versions of the app. Whenever I the desktop app the next time the BlackBerry Thumbplay app Available For Motorola
Thumbplay service. (That's created or updated a playlist in you open it). You can't scroll froze completely and stopped
because you're not actually one place, it was almost through a currently playing song working. I had to remove and Droid and Droid Eris
importing physical tracks from immediately updated in the on the Blackberry app. In the reinsert the phone's battery Via Leaked ROM
iTunes, you're importing other. This is one of the greatest desktop app, there's no shuffle before I could get Thumbplay to [Android]
metadata.) benefits of using a cloud-based command. Some of these work again. The company
But the whole point of a music service, and it's nice to missing features will be added blamed this problem on last- Kat Hannaford (Gizmodo)
subscription service is to get see it working so well here. in future releases, the company minute updates to the service Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:12:55 AM

away from the songs you own There's also a nifty "save confirmed. before it emerges from beta.
and explore other music. That's offline" feature, which lets you The catalog also has some holes To sum up, if you've got a Droid owners have been
where the excellent autoplaylist cache playlists on the phone so --all the usual big names are BlackBerry and aren't satisfied waiting and waiting for 2.1 to
feature comes in--select any you can play them when you're available, but when I tried to with your musical options on the materialize, but fortunately a
currently playing song, and it away from a wireless create a playlist to prepare me device today, Thumbplay is firmware update has leaked for
will create a 15-song playlist connection--great for subway for Coachella 2010, some acts definitely worth trying, but bang both handsets. Motorola and
based on that song. It's like commutes or plane trips. like She and Him and The on it a lot to make sure you're Verizon have both promised
having Pandora or Slacker Unfortunately, there are also a Temper Trap were missing or satisfied before subscribing. The OTA updates, but it's anyone's
mixed in with your personal few areas that don't seem very sparse; both had more free trial lasts for three days and guess as to when they'll be
music collection and on-demand finished. The search engine is songs available on Rhapsody. does not require a credit card to out—so this may just be the
searches. (This feature is sketchy--querying "I'm New That's not completely surprising, get started. fastest way to get the latest
provided by Thumbplay partner Here," the name of Gil Scott- as Thumbplay claims 8 million Five Filters featured article: Android flavor on your pocket-
The Echo Nest.) If you Heron's new album, returned no tracks versus Rhapsody's 9 Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: friend. [ XDA-Developers via
absolutely have to own a song results, even though it's in million. But Rhapsody's been PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Droid Life via Android and Me]
you've been playing, Thumbplay Thumbplay's catalog and is around much longer, and Term Extraction.
will let you download a currently featured among new Thumbplay has deals with all
permanent MP3 and charge you releases. You can't delete the major labels and a lot of
standard download rates playlists from the BlackBerry indies, so hopefully these gaps
(between $0.79 and $1.29). app, and if you delete them will be filled soon.
I was also impressed with the using the desktop application, Finally, I have to mention that
speed of sync between the they still appear on the as I was writing this post, after

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook in No Rush to Go Public

Stan Schroeder (Mashable!) Mark Zuckerberg, however, that Facebook doesn’t need wildly, Facebook recently
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:31:00 AM doesn’t seem worried at all. money. turned cash flow positive, which
Asked about Facebook’s plans “If you don’t need that capital, is a big deal for a company
Everyone is still trying to figure to launch an initial public then all the pressures are many once thought was pure
out just how big a business offering (IPO), he said the different, and the motivations vaporware. As long as Facebook
social networks are, how much company will do it eventually, (to go public) are not there in keeps it that way, it can
is Facebook worth, and how but it’s “definitely in no rush.” the same way,” he said. calculate and delay the IPO for
much money it’ll be making in a The reason for the leisurely Zuckerberg, is the simple fact While estimates about as long as it deems necessary.
couple of years. Facebook CEO approach, according to Facebook’s future earnings vary Tags: facebook, ipo, wall street
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How UK Chiropractors' Attempt To Silence One

Critic Created The Backlash That May Change Woot! Casio
Chiropractics In The UK Exilim EX-
Mike Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:23:32 AM
bloggers then teamed up to do
the investigative work that no
concerned folks who are
organized (perhaps loosely, but
misled the public with a
misrepresentation of one paper,
S5PE for $70
full-time journalist was doing quite effectively) to bring about a Cochrane review looking at Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear)
Last year, we wrote about a (and who says bloggers can't do massive change concerning the the effectiveness of various Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:40:18 AM
really troubling incident in the investigative journalism?) to BCA and chiropractor treatments for bed-wetting,
U K , w h e r e t h e B r i t i s h debunk the BCA's claims. marketing practices in general. claiming that the authors had This $70 Casio Exilim is purple
Chiropractic Association had While the lawsuit continues, the The article linked above also simply concluded that, "there but it’s priced at over $100 just
sued Dr. Simon Singh for noting loosely organized group of folks goes through more details of was weak evidence to support about everywhere else, so let’s
that there was little scientific who had been fighting back how this group has helped the use of [chiropractic]. One just go with it. It looks more
evidence to back up some of the against the BCA have continued dismantle the BCA's weak day someone will write a big pink to me, but Woot says it’s
marketing claims used by the to work their magic. Brandon attempt at showing scientific case study (or perhaps a book) purple and who am I to question
B C A c o n c e r n i n g w h a t writes in to let us know that evidence for some of those about what happened here. An Woot? Speaking of Woot, that’s
c h i r o p r a c t o r s c o u l d t r e a t . they've been going one-by-one marketing claims: The attempt to silence a critic may where you can get this deal
Rather than responding with through every chiropractor statement, supported by just 29 end up resulting in massive (today only).
evidence, the BCA responded who's a member of the BCA and citations, was ripped apart by changes to not just the British Features!
with a lawsuit. As we noted at examining their web sites for bloggers within 24 hours of Chiropractic Association (the • Casio Exilim EX-S5PE digital
the time, the backlash against f a l s e m a r k e t i n g c l a i m s - - publication, before being article notes that many camera
the BCA was pretty impressive, leading to a situation where a subjected to a further shredding chiropractors are horrified and • 10 megapixels
with it calling a lot more stunning one out of every four in the British Medical Journal. It want to leave the organization), • 2.7-inch LCD
attention to the questionable chiropractors in the UK is under emerged that 10 of the papers but also how people view • 3x optical zoom
medical claims, as well as investigation for misleading cited had nothing to do with chiropractors and how • Less than 3/4 of an inch thick
tremendous anger towards the marketing or advertising. This chiropractic treatment, and chiropractic services are • Takes video at 848×480 and
BCA and chiropractors for the isn't just the Streisand Effect, several weren't even studies. marketed. 640×480
actions against Singh. It was a this is the Streisand Effect on The remainder consisted of a Permalink| Comments| Email • Uses SD cards
classic Streisand Effect in steroids. In trying to hush up small collection of poor-quality This Story
action. What was also one critic, the BCA has trials. So it’s portable and purple.
interesting was how a group of unleashed a large group of More seriously, the BCA That’d be the main takeaway
Casio Exilim 10MP Digital
E-reader News Edition Tech/ Economy/ 29

Is The Commerce Department Really USTR Responds To Sen. Wyden

About ACTA; Admits It Hopes
Ready To Regulate The Internet? ACTA Will Cover Patents Too
Mike Masnick (Techdirt) Freedom of Expression, those challenges. But, in doing
Mike Masnick (Techdirt) some of its problems. The
Submitted at 3/3/2010 10:30:00 PM Cybersecurity, Copyright and so, it may need to rethink how it
Internet Governance. approaches some of those Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:27:34 AM USTR claims that it is making
Larry Strickling, the head of the Obviously, I'm not convinced issues. sure there is "flexibility" in the
National Telecommunications that things like copyright really Indeed, in reading the speech, it Y o u m a y r e c a l l , a t t h e agreement to allow for that --
and Information Agency (a need much more government doesn't sound like he's really beginning of the year, Senator but the leaked documents show
division of the Department of intervention (there's been plenty, pushing for a change towards Ron Wyden complained about no such flexibility.
Commerce), gave a speech last thank you very much), but some suddenly massively regulating the secrecy surrounding ACTA Furthermore, the response
week where he outlined, in of the other ones are interesting the internet. Instead, I read it as and sent a series of questions to confirms what became clear in
broad strokes, a vision for issues where you could see a him realizing that these issues -- the USTR about the negotiations the most recent leak, that the US
"Internet Policy 3.0", which government role. which, for the most part, the behind ACTA. While the sees ACTA as covering not just
suggested a much more hands- The problem, of course, is what government is already active in USTR apparently replied in late copyrights and trademarks -- but
on approach to regulating the happens when you actually open regulating -- now present some January, both sides have only patents as well (though, some of
internet. This got some t h e s e u p t o r e g u l a t o r y different challenges due to the just revealed the contents of the the other participants are against
attention online, with some interference. Suddenly, they nature of what's happening on response(pdf). It's about what including patents).
c l a i m i n g t h a t t h e U S become political footballs. line. Given that, the US needs you would expect. The answers Finally, the USTR repeats the
was"rescinding" its "leave We've seen this with copyright, to think carefully through its leave plenty of wiggle room, bogus claims that it is being
internet alone policy." That may where it's become a case of policies and how they impact and a few seem to be blatant transparent about ACTA, noting
be a stretch from what was regulatory capture -- laws are the internet. At least, I hope falsehoods. For example, that it put up a dedicated web
actually said, but a lot of people pushed to protect entrenched that's what he meant. W y d e n i s c o n c e r n e d page. Well, doesn't that just
are wondering what this really interests, rather than to support While there are certainly (accurately) not just over solve everything?
means. What Strickling was what copyright is supposed to problems online, opening them whether or not ACTA will Permalink| Comments| Email
r e a l l y t a l k i n g a b o u t w a s do (promoting the progress). up directly to regulatory control change US copyright law, but if This Story
rethinking the general policy Rather than adopting some of risks turning them into tools of it will limit Congress's ability to
towards some of the bigger the more hysterical responses to special interests, rather than change copyright law to fix
internet challenges. this speech, the CDT put out a letting things develop in the
In his mind, "Internet Policy well-thought-out response, that most efficient manner. There US jobless claims fall back
3.0" would be about ensuring s u g g e s t s t h a t S t r i c k l a n d are risks and dangers online, but (Financial Times - US department figures showed on
users of the Internet are able to hopefully misspoke, or really if there needs to be any policy homepage) Thursday. That was better than
trust others that they deal with. meant to say something slightly towards online activities, it economists had projected and
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:18:51 AM
This is certainly an issue to be different, along the lines of should use a very light touch. brought the less volatile four-
dealt with. And he then lists out admitting that there are real Permalink| Comments| Email The number of US workers week average down by 3,500 to
five areas where such concerns policy issues impacting the This Story claiming jobless fell more than 470,750.
s h o u l d t a k e p r e c e d e n c e : internet, and the government has expected last week, offering a Five Filters featured article:
Privacy, Child Protection and always needed to deal with small sign of hope for the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
stricken labour market. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Initial jobless claims declined Term Extraction.
by 29,000 to 469,000, labour
30 Tech/ Gadgets/ Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Microsoft’s First App Google: Desktops Will Shakira

Bestowed with
for Android is Called Be Irrelevant in Three Honor from UN
Tag Years’ Time (ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:34:00 AM
Stan Schroeder (Mashable!) Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:24:55 AM Submitted at 3/4/2010 1:06:56 AM The United Nations presented
popstar Shakira with a medal to
Admit it: seeing Microsoft Speaking at the Digital acknowledge her philanthropic
release an application for Landscapes conference at UCD, work for issues concerning
Google’s operating system European Director of Google’s children and youth.
seems a little weird, doesn’t it? online sales John Herlihy said Shakira founded the Barefoot
Still, it’s true; Microsoft has that Google is mostly oriented Foundation in her native country
launched its first Android app, towards mobile devices, of Colombia. The organization
called Tag. Android users can try out the claiming they’ll become more their domain — the cloud. provides proper nutrition and an
We wrote about Tag a couple of app too, but its significance lies important than desktop PCs. And if your data moves to the education to upwards of 6,000
weeks ago; simply put, it’s an in the fact that Microsoft has “In three years time, desktops cloud, and most of your daily children. It also extends its
app that lets you link physical created an application for will be irrelevant. In Japan, most online activities are done on outreach to the kids' parents and
objects with content on the Google’s Android. It’s not that research is done today on smart devices such as the Nexus One community.
Internet. You point your big of a deal, since the same app phones, not PCs,” he said. and the iPad, where simple, At the ceremony in Geneva,
smartphone’s camera at a exists for the iPhone OS, True, with Android and Nexus widget-style applications cater Shakira made a call for others to
specially designed barcode, and a n o t h e r c o m p e t i t o r t o O n e G o o g l e h a s s h o w n a to your precise needs, then yes, offer service: "It's not too late to
your smartphone opens a link to Microsoft’s Windows Mobile commitment to extend its desktop PCs as we know them k e e p o u r p r o m i s e t o o u r
any sort of online content: and the upcoming Windows dominance from the online now will become a lot less children, but we must act now.
video, image, or text. Phone 7 mobile operating world to the mobile world. But important. On the other hand, T o g e t h e r , w e c a n m a k e
At launch, Microsoft supported systems. Still, in the epic battle will desktop PCs really become not many users are ready to education and decent work for
most mobile operating systems of Microsoft vs. Google, this is irrelevant? Depends on how you ditch the desktop just yet; we’ll all a reality."
– Symbian, iPhone OS, another small victory for the look at it. Google isn’t really see if it all pans out according to
BlackBerry – with Android also online giant from Mountain interested in how we edit our Google’s plans.
being on the list, but clicking on View. photos; it’s interested in where Tags: desktop, Google, Mobile
that link actually revealed a Tags: android, microsoft, we store them, and increasingly, 2.0, pc, trending
“coming soon” message. Now, Mobile 2.0, Tag we do that at a place is a part of

Made-to-Order Headphones Show Your Favorite Music in 3D

Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo) manufacturer Freedom of around them, in 3D. to blasting the volume up. [
Submitted at 3/4/2010 8:31:33 AM Creation has taken his design for They don't seem very Freedom of Creation]
the Street Headphones. These comfortable, but I would be glad
Brian Garret Schuur is a clever made-to-order headphones if people used this way to show
guy, and that's why rapid feature the names of your favorite bands and singers all their musical taste—as opposed
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The most awesome iPhone stand ever Jake Pavelka Reveals

made out of cutlery When He Fell Head
Steven Sande (The Unofficial
Apple Weblog (TUAW)) Over Heals for Vienna How much will one of these
unique items put you back?
About US$20, plus shipping.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:00:00 AM
(ETonline - Breaking News) The bride-to-be revealed that
That's less expensive than some
Filed under: Accessories, of the fancy-schmancy stands Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:08:00 AM she and her fiancé "have been
Humor, iPhone, iPod touch That you can buy through more sneaking around" for the past
headline is probably a bit of an "The Bachelor"'s latest success three months until their
traditional sources, and let's face
overstatement, since this is story, Jake Pavelka and Vienna engagement was publicly
it -- these stands are really cool.
probably the only iPhone stand Girardi, cozy up on the couch on revealed Monday night on "The
[via iPhone Savior]
made out of cutlery. "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Bachelor: On the Wings of
TUAW The most awesome
ForkedUpArt of North Salt Ellen asked when Jake knew Love" season finale. During
iPhone stand ever made out of
Lake, Utah, is actually selling that Vienna was "the one" and their time under the radar, "We
cutlery originally appeared on
two different stands. ForkHead, stood out from the rest of the have watched almost every
The Unofficial Apple Weblog
who you see standing at beautiful bachelorettes vying for episode together," said Vienna.
(TUAW) on Thu, 04 Mar 2010
attention at your right, and his attention. He said that "We haven't watched the finale
iPhone stands can be 09:00:00 EST. Please see our
SpoonHead, ForkHead's smarter Vienna made her impression on yet because we haven't had a
customized if you want, and terms for use of feeds.
brother. his heart when "she described chance to. We lived it, we know
according to the artist, "I'm Read| Permalink| Email this|
Sold through our favorite what she thought of love" what happened."
making these guys as fast as I Comments
iPhone accessory store, during a joint date with Gia.
can.", the ForkedUpArt
Round Two
Funny Or Die Presidential Reunion Unites SNL John B. Judis (The New
Republic - All Feed)
Stars for Web Hit [VIDEO] Submitted at 3/3/2010 12:37:11 PM

Adam Ostrow (Mashable!) The skit features Fred Armisen, and stereotypes, offering current In his speech today in the White
Submitted at 3/3/2010 10:44:26 PM who currently plays Barack President Obama advice on how House East Room, President
Obama on SNL, Will Ferrell to fix Washington. The ending Obama clearly indicated that he
Comedy site Funny Or Die has bringing back his George W. features an ad for Main Street is going to press for a
brought together current and Bush, Darrell Hammond (Bill Brigade, an organization calling comprehensive, and not a
former stars of Saturday Night Clinton), Dana Carvey (Bush for financial reform. Check it piecemeal or “skinny,” health
Live (plus Jim Carrey) to create Sr.), Jim Carrey (Ronald out below: care reform bill. He also made it
a skit called “Presidential Reagan), Dan Akroyd (Jimmy Tags: barack obama, funny or abundantly clear that he will
Reunion” that has racked up Carter), and Chevy Chase die, politics, saturday night live, accept, if necessary, a party-line
more than one million views in The video itself pokes fun of
(Gerald Ford). Maya Rudolph snl, viral video simple majority vote in the
less than 24 hours. each president’s idiosyncrasies
plays Michelle Obama. House and the Senate in order to
get the bill through.

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Reconciliation here we come. Obama got was not an amicable of insurance they can sell. I alone. I believe that doctors and get his programs through
Obama’s speech represents a agreement but a summer of disagree with that approach. I'm nurses like the ones in this room Congress, but he doesn’t yet
major departure from the discontent, highlighted by concerned that this would only should be free to decide what’s have the vocabulary that will
politics of his presidential Senator Charles Grassley’s give the insurance industry even best for their patients. The allow him to convince wide
campaign and of his first year in denunciation of Democratic freer rein to raise premiums and proposal I’ve put forward gives swaths of Americans that these
office. In his campaign, Obama “death panels” and by the deny care.” And in summing up, Americans more control over programs are essential. And
pledged to defy partisan emergence of the Tea Party Obama said that that if their health care by holding that’s not an uncommon failing.
gridlock and to “change the way movement. Republicans “truly believe that insurance companies more It’s not as if he lacks a
Washington works.” During the But it’s not an easy job being less regulation would lead to accountable. vocabulary that other liberals or
campaign, some liberal president. It took Bill Clinton higher quality, more affordable Well, yes, I suppose, we don’t Democrats (like the writers on
commentators believed that he most of his first term to figure health insurance, then they want a government these pages or his fellow
was merely employing a clever out how to do domestic and should vote against the proposal bureaucrat—one of those evil politicians) possess. How to
tactic to highlight the rigid foreign policy. Like Clinton, I’ve put forward.” fellows with a green eyeshade frame government initiatives in
partisanship of his opponents. Obama has stumbled, but his Those are strong words. They sitting behind a desk piled high a way that acknowledges but
“If we understand Obama's slip-ups have been more make clear that Democrats and with unread complaints from also overcomes American anti-
approach as a means, and not dramatic because, with the Republicans don’t share the angry citizens—to have control statism has been, and remains, a
the limit of what he understands economy cratering and two wars same politics. Obama portrayed over our health care. But this major political challenge for
about American politics, it has raging, the stakes have been Democrats as the patrons of a kind of formulation concedes Democrats. But in beginning to
great promise as a theory of higher from the first. “middle class that gets too much to the anti-statist draw clear distinctions between
change,” Mark Schmitt wrote in However, in Obama’s speech squeezed” by higher insurance rhetoric of the Tea Parties. the Democratic and Republican
The American Prospect. today, and in his artful costs. Republicans, on the other Let’s be clear about what approaches, Obama has taken
But it is now evident that performance at the health care hand, were tarred as friends of national health care reform does. the first important step toward
Obama’s approach was what he summit last week, he showed the insurance industry who are It narrows peoples’ choices, and meeting that challenge.
understood about American that he has learned something willing to let the WellPoints of limits their control over their And let me say one other thing.
politics—it was the guiding from his first year in office. the world run amok. health care, in one very I hate political predictions, and I
light gleaned from his years as Obama is now using the rhetoric Where the speech still rang important way: It requires them have certainly heard my fill of
an Illinois state senator—and he of bipartisanship as Schmitt and somewhat hollow was in to buy health insurance. That is them lately. The recent
planned to apply it to other liberals thought he was Obama’s presentation of his how social insurance works. Conservative Political Action
Congress. And it was, of course, doing in 2008: He is using it to own policy. Here’s how he put You couldn’t have Social Conference echoed with
nonsense. Republicans were paint Republicans as it: Security or Medicare if predictions that the Republicans
able to use Obama’s naiveté intransigent. He clearly no I don’t believe we should give everyone eligible didn’t have to would obliterate the Democrats
about their motives to longer believes that a bipartisan g o v e r n m e n t sign up. But by virtue of this in November 2010. And the
undermine his initiatives. As agreement on health care is bureaucrats or insurance requirement, the esteemed Charlie Cook has
Noam Scheiber explains in his possible. company bureaucrats more government—bureaucrats and recently pronounced the
profile of Rahm Emanuel, the Moreover, he is now drawing control over health care in all—improves, and in some Democrats to be toast in 2010.
principal obstacle to getting clear lines between the politics America. I believe it’s time to cases, vastly improves, the But—and there are some “ifs”
health care reform through of Democrats and the politics of give the American people more choices Americans have in coming— if Nancy Pelosi and
Congress last year was Obama’s Republicans. "Republicans," he control over their own health obtaining health insurance. Harry Reid can get the health
dogged insistence last summer said, "believe the answer is to insurance. I don’t believe we Health care reform doesn’t care bill through Congress and
that Senate Finance Chairman loosen regulations on the can afford to leave life-and- bypass government; it enlists it on to Obama’s desk, and if
Max Baucus continue to plug insurance industry--whether it's death decisions about health on the people’s behalf. Obama has truly learned his
away at nailing down a state consumer protections or care to the discretion of Obama has now adopted a
bipartisan agreement. What minimum standards for the kind insurance company executives strategy that will allow him to ROUND page 36
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Is a Voting Machine Merger Too Big to Stand?

(Newsmax - Politics) Systems & Software Inc. of with a probe of that contract by closest competitor. saying that since the acquisition
Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:16:21 PM Omaha, Neb., bought the voting the U.S. attorney's office, the "In the voting systems industry, last September, the company has
machine subsidiary of Diebold board's spokeswoman, Valerie perhaps more than any other, the supported successful elections in
The largest voting machine Inc. of North Canton, Ohio. Vazquez, said this week. failure of the market can affect many jurisdictions that
company in the country bought The Justice Department's As a privately held company, the public interest in a way that previously were customers of
its biggest competitor six antitrust division is doing a post- ES&S issues no financial goes to the heart of our the Diebold subsidiary.
months ago without advance merger review that could result reports. It didn't tell the Justice democracy," Schumer said in a Changes enacted by Congress
fanfare. Now the Justice in the government's trying to Department about the Diebold letter urging Attorney General after the Bush v. Gore vote in
Department is investigating persuade ES&S to sell off some deal because the transaction Eric Holder to take a close look Florida in 2000 require a
whether to unwind the merger of its assets or face a court suit wasn't big enough to trigger the at ES&S. certification process for voting
that put a privately held to force a sell-off. An federal law that requires the In an industry plagued by machine companies that is so
Nebraska company in control of announcement could come soon. government to be informed of equipment malfunctions, time-consuming and costly it
the voting machines in nearly 70 ES&S said it has been big mergers before they are wrongly recorded votes and a discourages companies from
percent of the nation's precincts. cooperating with the division's completed. lack of transparency, the need plunging into the business to
With midterm elections review. "We are committed to But the government can always for increased quality compete with ES&S, some state
looming and a battle for control exploring potential resolutions come in after a merger to try to competition — not less and local election officials say.
of Congress under way, a that will address any concerns alter any deal it thinks harm competition — is essential, John "I'm surprised and strongly
coalition of election officials about this transaction, while competition. Bonifaz, legal director of the believe the elections community
from several states and voter ensuring that the election "If you end up with 70 percent voter advocacy group Voter is lucky to still have as many
advocate groups is pressing the services needs of the of the voting machines and the Action, wrote Schumer. voting equipment vendors in
Justice Department to jurisdictions we serve will be people rely on them, and if entry Election failure on a large scale existence as we do today," Iowa
unscramble the combination of met," a company statement said. into the market is difficult or has the potential to destabilize Secretary of State Michael
two companies. Critics say the Separate from Justice's review, impossible, it would certainly the nation, so ES&S must divest Mauro, a Democrat, said in a
merger could cause foul-ups at competing voting machine firm seem to be a legitimate target some of its assets, reduce the letter to Schumer.
the polls on Election Day, and Hart InterCivic Inc. has sued for antitrust enforcement," said scope of election jurisdictions The secretaries of state in
some even characterize it as a ES&S, alleging that the Charles "Rick" Rule, a longtime subject to its software and take California and Connecticut
national security risk. company will now supply Washington attorney who ran other steps to offset the expressed concern about the
The emergence of one voting machines in 68.2 percent the Justice Department's increased threat to national merger, as did some local
megaplayer in the electronic of the nation's voting precincts. antitrust division from 1986-89 security, a coalition of 19 election officials in Florida,
voting machine industry may be The New York State Board of during the merger-friendly election experts and groups California and New Mexico.
an unintended consequence of Elections urged the Justice Reagan administration. including Common Cause said ——
reforms enacted after the Department and the New York On Capitol Hill, Schumer's in a Feb. 12 letter to Justice's On the Net:
presidential election debacle in attorney general to intervene in committee has collected antitrust division. Election Systems & Software
Florida a decade ago. Few the lawsuit challenging the information from opponents and ES&S voting machines counted Inc.:
companies can afford to get into acquisition. a few proponents of the merger approximately 50 percent of the © Copyright 2010 The
the business due to the expense Another competitor is in court and commissioned an analysis votes in the last four major U.S. Associated Press. All rights
of developing the electronic alleging violation of by the Congressional Research elections, says the company's reserved. This material may not
voting safeguards that reformers procurement laws in the award Service. CRS's conclusion: The Web site, and ES&S boasts "one be published, broadcast,
insisted on. of a $50 million contract to merger means ES&S has a -stop-shop full-service election rewritten or redistributed.
Senate Rules Committee ES&S in recent weeks by New presence in 90 percent of the coordination from start to Five Filters featured article:
Chairman Chuck Schumer, D- York City's elections board. states, is the sole source for at finish." Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
N.Y., has raised concerns about And elections board least 20 and has a market share On Wednesday, ES&S VOTING page 35
the purchase, in which Election commissioners are cooperating three or more times that of its defended its performance,
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Anti-Government Voters Factor in Texas Race

(Newsmax - Politics) That analysis was backed up not reveal who he voted for for which state records are education, health care, industry,
Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:47:19 PM Wednesday by tea party because his group does not available. and any other areas D.C. is not
activists who weighed in on the endorse candidates, said Perry hammered away at an granted authority by the
Debra Medina was hardly the race, which now shifts to the fall Medina's position as a anti-Washington theme aimed at Constitution."
ideal candidate in Tuesday's general election. Perry will run government outsider and her veteran senator Hutchison. She said she wouldn't rule out
Republican primary: She didn't a g a i n s t t h e D e m o c r a t i c fiscal conservative stance helped And Hutchison created some seceding from the United States;
raise much money and came nominee, ex-Houston Mayor attract conservative voters. problems of her own. She never Perry also flirted with the idea
under fire for suggesting the B i l l W h i t e , w h o h a n d i l y "It didn't drive enough, did it?" left the Senate to campaign full of secession after a tea party
U.S. might have been involved disposed of six opponents in his he said. "I know the Glenn Beck time in Texas, even though she rally.
in the Sept. 11 attacks. Still, she primary. episode cost her. It cost her with said she would. She also failed Longtime Texas Republican
won nearly one out of every five "A lot of people wanted to some tea party members." to gain much traction on issues consultant Reggie Bashur said
votes, harnessing some support a t t r i b u t e D e b r a M e d i n a ' s That "episode" was an she was trying to use against Perry identified the anti-
i n t h e n a s c e n t t e a p a r t y campaign to the tea party. On interview with radio talk show Perry, such as Texas' high Washington sentiment just as
movement. balance, I think most of them host Beck on Feb. 11 in which school dropout rate. the tea party movement was
The growing influence of the were leaning toward Perry. I she said there were "some very Hutchison, who has still not taking off in early 2009. He said
movement could be seen in the think it's significant that he good arguments" that the United said when she will leave the the governor sensed a strong
GOP primary, but Medina, who avoided the runoff," said Greg States was involved in the Sept. Senate, won only 30 percent of anti-Washington feeling among
got 18.5 percent of the overall Holloway, a board member with 11 terrorist attacks. She later the vote. She has said she will voters.
vote, wasn't the biggest winner. Austin Tea Party Patriots. tried to back away from the leave after the health care debate Perry summed up that theme in
That was Texas Gov. Rick He acknowledged that Medina statement. is over. a television ad he used heavily
Perry, who avoided a runoff — a gun-toting, libertarian- Baselice, the Perry pollster, Tea party voters were in the final days of the
with U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey leaning businesswoman from found that as more Republican influential in other Texas races campaign. In the ad, Perry talks
Hutchison, winning 51 percent W h a r t o n — a p p e a l e d t o voters heard or read her remarks as well. A Republican ally of of the 10th Amendment to the
of the vote, in part because of discontented Texans. Medina about 9-11, the more her support Texas House Speaker Joe Straus U.S. Constitution, which speaks
his own push for tea party fought her way into the two tapered off or dropped. in East Texas, Rep. Tommy to the powers of the states. Perry
sympathizers. televised debates with the better Holloway, the Austin-based tea Merritt, lost to a conservative says it "is supposed to keep
"There's a growing movement -known Perry and Hutchison party activist, said those tea party activist. Another Washington from messin' with
afoot, but it's really more of an and held her own, boosting her statements "hurt her a lot." committee chairman under Texas."
attitude at this point than it is an statewide following. Meanwhile, other factors came Straus' Republican leadership is (This version CORRECTS
organized effort," Perry pollster "People really liked her view into play. heading into a runoff with a spelling of `Hutchison'
Mike Baselice said Wednesday that government in general had The Republicans' intense GOP tea party candidate. throughout.)
of tea party voters. become too big and wasn't competition spurred voter Describing herself as "David © Copyright 2010 The
Baselice, who tracked GOP responsive to the people," participation, including some against two political Goliaths," Associated Press. All rights
voters in the four weeks leading Holloway said. traditional Democrats who said Medina framed her campaign as reserved. This material may not
up to the primary, found that 61 Phillip Dennis, founder of they crossed over party lines to opposition to big government be published, broadcast,
percent of those who said they Dallas Tea Party, said even with get in on the high-profile GOP and in favor of individual rewritten or redistributed.
share all the views of the tea her third-place finish Medina election. The GOP saw a liberties. She advocated Five Filters featured article:
party movement voted for Perry, "did a pretty remarkable job primary turnout of 1.48 million elimination of property tax, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
not Medina. Medina took 24 without a name and no money voters, a record for all Texas protection of gun rights and PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
percent of those votes, and running against two well-known Republican primaries dating nullification of "federal Term Extraction.
Hutchison had 15 percent. opponents." Dennis, who would back to 1970, the earliest year mandates in agriculture, energy,
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Muscle Shoals
E.J. Dionne Jr. (The New Republican ideas to their would pass under a simple appropriate to use reconciliation whom the service bill was
Republic - All Feed) proposals. Obama said he was majority vote would be a series "to improve or perfect the named.
Submitted at 3/3/2010 12:19:22 PM open to four more that came up of amendments that fit package," which is exactly what It was Kennedy, you'll recall,
during the health care summit. comfortably under the Obama is suggesting. who insisted that health care
WASHINGTON -- For those What he's unwilling to do, and "reconciliation" rules Hatch said that reconciliation was "a fundamental right and
who feared that Barack Obama rightly, is to give the minority established to deal with money should not be used for not a privilege." That's why it's
did not have any Lyndon veto power over a bill that has issues. Near the very end of his "substantive legislation" unless not just legitimate to use
Johnson in him, the president's deliberately and painfully article, Hatch concedes that the legislation has "significant reconciliation to complete the
determination to press ahead worked its way through the reconciliation would be used for bipartisan support." But surely work on health reform. It would
and get health care reform done regular legislative process. "only parts" of the bill. But then the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax be immoral to do otherwise and
in the face of Republican Republicans, however, don't why didn't he say that in the first cuts, which were passed under thereby let a phony argument
i n t r a n s i g e n c e c a m e a s want to talk much about the place? reconciliation and increased the about process get in the way of
s o m e t h i n g o f a r e l i e f . substance of health care. They Hatch grandly cites "America's deficit by $1.7 trillion during his health coverage for 30 million
Obama's critics have regularly want to discuss process, turn Founders" as wanting the Senate presidency, were "substantive Americans.
accused him of not being as "reconciliation" into a four-letter to be about "deliberation." But legislation." The 2003 dividends E.J. Dionne's e-mail address is
tough or wily or forceful as LBJ w o r d , a n d m a i n t a i n t h a t the Founders said nothing in the tax cut could muster only 50 ejdionne(at)
was in pushing through civil Democrats are just "ramming Constitution about the filibuster, votes. Vice President Dick E.J. Dionne, Jr. is the author of
rights and the social programs of through" a health bill. let alone "reconciliation." Cheney had to break the tie. the recently published Souled
his Great Society. Obama It is all, I am sorry to say, one Judging from what they put in Talk about "ramming through." Out: Reclaiming Faith and
seemed willing to let Congress big lie -- or, if you're sensitive, the actual document, the The underlying "principle" here Politics After the Religious
go its own way and was so an astonishing exercise in Founders would be appalled at seems to be that it's fine to pass Right. He is a Washington Post
anxious to look bipartisan that hypocrisy. the idea that every major bill tax cuts for the wealthy on columnist, a senior fellow at the
he wouldn't even take his own All of the Republican claims should need the votes of three- narrow votes but an outrage to Brookings Institution, and a
s i d e i n a r g u m e n t s w i t h were helpfully gathered in one fifths of the Senate to pass. use reconciliation to help middle professor at Georgetown
Republicans. place by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R- Hatch quotes Sens. Robert Byrd -income and poor people get University.
Those days are over. On Utah, in an op-ed in Tuesday's and Kent Conrad, both health insurance. (c) 2009, Washington Post
Wednesday, the president made Washington Post. Right off, the Democrats, as opposing the use I'm disappointed in Hatch, co- Writers Group
clear what he wants in a health piece was wrong on a core fact. of reconciliation on health care. sponsor of two of my favorite For more TNR, become a fan
care bill, and he urged Congress Hatch accused the Democrats of What he doesn't say is that bills in recent years. One created on Facebook and follow us on
t o p a s s i t b y t h e m o s t trying to, yes, "ram through the Byrd's comment from a year ago the State Children's Health Twitter.
expeditious means available. Senate a multitrillion-dollar was about passing the entire bill Insurance Program. The other, Five Filters featured article:
He was also clear on what health-care bill." under reconciliation, which no signed last year by Obama, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
bipartisanship should mean -- No. The health care bill passed one is proposing to do. As for broadly expanded service PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
a n d w h a t i t c a n ' t m e a n . the Senate last December with Conrad, he made clear to The opportunities. Hatch worked on Term Extraction.
Democrats, who happen to be in 60 votes under the normal Washington Post's Ezra Klein both with his dear friend, the
the majority, have already added process. The only thing that this week that it's perfectly late Edward M. Kennedy, after
continued from page 33

PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,

Term Extraction.
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All In continued from page 32

lesson and begins to draw a

Jonathan Cohn (The New just about everybody has said started--rejecting incremental necessary.
Republic - All Feed) sharp distinction between the
it,” Obama said to laughter. reforms explicitly, refusing Public support would obviously Democrats’ approach and the
Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:30:23 PM Still, if Obama on Wednesday Republican calls to start over, help--a lot. And Obama made a Republican approach, and if he
was implicitly giving up on his and demanding an up-or-down specific plea for it on begins to propose initiatives that
President Obama began his hopes for constructive, vote on his proposal. Wednesday: highlight this distinction, the
remarks in the East Room on bipartisan governing, he wasn't This has been a long and I will do everything in my Democrats will retain the House
Wednesday with a giving up on his hopes for what wrenching debate. It has stoked power to make the case for and Senate in November. They
reminiscence. Almost exactly governing would achieve. He great passions among the reform. And I urge every will probably lose seats, but
one year before, he noted, he ran for president on a promise to American people and their American who wants this they won’t get obliterated.
had stood in the very same spot, tackle the nation's most representatives. And that's reform to make their voice heard John B. Judis is a senior editor
formally launching his initiative challenging problems--and, because health care is a difficult as well--every family, every of The New Republic and a
to reform America’s health care since winning election, he’s issue. It is a complicated issue. business, every patient, every visiting scholar at the Carnegie
system. gleefully defied those who If it was easy, it would have doctor, every nurse, every Endowment for International
I happened to be there that day warned him he was trying to do been solved long ago. As all of physician’s assistant. Make your Peace.
and I remember it well. too much. On Wednesday, he you know from experience, voice heard. For more TNR, become a fan
Representatives of every interest made clear that he hasn't health care can literally be an Of course, the public seems on Facebook and follow us on
group were there, as were changed his mind about that: issue of life or death. And as a pretty ambivalent about reform Twitter.
congressional leaders of both At stake right now is not just result, it easily lends itself to these days. But perhaps that will Five Filters featured article:
parties. In breakout groups and our ability to solve this problem, demagoguery and political change, even just a little. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
then a question-and-answer but our ability to solve any gamesmanship, and Americans always say they want PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
session that followed Obama’s problem. The American people misrepresentation and politicians who lead rather than Term Extraction.
speech, there was much talk of want to know if it’s still possible misunderstanding. follow--who do what they think
consensus--of a determination to for Washington to look out for But that’s not an excuse for is right rather than what they
work together in good faith. their interests and their future. those of us who were sent here think is popular. And liberals, in
“The status quo is the one They are waiting for us to act. to lead. That's not an excuse for particular, say they want
option that’s not on the table,” They are waiting for us to lead. us to walk away. We can’t just politicians who will think big
Obama had told his audience.
They seemed to agree.
And as long as I hold this office,
I intend to provide that
give up because the politics are
and pursue far-reaching reforms,
rather than triangulate their way
Ill. Dems Seek
Now that all seems very naive. leadership. I do not know how Will it work? Who knows. The with incremental measures. Post-Scandal Lt.
And Obama seems to know it, this plays politically, but I know next few weeks will be Say what you will about Obama
as my colleague John Judis it’s right. excruciating, as Obama works and his plan. Both, surely, are Gov. Applications
observes. The insurers have That's not just bluster. At any with House Speaker Nancy flawed. But, particularly with (Newsmax - Politics)
gone to war. The Republicans point in the last few months but Pelosi to build the 216-vote this latest statement, he's living Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:39:29 PM
are united in opposition. An particularly in the wake of the majority necessary to pass the up to those ideals.
effort that was supposed to take Massachusetts election, it would Senate bill through the House. Jonathan Cohn is a senior editor Illinois' Democratic voters
a few months has stretched into have been easy to back away It'd be foolish to bet against the of The New Republic. picked a pawnbroker as their
a year, with weeks more still to from comprehensive reform--to two of them. (Pelosi has been, if Five Filters featured article: candidate for lieutenant
go. It threatens to destroy the cut a deal, be done with it, and anything, even more determined Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: governor, and that didn't exactly
Democrats’ congressional move on. than Obama.) Wavering PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, end well. So perhaps they won't
majority and, just maybe, the Instead, Obama on Wednesday members have every reason to Term Extraction. mind if the next candidate
Obama presidency too. committed himself more fully to hold out for maximum leverage, doesn't have a job. Or is still in
“Everything there is to say about comprehensive reform than he which means most won't ILL. page 38
health care has been said--and has at any time since this effort commit until absolutely
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Congress Slowly Loosens Its Grip On

Washington, DC
(Newsmax - Politics) implementing a decade-old for 30 or 60 days for a Change is slow, however.
Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:44:02 PM measure legalizing medical congressional all-clear, as in the Norton predicted on Colbert's
marijuana. case of the same-sex marriage show a year ago that she would
Congresswoman Eleanor And though Congress could law. soon be a full voting member;
Holmes Norton didn't flinch
LG's First Windows
have killed a gay marriage bill Mayor Adrian M. Fenty Colbert called her a "fake
when comedian Stephen Colbert passed by the D.C. Council, testified that the budget process congresswoman." But Phone 7 Handset Will
congratulated her on D.C. federal lawmakers allowed it to often causes delays in services momentum to give her voting Be Called Panther?
becoming a state. become law without weighing to residents. Most of the powers stalled when an [Windows Phone 7
"Not quite," she replied during a in. Same-sex couples started hundreds of laws he signs every amendment was added in the
segment on his show not long applying for marriage licenses year, from adoption to zoning, Senate that would repeal a strict
after President Barack Obama's Wednesday, though a three-day "are of no interest to Congress city gun registration Kat Hannaford (Gizmodo)
election. waiting period means they can't whatsoever," he said. requirement, something Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:57:17 AM
Colbert may have been joking, actually get married till next Longtime residents are used to Democrats did not want.
but with Democrats in control, week. Congress having the ultimate Norton says she believes she LG's first Windows Phone 7
Congress seems increasingly Now, Congress is considering say. Gary Thompson, a lawyer may now have found a way handset, which got shown off
willing to loosen its grip on bills that would give the city who has lived in the district around the amendment and will recently in the sweaty palm of a
Norton's city and allow it to even more freedom. Norton, since 1992, said it seems like get the bill passed early this Microsoft director at the
function more like a state. That's who was elected in 1990 and every couple of years some year. Engadget Show, will be called
no laughing matter for some represents more people than live momentum to change that takes Lifelong resident Jenica the LG Panther. Apparently. We
600,000 city residents. in Wyoming packed in a city hold, then stalls. Degree, who works at a store know LG likes silly names, but
Congress still must OK the 1/17th the size of Rhode Island, "I'm a little bit hardened and a that sells political memorabilia, Panther?
D.C. budget and it can veto laws calls it a "moment of little bit cynical at this point," isn't convinced that having a Of course, there's a more
the City Council passes, though opportunity." said Thompson, who heads a voting congresswoman would famous Panther in our
that's rare. And despite some Three-quarters of Washington's neighborhood group and says he change much. Not having one world—2003's OS X 10.3, from
optimism early in Obama's registered voters are Democrats. will advocate for civil "really doesn't bother me," she Apple. The rumored names
administration, Norton still can't And now that Democrats hold disobedience, like blocking said. comes via the UK site Best
vote on the House floor, though the House, Senate and entrances to government © Copyright 2010 The Mobile Contracts, which we've
she can introduce bills and vote presidency for the first time buildings, if things don't change Associated Press. All rights never heard of so can't vouch for
in committees. since 1992, there's support for soon. reserved. This material may not how solid this rumor is—but
But cracks in congressional letting go of some federal The U.S. Constitution makes it be published, broadcast, after Cookie, Viewty, and
control have started to appear. control. clear the city is under rewritten or redistributed. whatever else they've managed
For the first time in recent Norton has introduced two bills congressional control. City Five Filters featured article: to slip past their marketing
memory, Congress didn't attach to give the city more control residents didn't get the right to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: team, Panther is hardly the least-
any restrictions, called "riders," over its affairs. The first would vote in presidential elections PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, flattering if indeed that's what
when it approved the city's eliminate the requirement that until 1961. In the 1970s, Term Extraction. LG names it. [ Best Mobile
budget in December. That lifted Congress approve the city's residents got the delegate spot in Contracts via WMPowerUser
bans preventing the city from budget. The second would allow Congress and the right to elect via TechRadar]
using tax money to help poor city laws to go into effect their own mayor and City
women pay for abortions and immediately, instead of waiting Council.
38 Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition
ILL. Robert DeNiro and
continued from page 36
Bradley Cooper Team
school. Or isn't actually a schedule for the selection Two Chicagoans listed just one Wednesday, the few noteworthy Up for 'The Dark Fields'
Democrat. process, said Steve Brown, a strength apiece: "I did not vote exceptions with political
At least that's what some spokesman for Illinois House for Rod Blagojevich in 2006," experience included the former (ETonline - Breaking News)
applicants for the No. 2 spot on Speaker Michael Madigan, who and "Transparency; all bimbo mayors of several Chicago Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:03:00 AM
the Democratic ticket seem to is chairman of the state eruptions & financial suburbs and Bob Arya, a
hope. The Democratic Party of Democratic party. catastrophes have been posted longtime journalist who left the Robert DeNiro will be joining
Illinois has received more than Brown said the committee on the worldwide web long industry to work for Blagojevich one of Hollywood's most
70 applications since it began hopes everyone interested in the ago." in 2006 — only to leave in 2008 eligible bachelors, Bradley
accepting them on its Web site position will apply online, Many made clear that little because of what he described as Cooper, in 'The Dark Fields.'
this week. Applicants included a including the five Democrats political backing and few the now-ousted governor's According to Variety, the
former senior adviser to who lost to Cohen in the connections should be seen as a ineptitude. suspense thriller follows
disgraced ex-Gov. Rod primary. None of them had benefit, and one young man Blagojevich is currently Cooper, a writer, who comes
Blagojevich and an out-of-work applied as of Wednesday night, listed among his endorsements awaiting trial on federal across a magical drug that
technician who answered the creating a field dominated by "My wife and my upstairs corruption charges that include brings him new levels of
question "Why are you a political newcomers. neighbor." He later withdrew his allegations he tried to sell or intelligence and success.
Democrat?" with "Who said I A handful of hopefuls identify application, as did a marketing trade President Barack Obama's DeNiro, whose character is a
was?" themselves as Republicans or operations executive. former U.S. Senate seat for brilliant financial mogul, is in
Democrats are looking for a independents on the five- Cohen also was a political personal or political gain. pursuit of Cooper.
replacement for Chicago question application form, and novice, as is the Republican —— Based on an Alan Glynn novel,
pawnbroker Scott Lee Cohen, several say they are currently candidate, Jason Plummer, a 27- On the Net: 'The Dark Fields' begins filming
who left the race less than a unemployed. Many are year-old southern Illinois Democratic Party of Illinois: in May in Philadelphia, reports
week after winning the primary educators, lawyers and people businessman. Variety.
election amid accusations he younger than 30. Almost all are It was Cohen's fiery departure © Copyright 2010 The
abused his ex-wife and held a from the Chicago area. that helped thrust the typically Associated Press. All rights
knife to the throat of an ex- Given their lacking political low-profile race into the reserved. This material may not
girlfriend who was later arrested experience, applicants have spotlight. Lieutenant governors be published, broadcast,
for prostitution. Cohen has been creative in describing what have few statutory rewritten or redistributed.
denied the allegations, and they would add to the responsibilities, and Quinn was Five Filters featured article:
charges stemming from his Democratic ticket. One the first lieutenant governor in Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
arrest were dropped when the ex suburban Chicago man listed his more than 30 years to ascend to PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
-girlfriend didn't show up in "Jamaican wife and three kids" the governor's office. One Term Extraction.
court. among his strengths, while a self former lieutenant governor got
Cohen's exit left Gov. Pat -professed independent listed his so bored with the job that he
Quinn without a running mate "ability to create an organization resigned. Madigan, the state
and gave members of the state of farmers, hunters and wizards House speaker, has even pressed
central committee a unique that will zoom with innovative for the position to be abolished
opportunity to pick a candidate. solutions." altogether.
Party officials haven't set a Wizards? Of those who had applied as of
E-reader News Edition Politics/ Entertainment/ 39
Binge Drinking PSAs
A Blue Dog Dream Make College Kids
Binge Drink More
Neera Tanden (The New modifications, addresses almost taxing the rich. Lucky for them, Massachusetts. But the Senate
Republic - All Feed) all of the major concerns that that’s barely in the Senate bill did not change. And neither [Reverse Psychology]
Submitted at 3/3/2010 1:00:17 PM the Blue Dogs have raised. As a bill. While the House bill used should her intentions. Maureen O'Connor (Gawker)
matter of policy, the Senate bill the millionaire’s tax to raise Now, most of these provisions
Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:28:06 AM
So, rather inevitably, the fate of is a moderate Democrat's $460 billion in revenues, the that should appeal to Blue Dogs
health care reform now rests dream. House moderates have to Senate bill has a Medicare tax are a source of agitation for A new study throws every
largely with a group of Blue ask themselves, apart from that raises only $87 billion from liberals. But liberals seem to single PSA that relies on shame
Dog Democrats in the House. political considerations, how high-income folks. have made the following into jeopardy, because when
More specifically, the question can they now vote against a bill What about deficit calculation: In order to get a bill youth see images of humiliated
is: Can Nancy Pelosi convince a that senators Lincoln, reduction? Both the House and that covers 30 million people covered in their own
small fraction of her caucus to Lieberman, Landrieu and Bayh Senate bills would reduce the Americans, with insurance vomit, they don't see warnings.
endorse the Senate version of have all voted for? deficit by upwards of $100 reforms that protect consumers, They see inspiration. [ AdAge]
the bill, even though they Let’s go issue by issue. The billion over the next decade, but they will swallow hard and On the bright side, now alcohol
initially rejected the House’s Blue Dogs opposed the public the Congressional Budget Office accept several provisions that companies know which strategy
iteration? She’ll need to flip plan that featured so gives the Senate bill better anger them. It’s called to use when MADD browbeats
these members to her side prominently in the House bill. marks over the next decade on compromise—and, in some them into making PSAs: Ones
because the abortion provisions Well, the Senate scrapped that a longer-term savings. The CBO quarters, it’s also known as that shame, sexily. Do not watch
in the Senate bill will long time ago. Blue Dogs says the Senate bill “would governing. Liberals shouldn’t be this video if you are under the
necessarily cost her some votes. wanted more cost-containment reduce federal budget deficits the only ones who bear the age of 21.
The media chatter is all about policies. Well, the Senate bill is over the decade after 2019 responsibility to govern. That
these members' political not just stronger, but relative to those projected under falls to the whole Democratic
calculus: How unpopular is substantially so. It features current law—with a total effect Party—its right, left, and center.
health care reform in their a robust Independent Payment during that decade that is in a Neera Tanden is the Chief
districts? Would they be risking Advisory Board with authority broad range between one- Operating Officer of the Center
their careers with such a vote? to lower Medicare payment quarter percent and one-half for American Progress. She
But there’s another component rates. The House bill doesn’t percent of GDP.” Furthermore, served in the Obama and
of their decision that merits even have such a commission. they should be suffering from Clinton administrations.
discussion—you know, the The Senate bill also has stronger significantly less sticker shock. For more TNR, become a fan
actual policy. The Senate bill, provisions to push payment The Senate bill costs nearly on Facebook and follow us on
while sharing the same basic reform through a new $200 billion less over ten years. Twitter.
structure as the House bill, “innovation center” that will Not a trivial difference. Five Filters featured article:
contains some pretty important reward quality of care, rather In short, as a moderate House Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
differences. Would these than the volume of care that Democrat said to me in PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
members now have a doctors provide. These are December after she voted Term Extraction.
substantive reason to switch into important moves away from the against the House bill, “I like
the affirmative column? fee-for-service system. where the Senate bill is going
In fact, the Senate bill, even Some House moderates and I would vote for that.” Of
after the president’s proposed criticized the House bill for course, that was before
40 Politics/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition

LGF: Crazy But Clever Conflator Creationist Dentist Gets

(Little Green Footballs)
Submitted at 3/3/2010 1:08:47 PM
governor of Texas — who just
happens to have a history of
appointing religious fanatics to
to choose his own life. It is
And by the way, Jerry Brown
the Boot
(Little Green Footballs) Originally elected to the board
The right wing blogosphere is influential positions in the Texas has actual radical ties. Will that
getting weirder and weirder: government? disqualify him to run for Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:06:42 PM in 1998, McLeroy was
Crazytown Watch: Charles Clouthier continues: Governor in California? Why persistently determined to
Johnson Conflates Some Fringe Texas Governor Rick Perry undermine the treatment of
Newsflash haters: Texans are no! No, it won’t.
Group With Rick Perry. may have won the Republican evolution in Texas’s public
doing well because they’ve This might set a record for
Once again, I’m accused of primary yesterday, but one of schools. During the debate over
clung to rugged individualism, reading the most into an LGF
being “crazy” because I find his main operatives, creationist biology textbook adoption in
their guns, their God, their post. Secular humanism, small
groups like Repent Amarillo dentist Don McLeroy, got 2003, he was one of the four
independence, their fiscal government, big social
disturbing. But not just “crazy” thrown out. members of the board who
responsibility, etc. I know it’s programs, rugged individualism;
— I’m also sneaky and evil In the March 2, 2010, primary misused the state science
galling when secular humanistic these are all interesting
because I’m “conflating” Repent election, avowed young-earth standards to oppose adopting the
states like California are going concepts, but if they have
Amarillo with Rick Perry. creationist Don McLeroy e l e v e n t e x t b o o k s u n d e r
down the crap-hole. It’s tough to something to do with what I
Because I hate small narrowly lost his bid to be the consideration. His attacks on
see small government being wrote, I must be missing it.
government, or I hate Texas, or Republican candidate for the science education — including
such a big win while big And meanwhile, notice that
something like that. So I’m both District 9 seat on the Texas state his endorsement of a book that
government harms the very Clouthier never gets around to
crazy and nefariously clever. board of education. As the described parents who want
people it’s supposed to help. saying anything at all about the
“Now why would he do that?” Dallas Morning News (March 3, their children to learn about
But that’s just the way things “fringe group” that was the
wonders Melissa Clouthier, 2010) reported, “The fiercely evolution as “monsters” — were
roll, guys. Good luck finding whole point of my post.
hinting at dark ulterior motives. contested race pitted McLeroy, a in part responsible for the state
evidence that big social P.S. I don’t hate Texas or
It’s a head-scratcher, all right. dentist from College Station and senate’s refusal to confirm him
programs are ever a cultural, Texans, just for the record.
In a post about a religious member of the board’s social as chair of the board in May
fiscal or social win. They
fanatic group in Texas, why in conservative bloc, against 2009, as NCSE previously
NEVER are a win because they
the world did I bring up the [Thomas] Ratliff, a legislative reported.
strip the individual of his ability
consultant and son of former Lt. This is a victory in the battle
Gov. Bill Ratliff,” who is against the forces who are intent
viewed as likely to side with the o n i n s t i l l i n g D a r k A g e s
moderates on the board. There is i g n o r a n c e i n T e x a s
no Democratic candidate for the schoolchildren, but the war isn’t
seat, so Ratliff is expected to be over. They’ll be back.
elected in November 2010.

Pads' Gonzalez Brushes Off Trade Talk

FanHouse TV (FanHouse story in Padres camp continues going to the Red Sox for a the man himself how he thinks
Main) to be the Adrian Gonzalez saga. package including Clay his future will play out, and
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:28:00 PM Will the slugging first baseman Buchholz or to the White Sox FanHouse TV's cameras were
be traded before his contract for stud prospect Gordon there.
Filed under: Padres, MLB expires at the end of next Beckham, and the list of rumors
Video, Spring Training season, or will he be locked up Reports have him potentially goes on.
PEORIA, Ariz. -- The biggest long-term? Tom Krasovic decided to ask
E-reader News Edition Politics/ Tech News/ Fashion/ 41

Confidential RNC Document Outlines Strategy of

Fear Mongering
(Little Green Footballs) “What can you sell when you do
Submitted at 3/3/2010 3:12:58 PM not have the White House, the
House, or the Senate…?” it
Good. Grief. asks. The answer: “Save the
Exclusive: RNC document
mocks donors, plays on ‘fear’.
country from trending toward
The Republican National
Committee plans to raise money
Manipulating donors with crude
caricatures and playing on their
Randall Cutout
this election cycle through an
aggressive campaign
fears is hardly unique to
Republicans or to the RNC –
capitalizing on “fear” of Democrats raised millions off (ELLE News Blog)
President Barack Obama and a George W. Bush in similar Submitted at 3/3/2010 3:10:26 PM
promise to “save the country terms – but rarely is it practiced
from trending toward in such cartoonish terms. Johanna Cox, Contributing
socialism.” One page, headed “The Evil Editor, in Loeffler Rand all
The strategy was detailed in a Empire,” pictures Obama as the cutout booties
Bickhart to top donors and marketing, displaying an air of “These remind me of one of my
confidential party fundraising Joker from Batman, while
fundraisers at a party retreat in disdain for the party’s donors favorite Cushnie et Ochs
presentation, obtained by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Boca Grande, Florida on that is usually confined to the dresses.”
POLITICO, which also outlines and Senate Majority Leaders
February 18, a source at the barroom conversations of Photo: Kelly Stuart
how “ego-driven” wealthy Harry Reid are depicted as
gathering said. political operatives. Follow ELLE on Twitter.
donors can be tapped with offers Cruella DeVille and Scooby
In neat PowerPoint pages, it The presentation explains the Become our Facebook fan!
of access and “tchochkes.” Doo, respectively.
lifts the curtain on the often- Republican fundraising in
The presentation was delivered
cynical terms of political simple terms.
by RNC Finance Director Rob

Gesture Search Finds Everything on Android with Scribbles

Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) phone data using your finger- in another letter to narrow the Google wants to test more.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:30:00 AM point chicken scratch. options down. There's a "pad" at Gesture Search is a free
Draw in a letter, and Gesture the bottom showing your letters, download for Android handsets
A n d r o i d 2 . 0 : D o y o u Search instantly narrows down and you swipe it to knock down running 2.0 and later. Gesture
d e s p e r a t e l y m i s s t h e the field of choices, letter by individual letters (right to left) Search[Google via Google
handwriting recognition of letter. A nice feature, though, is or restart entirely (left to right). Mobile Blog]
Palms and Newtons gone by? that in the case of letters that are It's a stand-alone app that begs
Google's created a Gesture somewhat ambiguous—like my for integration into contact
Search app that pulls up apps, terrible cursive "a" that might be Search keeps both possibilities
search or browser bookmarks,
contacts, bookmarks, and other a rounded, trailing "o"—Gesture in the results, letting you draw
but it's also a "Labs" release that
42 Tech News/ E-reader News Edition

Is XBRL The Key To Escaping Small Cap Hell?

Bernard Lunn do. Some are not very helpful, such Found: Momentum-chasing day
(ReadWriteWeb) as: "Does anyone know the traders.
Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:00:00 PM • Hire a strong investors future of $rnow ?" You want investors who will
relations team and send out lots SeekingAlpha: This has two buy into the quality of your
Small cap hell is where you end of press releases, be accessible posts that were specific to technology, understand your
up in about six months after to the press, go on road shows RNOW and they seemed high value proposition, like the
your IPO, when all the high and speak at conferences for quality. That is better than nine market you are in and think you
fives and champagne have investors. Your IR team can tweets that don't say much. are doing a reasonable job
receded into a distant memory. take care of the mechanics, but Covestor: This is interesting to managing the business. In other
Unless your company is big this is also a big time-suck for play around in. You can see the words, you want Warren
enough. How big is big enough? the CEO and CFO. (And you last 10 trades done by Covestor Buffett.
According to Investopedia, cannot say, "Sorry we missed members in RNOW. But you That is not what these new sites
small cap refers to companies our numbers we were too busy can "tell your story". For a while cannot drill from that to any are delivering. They do not
with "a market capitalization of schmoozing folks like you.") there will be an opportunity to rationale into RNOW. The seem to be the key to escape
between $300 million and $2 The result is a lot of work and use modern methods while your system is set up to do that, but from small cap hell. Let Your
billion." you have to do it - but the competitors are stuck with their there is just nothing there yet. Story Surface
That's right, to escape small cap payoff is small. Every other buggy whips. But that advantage Kaching: This gave good news The evolution seems to be:
hell you need to have a market small cap is doing the same will erode really fast. So this is aggregation on RNOW. It 1.0 Tell Your Story. This is
cap over $2 billion. thing. where the new Finance 2.0 sites looked better than standard investor relations. The
Sponsor • Buy back your own shares. like Seeking Alpha, Stocktwits, YahooFinance (still the starting updated version of IR is to be
To put that in perspective, that T h a t t e l l s e v e n t h e m o s t Kaching and Covestor may have point for lots of investors) but present where investors hang
describes one out of 14 publicly dimwitted investor that you the key. seemed to lack depth. Nor did it out, which today means online.
t r a d e d S a a S c o m p a n i e s think the stock is undervalued, I decided to test this on the 14 have any fundamental new But it is still the old broadcast
( So 13 out of and as you run the company you publicly traded SaaS companies. information. model.
1 4 a r e i n s m a l l c a p h e l l . probably know. This is fine if Finance 2.0 For Small Cap: It is So, from the limited perspective 2.0 Let The Crowd Tell Your
Actually, two out of the 14 are you personally are vastly Too Early To Tell of one small cap, these sites are Story. This is classic social
micro cap, i.e. below $300 wealthy or you have massive Select a classic small cap stock at this time not the answer. media - and it suffers from
million in market cap. This amounts of cash laying idle on in the SaaS Index. For example: What about "ye olde stock classic social media problems.
matters to all of us. A healthy the company balance sheet. In RightNow Technologies forum" on Yahoo Finance? You might trust a user-
public market for Web tech other words it is not an option (RNOW). At time of writing, Their message board for RNOW generated review on Yelp before
ventures ripples all the way for most companies they have a market cap of $525 for the same period of time has going to a diner, but you are
down to seed level investing and million. It is a cool company 28 posts, not including the likely to be a bit more nervous
drives the innovation economy. Social Media IR Rides To The that is growing fast and threaded replies. That puts them before investing your kid's
What Does It Feel Like To Be Rescue? delivering good results for way ahead of the college fund in a company.
In Small Cap Hell? Agoracom is a modern IR firm. customers. So how much newcomers.What about quality What we need is something that
Lonely. Nobody cares about They use online methods to tell coverage do they get on these you ask? What is the use of a lot reverses the flow, that lets
your little venture. To the team your story. That may not sound new sites? In my test I looked at of noise from anonymous investors discover you, that lets
that endured blood, sweat, toil like a big deal, but IR is a pretty RNOW for the period Jan. 1 to posters pushing the stocks they your story surface. This is where
and tears to get to $50 million in conservative business, so just March 1. own (or panning the ones they XBRL may help. (For a basic
revenues, and then go through using a few tools like Twitter StockTwits: There were nine short)? That seems to be the intro to XBRL read our earlier
all the SEC gyrations to become intelligently is a big step tweets about RNOW, and many problem with all these sources. coverage.) The Current XBRL
a public company, that is tough forward. of them mentioned RNOW Wanted: Patient, Long-Term XBRL page 47
to accept. Here is what you can Agoracom's pitch is that they among a list of other stocks. Investors
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ 43

Never Mind the Valley: Here's SXSW 2010

Jolie O'Dell (ReadWriteWeb) capital." With Michael Samson Australians are Virtual World gaming it to advance their own
Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:00:57 PM and Ross Kimbarovsky of Innovators popularity instead using it as a
CrowdSPRING. "Australia has suffered the platform to advance ideas and
A ReadWriteWeb Guide How Geeks Grabbed 'tyranny of distance' since exert influence. With great
For all of our startup friends Philadelphia by the Balls colonization. Now, for the first power comes great
from coast to coast and around "Ready to skip town because time, those barriers are responsibility - and in line with
the world, we look forward to you think it's played out? dissolving as the land your vision this panel would
s e e i n g y o u a t S X S W Techies aren't techie enough? downunder shifts timezones to b r i n g t o g e t h e r
Interactive! Creatives aren't creative be in a virtual playing field. figureheads/influencers from
More and more, we're seeing enough? We'll talk about how When you login as a virtual each of the 5 nationally
g o o d f o l k s c r e a t i n g g r e a t Philadelphia turned around in avatar there are no international prominent tech communities as
products outside the SF Bay just 2 years by embracing its calling codes, no day or night well as bring up possible
Area, and we love highlighting strengths and local flavor, businesses in South Africa - and only the funny accent conflicts and misconceptions
and showcasing vibrant startup helping to build new leaders, when no other realistic options remains distinctive. Hear how relating to each; that L.A. is full
communities in unexpected and inspiring an intense city o f f i n a n c e e x i s t e d . T h e panelists Keren Flavell, Bruce of "un-employeds, that New
areas. As it turns out, we're not pride. It's not as tough as you presentation will cover lessons Joy and Santosh Kulkarni spend Yorkers are shills for traditional
the only ones who have a think: blending socialization learned, and tips for replicating t h e i r t i m e m e e t i n g w i t h media, that people from S.F. are
penchant for non-Valley with education, this new the model in other regions." colleagues and prospective just Spocks with no social skills
startups! While you're in Austin, generation of Philadelphians With Eve Dmochowska of Idea clients in the USA and Europe or perspective. Rather than just
check out these ten panels, share their recipes for you to B a n k , B r e t t H a g g a r d o f by teleporting to meetings in pit influencers against each
parties and events focusing on take back and make your city Hypertext Media, Gareth Knight seconds, right from their desks other, our moderation would
entrepreneurialism outside the next big thing." With Alex of Technovated, Heather Ford of in Melbourne, Australia. This highlight the strengths and
Silicon Valley. Hillman of IndyHall and Geoff GeekRetreat and Justin Spratt of discussion will demonstrate how weaknesses of each and
Sponsor DiMasi of P'unk Avenue. Internet Solutions. the world is becoming flatter by hopefully faciliate a forum for
This is part of a series of The Silicon Prairie Party Don't Move! Build a Startup the day through technology dialogue and cooperation
ReadWriteWeb guides to SXSW "Join the speakers, organizers Community Where You Live creating a single place for between all members of what is
Interactive 2010. If this guide and attendees of Big Omaha to "As eyes are focused on places interaction and enterprise." With positioned to be global
isn't your cup of tea, be sure to party with the up-and-coming well-known for startups and Santosh Kulkarni of NICTA, phenomenon in the way people
c h e c k b a c k f o r m o r e entrepreneurs and innovators innovation, hear three up-and- Phil Tripp of IMMEDIA, Keren mobilize online and off." With
information soon! based on the Silicon Prairie. coming cities discuss how Flavell of Treet TV and Bruce Erin Broadley and Alwxia
"It is difficult to establish a There are big things happening they're building and fostering Joy of VastPark. Tsotsis of Village Voice Media.
startup no matter where you are on the Prairie and here's the t h e i r e n t r e p r e n e u r i a l Tech Scene Smackdown: LA How Austin Got Socially
in the world, but there are great opportunity to connect with communities. From Portland, vs. SF vs. NYC vs. Boston vs. Experienced
companies and events that those making an impact!" Boulder, Omaha, and beyond, Austin "While known as the live music
began life outside of Silicon Hosted by Big Omaha. exciting things are happening in "Presently the online social capital of the world, Austin is
Valley. Threadless, 37Signals, Crowdfunding: How The places you don't expect." With media space consists of hyper- making serious inroads as the
F e e d B u r n e r , B I G O m a h a SAfrican Community Financed Erin Kotecki Vest of the Queen localized most social media savvy city.
conference, and SXSW itself are Online Businesses of Spain blog and BlogHer, bifurcated tech communities: With major tech companies as
proof that technology life exists "The story of how otherwise Jeremy Tanner, Rick Turoczy of what is problematic is that many city residents, Austin tech
away from the coasts. These less unconncted South African S i l i c o n F l o r i s t a n d J e f f of the more successful cool kids leaders will provide attendees
- t h a n - o b v i o u s l o c a l e s a r e citizens pooled together their Slobotski of Silicon Prairie are guilty of being at every social media best practices and
becoming hotbeds of innovation money and resources, and thus News. single party and using the scene NEVER page 45
a n d a t t r a c t i n g t a l e n t a n d helped seed over a dozen online T i m e T r a v e l e r s : W h y as a way to fameball, i.e.
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From the Tips Box: iPhone Videos, Hard Drive Sleeves, and
Alarm Clocks [From The Tips Box]
Whitson Gordon (Lifehacker) hard drives. They fit snug and
Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:00:00 PM they give you a little "bump"
protection without you having to
Readers offer their best tips for go buy an expensive portable
playing just the audio of video hard drive case. I've never had a
files on the iPhone, cushioned case where the hard drive got
sleeves for external hard drives, too hot from being in the koozie
and making sure your alarm but it's more about the transport
clock wakes you up in the anyways.
morning. The best part of all is that they
Don't like the gallery layout? are cheap and customizable!
Click here to view everything on Move Alarm Clocks Around to
one page. Ensure Waking in the Morning
About the Tips Box: Every day Photo by Bernt Rostad.
we receive boatloads of great virtourist shares his tips for
reader tips in our inbox, but for waking up in the morning:
various reasons—maybe they're The problem with my alarm
a bit too niche, maybe we clock is that I've gotten so used
couldn't find a good way to to the 'off' button that I can turn
present it, or maybe we just off the first alarm and cancel the
couldn't fit it in—the tip didn't second in my sleep. I have a
make the front page. From the roommate, so I can't do
Tips Box is where we round up something ridiculous like put
some of our favorites for your the alarm clock on the other side
buffet-style consumption. Got a of the room.
tip of your own to share? Add it My solution: Wrap the alarm
in the comments, share it here, clock in a t shirt and always
or email it to tips at place the clock in a different TEDTalk video podcast where can press play and lock the play, and unlock the phone. It orientation/location on the
Play Just the Audio of iPhone the visuals don't add much to the phone again, allowing me to brings me to my home screen nightstand. That way, I have to
Video Files content: if I lock my phone or listen to my video file with the while the audio continues to be awake and coherent enough
Photo by Dan Taylor. press the home button, playback screen locked. play. to do some searching for the off
Rick Betita shows us how to will stop (rather than continue If I want to do something else Use Drink Insulators as Hard button without just using muscle
stop the video from playing and underneath like an audio file). on my iPhone while the audio of Drive Sleeves memory.
draining battery on iPhones: To get around it, I lock my the video plays in the kamosaurus gives us a nice grewal12 adds his solution to
One of the most annoying phone while I'm watching the background, I press the home clever use for our portable the mix:
things about the iPhone is that video (stopping the playback) button during video playback external hard drives: I have the same thing going
you can't listen to the audio of a and double-tap the home button and lock the screen immediately I have found that the collapsible on...kind of. I have two alarm
video file unless the video is to bring up playback controls on afterwards. Then I double-tap koozies are perfect cheap
playing. Let's say I'm watching a the locked screen. From there, I the home screen as before, hit sleeves for portable external FROM page 46
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ Economy/ 45

Google Index to Go Real Time US consumers

Marshall Kirkpatrick
participate in a program much impact of such a move for small show readiness
like that. publishers. Right now many
Submitted at 3/3/2010 5:07:20 PM Sponsor
How The System Might Work
small sites get visited by Google
maybe once a week. With a
to spend
(Financial Times - US
Google is developing a system PuSH is a syndication system PuSH system in place, they homepage)
that will enable web publishers based on the ATOM format feeds they publish can be found. would be able to get their
of any size to automatically where a publisher tells the world Then Google would subscribe to content to Google automatically Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:41:15 AM

submit new content to Google about a Hub that it will notify those PuSH feeds to discover right away.
for indexing within seconds of every time new content is US chain stores saw more
new content when it's published. A richer, faster, more efficient evidence of a cautious readiness
that content being published. published. Subscribers then tell PuSH wouldn't likely replace internet would be good for
Search industry analyst Danny the Hub "when this Publisher by US consumers to spend
crawling, in fact a crawl would everyone, but the benefits in during February, with
Sullivan told us today that this posts new content, please be needed to discover PuSH search wouldn't be limited to
could be "the next chapter" for deliver it to me right away." So department stores and luxury
feeds to subscribe to, but the G o o g l e , e i t h e r . The
retailers reporting sales gains
Google. instead of the Subscriber real-time format would be used PubSubHubbub is an open
Last Fall we were told by c h e c k i n g b a c k w i t h t h e despite severe winter weather.
to augment Google's existing protocol and the feeds would be Gap, the largest US clothing
Google's Brett Slatkin, lead Publisher all the time to see if index. as visible to Yahoo and Bing as
developer on t h e there's new content, they just sit store chain, continued its sales
As Danny Sullivan told us they would be to Google. recovery, reporting a 3 per cent
PubSubHubbub(PuSH) real time and wait to be told that there is today, Google would have to " I a m b e i n g t o l d b y m y
syndication protocol, that he by the Hub. The Publisher gain in comparable sales across
implement some sort of spam engineering bosses to openly it business. Sales at its low cost
hoped Google would some day publishes something, then tells control and not just let content promote this open aproach even
use PuSH for indexing the web the Hub that it's available, then Old Navy stores in the US were
be pushed live to the index to our competitors," Slatkin up 5 per cent, while Banana
instead of the crawling of links the Hub goes and delivers it to unvetted. That was what says. That's a very good sign.
that has been the way search all the Subscribers. This can Republic was up 6 per cent. Its
happened in the earliest days of We expect this will be a very North American Gap brand
engines have indexed the web take as little as a few seconds. search and it was a real mess, he big deal and we'll be covering it
for years. Google senior If Google can implement an stores reported flat sales, as did
told us. The Advantages of a more extensively in the coming its international business.
product manager Dylan Casey Indexing by PuSH program, it Real Time Google Index days, as well as whenever
said yesterday at Sullivan's would ask every website to Five Filters featured article:
P u S H i s m u c h m o r e Google has something to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
Search Marketing Expo in Santa implement the technology and computationally efficient for a n n o u n c e m o r e f o r m a l l y .
Clara, California that the declare which Hub they push to PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Google but Slatkin says that D i s c u s s Term Extraction.
company plans to soon publish a at the top of each document, just even more important is the
standard way for site owners to like they declare where the RSS
continued from page 43

insights during this interactive Panelists will share both the Robinett of Bubble Foundry, the sand in South Florida. Learn non-Valley startups of all
panel." With Nigel Dessau of highs and lows of their startup Felix Petersen of Plazes and tips and tricks for growing your stripes. If you've got suggestions
AMD. lives and will answer questions Reshma Sohoni of Seedcamp. own tech community even in the or feedback, let us know in the
Innovation Overseas - The regarding funding opportunities, Coconut Valley - Building a most unfriendly/untechy areas comments! See you in Austin,
European Startup Environment cultural idiosyncrasies, Tech Community on the Beach of the world." With Brian folks! Discuss
"U.S. companies often know legislation and differences "Starting from a mere handful of Breslin of infinimedia and
little about the European startup between Europe and America." people and growing into the Davide Di Cillo of Thirtynine.
environment and the With Marten Mickos of thousands, come learn how we Those are our SXSW
opportunities to be found there. Benchmark Capital, Peter grew our tech community out of Interaction recommendations for
46 Tech News/ Game/ E-reader News Edition

China's Top 3 Social Network Sites

Richard MacManus China's leading online video typically come from a "first tier
(ReadWriteWeb) services,, as a city."
Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:10:48 AM consultant on International Kaiser noted that
Business. Previously he was is extremely
The leading social networking Group Director, Digital Strategy popular among people who
site in China,, at Ogilvy & Mather China. work for multinational First screens of
started out as a blatant Facebook There are 3 social networking companies, ad agencies and
clone - but it now has tens of sites that are clearly in the lead other white collar companies.
Platinum's Vanquish
millions of users. Despite in China, according to Kaiser Accordingly, the site is valuable aren't doing it for us
obvious similarities to Kuo. because of its relatively wealthy Justin McElroy (Joystiq)
Facebook, there is one is the leading user base.
significant difference from the social network. It began as a The third social network that is Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:10:00 AM

U.S. in how Renren and other Facebook clone called Facebook clone when it started, very popular in China is,
sporting the same shade of blue which Kaiser said is mostly used It's not that the first screens
Chinese SNS are used. The - which means 'on
a n d t h e s a m e l a y o u t . by people who live in "lower from Shinji MIkami and
bread and butter of these sites is campus' in Chinese. In August
ReadWriteWeb guest writer tier cities" and even rural areas. Platinum Games' Vanquish look
social games using virtual items. 2009 it changed its name to
Gang Lu wrote on this blog in He noted that it has a "lower bad necessarily -- far from it. It's
Indeed, Farmville originated in Renren, which means
June 2008 that brow offering." just that ... well, they look a
China! 'everybody.' Renren had 70
"was like a simplified version of Each of these three hugely little common, don't they?
In this first post of a series, we million registered users at that
Facebook in Chinese when it popular social networks in We've flipped through that
outline the most popular social point. The site is owned by Oak
was first launched." He noted China has its own niche; from gallery below a few times but
network sites in China. In Pacific Interactive and has had
that it had "the same layout, the mainstream Renren, to the couldn't find an image that got
follow-up posts, we'll look at over $400M pumped into it by
same color scheme and even a more prestigious Kaixin001, to us even a little more excited for
Twitter clones, online video, investors Softbank.
very similar logo," which he the populist the futuristic shooter than we
and censorship. This series is The site was founded in
said "made people wonder if In our next post in this series, were yesterday.
based on a discussion I had with December 2005, shortly after
there was an official connection we check out China's Twitter It wouldn't be so bad if that first
Kaiser Kuo, a Beijing-based Facebook began to ramp up. Its
with Facebook." trailer for the game hadn't
expert on China's Internet. founder Wang Xing later clones. Discuss is another very seemed like such a breath of
Sponsor founded Fanfou, a popular
popular social network. Kaiser fresh air. Oh well, these are just
Kaiser Kuo is a Chinese- Twitter clone (see our next post
said that its users are mostly a few still images. Let's
American who lives in Beijing. in this series).
"white collar middle class" and withhold judgment until we see
He currently works for one of was literally a
it in action, hmm?
FROM Gallery: Vanquish (360, PS3)
continued from page 44
First screens of Platinum's
clocks. One is the regular kind, turn it off. Because if I don't, it work: down, use the restroom, then Vanquish aren't doing it for us
right next to my night stand. The goes off while I'm in the shower To get my heart rate up back up the stairs, two-at-a- originally appeared on Joystiq
other one is my phone which is and wakes everyone else up. multiple times during my time, as quick as possible. After on Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:10:00
on the other side of the room. Take Bathroom Breaks on otherwise very sedentary a quick stop at the top to catch EST. Please see our terms for
They both go off at the same Different Floors to Get Heart working day, I only take my breath, I'm back at my desk use of feeds.
time. BUT, I have another alarm Rate Up restroom breaks on the ground within 3 minutes. Read| Permalink| Email this|
on my phone that goes off 15 Photo by Russell J. Smith. floor of a five-story building (of Comments
minutes later. So I have to go fisher.seth lets us know how he which I'm located on the 5th
through the menus and stuff to keeps from feeling lethargic at floor). I take five flights of stairs
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ Economy/ 47
continued from page 42

Disconnect For Small Cap Is The good news is that They won't find them among
Temporary disconnect is temporary. The the big cap companies. They
XBRL was not any help when I second wave of new XBRL will find them among the
was compiling the data for the filers in 2010 is estimated to thousands of small cap, micro
14 companies in the SaaS Index include 1,500 - 2,000 reporting cap (and yes, even nano cap)
for the Saas Insights Report (a companies, and the final wave companies. When the value
paid report for investors
a v a i l a b l e f r o m
in 2011 is for about 10,000
additional companies. Imagine
surfaces, they can reach out to
IR who can them tell their story. HP EliteBook 8740w specs the Information Discovery Tools Of course, when all this pans
Disclosure: The guest author
wrote this report). The reason is
When I go to my local wine
store, the owner asks me what I
out, the opportunity to find the
bargains will disappear. That is
begin to take shape, ATI
simple. Only one out of 14
reported to the SEC in XBRL
want and we have fun with my
standard reply that I want
the price of an efficient market.
But the value to all the
FirePro M7820 revealed
format. That company is something "incredibly delicious companies trapped in small cap Vladislav Savov (Engadget) your lap has ever seen. This is (CRM). The and ridiculously cheap". hell will be immense. They can Submitted at 3/4/2010 8:26:00 AM aided by the low-voltage, but
reason for that is also simple: Investors want the same. Warren focus on building value highly potent Core i7-720QM
The SEC currently mandates Buffett got to be one of the knowing that the value they You've been wondering, we CPU and four DDR3 slots for
that companies with a market richest men in the world by create will surface. know, why the newly unveiled up to 16GB of RAM on the
cap higher than $ billion report finding a few of those. And that will have a great 2540p and 2740p EliteBooks 8740w. You have until the end
using XBRL. That is what When all companies file in impact on the innovation from HP weren't accompanied of the month to figure out what
creates the disconnect: XBRL (and some geeks have economy. by their heavyweight compadre, to do with all that power, which
1. XBRL will enable the good created some neat tools to help Photo credit: Chris Whiteside the 8740w, but as it turns out the is when the rumormongers
investments from small cap sip more effectively from that Discuss latter might be taking a bit expect this machine to be
companies to surface, but, firehose), ordinary investors will longer to launch due to its announced.
2. Only big cap companies be able to create really powerful inclusion of ATI's as yet [Thanks, Reznov]
report using XBRL (and they filters to find those "incredibly unannounced FirePro M7820 HP EliteBook 8740w specs
have no trouble reaching valuable and ridiculously cheap" GPU. Joining up with the earlier begin to take shape, ATI FirePro
investors). companies. leaked M5800, this is likely to M7820 revealed originally
form the backbone of ATI's pro appeared on Engadget on Thu,
graphics refresh, with its innards 04 Mar 2010 08:26:00 EST.
Traders optimistic Greek crisis can be based on the successful HD Please see our terms for use of
5870, meaning it offers DirectX feeds. Permalink| HP Fansite
contained 1 1 f u n c t i o n a l i t y , 1 G B o f (1),(2)| Email this| Comments
GDDR5 memory, and probably
(Financial Times - US encourage broader risk appetite deemed necessary to secure the most graphical horsepower
homepage) on Wednesday. support from its eurozone
Submitted at 3/3/2010 10:55:54 PM The FTSE World equity index partners.
rose 0.8 per cent, the euro and Five Filters featured article:
21:15 GMT: Growing optimism Greek sovereign debt firmed, Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
that the fallout from the Greek and commodities gained as PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
debt crisis can be contained traders absorbed details from Term Extraction.
helped calm forex markets and Athens on the austerity package
48 Tech News/ Gadgets/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Make Scrambled Eggs and Bacon in

the Oven [Recipes]
Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:30:00 AM

Scrambled eggs and bacon are a

hearty, heart-warming way to
start a day, but they require a bit
too much stove-top work and
dish dirtying for a typical
morning. Not so if you follow
this oven technique, which
keeps your eggs fluffy.
The TipNut blog's recipe calls
for 12 eggs, but that's a number
you can easily break down into
smaller portions. Add a good bit
Electric Green School
of milk and a bit of butter, add
the mixture to a greased pan,
the bottom and sides well.
Continue cooking for
having to work about the direct
heat drying out the bottom of
motorcycle shows its rebel
place in an oven warmed to 350
degrees, and then:
When eggs begin to set (after
approximately another 15
minutes, stirring every 5
your eggs, and cooking bacon in
the oven certainly condenses the nature by running Linux
minutes or so to scramble as the clean-up. Tim Stevens (Engadget) temperature, etc.) as well as
cooking for about 10 minutes), eggs really start setting up. If you've got a simplified GPS navigation and,
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:21:00 AM
take a spatula and push the eggs The full post describes a morning breakfast recipe, we'll presumably, on the go games of
from side to side to scramble method for also cooking bacon certainly take your tips in the Electric motorcycles are getting Tux Racer. It's a one-off built by
them (you'll notice the edges are alongside the eggs. The comments. Fluffy Scrambled more and more common, and Green School Motorcycles and
where the eggs first start advantage of the oven is not Eggs In The Oven[] while we don't think they'll ever Akershus University College,
cooking), make sure to scrape quite capture the rush of an a n d t h e r e ' s p l e n t y m o r e
internal-combustion engine information about it in a video
Strong demand for 10-year Greek bond threatening to fly into bits as it at the source link below -- if you
(Financial Times - US important step towards resolving deteriorating public finances. screams toward red-line, they speak Norwegian.
homepage) its debt crisis. Five Filters featured article: are starting to offer their own... [Thanks, dsbilling]
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:55:28 AM Athens will borrow €5bn in 10- Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: unique charms. This model is a Electric Green School
year bonds, calming investor PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Norwegian prototype, based on motorcycle shows its rebel
Greece saw strong demand for fears that the country would not Term Extraction. a Honda chassis that had its tail n a t u r e b y r u n n i n g L i n u x
its make-or-break bond deal on be able to tap the international chopped and motor stripped, originally appeared on Engadget
Thursday as Athens took an capital markets because of its replaced by stacks of Nickel- on Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:21:00
Metal batteries, then wrapped in EST. Please see our terms for
some custom bodywork. The use of feeds. Permalink||
bike sports a touchscreen dash Email this| Comments
powered by Ubuntu that offers
both stats about the bike (speed,
E-reader News Edition Tech News/ Gadgets/ 49

Remains of the Day: 90 Million Copies of

Windows 7 Edition [For What It's Worth]
Adam Pash (Lifehacker) data outage (update: fixed)
Submitted at 3/3/2010 4:00:00 PM Verizon users, if you
experienced problems with your
Windows 7 sells more than 90 data connection this morning,
million copies, Verizon users you weren't alone. [Engadget]
suffer data outages, and Ubuntu • Ballmer: Google leads
changes its default color palette because 'they did it right first'
(pictured). Microsoft's Steve Ballmer New Potato's FLPR IR
• Microsoft to Double Down on discusses his goals for Bing and
HTML5 With Internet Explorer why Google dominates search. dongle gives your
9 Right now Internet Explorer is [The Microsoft Blog] iPhone home automation
at the back of the HTML5 pack, • 5 tips for using Google Buzz capabilities
but expect "broad support for 7 continues making leaps and branding The familiar brown of on your phone A few tips from
HTML5" in the coming-soon bounds on desktops, having sold the default Ubuntu theme is Darren Murph (Engadget)
Google for all those Buzz-ers
beta builds of IE9. over 90 million licenses. [The retired, to be replaced by dark out there. [Google Mobile Blog] Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:00:00 AM
[Webmonkey] Windows Blog] gray, orange, and purple. [Ars
• Windows 7: More than 90 • Ubuntu dumps the brown, Technica]
introduces new theme and • Verizon suffering 'nationwide' NEW page 50
Million Copies Sold! Windows

Google dude: “Desktops dead in three years”

John Biggs (CrunchGear) will be irrelevant. In Japan, most become desktop independent. desktops excel.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:58:38 AM research is done today on smart However, I have a constellation Desktops still have a place, but
phones, not PCs,” Herlihy told a of devices connected to my its shrinking. I could see a thin
A charming young buck by the baffled audience, echoing always-on PC that I wouldn’t client sitting on an office desk
name of John Herlihy of Google comments by Google CEO Eric have connected to my iPad. sooner than later, with email,
Europe believes, like most Schmidt at the recent GSM Even simple backup hardware is storage, and office apps in a
people in the Western World Association Mobile World hard to connect over the cloud. cloud. But for uber-nerds heavy
that desktop PCs will be dead in Congress 2010 that everything Granted, he did say “research” iron is what we crave and what
the next few years. However, he the company will do going and not “fragging zombies and we’ll buy. You can’t stick two
b e l i e v e s t h e y ’ l l b e c o m e forward will be via a mobile rendering DVD menus for your water cooled graphics cards into
irrelevant by the year 2013, lens, centring on the cloud, own rip of What About Bob,” so a laptop and still call it a laptop.
which may put a damper on computing and connectivity. there’s a good chance he meant What think you? Will PCs die
s o m e P C m a k e r s ’ s a l e s Now I’m of two minds here. that the general populace will out?
forecasts. Yes, I agree the desktop is going desktops these days and a nice use mobile devices for most via SiliconRepublic
Smiling John, shown here, said: the way of the dodo. Laptops are docking system can go a long Google-related activity and
“In three years time, desktops strong enough to stand in for way to let the average Joe desktops for the things at which
50 Gadgets/ Game/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 49

It's hard to say why we've seen programming that LaserDisc

a glut of these adapters hit all player you refuse to give up. It'll
within the same week, but hey, start shipping today from the
the more the merrier! North company's own website for
Carolina's own New Potato $79.99, or you can consult the
Technologies (yes, we're middleman (read: Best Buy) on Codes here! Get your
serious) has followed up on starting on March 28th.
ThinkFlood and Power A's Continue reading New Potato's Blur multiplayer beta
efforts by introducing an FLPR IR dongle gives your codes here!
Infrared iPhone / iPod touch iPhone home automation James Ransom-Wiley
dongle of its own. The capabilities (Joystiq)
difference? This one connects to New Potato's FLPR IR dongle
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:43:00 AM
the dock connector, and when gives your iPhone home
used with the accompanying automation capabilities
Our Blur multiplayer beta
app, it can control lights, stereo originally appeared on Engadget
activation code* giveaway
systems, home cinemas and on Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:00:00
needs no introduction -- it just
pretty much anything that EST. Please see our terms for
needs a link:
allows dictation via IR. The best use of feeds. Permalink| |
part just might be said app, as it
allows users to search a database
Email this| Comments RealNetworks to stop selling Get to it >>
What's up? You didn't click the
of over 14,000 device codes and
just add the products they
RealDVD, your copyrights link yet? Here's what you need
to know: The beta is free. It's
only on Xbox Live. And our
already own, which means that
you'll probably only be stuck
are safe -- for now codes are limited! Get. To. It.
*Codes are not redeemable
Tim Stevens (Engadget) those boxes in mint condition!)
through Xbox Live. Use your
Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:59:00 AM What's next for Real remains to
code to register for the beta at
be seen, as the company just
Remember when RealNetworks The online beta
spun off Rhapsody to be its own
said it wasn't giving up on begins Monday, March 8. Xbox
thing, but surely whatever it
RealDVD, that it would fight Live Gold membership required.
comes up with will not involve
the good fight and appeal the Codes here! Get your Blur
the copying of copyrighted
August ruling finding its DVD multiplayer beta codes here!
things onto other things.
copying application wasn't quite originally appeared on Joystiq
RealNetworks to stop selling
legal. Well, a lot of things can on Thu, 04 Mar 2010 09:43:00
RealDVD, your copyrights are
change in five months and now EST. Please see our terms for
safe -- for now originally
it seems Real is caving in to the use of feeds.
appeared on Engadget on Thu,
inevitable crush of the movie Read| Permalink| Email this|
04 Mar 2010 07:59:00 EST.
industry, setting the lawsuit filed Comments
Please see our terms for use of
by the MPAA for $4.5 million feeds. Permalink|
and instantly turning existing RealNetworks| Email this|
copies of RealDVD into Comments
collectors items. (Hope you kept
E-reader News Edition Gadgets/ Economy/ 51

Barry Ritholtz (The Big
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:15:41 AM

I totally empathize with this

comment from MacroMan:
“Speaking of painful ordeals,
health care is now a banned
topic, except as it impacts
financial market pricing. There
is really no point having (or in
my case, hosting) a debate in
which a significant portion of
the participants essentially stick
their fingers in their ears, close
their eyes, and shout “ the
government are morons so
there’s no point even trying to
change anything!!!”
They are of course welcome to
that opinion, and should they
Entry level Sony VAIO M netbook coming wish to express that view, they
should feel free to visit the
Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear) netbook market with the suspects it’ll about $450 but that doesn’t appropriate venue to vent. But
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:20:07 AM recently-discovered VAIO replace the VAIO W, which mean it’ll cost $450 here. I’d after another day of being told “
M—a 10.1-inch affair with an almost seems like a step guess it might be priced at $399 ooh, you Europeans just don’t
When Sony’s VAIO W was Atom N450 CPU and 1024×600 backwards given the W’s better or so—still a bit expensive. understand anything” by people
announced, its $500 price tag screen. screen. No US pricing or New Sony netbook VPC- whose idea of exotic travel is a
seemed a bit steep for a 10-inch Bluetooth will again be a availability info yet, but if this M11M1E[ visit to Bob’s Country Bunker,
netbook. You did get some nice standard feature, which is nice, new one’s priced anywhere near m via Sony Insider] I’ve had enough.
extras, though, like a 1366×768 and you’ll get a 250GB hard $500 it’s going to sell like Off topic health care posts now
resolution and built-in drive, 1GB of RAM, Windows coldcakes. incur the risk of deletion.”
Bluetooth. It seems that Sony’s 7 Starter, 1.66GHz CPU, and A UK-based store has it priced Five Filters featured article:
gunning for the lower-end b/g/n Wi-Fi, all at 2.86 pounds. at £299, which is equivalent to Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
Term Extraction.
52 Apple/ Tech Blog/ E-reader News Edition

How-To: Use Time Machine Over a Where is the money in

Network local blogging?
Andrew Flocchini Utilities menu. In the terminal (Scripting News)
(TheAppleBlog) window, type the following Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:42:48 PM

Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:40:08 AM commands.

mkdir /Volumes/TimeMachine I'm sitting in a class at NYU
I love Time Machine for its m o u n t - t a f p listening to a discussion about
simplicity and the fact that it’s afp://user:password@afpserver.l local blogging and the NY
free. Apple did the right thing in o c a l / S h a r e N a m e Times. Rather than speak up to
creating a backup utility that /Volumes/TimeMachine the room, I thought I'd just write
was integrated into the OS and This will mount your AFP a blog post that explains where I
was actually useful. Anyone share and make it available to think the money is in local.
who has fought with Windows restore from. Quit Terminal and First, where I don't think it is -- the Verizon site you'd never find
Backup can tell you, this has then run “Restore from Backup” getting ad dollars from the local that out unless you punched in
been needed for a long System Preferences solves this. from the Utilities menu. You pizza parlor or stationery store. every address in Manhattan and
time. Apple created a beautiful Enter this command in will see your backup listed and There may be nickels and dimes found out that very few return
backup utility and then made Terminal: you should now be able to there, but the mega-dollars come positive.
money on hardware that sudo defaults write restore from it. from slicing the pie differently Time-Warner Internet is not
seamlessly works with it. For Time Machine is a very nice from the geographic way people bad, in some parts of the city,
the home user, nothing could be TMShowUnsupportedNetwork utility and if you aren’t using it, are slicing local news up now. and awful in others. If you want
more simple. Volumes 1 you should be. I even have other Instead, pick the businesses that great Internet service, where
In the office environment This tells Time Machine to treat Xserves backing themselves up generate billions of dollars in should you be looking? The
however, users tend to backup network shares as possible to this share using Time the local economy that are only way to find out is word-of-
to server shares and not local backup locations. Now, when I Machine. Sure, there are third- information-based, where the mouth.
external drives. So, let’s take a go to select a disk in the Time party applications out there can information currently being Business on the Internet is
look at how to use Time Machine preferences, I see my do so much more, but I’m for supplied is inadequate. That's driven by finding places where
Machine over a network. Setting mounted AFP share listed. just getting the job done. not restaurants and dollars are spent, where people
it Up Restoring Integration with the OS is also entertainment. need lots of good information to
It’s easy to do this in Leopard So that’s how you get the Time important to me. It’s the main When I started looking for an make a decision they're going to
Xserve by sharing a backup Machine backup working, but reasons I use Safari as my main apartment in Manhattan, one of spend a lot of money on.
folder. Under Server Admin, what about restoring. Most browser. As with all backup my requirements was FIOS. I Become the place where people
you can check the box “Enable people don’t test the restore solutions though, you need to naively assumed I'd be able to go for that information and then
as Time Machine backup functionality but it’s the most test the restore functionality get it because my mother had it sell space on your site to
destination.” important thing you can do. To once in a while. If anything, you in Queens. Manhattan is a businesses that sell products and
This worked great in Leopard restore a Time Machine backup might sleep better at night bigger, more lucrative market services in that space.
but in Snow Leopard, Time over an AFP connection, first knowing your data is not only than Queens, so of course This is local. But it's local on a
Machine no longer saw this as boot off the Snow Leopard safe but recoverable. Verizon has it covered. Turns wide scale. This is where I think
an available destination. install DVD. Then, Launch out, for a variety of reasons, it's the money is.
Luckily, changing a property for Terminal by clicking on the not true. There's almost no FIOS
in Manhattan. But if you went to
E-reader News Edition Apple/ Economy/ 53
Weather influenced
Virgin America Kills Flash as a Result of initial claims data
Apple/Adobe Conflict about in line
Peter Boockvar (The Big
Darrell Etherington to HTML5 once it’s cleared by Picture)
(TheAppleBlog) the W3C.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:15:14 AM
Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:00:31 AM Virgin America’s Chief
Information Officer Ravi
Initial Jobless Claims totaled
It’s probably not the first site to Simhambhatia added, in defense
469k which is about in line with
eschew Flash in favor of greater of the decision, that “[t]his year
expectations and down from last
compatibility with Apple’s is going to be the year of the
week’s spike to 498k. Because
portable devices, but it’s one mobile [for Virgin].” The
of the bad snow storms and
that’s definitely big enough to sentiment echoes Steve Jobs’
disruption that resulted in the
make waves. Virgin America recent declaration that Apple is
data, its best to average these
has launched a new, Flash-free now a mobile device company
weeks in order to get a better
website with the stated intent of first and foremost. There’s just
handle on the trend. The 4 week
reaching more customers on no denying that if companies
average is now 471k vs 474k
Apple’s devices, where Adobe’s want to be taken seriously on
last week but above 470k for a
rich web content application is the mobile scene, they need to
2nd straight week for only the
not welcome. take into account, if not focus on
first time since late Nov/early
Honestly, I think this is only the Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and
Dec. Continuing Claims fell by
beginning of a new tide that will the upcoming iPad.
134k and were 100k below
see corporations retreating away The message is clear: Apple
expectations but Extended
from either Adobe’s or can succeed at stonewalling
Benefits rose by a net 197k.
Microsoft’s proprietary Adobe. The iPhone has been a
Thus, there is still very little
solutions for displaying massive success despite a lack
the move by Apple that mobiles, using a system that of Flash support, and the iPad is evidence in this weekly, timely
animations and other advanced
preceded it is all about issues electronic boarding poised to do the same when it data, of any big pickup in hiring
media elements in their
exclusion: passes you’ll be able to show to l a u n c h e s l a t e t h i s m o n t h . outside of some modest
websites. When the goal is to
Virgin picked HTML to give airport security staff. The plan is Magazine companies aren’t improvement. Tomorrow’s Feb
reach as many customers as
users of iPhones and other awaiting approval by the U.S. happy about having to choose, Payroll figure will also be
possible, it only makes sense to
mobiles the option in the future T r a n s p o r t a t i o n S e c u r i t y but let’s be honest, print impacted by the weather.
take into account the limitations
of checking in through their A u t h o r i t y . T h e s i t e i s publications and their online Five Filters featured article:
of some platforms. Flash may
phone. The battle between responsible for 70 percent of components hardly hold the Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
run on many portable non-Apple
Adobe and Apple has seen Flash Virgin’s $100 million quarterly industry sway that they did 10 PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
devices, but that doesn’t mean it
deliberately excluded from the r e v e n u e . R i g h t n o w i t ’ s years ago. The death of Flash is Term Extraction.
does it well.
As reported by the Register, the Jesus Phone. advanced enough to suit the coming, and Virgin is only the
decision to go with only HTML Virgin’s new site is designed to company’s needs, but Virgin first harbinger of said death.
is about inclusion, even though let users check-in using their does anticipate making the jump
54 TV/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Debra Messing Will Be

All 'Wright vs. Wrong' Morning Radio:
Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:29:00 AM Bloomberg
Grace is ready to try again.
Actress Debra Messing has
signed for a new television show Barry Ritholtz (The Big
called 'Wright vs. Wrong,' a Picture)
sitcom for ABC, and if you Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:15:14 AM
think this is going to be
anything like'Will & Grace,' >

'The New Adventures of think again. (Although if they're

smart, it better be just as funny!)
The premise of the pilot for
If you are anywhere near a
radio this mornings, I will be the
morning guest on “ Bloomberg
Old Christine' - 'Sweet 'Wright vs. Wrong' is that Debra
plays Evelyn Wright, a strong-
Surveillance,” with hosts Tom
Keene and Ken Prewitt from
7:35 – 8:30 am– 10:00 am.
Charity' Recap minded, ambitious political
personality who espouses the
conservative, right-wing agenda.
UPDATE Tom Keene went
articulate in her goofy way, was home ill — I am guest hosting
Jason Hughes (TV Squad) 'Seinfeld,' we often don't realize
However, while she has this of the liberal lefty variety. the full show.
Submitted at 3/4/2010 4:24:00 AM just how horrible she is. Even C o n t i n u e r e a d i n g D e b r a You can catch it live, or via
tough, conservative personality
moreso, when put in the context Messing Will Be All 'Wright vs. podcast at either Bloomberg or
(S05E15) As much as I don't for the public, behind the scenes
of Christine, Richard and Wrong' at iTunes.
want to compare Julia Louis- she's consumed by her foibles
Matthew, Barb often comes Filed under: OpEd, Celebrities, Its always a fascinating time
Dreyfus' new show to her old and flaws.
across as the only sane and Casting, Reality-Free with these two pros . . .
one, I can't help but notice some So she's half-Grace Adler, the
rational one. And yet, when you P e r m a l i n k | E m a i l t h i s | | Five Filters featured article:
similarities with this week's flawed, foibled part. Grace's
put these people out and on Comments Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
installment. Much of what politics, at least what she tried to
display in front of so-called PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
made'Seinfeld' work was in the normal people, they simply look Term Extraction.
way people outside of that core awful.
four reacted to just how Continue reading'The New
deplorable those people really Adventures of Old Christine' -
were. When we were in that 'Sweet Charity' Recap
inner circle with them, it all sort Filed under: Other Comedy
of worked and we didn't really Shows, OpEd, Episode
realize how bad they were. Reviews, Reality-Free
Now, Christine Cambpell is far Permalink| Email this| |
more obviously a terrible person Comments
than Elaine Benes, but as with
E-reader News Edition TV/ 55

'The Middle' - 'The Bee'

Jason Hughes (TV Squad)
Submitted at 3/4/2010 2:30:00 AM

(S01E16) The Hecks went on

their first road trip, as we found
out something that Brick is
really good at, and something
that happens more often than
families would like to admit.
I've had my birthday forgotten

'Modern Family' - more than once by my busy

family, and it made me feel
about as small as Sue did.
'Fears' Recap However, I was never given the
level of power Frankie gave her how could he not be?
Jason Hughes (TV Squad) the first one to choke out a over the family trip to Chicago. Continue reading'The Middle' -
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:01:00 AM genuine emotional response Guilt is certainly a powerful 'The Bee' Recap
f r o m m e . P h i l ' s c l o s i n g agent in making potentially poor Filed under: Other Comedy
(S01E16) What are you afraid monologue was touching, and decisions. Shows, OpEd, Episode
of? That was the question facing touched on another fear that all As for Brick, it shouldn't come Reviews, Reality-Free
the three families that make up parents face: the fear of your as a real surprise that he's a Permalink| Email this| |
this exceptional comedy series. children growing up too fast. great speller. With his nose Comments
Whether it's a fear of roller That, and the fear that they're constantly in books his parents
coasters, tight places, passing going to kill someone in your probably couldn't even read,
your driver's test, getting asked car.
to dance, or that your daughter Continue reading'Modern
isn't connecting to you, it's how Family' - 'Fears' Recap
we deal with our fears that Filed under: OpEd, Episode
defines us as people. Reviews, Reality-Free, Modern
' M o d e r n F a m i l y ' a c t u a l l y Family
surpassed itself in one regard Permalink| Email this| |
this week. In 16 episodes, most C o m m e n t s
of which were fantastic, this was
56 Entertainment/ E-reader News Edition

Apolo Ohno: Pam Anderson's Breasts Are Too Big for

Dancing With the Stars [Gossip Roundup]
Maureen O'Connor (Gawker) TMZ] TMZ] [ TMZ] [ TMZ]
Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:50:16 AM • •
• Keha made fun of Britney • Rihanna's baseball boyfriend
He thought he could call her Spears for lip syncing: "I think Matt Kemp threw her a surprise
"heavy" if he said "top," first. that's bullshit. ... I would never party for her 22nd birthday,
Ke$ha makes fun of Britney. do that to my fans. ... It's featuring a heavily tattooed 4-ft.
Kendra Wilkinson's baby weight treating people as if they are too stripper and dirty dancing. [
gave her postpartum depression. stupid to realize you are not DailyMail]
" Jessica Simpson weighs in on actually singing. ... My whole •
fat jokes." Thursday's gossip record is super honest. I am • Purple magazine is all
roundup was teased as a child. really honest." How badly do Lindsay Lohan all the time.
• He of the gold-tipped glove you want Keha to have a lip With a Jesus-inspired cover
and more medals than any other sync scandal right now? Keha, under her belt, LiLo now
American Winter Olympian, Ke@ha, Ke:-(ha! [ embarks on revealing her butt [
Apolo Ohno, stepped in it on ShowBizSpy] fig.1] and boobs [ fig.2] in a
Leno last night. Apolo won • photo shoot with Terry
Dancing with the Stars in 2007, • Brangelina and their brood Richardson. [ HuffPo]
so he evaluated this year's continue to consume Italian ice •
contenders: "Between, what is cream in Venice, for it is a time- • Marie Osmond's 18-year-old
it, Pam Anderson and Evan honored tradition that all son Brian Blosil, who
Lysacek? Pam Anderson, she's a American families vacationing committed suicide last week,
little top-heavy. I think Evan is in Italy must gorge themselves had struggled with substance
going to do very well. Plus, he's silly on gelato. Luckily, the abuse and emotional issues
an Olympic medalist!" Seeing superior genome of the throughout his teen years. With
Pam's and Evan's names next to collective Jolie-Pitts means his mother struggling alongside
each other like that, I suddenly nobody will get fat. [ DailyMail] him, Blosil went to rehab as a
realize that Heatherette designer • high school junior. This story is
Richie Rich is totally going to • All you need to know is the tragic in part because it is so
make a cameo this year. Pam is headline: "Jessica Simpson common. [ People]
his muse and Evan is a friend. Weighs in on Fat Jokes." [ P6] •
(Richie used to be a competitive • • NBC honcho Lorne Michaels'
skater.) Sidenote: Does anyone • The investigation into the near new spin on the Conan fiasco:
else get a gay vibe from Apolo? -stun-gunning of Blanket "creative freedom." He
It could just be a side effect of Jackson continues, and it's all explained "You can't imagine
growing up with a single dad miserly Katherine Jackson's Conan being able to say what he
who styles hair for a living. [ fault. Last year Jermaine said [on NBC] at Fox or Disney
TVWatch] Jackson's ex-wife Alejandra Ralph's supermarket. Nary loophole!) which he would use or wherever." He continued,
• accused Jackson matriarch twelve months later, Jermaine to buy a stun gun online. "And that chaos and that look of
• Speaking of Apolo, he says he Katherine of trying to pay child spawn Jaafar would make like Further: 13-year-old Jaafar has a
can leg press a ton. Literally. [ support with gift cards to his granny and purchase a brother named Jermajesty, and APOLO page 57
"credit card" from Ralph's ( is super adorable. Case closed. [
E-reader News Edition Entertainment/ 57
Labor Strife Abroad For NYT [Protests] continued from page 56

disorganization comes from a

Hamilton Nolan (Gawker)
better place, in my opinion. It's
Submitted at 3/4/2010 9:31:00 AM not a button-down-enough
culture to shut things down."
A tipster sends this dramatic He's also pro-Betty White. [ P6]
action photo of International •
Herald Tribune staffers • With his incarceration delayed
protesting against their due to a courthouse fire, Lil
penurious overlord NYT Co. for Wayne celebrated his final
"laying off people and forcing nights of freedom by attending a
them to go to Hong Kong or Jay-Z show at Madison Square
quit." Solidaridad! Full internal Garden and going to the Empire
protest email below! Hotel, where he "threw a
This email went out this tantrum" after getting bounced.
morning to the IHT rabble- Part of me wishes he got
rousing socialists: arrested, because the layers of
Date: Wednesday, March 3, criminality would have been
2010, 7:53 PM kind of thrilling. [ Gatecrasher] [
Hello. P6]
As you may or may not know, •
management is planning to kill 6 • An unfortunate coda to
jobs in Paris and is offering the yesterday's item about DMX's
occupants of four of those jobs l a s t T u e s d a y , t h e y a s k e d members is that this could set a and join the demonstration. gospel rap charity concert: Once
the same position in Hong management to come up with precedent allowing management Another demonstration is t h e h o s t r e a l i z e d X w a s
Kong. The only newsroom alternatives. There were no to pick and choose who they planned for Friday morning, involved, they canceled the
position affected is Sports substantial changes offered at a fire. 9:15. whole thing. [ TMZ]
Editor. Their argument is that Comite meeting today. As a result, a demonstration is No one thinks we can stop •
the jobs could be done better or While only one newsroom planned in front of the IHT management from doing what • Kendra Wilkinson says she
as well from there, and that it position is affected, we are building at 2:30 p.m., March 4. they plan to do. But no one had postpartum depression:
would save money. Those who opposed to the way it is being We plan to meet in the lunch expects it to stop at this one "After giving birth, I never
do not choose to go to Hong done and the consequences to room first before reassembling 'reorganization' plan. The hope brushed my hair, my teeth, or
Kong would be fired. the employee involved. By outside. Bring something to is to send a message that this is took a shower. I looked in the
During several Comite picking just one position to make noise with. Signs will be not being taken lightly and that mirror one day and was really
d'Entreprise meetings, t r a n s f e r t o H o n g K o n g , provided. There is a brown bag our opposition will mount if depressed. I thought, Look at
representatives of the various management has essentially lunch planned for 1:30 p.m. and their proposals become more me! I had this glamorous life in
employee groups disagreed with targeted one individual to w e a r e h o p i n g t h a t t h e severe. LA and now [in Indianapolis] I
those conclusions, except for the transfer or fire if he refuses to journalists attending will leave Please join us. didn't... a couple times, I even
economic grounds, and go. The feeling among Comite that event if it is still ongoing said, 'I just have nothing to live
proposed alternatives. Finally, for.'" A valuable mental hygiene
lesson: When shallow people
suffer from mental health

APOLO page 58
58 Entertainment/ Sports/ E-reader News Edition
APOLO Jack Nicklaus believes
'Survivor''s Jeff Probst: continued from page 57

problems, the manifestation may

Tiger Woods will play
in the Masters
'Heroes' Are Becoming also be shallow. You must listen
to them on their own level, for
Figures 1. & 2.
Bob Harig (
even the shallowest people may
'Villains' lose themselves in the depths of
depression, sometimes. [
Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:18:16 PM

(ETonline - Breaking News) most notorious people playing at AnythingHollywood] • Email

Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:02:00 AM the same time. The last time we • Print
did this was the All-Stars and
"Survivor" premiered its 20th that was six years ago. A lot has
season in February with an all- changed since then. On top of
Baylor's Griner Ejected • Comments

'); document.write(''); }
s t a r c a s t f o r " H e r o e s v s . this being another All-Stars, we
Villains," which stars some of have added another layer: you After Punching else if ( show_gigya ) {
document.write('• ');
the series' favorite players and a r e e i t h e r a " H e r o " o r a
some of the most reviled. But "Villain," or you are not here. I
the "Hero" and "Villain" labels think that was a pretty big
Opponent document.write('
'); function showShareUI(){
may turn out to be a misnomer difference right off the bat. I FanHouse Newswire about 10 minutes as officials v a r H =
(FanHouse Main) reviewed tape. A technical foul {APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C
a s r e t u r n i n g p l a y e r s a r e think what you are seeing this
r e v e a l i n g s i d e s t o t h e i r season is how much "Survivor" Submitted at 3/3/2010 4:00:00 PM was called on Griner and she Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl
personalities heretofore not has evolved. In a way, this is a was ejected for a flagrant foul kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_
seen. ET checks in with series bit of a retrospective. You have Filed under: Women's and another technical was called ERWhDG", enabledProviders:
host Jeff Probst to get his take people like Colby Donaldson Basketball on another Baylor player, " f a c e b o o k , t w i t t e r " ,
LUBBOCK, Texas(AP) -- Morgan Medlock. cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I =
on just what is happening on back from season two, Tom n e w
"Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains." Westman from season 10, and Baylor's super freshman The Texas Tech bench also got
ET: Can you talk in general then you have Russell Hantz Brittney Griner was ejected a technical for going out onto
about how you see this season from season 19. You can really from a game against Texas Tech the court after the punch was ion(); var containerID =
after she punched an opposing thrown. "gigyacontainer"; var
and how it is differs from other see how fast the game has
seasons? become compared [to the player in the face. Copyright 2009 The Associated D="Test "; var A = {};
Jeff Probst: I think the biggest b e g i n n i n g ] . Texas Tech's Jordan Barncastle P r e s s . T h e i n f o r m a t i o n I.setUserMessage(""); if
fouled Griner with No. 14 contained in the AP news report (jQuery(":header:first").length >
difference is we have 20 of our 0 ) {
Baylor up 55-39 with 9:01 may not be published,
remaining in the game b r o a d c a s t , r e w r i t t e n o r I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find(
Wednesday night. As the Tech otherwise distributed without ":header:first").text()); } else
player was moving away from the prior written authority of {
Griner, the Lady Bears' standout The Associated Press. Active I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent
swung and landed a punch on hyperlinks have been inserted ("Nicklaus%20believes%20Tige
Barncastle's face. by AOL. r%20will%20play%20in%20the
The game was stopped for %20Masters")); }
63113"); if
(jQuery("#videoInfo").length >
JACK page 59
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 59
Peyton Manning of Indianapolis Colts has continued from page 58

0 ) {
procedure on pinched nerve in neck, team says I.setDescription(jQuery(".article
Associated Press 2557"); if interfere with his training, offseason surgery. p):first").text()); } else {
( (jQuery("#videoInfo").length > practice or playing regimen," In July 2008, Manning had I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first"
Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:04:01 PM 0 ) { the Colts said. "While it never surgery twice on his left knee ).text()); } if
I.setDescription(jQuery(".article has affected Peyton's activity on because of an infected bursa sac. (jQuery(".article .image,
p:not(div.beta-opt or off the field, the Colts' The injury caused Manning to .headshot").length > 0) { var
• Email p):first").text()); } else { medical staff, after post-playoff miss all of training camp. He theimage = (jQuery(".article
• Print I.setDescription(jQuery("p:first" examination, thought it best to later acknowledged losing 10 . i m a g e ,
• Comments ).text()); } if resolve the situation now." pounds during his recuperation .headshot").find("img").attr("src
(jQuery(".article .image, The Colts said Manning spent and that he struggled with his ")); I.addMediaItem( { type:
'); document.write(''); } .headshot").length > 0) { var Tuesday night in the hospital balance and stepping into 'image', src: theimage }); }
else if ( show_gigya ) { theimage = (jQuery(".article and was released Wednesday. throws until midseason that A.userAction = I;
document.write('• '); . i m a g e , "All medical personnel involved year.
document.write(' .headshot").find("img").attr("src believe the issue has been Manning's contract expires after areUI(H,A); return false;
'); function showShareUI(){ ")); I.addMediaItem( { type: resolved," the team said. the 2010 season and Colts } } By Bob Harig
v a r H = 'image', src: theimage }); } "Peyton fully expects to owner Jim Irsay wants to extend
{APIKey:"2_B48MVBl19K9C A.userAction = I; participate in the Colts' the deal, calling it his top Archive
Qj72UVrAqLh7VSAyZDfMkcl offseason program this spring." offseason priority. Irsay has said PALM BEACH GARDENS,
kt8foSSRaAbdWu36H_N3Ky_ areUI(H,A); return false; Manning has been a model of he is prepared to make Manning Fla. -- Jack Nicklaus has no idea
ERWhDG", enabledProviders: } } Associated Press stability throughout his NFL the highest-paid quarterback in when Tiger Woods will return to
"facebook,twitter", INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton career. the league, but negotiations are golf, but the Golden Bear
cid:"ESPN.Story"}; var I = Manning has spent 12 seasons His streak of 210 consecutive not expected to kick into high expects to see the game's No. 1
n e w being a pain in the neck of NFL starts, including the playoffs, is gear until after the free-agent player at the Masters. opponents. Now the four-time second all-time among NFL market opens Friday. "It would surprise me if he
ion(); var containerID = league MVP is trying to quarterbacks behind only Brett Manning won his record fourth didn't [play]," Nicklaus said
"gigyacontainer"; var alleviate the pain in his own Favre. With Manning in charge, MVP in 2009 but his late Wednesday. "Oh yeah, I can't
D="Test "; var A = {}; neck. the Colts have made a league- interception, returned for a imagine in a hundred years he is
I.setUserMessage(""); if The Indianapolis Colts high eight straight playoff touchdown by Saints' going to miss Augusta."
(jQuery(":header:first").length > announced Wednesday that appearances, reached the Super cornerback Tracy Porter, sealed “
0 ) { Manning had surgery in Bowl twice, winning it all in the Colts' Super Bowl loss last I suspect he'll play something
I.setTitle(jQuery(".article").find( Chicago to fix a pinched nerve, 2006, and set an NFL record month. before Augusta. Your guess is
":header:first").text()); } else a procedure that is not expected with seven straight 12-win Copyright 2010 by The as good as mine. I would be
{ to interrupt Manning's offseason seasons. Associated Press very surprised if he didn't play
I.setTitle(decodeURIComponent workouts or his availability for Indy also set league records for Five Filters featured article: something before Augusta.”--
("Colts:%20Manning%20has%2 next season. most consecutive wins (23) and Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Jack Nicklaus
0procedure%20for%20pinched Manning most wins in a decade (115) last PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, Nicklaus, 70, was playing in the
%20nerve")); } "This condition has existed season. Term Extraction. Honda Classic pro-am at PGA
I.setLinkBack("http://sports.esp intermittently for the past four But it is the second time in National and addressed a variety years, but at no time did it three years Manning has needed of subjects afterward and a few

JACK page 60
60 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
The Count: How Did Canada Win continued from page 59

related to Woods, who has been the Masters.

Medal Count? Follow the Money on an indefinite leave from the
game. Woods reportedly
Woods, who has won 14 major
championships, is four behind
( The Daily Fix) Canada also wins according to returned home Saturday after a Nicklaus' record. Earlier this
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:11:04 PM the metrics of Cyril Morong, an week of family counseling and year, Nicklaus had said, "If
economist at San Antonio has started practicing again. Tiger is going to pass my
Which nation won the Olympic College. He takes a purely "I've been very non-committal record, I think this is a big year
medal race? Canada won the economic approach, weighting about everything because it's for him in that regard. If he
most golds, the U.S. the most each medal by its actual market none of my business," Nicklaus doesn't play this year, obviously
medals, and other nations can value, should the medalists said. "My guess is as a golfer the chore is going to be a little
make other sorts of claims, as I choose to melt them down. he's going to want to try and tougher."
wrote several days ago. My five for bronze (emphasizing (Morong counted a medal in a play Augusta if he has his other Nicklaus then referenced the
point was to show that such a golds more than the 5-3-1 and 3- pairs or team event just once, things in order." fact that Woods has won seven
question doesn’t mean much, 2-1 weighting systems I tried). even though each winning Woods, 34, is a four-time of his 14 majors on this year's
since there are so many ways to Chase also doubled those point athlete gets a medal.) Using Masters champion. He has major venues: four at Augusta
slice and dice the numbers. totals for what he called the estimates of the medals’ metal- played the tournament every National, one at Pebble Beach
Since writing that post, I’ve Olympics’ marquee sports: m a r k e t v a l u e , M o r o n g year since in 1995, when he was (U.S. Open) and two at St.
come across still more ways to figure skating, Alpine skiing, calculated that Canada won the an amateur. His last victory at Andrews (British Open).
rank medal hauls, adding speedskating and men’s hockey. equivalent of $9,635 (American Augusta National came in 2005. "He obviously loves Augusta,
evidence to the case that By this scheme, the U.S. edged dollars), barely edging Team But Woods has not played in a Pebble Beach and St. Andrews,"
combining results from different Canada, 620 to 570. USA’s $9,377. If the U.S. men’s tournament since winning the Nicklaus said. "He basically
sports doesn’t make much sense. Canada wins by the reckoning hockey team had prevailed in Australian Masters on Nov. 15. owns all three of those places."
Getty Images Olympic medals of David Roher, of the Harvard overtime of the gold-medal Woods gave no hint as to when Nicklaus, who won the Masters
may be priceless, but their metal Sports Analysis Collective. game, the U.S. would have won he would play again last week in six times, last played the
value is the basis for one medal- R o h e r u s e s a g o l d - h e a v y this monetary ranking. his first public comments since tournament in 2005. This year,
count ranking. weighting system similar to That OT win was also crucial to the Nov. 27 SUV accident for the first time, he will serve
On Yahoo during the Games, Chase’s — 4-2-1. He also Ton Tango, the sports numbers outside his home led to a as an honorary starter at the
Chris Chase suggested cutting counts each sport equally, no guru, whose count may seem scandal and admissions of tournament along with four-time
out any medals from judged matter how many actual medals askew but would make sense to infidelity. Masters champion Arnold
sports, such as figure skating. At it hands out. So a medal in many Canadians. “There were "I suspect he'll play something Palmer.
the time, that subtracted nine hockey, for instance, counts for 85 gold medals handed out in before Augusta," Nicklaus said. Bob Harig is the golf writer for
medals from the U.S.’s totals, more than one in speedskating, the non-men-hockey division, "Your guess is as good as mine.
and just two from Canada’s. At w h i c h h a s s o m a n y m o r e and one in the hockey division,” I would be very surprised if he Five Filters featured article:
the end of the Olympics, Chase m e d a l s . B y t h i s m e a s u r e , Tango wrote. “That one is worth didn't play something before Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
outlined a different system, one Canada had 46 total medals, 86 gold medals to me.” Augusta." PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
that awards 25 points for gold with the U.S. second with a total If so, the best guess is the Term Extraction.
medals, 10 for silver medals and of 38. Arnold Palmer Invitational,
where Woods has won six
times, including the past two
years. It is three weeks away
from, and two weeks prior to,
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 61

In Beating Duke, Maryland Proves a Point

David Steele (FanHouse
Submitted at 3/3/2010 6:15:00 PM

Filed under: Duke, Maryland

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Gary Purdue, IU
Williams couldn't resist, and he
shouldn't have had to. A little Suffer in
over a year ago, when it seemed
that his team couldn't do Different Ways
anything right, couldn't reach Greg Couch (FanHouse Main)
the end of the season without
Submitted at 3/3/2010 4:40:00 PM
sweating out an NCAA
tournament bid, didn't seem like Filed under: Indiana, Purdue
it belonged on the court with WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - --
programs like Duke, he took it The natural order here is that
all personally and imbued his Indiana basketball has a God
players with the same sense of complex and Purdue has an
resolve. inferiority complex. That's the
So on Wednesday night, after through some things,'' Williams 12-3 in the ACC), ranked 22nd teams were trading the lead back starting point when these
his team held off the fourth- said afterward of guards Greivis and winners of five straight, was and forth throughout the final 10 schools play each other, as they
ranked team in the country, Vasquez and Eric Hayes and given a good chance to beat minutes, managed to go out true did Wednesday night.
avenged an earlier thorough forward Landon Milbourne. Duke (25-5, 12-3), even though to himself and his outsized Purdue crushed Indiana, as
defeat on the road, tied arch- "They've heard, especially last the Blue Devils had won eight personality. He tossed in a three everyone does. This one was 74-
rival Duke for the ACC year, that they weren't good straight, including a 21-point -pointer with five minutes left to 55, but winning and losing
championship and waded enough. It's nice to see that they win at Cameron Indoor Stadium give Maryland a lead, launched wasn't as neat and orderly as it
through the throng of students are good enough to come last month. This time, though, a twisting runner on the right sounds. Indiana is a shambles of
who had rushed the Comcast through four years and win. the Terps' seniors, honored baseline with 3:49 left to put a program, and Purdue has had
Center floor, Williams praised "We kind of stuck it to some before their final home game, them ahead again -- and, finally, everything lined up perfectly to
the trio of seniors who people who didn't have some scored the first 12 points of the heaved up something again from f i n a l l y w i n t h e n a t i o n a l
spearheaded the 79-72 victory very nice things to say,'' he game as Maryland jumped the right baseline that barely championship, including the
and offered the back of his hand added. ahead 7-0, 10-2 and 15-5. qualified as a "shot'' with 38 Final Four in its home state.
to his longtime critics at the The irony of it all, of course, They also were money in the seconds left, got it to bounce in, This has been the perfect year
same time. was that by the time this game bank at the end, particularly the and gave Maryland a 73-69 for this Charlie Brown of a
"Those three guys are special, arrived, Maryland(now 22-7 and volatile Vasquez, who when the cushion. program. And then, someone
because they've all come pulled the football away again.
Robbie Hummel, the team's best
player, heart and soul, glue, -
you name it -- blew out his knee
a few days ago. He tore his ACL

PURDUE, page 62
62 Game/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 61

and is out for the year. Last Wednesday night about why he
year, he cracked his vertebrae chose to come to Purdue out of
when Purdue was looking good. high school when the team was
Now, Purdue is not going to get awful.
a No. 1 seed, not going to reach "I could see the light at the end,"
the Final Four. Deep down, he said.
everyone here knows it, though
they say things like senior tough
guy Chris Kramer said

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light to be an 'original digital

Ludwig Kietzmann (Joystiq) glimpse of the game at next
Submitted at 3/4/2010 7:51:00 AM week's Game Developers
Conference in San Francisco,
Crystal Dynamics has along with an indication on what
announced its first new game else Crystal Dynamics has in
since the completion and launch store. Since the studio is staffed
of 2008's Tomb Raider: for two projects, we can't
Underworld. Set to debut in imagine this being the only
2010, Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider game in the
Guardian of Light will see the works. The other might even
roadworthy leading lady come have "Tomb Raider" in the title.
to undisclosed platforms -- via Lara Croft and the Guardian of
download. of Tomb Raider: Legend DLC defy expectations. iconic character in videogames, Light to be an 'original digital
It wouldn't be the first time the on Xbox 360 before getting a "This is a really exciting project w i t h L a r a C r o f t a n d t h e experience' originally appeared
posh pot-smasher and exotic regular retail spot. Lara Croft for Crystal Dynamics, we have Guardian of Light we have on Joystiq on Thu, 04 Mar 2010
animal extinguisher stars in a and the Guardian of Light, created something completely created what we believe is a 07:51:00 EST. Please see our
downloadable format, as Tomb however, is a standalone title new and very different to what t r u l y o r i g i n a l d i g i t a l terms for use of feeds.
Raider: Anniversary was that Crystal Dynamics GM people might be expecting," he experience." Read| Permalink| Email this|
digitally distributed in the form Darrell Gallagher hopes will said. "Lara Croft is such an We expect to catch our first Comments
E-reader News Edition Game/ Fashion/ Economy/ 63

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010:

Dries Van Noten’s Covetable
Day-to-Night Collection (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 3/3/2010 4:35:15 PM

With temperatures still

hovering in the 30s, the fall
2010 looks hitting the runway
today in Paris make me want to
start shopping now (I can’t
possibly wait 6 more months).
Dries Van Noten’s collection,
NPD: Online gaming up especially, feels just right for a
day like today: office, market
appointments, and evening jeggings). Fashion, Film, and
10 percent in US event. Here, the look I’d like to —Violet Moon Gayn or
be wearing right now, instead of Photo: Imaxtree
Music Luminaries Join
Richard Mitchell (Joystiq) with 85 percent of PC owners my white button-down and Follow ELLE on Twitter. the MASSIVEGOOD
Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:00:00 AM playing online. Among gaming jeggings (note to self: get hands Become our Facebook fan! Movement
consoles, the Xbox takes the on giant oversized clutch Last night’s lyrically-inclined
According to Gamasutra, a online cake, with 43 percent FASHION, (ELLE page
immediately and stop saying launch of MASSIVEGOOD, a
recently released report from the playing it online. The PS3 and
NPD Group claims online Wii both tie at 30 percent,
gaming increased by 10 percent though it's worth noting that
in 2009. Furthermore, the PS3 online use is up 10 percent
Peanuts! Beer here! Greek debt here!
Peter Boockvar (The Big at a spread of about 300 bps to will elaborate more at 8:30 on
number of games purchased via over the previous year. Picture) the mid swap rate, down from how he plans to maneuver thru
digital distribution increased by The question has to be asked:
Submitted at 3/4/2010 5:51:08 AM the 350 spread priced in the sale wanting to exit some of their
20 percent in the same period, What are all those Wii owners
of 5 yr notes they sold last policies at the same time he
marking a 19 percent increase playing? There can't be that On the heels of yesterday’s month. The issue is well deals with Greece, etc… and a
o v e r t h e p r e v i o u s y e a r . many copies of Mario Kart Wii Greek deficit plan and with oversubscribed. They need to very fragile economic situation.
Meanwhile, the number of out there. Oh, wait... Germany implicitly joining the refinance up to 23b euros of Feb US retail comps look good
g a m e r s t h a t p l a y o n l i n e NPD: Online gaming up 10 list of rich uncle rescuers that maturing debt coming in the so far.
decreased by 2 percent. The p e r c e n t i n U S o r i g i n a l l y include the US government Apr/May time frame. Greek Five Filters featured article:
overall increase in online appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 04 (aka, the US taxpayer), Abu stocks are rising to a one month Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
gaming was the result of gamers Mar 2010 03:00:00 EST. Please Dhabi, the IMF, and all other high in response but the euro is PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
playing online longer -- an see our terms for use of feeds. countries that helped their lower as a sell on the news. The Term Extraction.
average of eight hours per week, Read| Permalink| Email this| banking system, Greece will try BoE and ECB kept policy on
up from 7.3 the previous year. Comments sell up to 5b euros of 10 yr notes cruise control. ECB Pres Trichet
Breaking it down by platform,
the PC sees the most use overall
64 Picture/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 63 continued from page 64

Bill Clinton-backed charity like Travelocity will give Greece’s ten-year bonds were
which raises money for global travelers, at the point of sale, the offering mouth-watering yields
health causes, brought out the option of giving just $2 towards of some 6%, twice the German
fashionable set (Becka Diamond fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria, level.
wearing a Thakoon dress and and tuberculosis. Click here to On March 3rd, however, the
Jen Kao spring 2010 runway join the MASSIVEGOOD mood changed. George
shoes: “I’m lucky that I’m a movement, and here to watch Papandreou, the prime minister,
sample size”) as well as music the Spike Lee-directed short at last threw his full weight
heavy-hitter The film. behind austerity. His
Black Eyed Peas front-man was —Violet Moon Gayn or government announced some
on hand to record a song that Becka and her shoes severe measures: a rise in the
will serve as an anthem for the Photo: Kelly Stuart top rate of value-added tax,
global movement, while a short Follow ELLE on Twitter. from 19% to 21%, more
film by Spike Lee (starring Become our Facebook fan! increases in excise tax on fuel,
Mary J. Blige and Susan tobacco and alcohol, a freeze on
Sarandon among others) was pensions and an unprecedented
played. Starting tomorrow, sites
Historical referrer data 30% cut in civil servants’
Christmas, Easter and summer

Greece's fiscal crisis: — you has it! bonuses. This last is equivalent
to a cut of one month’s pay for
Greece’s 700,000-strong public-
Now comes the pain Heather Champ (Flickr Blog)
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:01:38 PM
t o t h e “ W h e r e c a n I v i e w sector workforce.
historical referrer data past 28 Mr Papandreou had shrugged
(The Economist: News iceberg labelled default. Two days?” FAQ for the full poop. If off earlier warnings from
analysis) austerity packages had failed to A long time ago, in a galaxy far you’ve questions, please head Brussels (and Berlin) that more
convince Greece’s European far away, we implemented over to our Help Forum. had to be done. He changed tack
Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:30:22 PM
partners—or the financial changes to the historical referrer Introducing the Stats API after blunt remarks by Olli
Greece's fiscal crisis Greece’s markets—that measures to cut data available to our Pro The bigger news is that we’ve R e h n , t h e n e w E u r o p e a n
new austerity measures may the budget deficit this year from members. Part of that change integrated Stats nubby bits into economics commissioner who
prove to be enough—if they are 12.7% of GDP to 8.7% would included the removal of your the Flickr API. Please check out visited Athens this week, that
fully implemented work. historical referrer data. We Paul’s post on for extra measures were needed to
Mar 4th 2010 | ATHENS | Critics in Brussels said that promised then that we’d make more information. So, now’s the meet this year’s deficit target.
From The Economist print Greece’s Socialist government that info available to you t i m e f o r a l l y o u g r o o v y Mr Papandreou claimed that
edition was relying too heavily on “soon”. Today, you’ll see a new developers to code something Greece had now taken enough
G E O R G E pledges to cut tax evasion and link near the footer of your stats wonderful. “painful but necessary
PAPACONSTANTINOU, the soak the rich, rather than slash that links to a new page where Photo from café•moka. measures” to qualify for support
overworked Greek finance spending, especially on public- you can download monthly files Five Filters featured article: from its European partners, but
minister, likens the effort to sector pay and pensions. The that will be available until June Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: without specifying what form
steer Greece away from markets pushed spreads on 1st, noon PDT. PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, that might take.
economic disaster to “changing Greek bonds over their German Please refer (no pun intended) Term Extraction. Greece desperately needs €20
the course of the Titanic.” Until equivalents to record highs. billion ($27 billion) in the next
this week it looked as if the
country was headed for an GREECE'S page 64 GREECE'S page 65
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 65
Europe.view: Struggles, suffering and Skype continued from page 64

two months to roll over expiring

(The Economist: Daily create such itineraries the precarious present or unhappy Love Parade attracted young
columns) debt. If it can get it, more than
messages they reinforce are past. people from all over the world, half this year’s borrowing
Submitted at 3/3/2010 10:29:02 PM strong but wrong. Visitors to But elsewhere missed eclipsing memories of the city’s requirement of €53 billion will
eastern Europe expect beautiful opportunities are legion. How role in the Nazi era. have been covered and the
Europe.view Eastern Europeans old buildings (Hanseatic, Art many people attending Communist-imposed modernity markets’ pressure will ease, say
should strive to present a more Nouveau, Baroque, Ottoman or conferences in Warsaw, for defaced and debased cityscapes, bankers. One way forward
modern face to visitors Levantine) and miserable example, get to visit the language, manners and much might be to persuade other euro-
Feb 3rd 2010 | From The history, plus fiery drinks, spectacular university library more in the last century. area countries to buy Greek
Economist online unhealthy food, peasant (pictured, above)? It is one of Resisting it was a matter of bonds, perhaps by providing
I M A G I N E t h a t y o u a r e handicrafts and folk-dancing. the most impressive bits of national survival. But that era guarantees for euro-area
attending a conference (call it All the more reason, therefore, modern architecture between the ended 20 years ago. Modern investors. “We want to be able
Agenda 2010) in the capital city to offer them something that Baltic and the Black Sea, visitors find interesting, to borrow at the same rates as
(call it Klow) of a generic ex- s h a k e s t h e i r s t e r e o t y p e s , providing the visitor with a beautiful new things more other euro-zone countries,” Mr
communist country (call it e m p h a s i s i n g m o d e r n i t y , powerful impression of Poland’s attractive than sad, beautiful old Papandreou said, perhaps
Ruritania). The discussion will innovation, creativity, optimism intellectual and creative clout. ones. optimistically given Greece’s
be mostly about the present and and other notions not normally Varsovians are justly proud of The ex-communist region has record of huge budget deficits
the future. After a night-owl a s s o c i a t e d w i t h t h e e x - it—but most visitors to the some strong cards to play in and deceitful accounting. On the
session on “the impact of the c o m m u n i s t w o r l d . Polish capital never see it; they contemporary culture: festivals other hand, as he has also
economic crisis on regional Estonia seems to have got this are too busy going around the such as Karlovy Vary (film) and pointed out, Greece cannot
security”, you will stagger to a message. Those attending last Museum of the Warsaw Prague Spring (music) draw big afford to go on borrowing
red-eye breakfast on “Engaging year’s Lennart Meri security Uprising. international crowds. But such indefinitely at 350 basis points
Russia: how, when and where?” s h i n d i g ( d i s c l o s u r e : y o u r The contrast with other parts of events are not enough to over Germany. The gains from
But the cultural programme in columnist is a regular and Europe is sharp. The Basque dislodge the dead hand of austerity measures could be
the afternoon is resolutely appreciative participant) had region of Spain has a history of history. Cash-strapped swallowed up by such a high
backward-looking. An excursion two options. One was a tour of tragic struggles and exotic governments find it easy to cut debt premium.
to admire the beautiful historic Tallinn’s medieval Old Town ethnography to rival any ex- spending on cultural events, or Imminent visits by Mr
buildings includes a chance to led by the former prime minister communist country. But visitors spectacular new public Papandreou to Berlin, Paris and
goggle at the horrible Stalinist Mart Laar (who is an expert on head for the Guggenheim before buildings. But when successful, Washington, DC, could help to
ones. A mandatory stop is its ghosts, as well as on flat Guernica. In Catalonia it is the they put a country on the world resolve Greece’s debt problem.
something on the lines of “The taxes). But the other was a visit throbbing cultural and social life map far more effectively than The German chancellor, Angela
Museum of Ruritanian Struggles to NATO’s cyber-warfare centre of Barcelona that draws the any number of conference Merkel, has considered the
and Suffering”, which shows the outside Tallinn. This year the crowds, not the historical sessions. possibility of Germany
country’s heroic and horrible treat will be a trip to the agonies. In France, the Bastille Five Filters featured article: providing bilateral help to
past from the dawn of recorded research headquarters of Skype, and the Paris Commune are not Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: Greece, though she insists she is
history to NATO membership, the (Estonian-invented) internet forgotten, but it is the Pompidou PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, not yet ready to talk about aid
via occupation, obliteration and t e l e p h o n y c o m p a n y . S u c h Centre and I.M. Pei’s Louvre Term Extraction. with Mr Papandreou. Germans
a lot of historical myths. junkets highlight Estonia’s ultra- Pyramid that leave deeper marks still fret about moral hazard: a
When conference organisers modern aspects, rather than its in the visitor’s mind. Berlin’s bail-out would mean that Greece
gets away with years of
irresponsible fiscal policy and

GREECE'S page 66
66 Economy/ E-reader News Edition
American health-care reform: The die is cast continued from page 65

could set a bad precedent for

(The Economist: News manoeuvres are necessary to This latter effort relies on a noted, however, that
analysis) other euro delinquents. The
pass his health bill. And finally, loophole, used by both parties in Republicans fired the previous German constitutional court
Submitted at 3/3/2010 9:52:53 PM he declared that he wanted to the past, that allows budget- Senate parliamentarian when ruled two decades ago that the
see “an up-or-down vote” in the related provisions to pass they found his rulings Maastricht treaty was acceptable
American health-care reform “next few weeks”. through the Senate with just 51 inconvenient. only if its no bail-out provisions
Barack Obama unveils his final Grand ambition aside, Mr votes rather than a filibuster- Despite these obstacles, were respected—so any bail-out
strategy for pushing health Obama’s decision remains a proof 60 (a margin the Democrats now seem eager to would have to be disguised to
reform in America huge gamble. The opposition Democrats no longer enjoy). push a package through. One avoid legal challenges. Yet
Mar 4th 2010 | remains unbowed. There are several potential reason, Mr Obama argued, is to German banks are on the hook
WASHINGTON, DC | From Representative Ron Kind, a snags in the House. One is that prove to a cynical public that the for so much Greek (and other
The Economist print edition Democrat, says his party is the Democrats simply may not federal government works: “At Mediterranean) debt that some
“EVERYTHING there is to say willing to incorporate those have the votes. The Senate bill stake right now is not just our kind of taxpayer support may be
about health care has been said Republican proposals into any contains no provision for a ability to solve this problem, but unavoidable.
and just about everyone has said final reform package—but that government-run insurer, which our ability to solve any France’s president, Nicolas
it…now is the time to make a prospect has not won over a angers leftists; some want to problem.” Sarkozy, seems readier to
decision.” So declared President single vote. John Boehner, the revive this controversial notion. A bigger reason, argues Mark help—though Greece may come
Barack Obama on March 3rd to Republican leader in the House, Abortion could also scupper McClellan, a former Bush under pressure to buy more
an audience of doctors and still wants to scrap Mr Obama’s things, as the Senate bill’s administration official now at expensive French frigates for its
nurses gathered at the White plan in favour of “step-by-step” provisions on the matter do not the Brookings Institution, a navy. This is not a deal that Mr
House. After a year of dithering, r e f o r m . B u t S e n a t o r R o n please some conservative House think-tank, is the fact that Papandreou likes, since Recep
he is now leaping into action. Wyden, a bipartisan-minded Democrats. And since the House Democrats are going to get Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s
His speech contained no policy Democrat, says incrementalism bill passed three Democrats attacked anyway for their past prime minister, has just
surprises, but is worth noting for cannot work. The pieces of have died or retired, while only votes in favour of reform. “Why proposed that the two formerly
t h r e e r e a s o n s . F i r s t , h e health reform are so interlinked one Republican has. not pass it,” he asks, “since hostile neighbours should make
i n s t r u c t e d c o n g r e s s i o n a l that any such scheme simply The Senate may also prove doing so now is clearly better a joint agreement to cut defence
Democrats to embrace several “does less but costs more”. problematic. In theory only for Democrats than failure?” spending.
Republican proposals—for Passing reform without financial provisions can be Readers' comments To strengthen his hand with the
example, modest measures to R e p u b l i c a n s u p p o r t w i l l passed using the reconciliation The Economist welcomes your rest of the euro zone, Mr
reform malpractice laws and p r o b a b l y i n v o l v e H o u s e approach; abortion, for example, views. Papandreou is threatening to
fight insurance fraud—that were Democrats passing an exact cannot. So all eyes are on the Five Filters featured article: turn to the IMF for a standby
put forward during last week’s version of the health bill passed upper chamber’s Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: loan. The conditions are
bipartisan summit on reform. by the Senate before Christmas. parliamentarian (its official PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, unlikely to be much harsher than
Second, he made it clear that he Both houses must also pass a adviser on procedure, currently Term Extraction. the latest austerity measures, say
now wants Democrats to forge “sidecar ” or “corrections” bill Alan Frumin), whose rulings Greek officials. But this could
ahead with whatever procedural to capture any other provisions. carry great weight. It must be also be too optimistic. The IMF
would probably tell Greece to
sack thousands of public-sector
workers and cut pensions
sharply. Even so, as one Greek
official notes, “at least with the

GREECE'S page 67
E-reader News Edition PopSci/ 67
continued from page 66

fund you can stop worrying police cordon blocking the road pensions, which now eat up over
about where to get the money to to Mr Papandreou’s office as he 11% of GDP. A shortage of
finance the debt.” was announcing the new competent bureaucrats makes it
Greek trade unions are measures. They will soon be on harder to ensure that any new
predictably furious over the the march again, says their targets are met. If Greece is to
bonus cuts, which come on top union. “You cannot make ends stay on course, Mr
of a 4% pay cut they have meet on 400 euros a month,” Papaconstantinou and his team
already swallowed. Strikes will declared one retired plumber. So will have to keep putting in long
spread. Some strikers are Mr Papandreou’s approval hours. Readers' comments
unpopular, for example the taxi- ratings have held up, with more The Economist welcomes your
drivers who have been than 60% of Greeks accepting views.
protesting over being obliged to that tougher measures are Five Filters featured article:
give passengers receipts. There needed. Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
is more sympathy for Fears loom over the timetable PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
pensioners, who face a double set in Brussels for implementing Term Extraction.
blow from a freeze in pensions the new plans. Greece will
and the impact of tax rises. shortly complete an overhaul of
Militant pensioners its tax legislation and come up
unexpectedly broke through a with proposals to reform state

FYI: Why Do Ducks Have Orange Feet?

Bjorn Carey (Popular Science mallards and thought, gosh, they antioxidants that can be very blue feet, and it's very well
- New Technology, Science exhibit so many wonderful beneficial to the immune documented that they use their
News, The Future Now) colors, I wonder which ones system. "This indicates that his feet in courtship and that
Submitted at 3/3/2010 1:11:51 PM females care about," he says. Do behaviors and genes are good females do care about the
Actually, many species of lady ducks lust after the males' enough for him to recognize and coloration of males' feet,"
ducks have feet-and legs!-tinted green head plumage? Or maybe eat the right food, or that his Omland says. "Perhaps
a bluish green or gray. But for it's the blue patches on the immune system is strong mallards, like the boobies, have
the ducks that do have orange males' wings? Then again, what enough to produce bright orange a foot fetish."
feet, well, it's all about attracting female duck can resist a nicely legs," Omland says. "The Think you can stump us? Send
the ladies. Chicks dig orange. proportioned set of white "neck female sees this as a very your questions to
Kevin Omland is an tie" feathers? After four years of attractive trait to pass on to her
evolutionary biologist at the documenting mallard courtships, offspring."
University of Maryland at Omland found that none of Omland's work only looked at
Baltimore County, and he those mattered. All they cared drakes' bills, but he thinks
knows as much about mallard- about was the brightness of the a drake, is getting all his there's enough circumstantial
duck coloring patterns as guy's yellow-orange bill. v i t a m i n s , p a r t i c u l a r l y evidence to say that ducks check
anyone; it was his graduate Bright orange coloring suggests carotenoids, such as beta- out each other's feet, too. "Blue-
thesis. "I looked at male that a male duck, also known as c a r o t e n e a n d v i t a m i n A , footed boobies have, obviously,
68 Gallup Poll/ E-reader News Edition

In February, U.S. Job Creation Best in South, Worst in West

(All Gallup Headlines)
Submitted at 3/3/2010 7:00:00 PM

PRINCETON, NJ -- Gallup's
Job Creation Index -- based on
15,884 U.S. employees' self-
reports of hiring and firing
activity at their workplaces --
shows that perceptions of
current job market conditions
nationwide improved slightly in
February compared to January.
Conditions continue to be best
in the South and weakest in the
West, are improving in the
Midwest, and deteriorating
slightly in the East.
Twenty-five percent of
employees nationwide in
February told Gallup their
companies are hiring, an
increase from 23% in January;
23% said their companies are
letting people go (vs. 24% in
January). As is now well
recognized, firing is down
considerably from the level seen
during much of 2009. On the
other hand, hiring remains in the
same tight range it has exhibited
over the past year.
South: Remains the Best Job helped the keep the job situation -- up slightly from 22% in Midwestern job market West: Worst of the Regions but
Market in the South so positioned. January and 21% in December. conditions improved again in Showing Modest Improvement
Hiring in the South, at 27%, is East: Continued Deterioration The end of the financial crisis February. The source of the Conditions in the West
highest of any region -- and Job market conditions in the and the sharp gains on Wall improvement is an increase in improved modestly, with 22%
essentially the same as January's East continued to worsen in Street had led to a substantially hiring to 25% from 22% in hiring in February -- up from
26%, while the 22% "firing" is February, with 24% of improved job market in this part January; firing was unchanged 20% the prior month -- and 27%
tied for lowest with the employers hiring -- down of the country, but in recent at 22%. Midwest job market letting employees go (improved
Midwest. The South has slightly from 25% in January months, some of those gains conditions continue to benefit from 29%). While
generally had a stronger job and 26% in December. seem to have dissipated. from the improvement in the manufacturing and exports are
market than other regions over Simultaneously, 23% of Midwest: Continued manufacturing sector during
the past two years, and higher employers are letting people go Improvement recent months. FEBRUARY, page 69
year-over-year oil prices have
E-reader News Edition PopSci/ 69
continued from page 68 Teleconferencing MeBot
helping job market conditions in also influence the government's random sample of
the West, this region continues
to suffer from some particularly
unemployment rate, while
Gallup's employment measures
approximately 500 current full-
and part-time employees each
Conveys Your Non-Verbal
weak housing markets.
are not adjusted in this way --
not to mention that they are
Regional results for February Cues Over the Phone
Gallup's Job Creation Index based on a significantly are based on Gallup Daily Clay Dillow (Popular Science - glance, reproducing them via the
shows a slight improvement in different survey methodology. tracking interviews totaling New Technology, Science robot sitting on the other party's
job market conditions in Regardless of what numbers the more than 3,000 in each region. News, The Future Now) desk.
February, and this is consistent government reports on Friday, For each total regional sample, Submitted at 3/4/2010 6:41:52 AM If you lean toward the speaker
with Gallup's findings that Gallup data show that hiring one can say with 95% There's something cold and in an interested fashion, the
underemployment remained flat remains about as weak as it has confidence that the maximum impersonal about the telephone - robot leans in as well. It mirrors
and the unemployment rate been over the past year, and that margin of sampling error is ±3 - like the inability to get in a hand gestures so you can pat
improved slightly last month. about one in five Americans are percentage points. coworker's face and tell him coworkers on the back, point an
Wednesday's ADP report underemployed. It is little Interviews are conducted with exactly how little you think of accusatory finger or simply
showed private-sector surprise, then, that many respondents on land-line him. But MIT's MeBot ensures throw your hands up in disgust.
companies letting go of an Americans continue to see the telephones and cellular phones. your icy-cold stares, interested And since MeBot is mobile, the
estimated 20,000 employees in economy, including In addition to sampling error, nods and quizzical glances will u s e r c a n r o l l a r o u n d a
February -- the fewest in two unemployment, as the nation's question wording and practical never fall on deaf ears again. conference table or desk
years. In addition, the most important problem. difficulties in conducting Using a Web cam and a engaging more than one person
Challenger, Gray, and Christmas Survey Methods surveys can introduce error or specialized software package, in a conversation at a time while
report showed planned layoffs For Gallup Daily tracking, bias into the findings of public MeBot conveys all your controlling interpersonal
decreasing to 42,090 last month. Gallup interviews opinion polls. nonverbal signals via a tiny distance. Which means if needs
Friday's Bureau of Labor approximately 1,000 national Five Filters featured article: desktop robot. The idea is to be, you can get in someone's
Statistics unemployment report adults, aged 18 and older, each Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools: i n c r e a s e t h e l e v e l o f face without flying halfway
for February is expected to show day. The Gallup consumer PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS, communication between parties across the country to do it.
an increase, possibly in part spending results are based on Term Extraction. by relating all those nonverbal [ Hizook via CrunchGear]
owing to the weather, which random half-samples of cues; MeBot can capture nods
forced some businesses to close approximately 1,000 national and shakes of the head or
temporarily and made it difficult adults, aged 18 and older, each changes in the direction of your
for employees to get to their day. The Gallup Job Creation
jobs. Seasonal adjustments will Index results are based on a
70 PopSci/ E-reader News Edition

Artificial Intelligence Brings Musicians Back From the Dead,

Allowing All-Stars of All Time to Jam
Clay Dillow (Popular Science - we all know, referred to Fats be opening up a can of
New Technology, Science Domino as the real King of copyright worms that may be
News, The Future Now) Rock and Roll. And so on. more trouble than its worth --
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:08:44 PM New software, developed by the estate of Kurt Cobain, for
Want to know what a jam North Carolina-based Zenph instance, probably wouldn't be
session between Jack White and Sound Innovations, is something thrilled to find out his musical
Stevie Ray Vaughan might have like a Pandora for live musical style has been ripped by a piece
sounded like, or how Billie style; sophisticated software of AI software and is currently
Holliday would interpret the analyzes musicians based on touring the Midwest without
latest dreck from Avril Lavigne? how they sound on old, archaic permission. And previous
A d v a n c e s i n a r t i f i c i a l recordings. The software can efforts at creating music via AI
intelligence are resurrecting then reconstruct songs as they haven't necessarily received a
musical legends of the past, would have sounded if those warm welcome from some
tapping into old recordings to musicians had recorded in a audiences either, with critics
establish a musician's style and modern studio and on superior claiming that computers can't
personality, then applying those media. put the heart into creative works
attributes to newer recordings of But it doesn't end there. Zenph like humans can, and that comes
old songs, or even to songs the is working on a means to not through in the sound.
musician never played before. only recreate old performances, Then there's the issue of
Every generation has its but to dissect a style to the point nostalgia; a musician's sound
musical heyday. Then, just as that it can manifest an artist's reflects his or her time and place
one era is about to give way to personal touch into pieces he or in history, so do we really want
the next, the older generation she never performed in life. to know what Fats Domino
declares that music is dead, Meaning the software could The company plans to explore meaning it's possible that in the would've sounded like had he
claiming the greats of one small potentially lift Jimmy Page out all kinds of markets with the future, the company could put recorded in a modern studio,
epoch in musical history will of Black Dog and replace him technology, like licensing together phantom all-star bands with some actual bass and a
never be topped. This is why with, say, Jimi Hendrix, just so clearer versions of old melding musicians across sound more indicative of his
Kurt Cobain was never as good see how it sounds. recordings to films and creating decades, or recreate the Beatles natural talent? Actually, on
as Jimmy Page who couldn't Zenph has already created three software that will let you with virtual stand-ins for John second thought, that sounds
touch Lennon and McCartney "ghost" pianos that play the Clapton-ize your own guitar and George. pretty amazing.
who could never compare to likes of Rachmaninoff to the riffs. It's also working up virtual Wired's Eliot van Buskirk [ Epicenter]
Buddy Holly who owed a exact stylistic specifications -- versions of more instruments, points out that Zenph seems to
creative debt to Elvis who, as supposedly -- of Sergei himself.
E-reader News Edition PopSci/ Energy/ 71
An Inconvenient
LED Shortage This Year Could Keep TV, Device Truth: Biofuels Have
Prices High a Carbon Footprint
Clay Dillow (Popular Science - (Greentech Media: Headlines)
New Technology, Science
News, The Future Now) Submitted at 3/4/2010 3:58:02 AM

Submitted at 3/3/2010 11:59:22 AM One of the biggest

The cool thing about economies controversies within the biofuels
of scale, and especially about industry is whether first-
cutting-edge gadgetry, is that generation biofuels have a more
generally the price goes down substantial carbon footprint than
over time (remember the $500 petroleum.
iPhone?). But that may not be On the surface, this seems to be
the case for ever-more-popular a no-brainer. According to the
LED-backlit LCD TVs this year, Department of Energy, a gallon
or for LED light bulbs for that of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel
matter. Accompanying the surge emits between 18.4-21.1 pounds
of LED use in electronics, a of C02 upon burning.
shortage of light emitting diodes Transportation sources
could put upward pressure on accounted for 29% of total U.S.
prices as device makers cut greenhouse gas (GHG)
deals to get their hands on the emissions in 2006 and are the
essential little components.
another 20 billion units to top fluorescent lamps used now might remain the same fastest-growing source of GHGs
The problem is a simple one of
100 billion in 2011, so even if previously. LEDs are also throughout the year and into in the U.S., accounting for 47%
demand outstripping supply, but
manufacturers manage to ramp popping up in car headlamps next. Which is annoying, sure, of the net increase in total U.S.
it's not such a simple problem to
up production to meet demand (Ferrari's latest makes them a but over the next couple of years emissions since 1990. These
resolve. Global industrial
this year, they face another key design element), and as the the market will likely find its estimates of transportation
capacity sits at about 75 billion
double digit increase in technology comes along, we'll way back to equilibrium. And GHGs do not include emissions
units according to market
production next year. see more light bulbs for the since that TV you've been from additional life-cycle
research firm iSuppli. In 2009,
Though lots of our daily tech home. eyeing won't be coming down in processes, such as the extraction
technophiles swallowed up 63
relies on LEDs, it's LED-backlit While the shortage may not price for awhile, we strongly and refining of fuel, transporting
billion units, but next year
LCD displays in televisions and drive the cost of new devices encourage you to pass the time the petroleum to and from the
demand is supposed to hit 80 refinery, the manufacture of
laptops that are really driving stratospherically higher, we'll by reading a magazine.
billion, creating a 5 billion unit vehicles, and a whole slew of
demand up; their superior probably lose the incremental [ CNET via Treehugger]
gap that can only be met if other variables that make
picture quality and low power decreases in cost that we're used
production speeds are increased. petroleum production and
needs make them an obvious to seeing in our technology. So
But that's not the only problem; consumption an environmental
step forward over cold-cathode the price of an LED television
demand is supposed to jump by catastrophe.
Yet, creating biofuels like corn
ethanol is an energy-intensive
process. The steps involved
72 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 71

with growing a feedstock like calculating the true carbon use? world. Deforestation and land ILUC. And while it is easy to
corn on an agro-industrial scale footprint of biofuels are indeed In Europe, the controversy over use changes are estimated to attack any environmental model
-- think farm equipment, complicated, the complexity is ILUC was reignited this week account for 12%-15% of global -- because by nature, models are
fertilizer, harvesting, raised to an exponential power when a British government C02 emissions. based on a series of
transporting the feedstock to the when the simultaneously report was leaked to the Times As such, when organizations assumptions, variables, and
biorefinery, converting the abstract and tangible concept of of London claiming that like the pro-ethanol lobby group projections -- something as
feedstock into ethanol/biodiesel, "Indirect Land Use (ILUC)" is although the European Renewable Fuels Association serious as climate change and
and further transporting the factored in. Commission requires each liter and Growth Energy publicly creating policy that seeks to
biofuel to a petroleum refinery The basic idea of ILUC is that of biofuel to reduce emissions cast doubt on the existence of mitigate it should not be left to
or service station -- require a as biofuels from crop plants by 35% compared to petroleum, Indirect Land Use Changes and special-interest groups that are
tremendous amount of energy, proliferate, there is less cropland biodiesel via palm oil actually attempt to mobilize their friends allowed to define science
especially when more than 10 available to grow food for increases emissions by 31% due in Congress to strip the EPA's according to their own agenda.
billion gallons of biofuel are human and animal to forests being converted into authority (see COP15: EPA's If science suggests that first-
being produced in any given consumption. As a plantations. Lisa Jackson Sings the Biofuel generation biofuels that come
year in the United States (see consequence, land, such as Why are forests so significant? Blues) to include ILUC in the from feedstocks like corn,
Ethanol and the Looming Blend forests, becomes converted into Forests can be thought of as the process of evaluating the carbon soybeans, palm oil, and
Wall). Similar to the need to crops. For example, the U.S. is lungs of the earth, serving a two footprint of biofuels, it is clear rapeseed are found to have a
view the carbon contained in the the largest grower and exporter -fold function in mitigating that such groups are more higher per-unit carbon footprint
adjacent processes that facilitate of corn in the world; it used 86.5 carbon. As deforestation interested in self-serving politics than petroleum, we need to have
petroleum production and million acres to grow 13.2 occurs, sequestered carbon than environmental stewardship. the courage to be authentic
distribution (and not just billion bushels of corn in 2009. contained in the tree is released These groups' categorical about it and examine whether
combustion), any authentic Approximately 30% of this crop into the atmosphere; dismissal of ILUC is the billions of dollars of
carbon audit of biofuels needs to is diverted to produce ethanol concurrently, those cut-down reminiscent of the Gore-Bush subsidies that we provide to
examine the carbon contained in (note that some of this is then trees are no longer able to debate in 2000, when Gore these industries could better be
the materials and components returned to the animal feed reabsorb C02 from the air. repeatedly cited economic data deployed to those advanced
embedded within the up-front market in the form of distillers More than one acre of forest is attacking the deficit biofuels -- such as algae -- that
fixed and operating costs. dried grains). The question is cleared every second on earth. consequences of Bush's do not need scarce cropland or
While this might seem whether the carbon footprint This translates to 100,000 acres prospective trillion dollar tax cut promote deforestation.
straightforward, simplistic associated with rainforests being per day and more than 34 -- to which Bush responded Five Filters featured article:
models can break down as one cleared in Brazil (see Brazilian million acres per year -- a again and again with charges of Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
attempts to determine the source Ethanol Takes a Hit) and landmass the size of Greece. "fuzzy math." PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
of energy used in the process Southeast Asia to "replace" corn While this is partially mitigated Yes, calculating ILUC is Term Extraction.
(i.e., coal vs. renewable), the and oilseeds like soybeans that by new growth, the net loss is messy. The California Air
distance between the field and are no longer exported by the equal to 18 million acres. Resource Board (CARB) and
the processing facility, the way U.S. (due to ethanol and Indonesia and Brazil are the EPA (see EPA Issues
that the feedstock and biofuel biodiesel production) ought to third and fourth largest Renewable Fuel Standards) have
are transported (truck vs. barge be counted when considering contributors to global warming. vastly different conclusions
vs. railroad), etc. the GHGs of biofuels. If so, These two countries account for about corn ethanol's carbon
While the variables involved in what methodology does one 60% of all deforestation in the footprint when they factor in
E-reader News Edition Energy/ 73

Google Opens PowerMeter As

Console Wars Heat Up Google, Microsoft, Intel and makes a lot of sense. These
(Greentech Media: Headlines) others have all launched efforts devices will need processors and
Submitted at 3/3/2010 2:09:57 PM to control how consumers and Intel can pop out chips at a
businesses monitor and analyze regular pace at low prices. But
Now any smart thermostat can their energy consumption. Why thermostats and washing
link into PowerMeter. the rush? Neither Google nor machines won't need extremely
Google has opened up the Microsoft will charge high levels of programmability.
application program interface consumers for PowerMeter or So Intel will have to compete
(API) to its household power Hohm. However, advertisers against ARM and others.
management tool, a move that will likely pay both companies Google and Microsoft,
will make it much easier for for the opportunity to hawk however, have created business
home networking vendors to energy efficiency services and plans that require at least some
build links into their products other energy-related products to level of customer interest and
that connect back to consumers who use their engagement. Can energy
PowerMeter. AlertMe from the respective consoles. Both efficiency and home
U.K. and The Energy Detective companies will also mine the management engage the
both make PowerMeter- data (after it has been scrubbed interests of consumers over a
energized products, and Google to protect privacy) to utilities. sustained period. Put it another
has been seeking more partners - Don't worry about a loss of way: when was the last time you
- but PowerMeter is hardly a dignity or privacy: you'll get a reset your programmable
household word yet. coupon for ten percent off on a thermostat? Maybe the
Putting out the APIs is the new set of storm windows. companies like Tendril,
equivalent of putting Intel, meanwhile, wants to sell EcoFactor and Silver Spring
PowerMeter on autopilot. The chips into thermostats. Last Networks that are more focused
terms are public and year, Intel began to gripe about on systems that will let
straightforward; vendors then how homes were largely analog, consumers forget about home
choose whether or not to adopt often a prelude to a product management have a better idea.
them. And vendors generally push. Then at CES, CEO Paul Five Filters featured article:
adopt the popular APIs. It helps Otellini showed off a prototype Chilcot Inquiry. Available tools:
reach a broader audience and the management console. Intel has PDF Newspaper, Full Text RSS,
software vendors ultimately already licensed it for free to an Term Extraction.
often start doling out market Asian contract manufacturer.
development dollars. But will it work? Intel's strategy