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Why is water important in life? what would happen if there is no water?

Water is the most important part of our life. Without water there can be no life. Water is like

very important not for us but for the whole mankind and living organisms.every living thing

needs water for its survival.for example if we consider ourselves we drink water daily we use

water to generate electricity,we use it for our routine work ,water is everything. starting from

small processes like anabolism and catabolism water plays a vital role as water is needed for

both these processes to occur. These metabolic processes would cease to exist without water.

and these processes are very important for living organisms. in photosynthesis and respiration

water plays a significant role. Earth’s water is filled with life. aquatic animals live in water and

some animals pass half of their life in water and half of them on land. without water there would

be no marine life. even there would be no land animals as they also need water for their survival.

water is very important for human beings as well. As water is utilized for agricultural purposes.

for irrigation, for drinking purposes, as a single person drinks at least 5 glasses of water a day.

water is not needed in drinking it is also used in cooking our daily meals we use water in our

industries. whatever type of industry it is it needs water like we manufacture beverages, food

items,polish,whatever it needs water. we would have nothing to eat as water is needed to grow

plants and seeds as well which we consume on the other hand animals which we eat like

chicken,buffalo,goat,sheep they all need water for their survival. we use water for our hygiene.

for cleanliness for cleaning our bathrooms, to use in the bathroom, to clean ourselves, to wash

dishes etc.we use water in chemical reactions to manufacture something or to carry out a

reaction. we use water and its different forms like steam to run different machines e.g. steam

engine and other certain devices. it is used to generate electricity in dams otherwise it would

have been very much expensive and difficult for us to generate electricity without water. in

nuclear industry water is used as a moderator. it is used as major fire extinguisher. Humans use
water for many recreational purposes like swimming, waterskiing, boating, surfing and diving.

In addition, some sports, like ice hockey and ice skating. water molecule is polar which makes

water a polar solvent as a whole which dissolves many substances. the unique property of

hydrogen bonding of water is very important and helpful in dissolving many substances. the

chemical properties of water are also extraordinarily fit for life and the first and the most

important property among these properties is that it is an excellent solvent: nearly all chemical

substances are capable of being dissolved in water. the atmosphere and the environment of earth

is very suitable for life existence and it is just because of water. according to the life origin

theory was also needed during that time. water is very important for all of us as our each and

every starting from very basic to complex tasks depend upon water. Water is involved in all

bodily functions: digestion, assimilation, elimination, respiration, maintaining temperature

(homeostasis) integrity and the strength of all bodily structures. Bearing in mind again that our

body is about 75 percent water it is easy to understand that water must be our body's most

essential daily ingredient. our body looses each day about 2-3 liters of water through

elimination, urination, perspiration and respiration. However, this may increase during illness,

high performance, exercise and pregnancy. Water circulates through the land just as it does

through the human body, transporting, dissolving, restoring nutrients and organic matter, while

carrying away waste material. Further in the body, it regulates the activities of fluids, tissues,

cells, lymph, blood and glandular secretions. First, water acts as an excellent solvent, dissolving

a wide variety of materials. As a solvent, water assists in transporting molecules within the

cell. most of the reactions that we think about in terms of being important in the origin of life

probably wouldn't take place over the entire age of the solar system without water. Some

elements or minerals are only water-soluble. Also, the blood is made up of mostly water. And as

we know, blood transports nutrients around our body. It's really that simple water freezes at 0
degree C but is dense at 4 degree C which makes the life under water to survive as water freezes

at the top and ice is a non conductor of heat. so it does not allow further water to freeze and thus

underwater life survive. and seawater is also used to extract salt. Water is also important in

plants as it helps in Support to turgid cells, Cooling and transpiration via

stomata,Photosynthesis,Transport ( xylem and phloem are aqueous media),Reproduction (in

mosses, liverworts and ferns for sperm to swim in, conifers similar),Reproduction in flowering

plants often produce nectar (water based sugary solution) or succulent fruits to help dispersal of

pollen and seeds. Water is used for all cellular process in the body. It's the catalyst in which all

cellular reactions occur. It moves materials across our cells, through our organs, is needed for

absorption, moves wastes, and maintains our body temperature as well. "Water is Life”. The

body needs 1-7 liters of water daily to function properly. we will be dehydrated without enough

water, we will be thirsty, dry, and become weak. our kidneys will be sick without sufficient

water. if we Just try it yourself just a day without water and we will be able to give enough

reasons why water is important. It is the basis of blood, so carries food and oxygen around the

body. It allows molecules to move around between and within cells. It is used as a cooling

system in the form of sweat. It is used to carry away harmful chemicals, in the form of urine.

Living without water would be much harder. It is really a very unusual compound that is quite

different from any other common liquid. The unusual properties of water are very useful in

allowing chemical reactions to take place that are needed for life. There are some living things

that can survive for very long periods without taking in liquid water - but that doesn't mean that

they don't need water. They have water in them, in their cells, and they absolutely need to have

water within them to be alive and grow and reproduce. There are no living things on earth that

do not have water within their cells. Water is vital to our physical life, but it also sustains our

mental and spiritual lives. Uniquely, we respond to water. Water is a richly complex substance
without which there would be no life. it is a blessing of Allah and we all should be thankful to

Him that he blessed us with WATER which is very important for life and our existence.