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Newsletter March 2010 - Part one of the theme

Golden Key Teachings

The third Ray of Deity - Color Pink: Energies: Impersonal love, Human Rights, Grace
of Charity, Creative Art and Painting, Human Resources Management, Tolerance,
Comprehension, Neutralizing Jealousy, New Age Children

Divine Love is radiating through all those different components of the third ray. It is the very
base of any higher ground when people start seeking the deeper sense of life.
All over the world words of the Golden Era Energies are rising up the horizon to increase this
world and all life on it. Words are the Power of creation and we as global humanity are
learning to distinguish the different energies of words and their meanings. Remember. At the
Beginning there was the Word…… the first sentence of the Old Testimony. So we need to
come back to the words we are using in order to understand what WE are creating with the
Power of our Word. New expressions are becoming known amongst mankind like: Divine
Love instead Ego Love, Divine Intent instead Ego Will, Divine Energy instead Personal
Power Impact, Divine Purpose instead Focus on Personal Concepts, Divine Mission instead
an Ego Will based Way of Life and that list could be endless, because all there is manifest on
earth is already existent in the invisible realm. There are hidden divine energies beyond
human perception. A global shift is occurring and we are passing kind like a birth channel to
reach the new form of living and after the last week with all those earth movements and
natural disasters the last one who is sleeping a sleep of ignorance is at about to wake up. Earth
Healing has begun and the healing process starts with fever and with a body cleansing from
inside out. Same as we go through a Healing process. The wake up call is soaring from all
sides to start seeking and learning how to reach a heart based state of beingness as new
powers of the ascended realms.

As our earthly education still does not integrate the subtle realms into our study programs this
part of life has been forgotten, denied, placed into the ridiculous or even fantastic dreamland
and we are taught that visions, healing energies and spiritual powers have nothing to do with
what our world calls reality. That has a simple reason: some of those who knew and still know
it better have misused the knowledge and the secrets about the invisible realms and the
universal powers to create fears amongst mankind and to gain powers over mankind. That
gives them the ability to set up a system of manipulation and separation in all realms. A being
in fractions will not be able to even know why life exists, why he or she as person is living on
earth, where we all come from, where we will go after earth life - what the sense of life is in
first place. People living in fractions will never get the bigger picture; neither will they find
their higher self and the connection to their eternal Self. Living in separation men are fear
based, they undergo any kind of manipulation and don’t notice it as we are all directed where
we are told is best for us….. that is heavy but we need to wake up and to analyse where we
are living in fractions and how to become whole - holy again so we can take our powers back
and live as self created conscious beings, knowing why we are here, where we are coming
from and where we are going and what our mission is in this physical realm a part of the
school of learning we are all going through.
The secret is: Love against Fears - we need to shift the subtle fears hidden deep in our souls
and bring our pieces together so we can enter the realm of true empowerment that will rise up
automatically as more as we become whole because any kind of fear is absence of love.
Love is trust in the self and in the higher goods and where this love and trust resides in
our hearts and fill it out completely, fear has no place to get in neither find an anchor.

Overcoming Fears
But what kind of fears I am talking about?

There are so many different kind of fears like losing the job, losing life status, losing a
beloved one, divorce and separations, getting caught up in one of those incurable diseases,
that education of our children fails, that they are not behave as they should getting in touch
with drugs etc., fears to be not good enough, to fail, to lose the way, fears of self expression,
fear to get involved in activities of war (Soldier families), of natural disasters and much more.
It is amazing how much kind of fear energies are vibrating in the ethers and held alive
permanently by the totality of living people on earth. Just imagine that all those world wide
fears would become visible by a color - what color would we see in the skies?

How do we fall in the traps of fear, what shall we do with our fears and were do they come
from? How are we producing them? Many questions are coming up once the focus has been
pointed out on hidden unconscious fears within our selves.

Here are some few answers of origin of fears in our societies. Those articles should not create
more fears, but rising up awareness of the traps we all are sticking in by education and just
because nobody would have the courage to mention human manipulations. We need to get rid
of any kind of fears and therefore we have to look close up and bring the light to all hidden
and stuck situation that would hinder our personal evolution, liberty and freedom.

Some religions are creating fears using the spells that we will burn in hell when we do not
xxx, Just think about it: Threats are NOT divine - Love is Divine and God IS LOVE, so the
consequence is that all kind of threats are NOT coming from God but from mankind misusing
the knowledge to create dependencies and fears so people would keep sticking in a life of
separation being afraid to follow the inner voice and the hearts desires because that guides to
a personal contact with the divine realm and God (= fears to sin). Priests as intermediaries
also have fears - that they are not need anymore once people have connected with the source-
an illusion because all the ways needs guidance no matter which way people are choosing to
go for personal evolution and true guidance leads to respect, love and trust, to comprehension
and true communities. Everybody should be able to follow the heart and to feel happiness on
the chosen way. We all are born in one of the religious societies, no matter which one and
every religion has some kind of threat when we feel that we belong to a different kind of
education braking out of the family way. Before we learned that we have to respect that fact
no matter what we felt inside - today people are changing freely and that is a sign of
liberation, of connection between the different faith, of integration instead of rejection. Other
faiths are no “devils” like often taught ….. that kind of teaching creates separation, hatred and

Politics are manipulating us the same way - they make believe their folks that war is
necessary for protection, that there are bad guys out there who have to be eliminated - that
there have to be weapons in this world to live in peace. Just imagine again when all the money
in the world that is used to create weapons would be used to create a healthy business world,
everybody would be safer and better situated and hunger would stop to exist There are many
people already who found out that all those wars are just a lie to create fears and an enemy
pattern. Uncountable alternative groups, peace movements, international gatherings for
environmental situation and lots of Spiritual Education with different teaching tools are rising
up everywhere to open the eyes of the world’s population. We can notice the changes in the
Arabic countries as there are the women standing up for their rights, in the African countries
where women start to study to serve their countries in a better way and in union with the
human rights of life and there are uncountable activities around the globe to transform old
belief systems and structures into a better way to live on earth. THE TIME HAS COME and
the WIND OF CHANGE IS BLOWING. In every country is something that makes the
population un-free and we needed to get aware of all the negative influences to find out the
subtle manipulations we are undergoing in the western worlds thinking that we are free to
choose. That is the biggest illusion we are sticking in. Each credit cart tells us we are free to
use but behind there is total control and survey - they tell us it id for our security and sell us
control. If you have lot of money and you want to invest out of the country - as US citizen you
just can get 10.000USD free out of the country, so how would you buy a house somewhere
else? I wanted to set up an account for my Foundation in Switzerland with MY OWN
MONEY earned by my own work - for the projects I planned in Paraguay - Result - there
would be surveying department that would control if I use the money for what I declare to use
it (being mine) and I would need permission to for doing the projects I planned to realize in
the country of Latin America where I live to help and when they would not agree I needed to
follow there structure without them knowing the needs of the country? Manipulation and
control = Ego Ruling restriction that hinders you of realizing what you feel as your part and
contribution to the world. Of course I did not do it - after long time I am finding out how to do
it my way.
We can find examples in all departments of our social structures: I will chose again the Food
Market, because NOBODY can escape that field as we ALL need food in order to exist. There
is a HUGE FIELD of being manipulated, as we are exposed to it completely because we just
can buy and eat what there is appearing on the market, if it is healthy or not. Just imagine that
in toothpaste we al are using the producers are using high poisoned substances -( have a look
in Google Search) - and most of people don’t even know it, we believe and we trust in what
we are told is good. The question is why they don’t use ingredients that do not have a negative
impact on our health? Publicity is creating confusion - there is so many of the same kind and
all are better, healthier and more controlled. The Food Market makes us believe that fast food
is healthy too adding some veggies in their offers, that all kind of drinks with gas are healthy,
that pills are good to use in order to lose weight and to help us through the stressful days and
much more. They teach us what they need to make us believe is good for us and what not.
And most of people fall into their trap and gain consummation disorders. So people is not sure
anymore what to eat and what to let go, what is healthy and what not and that creates a state
of fear because everybody wants to stay healthy and get the best nourishment possible for the
The consume just cares about their business - and not about our health- WE HAVE TO CARE
FOR US AND FOR OUR HEALTH - WE NEED to study more so we can discover the tricks
and ways to make us believe what is best for us. Mankind lost the inner connection to HEAR
what the body signalizes as need for the next meal - people lost abilities to feel if something is
healthy just holding it in the hand - people are trained to react by desires through eye contact,
tastes and flavors. I call that being lost in the world of food and at the minimum stress
people react on food. In order to overcome fears concerning the nutrients we have to stop
believing publicity!!!! > and to focus on our real needs, that are different from person to
person. As we are all different we all need different menus to stay healthy. But out in the
market there is all about business and they got us in a position of believe. That is one of the
subtle manipulations we are exposed to in our every day lives.

So how and where can we find security and overcome the fears to fail? We need a re-
education and that depends on ourselves because common education is established to teach us
a way holding us under control as mass population We need teachings that opens our eyes,
that help us to find our way through these entire false and manipulative education, that is still
fully established in our societies- everywhere….
Solution possible? YES there is - Here starts Self -Education, Self-Respect, Self-Healing,
Self-Growth seeking people and teachings who found and who are ready to bring the new
kind of education out into the world to heal, to awaken, to rise up consciousness, ready to
brake rules of silence given by authorities to sent the wake up call out to the world, so people
learn how to step out of the realm of Belief and gain the realm of security, of wisdom, of
liberty and freedom, and all what we need to express our Divine Self. I have seen so many
people stuck in disorders and YES there is a way out for everybody. It just needs the will to
KNOW and to learn, and when you are ready you will find somebody in the world who has
just the tools to reverse any kind of situation situations.

The last two weeks we saw many earthquakes, floods and hurricanes everywhere in the world
- nobody can deny anymore that the earth decided to free herself and to start a self healing
process as the world population did not agree again to change behavior on the environmental
questions - just some people with business interests are deciding over the heads of the rest of
the world. THEY KNOW THE CONSECUENCES of their actions! When they don’t care -
WE HAVE TO START TAKING CARE!!!. Nothing is apart from the environment - we are
part of the earth and the earth is part of us as all is made of atoms - we are all interlinked with
everybody and everything - also with the mess created by few.

Time to reveal a huge secret - Our global fear energies are creating the impacts of what we
seed we will earn - remember the color that global fears of all kind would show in the air…
oh yes it IS there and nature has to get rid of it otherwise life would suffocate. We are choking
the earth body and only WE can change that transforming OUR FEARS BACK into the light.
Created energy has to manifest and it manifests where it is created - it is time to wake up and
to seed happiness and joy and to set us free from all kind of fears through understanding,
forgiveness and Self - Education all can set themselves free. As more people are ready to shift
within by understanding as smoother earth can shift into the new energy level of a love bases
life. We all have to do our part - to make the new birth easier for all.

Look at the energies of the third ray again, Human Rights, Tolerance, Overcoming Jalousies,
Grace, Charity, Human Resource Management, Creative Art Work, New Age Children - it all
belongs to the same power - the power of Impersonal Love (Guardian Angel Chamuel)

Work on your fears - the Earth needs You too

Have a blessed day Regina E. H. Ariel

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