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Scholarship Application Form



Fall Semester Year 20______

Spring Semester Year 20_______

First Choice: __________________________________________________________________________

Second Choice: ________________________________________________________________________


Name: ________________________ _______________________ _______________________



Last (Family Name)
Nationality: __________________________

Sex: Male

Marital Status: _________________________________

Place of Birth: ___________________ Date of Birth: __________________ (Day/Month/Year)

Passport No.: ____________________
Date and place of issue: _________________________


Current Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________

E-mail Address: _________________________________________ Mobile: ________________________


Profession: ____________________________________________________________________________

Telephone:___________________________________ Fax:______________________________________


Last Registered Degree: _______________________________________ Major: ____________________

University Name: _____________________________________________ GPA: ______________________

University Address: ___________________________________________ Country: ___________________

English Proficiency: TOEFL



Score: ____________________

I certify that I have carefully considered each question and that the statements I have given are true and
complete. I understand that giving false information or submitting forged documents will make me subject to
dismissal from the faculty.

Policies for International Students (International Scholarship) Sponsored by QF

v Academic Policy:
Students with financial support compelled to meet these conditions to maintain the scholarship, which will be
certainly renewed per semester.

Student has to be in a Good academic standing i.e. a semester GPA not less than 3.0 out of 4.0

Student needs to complete his study and to graduate in a minimum 2 years and half and maximum 3
years and half.

Student has to register in regular basis ,hold registration is allowed only after the approval of the Dean,
where all the services included in the scholarship will be restricted , so student will not be allowed to
have money pocket, the dorm and transportation services.

The minimum courses to be registered in during the fall / spring are 3 courses, and the maximum are 4

The summer registration is compulsory in case the student Graduating.

In the event that you decide to terminate your studies before completing the degree or you are
terminated by the QFIS for an academic or non academic reason, the scholarship will be immediately
withdrawn and you will be required to reimburse all scholarship funds awarded to you by QFIS for your
studies to that date.*

The scholarship awarded to you is not including your family expenses,

We also require that you keep us informed of your most recent contact information including address,
email, and phone numbers

v Annual airline tickets:

QFIS will provide the International Students with the following tickets:
1. One way ticket first time coming to Doha.
2. Annual Ticket during the summer vacation.
3. One way ticket to home country after graduation.

The ticket will be provided ONLY to students home country.

The International scholarship student should register for summer semester if they expected to be
graduated by the end of summer semester.

Graduated student will only have one way ticket to his home country, after cancellation of resident

The students registration for warned student who failed to attain required score in the examination and
remains on probation will be stopped; the scholarship and resident permit will be canceled and will be
provided one-way ticket to his country only.

v Residence and Exit Permits:

International Students who are sponsored by QFIS should get an Exit Permit from QF. To earn the exit
permit, students should complete a special exit permit form (available at the Admission Department)

The exit permit form should be approved and signed by the Admission and the Financial Departments.

If the scholarship has been canceled, His/her residence permit will be canceled and given a one way
airline ticket.

If the student stays out of Qatar more than six months, without submitting an official request clarifying
the reason of delay, his/her residence permit will be canceled.

The student has to bring his/her passport to the Admission Department for renewal residency at least
two weeks ahead of expiry date.

QFIS has the right to claim all or part of any expenses due to student's failure to meet deadlines.

International Students sponsored by QFIS are NOT allowed to work in Qatar.

Graduate students should depart the country, the final departure, after the issuance of Graduation

v Students Housing:

International Scholarship students living in QF housing are expected to adhere to all rules, regulations
and policies pertaining to student housing.

Students must keep their room/ flat in a reasonable state of cleanliness,

Any damage or loss of the room/ flat contents is the students responsibility.

The students should leave the accommodation as soon as they receive a notification from the
concerned department for the following reason (graduated, dismissed, withdrawn)

Students are required to respect Qatars traditions.

Adherence to the rules and regulations of QF Housing is mandatory and any violation to these
regulations may result in canceling of the scholarship.

Read & Understood

Student Signature