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Testul din anul 2014, la limba englez, pentru

coala de Ageni de Poliie Vasile Lascr

61. He had to take the dog out ... of the terrible weather.:
a) even though;
b) in spite;
c) although;
d) no matter.

62. We'll have to wait here until the doctor ...:

a) arrives;
b) arrive;
c) will arrive;
d) would arrive.

63. You ... watered the flowers because Jenny had already done it before leaving the house.:
a) needn't has;
b) can't have been;
c) shouldn't had;

d) needn't have.

64. Have they been to ...?:

a) Canada or United States;
b) the Canada or the United States;
c) Canada or the United States;
d) the Canada or United States.

65. It's snowing outside and they are not wearing their coats; they ... be freezing.:
a) couldn't;
b) can't;
c) needn't;
d) must.

66. The old man asked me where ... .:

a) is the railway station;
b) the railway station would be;
c) was the railway station;

d) the railway station was.

67. One of our manager's ... valuable assets is his ability to delegate responsabilities.:
a) more;
b) much;
c) most;
d) the more.

68. Three ... volunteers were sent to Africa to help ... of people threatened by starvation.:
a) hundred/ thousand;
b) hundreds/ thousands;
c) hundreds/ thousand;
d) hundred/ thousands.

69. I don't understand ... of these dishes is to be included in the menu.:

a) which;
b) what;
c) thet;

d) some.

70. If you had looked more carefully, you ... him at the library yesterday:
a) will see;
b) would see;
c) see;
d) would have seen.

71. I ... fairy tales when I was a kid:

a) used to read;
b) used to reading;
c) am used to reading;
d) was used to read.

72. Students are not allowed to bring ... and ... to school:
a) knifes/ stics;
b) knives/ stiks;
c) knives/ sticks;

d) knifes/ sticks.

73. '' I am sorry ... you that you're suspended ":

a) informing;
b) to inform;
c) inform;
d) have informed.

74. Countries involved in conflicts need a(n) ... and much ... concerning the management of the
a) advise/ information;
b) piece of advice/ information;
c) piece of advice/ information;
d) advice/ informations.

75. ... a flying saucer ? :

a) Had you ever seen;
b) Did you ever saw;
c) Do you ever see;

d) Have you ever seen.

76. I have never seen ... fashionable clothes before:

a) so;
b) what;
c) such;
d) such a.

77. ... idea was it to visit the exhibition ?:

a) What;
b) Who;
c) Whose;
d) Where.

78. George and Jim helped ... to more coffee:

a) themself;
b) themselfes;
c) themselves;

d) themselfs.

79. The teacher gave us ... homework to do:

a) several;
b) many;
c) too much;
d) a few.

80. New drugs ... tested at the moment:

a) are being;
b) were being;
c) will be;
d) have been.

81. We had to go home ... because our car is being serviced:

a) on foot;
b) by foot;
c) on feet;

d) with foot.

82. ... were several celebrities at the party:

a) They ;
b) There;
c) It ;
d) That.

83. He ... a scholarship last month:

a) was offered;
b) is offered;
c) has been offered;
d) will be offered.

84. He is a stranger in our town, so, .... is known about his life:
a) little;
b) a little;
c) few;

d) a few.

85. Unless she ... in the next ten minutes, we will have to go without her:
a) phones;
b) doesn't phone;
c) will phone;
d) won't phone.

86. By the end of the month I ... my apartment:

a) will have sold;
b) will sell;
c) have sold;
d) sold.

87. Last summer I visited the United States. I ... to that trip for ages:
a) am looking forward;
b) had been looking forward;
c) have been looking forward;

d) will be looking forward.

88. The more carefully you read, ... you'll understand the book:
a) the better ;
b) best;
c) the best;
d) better.

89. The Prime Minister flew back to his country after ... negociating with China:
a) successfuly;
b) successful;
c) successfull;
d) successfully.

90. The cruies ... a fortnight , according to the official schedule:

a) is lasting;
b) lasts;

c) has last;
d) last.

Testul din anul 2010, la limba englez, pentru

coala de Ageni de Poliie Vasile Lascr
61. This is the first time I ... to London.
a) have been;
b) was;
c) am.

62. You'll be late unless you ... .

a) will hurry;
b) hurry;
c) don't hurry.

63. Despite ... in the same building, we hardly ever see each other.
a) we live;
b) living;
c) to living.

64. This cake ... delicious, don't you think so?

a) is tasting;

b) will be tasting;
c) tastes.

65. The older you get, the more ... like your mother.
a) are looking;
b) look;
c) looked.

66. First time you've seen this film, ...?

a) haven't you;
b) is it;
c) isn't it.

67. I'd rather you ... the meat in the oven.

a) put;
b) will put;
c) would put.

68. Nobody came, ... they?

a) do;
b) don't ;
c) did.

69. She ... bulbs last autumn if she wanted flowers to appear in spring as I had already done it.
a) shouldn't have planted;
b) didn't have to plant;
c) shouldn't plant.

70. When the rain ... they can begin to paint the house.
a) will stop;
b) stops;
c) is going to stop.

71. I wish he ... in town at present.

a) were;
b) had been;
c) has been.

72. The news that ... to change his life arrived on Sunday morning.
a) was;
b) were;
c) will be.

73. They ... with their parents for a while until their house is ready.
a) stay;
b) are staying;
c) will stay.

74. I'm afraid I'll never ... starting work at seven o'clock.
a) use to;
b) get used to;
c) used to.

75. Don't come too late for dinner, ...?

a) do you;
b) will you;
c) won't you.

76. Let's go out for a walk ...?

a) do we;
b) shall we;
c) don't we.

77. There is no point ... about the others as long as you don't keep your word yuorself.
a) to having complained;
b) to complain;
c) in complaining.

78. The two injured men are thought ... the overhead cables before that accident.
a) to repair;
b) to be repairing;
c) to have repaired.

79. The woman asked the child how old ... .

a) he is ;
b) was he;
c) he was.

80 . The critics predicted that the new play ... a flop.

a) will be;
b) would be;
c) is going to be.

81. She always ... because she can't do it herself.

a) has her dresses made;
b) makes her dresses;
c) is making her dresses.

82. Hardly ... into the house ... he found out the bad news.
a) had he got, when;
b) got he, than;
c) he had got, that.

83. I love tea! So ... .

a) am I;
b) do I;

c) I do.

84. I haven't seen such a person as Tom.

a) Neither do I;
b) So do I;
c) Neither have I.

85. Only after posting the letter ... that I had forgotten to put on a stamp.
a) I remembered;
b) did I remember;
c) did I remembered.

86. If you ... anything about him, although I know he is away, let me know about it.
a) will hear;
b) should hear;
c) heard.

87. I would like you to ... my baby until I come back.

a) look after;

b) look for;
c) look out.

88. It ... the cat that stole the meat as it was in the garden with me.
a) can't be;
b) mustn't be;
c) can't have been.

89. The trees ... leaves are yellow were planted last year.
a) whose;
b) who's ;
c) which.

90. He got up late lest he ... the train.

a) misses;
b) should miss;
c) shouldn't miss.

Testul din anul 2009, la limba englez, pentru

coala de Ageni de Poliie Vasile Lascr
61. He told me he ... eventually tell me the truth.
a) will;
b) would;
c) had.

62. She ... windows since morning; she is really tired.

a) has been cleaning;
b) is cleaning;
c) cleans.

63. You may not borrow another book ... you have returned the previous one.
a) unless;
b) if;
c) when.

64. I ... the tea if it had been sweeter.

a) drank;
b) would drink;
c) would have drunk.

65. If only this beautiful dining-hall ... so cold!

a) isn't;
b) weren't;
c) hasn't been.

66. He wishes he ... your advice then!

a) followed;
b) had followed;
c) would follow.

67. It's time the children ... to bed.

a) go;
b) will go;
c) went.

68. I'm sorry I ... to you for so long, but I have been very busy.
a) haven't written;
b) am not writing;
c) didn't write.

69. The roof needs ... by all means.

a) repaired;
b) repairing;
c) be repaired.

70. I am looking forward to ... his face when I tell him the news.

a) see;
b) seen;
c) seeing.

71. Service was included in the bill, so you ... the waiter. It was a waste of money.
a) didn't need to tip;
b) needn't have tipped;
c) wouldn't have tipped.

72. He must ... into ... a river and ... by crocodiles.

a) have fallen, have been eaten;
b) have fallen, be eaten;
c) fell, has been eaten.

73. You won't do all this by yourself, ...?

a) won't you;
b) will you;
c) wouldn't you.

74. ... a job is to do, ... paid are the people who do it.
a) the harder, the more well;
b) the harder, the better;
c) the harder, the gooder.

75. That behaviour is really characteristic ... him.

a) for;
b) to;
c) of.

76. ... had the curtain been raised than the lights went out.
a) No sooner;
b) Hardly;
c) Scarcely.

77. Suppose you ... your keys. What would you do?
a) lose;
b) would lose;
c) lost.

78. The police ... following the two ... who have stolen the jewels.
a) is, thieves;
b) are, thieves;
c) are, thiefs.

79. When he ... out the truth, he will be angry with you.
a) finds;
b) find;
c) will find.

80. I looked again for the old man, but he ... .

a) was vanished;
b) has vanished;
c) had vanished.

81. Last week I ... home after playing tennis when it started raining heavily.
a) was walking;
b) had been walking;
c) walked.

82. This is the person ... I sold my car.

a) who;
b) to whom;
c) which.

83. I was brought up ... an island ... the coast of Scotland.

a) in, near;
b) on, near;
c) on, next to.

84. When I met him, he asked me where ...:

a) do I work;
b) did I work;
c) I worked.

85. His jokes were so funny that they made me ... heartily.

a) to laugh;
b) laughing;
c) laugh.

86. I'd rather you ... him about the robbery.

a) didn't tell;
b) don't tell;
c) wouldn't tell.

87. I don't like horror movies and ... John.

a) neither does;
b) nor;
c) so doesn't.

88. Do you have any ... about the project? I really need ... .
a) information, them;
b) information, it;
c) informations, it.

89. ... Columbus was one of ... first people to cross ... Atlantic.
a) the, the, the;
b) - , the, -;
c) - , the, the.

90. My car is twice ... his.

a) as expensive as;
b) more expensive than;
c) more expensive as.

Testul din anul 2008, la limba englez, pentru

coala de Ageni de Poliie Vasile Lascr
61. It's time you ... if you will come or stay.
a) decided;
b) have decided;
c) will decide.

62. She wishes she ... to see that play last night.
a) would have gone;
b) went;
c) had gone.

63. Who ... is tolerant?Mr. or. Mrs. Brown?

a) the most;
b) as;
c) the more.

64. The more carefully you read, ... you'll understand the book.
a) best;

b) the better;
c) the best.

65. Could you give me ... more milk in my tea?

a) a little;
b) many;
c) a few.

66. There is hardly ... wine left.

a) some;
b) no;
c) any.

67. We had to queue for nearly two hours, and ... .

a) neither had he;
b) so did he;
c) so should he.

68. The journey was ... longer than I thought it would be.

a) farther;
b) very;
c) much.

69. No sooner ... his umbrella than it began to rain again.

a) had he closed;
b) has he closed;
c) did he close.

70. The new theatre ... next month.

a) has been opened;
b) will be opened;
c) was opened.

71. Suppose you ... the exam, what would you do?
a) failed;
b) would fail;
c) have failed.

72. They were ... nice people that everybody enjoyed their company.
a) so;
b) such;
c) such a.

73. I ... my mother to sew up the hole in my shirt.

a) made;
b) had;
c) got.

74. She spends ... money on clothes.

a) a large amount of;
b) a couple of;
c) a great number of.

75. ... of these two records do you like best?

a) which;
b) who;
c) whose.

76. Let's visit the museum, ... ?

a) shall we;
b) will you;
c) do we.

77. She was very tired, ... she couldn't sleep.

a) although;
b) despite;
c) yet.

78. I had my car ... yesterday.

a) mend;
b) mending;
c) mended.

79. If I had got up earlier, I ... the train.

a) didn't miss;
b) wouldn't have missed;
c) won't have missed.

80. If he ... so much in his early career, he wouldn't be so rich now.

a) didn't work;
b) hadn't worked;
c) wouldn't work.

81. We've decided to go to ... Canary Islands on holiday. Last year we went to ... Crete and
liked ... people there very much.
a) the / - / the;
b) a / - / the;
c) - / the / -.

82. We suggested ... to the Lake District as it would be the best place to find hotel rooms each
a) to go;
b) going;
c) having gone.

83. He regretted ... lies to his parents when he was young.

a) to tell;
b) telling;

c) to be telling.

84. Last June my brother ... a car. He had an old scooter before , but it ... several times during the
a) wanted to buy / had broken down;
b) wanted buying / was breaking down;
c) liked to buy / was breaking up.

85. He said he ... me up tonight.

a) may ring;
b) might ring;
c) may have rung.

86. I ... asleep while I was working because it took me a long time to realise that the
telephone ... .
a) ought to fall / rang;
b) had to fall / has rung;
c) must have fallen / was ringing.

87. My boss ... on holiday tomorrow and he ... arrange everyhing before he ... .
a) is going / wants me to / leaves;

b) shall go / wants me to / will leave;

c) shall be going / wants that I / shall leave.

88. While I was walking down the street other day, somebody asked me ... .
a) what was the time;
b) what the time was;
c) what is the time.

89. They said I ... manage to mend it myself.

a) won't;
b) wouldn't;
c) don't.

90. I've just seen Mary ... the village.

a) to walk towards;
b) walking towards;
c) walking against.

Testul final consta in aprecierea echilibrului psihic al

persoanei examinate.
Acum va zic punctual:
1.declaratie verificata si facuta pe proprie raspundere, ca
persoana care declara elucida si in deplinatatea facultatilor.
2.Intrebare care sa se refere la aprecierea persoanelor din
jur(ii plac tiganii, negrii, cainii veciniietc.
3. Daca a avut conflicte de-a lungul vietii si cum le-a
4. daca ii place vreo forma de arta si care si de ce?
5. Daca a fost batut sau a participat la vreun conflict? De ce
si cui a luat partea.
6. Daca are o viata decenta si ce parere au vecinii despre ei?
7. Daca sufera sau a suferit de vreo boala somatica, care
8.cum ar raspunde la o agresiune? Ar incerca impaciuirea
sau ar ataca direct.
9.ce experienta are asupra vietii strazii?
10. daca are pareri politice partizane sau nu.
11. daca se poate stapani in situatii critice sau nu.
12. daca poate actiona zi si noapte la eventuale interventii.
13. daca e o persoana absolut sau nu, dependenta de alte
persoane (familie, organizatii, sensibil la diverse variante de
14. Daca poate lucra in ritm sustinut si in cazuri de oboseala

sau stress
in legatura cu testul psihologic: la inceput ai de completat pe o fisa date despre
tine, despre familia ta, despre o reusita/esec pana in acel moment, de facut o
caracterizare a ta( numai calitati morale), 3 defecte, 3 calitati, la urma de desenat
un arbore(de preferat sa fie centrat in chenarul repectiv, simetric, fara crengi rupte
si alte aspecte negative, fiindca acel arbore te reprezinta), si de pus intr-o ordine
vreo 7 culori(sper sa nu gresesc numarul, albastru, negru, gri, galben, maro....), aici
sa nu incepi cu negru(il pui la urma). apoi urmeaza un set de intrebari, vreo 90 la
numar( trebuie sa ai grija, mai multe se repeta) si mai multe teste de inteligenta, cu
figuri desenate(cele de la permisul auto si cele de la recrutare sunt foarte usoare in
comparatie cu acestea) si intrebari.
aici te intreaba o data daca ai cosmaruri noaptea si apoi daca visezi urat noaptea....
sau daca iti place sa iti faci ordine in camera, iar apoi ce impresie iti face o camera
dezordonata..... aici nu e cu punctaj...e test de personalitate...trebuie sa fii atent sa
nu minti laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif inca 2 intrebari...daca poti intra la
cinema fara bilet si stii sigur ca nu te prinde ce daca pot sa treci frontiera
cu niste obiecte nedeclarate si stii sigur ca nu te prinde nimeni, ce faci.... tot asa,
intrebari de genul acesta.
de la testul de inteligenta imi aduc aminte de o intrebare, care m-a si amuzat :" intrun sertar sunt sosete albe si negre in proportie de 4:5. cate sosete trebuie sa scoti
ca sa fii sigur ca ai o pereche?"
a.3 b.4 c.
Testul psihologic dureaza cam 4 ore, sau cam atat a durat cand am dat eu.
Sunt teste de logica, inteligenta, logica verbala.

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