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11344 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

48 / Tuesday, March 13, 2007 / Notices

(866) 208–3676 (toll free). For TTY, call Procedure (18 CFR 385.214 or 385.211) Comment Date: 5 p.m. Eastern
(202) 502–8659. and the Regulations under the NGA (18 Standard Time, March 28, 2007.
Philis J. Posey,
CFR 157.10). A person obtaining party Philis J. Posey,
status will be placed on the service list Acting Secretary.
Acting Secretary.
maintained by the Secretary of the
[FR Doc. E7–4490 Filed 3–12–07; 8:45 am] [FR Doc. E7–4472 Filed 3–12–07; 8:45 am]
Commission and will receive copies of
all documents filed by the applicant and
by all other parties. A party must submit
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY 14 copies of filings made with the DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
Commission and must mail a copy to
Federal Energy Regulatory the applicant and to every other party in Federal Energy Regulatory
Commission the proceeding. Only parties to the Commission
[Docket No. CP07–93–000] proceeding can ask for court review of [Docket No. RP97–13–029]
Commission orders in the proceeding.
Columbia Gas Transmission However, a person does not have to East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC;
Corporation; Notice of Application intervene in order to have comments Notice of Negotiated Rate
March 7, 2007. considered. The second way to March 7, 2007.
Take notice that on February 28, 2007, participate is by filing with the Take notice that on February 28, 2007,
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Secretary of the Commission, as soon as East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC (East
(Columbia), 1700 MacCorkle Avenue, possible, an original and two copies of Tennessee) tendered for filing as part of
SE., Charleston, West Virginia 25314, comments in support of or in opposition its FERC Gas Tariff, Third Revised
filed in Docket No. CP07–93–000, an to this project. The Commission will Volume No. 1, the following tariff
application pursuant to section 7(c) of consider these comments in sheets, reflecting an effective date of
the Natural Gas Act (NGA), to: (1) uprate determining the appropriate action to be April 1, 2007:
approximately 1⁄3 mile of its Line WB taken, but the filing of a comment alone Original Sheet No. 27
between its Inventory Station No. 0+00 will not serve to make the filer a party Original Sheet No.28
to 16+54 from 750 psig to 809 psig, and to the proceeding. The Commission’s Sheet Nos. 29–100
(2) increase the discharge of its Cobb rules require that persons filing East Tennessee states that this filing is
Compressor Station from 750 psig to 809 comments in opposition to the project being made in connection with
psig. Columbia states that its proposal is provide copies of their protests only to negotiated rate transactions pursuant to
intended to improve its system the party or parties directly involved in Section 49 of the General Terms and
operations and the modifications will the protest. Conditions of East Tennessee’s FERC
not increase capacity available for sale Gas Tariff. East Tennessee states that the
Persons who wish to comment only
due to the short length of pipeline tariff sheets listed above identify and
involved. Columbia also states that all of on the environmental review of this
describe the negotiated rate
its facilities are located in Kanawha project should submit an original and transactions, including the exact legal
County, West Virginia, all as more fully two copies of their comments to the name of each of the relevant shippers,
set forth in the application which is on Secretary of the Commission. the negotiated rates, the rate schedules,
file with the Commission and open to Environmental commentors will be the contract terms, and the contract
public inspection. This filing may also placed on the Commission’s quantities.
be viewed on the Commission’s Web environmental mailing list, will receive East Tennessee states that copies of its
site at using the copies of the environmental documents, filing have been mailed to all affected
‘‘eLibrary’’ link. Enter the docket and will be notified of meetings customers and interested state
number, excluding the last three digits, associated with the Commission’s commissions, as well as all parties on
in the docket number field to access the environmental review process. the official service list compiled by the
document. For assistance, call (202) Environmental commentors will not be Secretary of the Federal Energy
502–8659 or TTY, (202) 208–3676. required to serve copies of filed Regulatory Commission in the
Any questions regarding this documents on all other parties. captioned proceeding.
application should be directed to However, the non-party commentors Any person desiring to intervene or to
counsel for Columbia, Fredric J. George, will not receive copies of all documents protest this filing must file in
Lead Counsel, Columbia Gas filed by other parties or issued by the accordance with Rules 211 and 214 of
Transmission Corporation, P.O. Box Commission (except for the mailing of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and
1273, Charleston, West Virginia 25325– environmental documents issued by the Procedure (18 CFR 385.211 and
1273; telephone 304–357–2359, fax Commission) and will not have the right 385.214). Protests will be considered by
304–357–3206. the Commission in determining the
to seek court review of the
There are two ways to become appropriate action to be taken, but will
Commission’s final order.
involved in the Commission’s review of not serve to make protestants parties to
this project. First, any person wishing to The Commission strongly encourages the proceeding. Any person wishing to
obtain legal status by becoming a party electronic filings of comments protests become a party must file a notice of
to the proceedings for this project and interventions via the Internet in lieu intervention or motion to intervene, as
should, on or before the comment date of paper. See 18 CFR 385.2001(a)(1)(iii) appropriate. Such notices, motions, or
cprice-sewell on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

stated below, file with the Federal and the instructions on the protests must be filed in accordance
Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 Commission’s Web (http:// with the provisions of Section 154.210
First Street, NE., Washington, DC 20426, site under the ‘‘e-Filing’’ of the Commission’s regulations (18 CFR
a motion to intervene in accordance link. 154.210). Anyone filing an intervention
with the requirements of the or protest must serve a copy of that
Commission’s Rules of Practice and document on the Applicant. Anyone

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