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Dawn Center of Hernando County Annual Program Report

Year: July 1, 2014- June 30, 2015

Administration and Operations
Dawn Centers Board of Directors began year one of the agencys three year strategic
plan. All goals developed related in some way to raising community awareness about
the true breadth of services available (inclusive of domestic AND sexual violence
programming; shelter AND outreach programming) and expanding the agencys
capacity to serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence. For FY2014-15 there were
16 specific goals identified by the Board. The agency successfully completed 13 of the
goals (81%) and the remaining 3 goals were in process at fiscal year-end and are
expected to be completed in FY 2015-16. Dawn Centers Executive Director and
Administrative Team continued work on internal quality assurance and staff training to
ensure Dawn Center program participants are receiving high quality services from
highly trained professionals. Key personnel continue to be present and involved in
community meetings and committees to ensure Dawn Center is visible and seen as a
positive community partner.
Shelter Program
Dawn Centers Emergency Shelter continued to provide safe haven to adults and
children fleeing domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Staff worked to provide
enhanced case management services to aid program participants in defining their goals
and linking them with information and referrals to assist them in achieving those goals.
House meetings and support groups were provided in shelter addressing issues such
as domestic and sexual violence dynamics, self-esteem, conflict resolution, life skills,
parenting, and community resources. Individualized safety plans were also developed
and updated with each participant to develop strategies to enhance safety appropriate
to their situation.
Services Provided
Received Shelter
Services (new intakes)
Supportive Services/
Counseling Service Units
Bed Nights








Meals Served
Crisis Hotline Calls

Dawn Center Annual Report FY 2014-15


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Outreach Program
Dawn Centers Outreach Program provided comprehensive case management, crisis
counseling/intervention, and support groups to survivors of domestic and sexual
violence throughout FY 2014-15. In July 2014, Dawn Center launched a collaborative
Domestic Violence and Child Welfare project which brought professionals together from
both professions as well as representatives from Law Enforcement and the States
Attorneys Office to help address systems issues as they relate to survivors of domestic
violence and their children who are involved in the child welfare system. A full-time
advocate was co-located at the Child Protection Investigations Office to provide
Domestic Violence training and case consultation services for child welfare staff. The
program was very successful in its first year and was renewed for a second year!
In another collaborative effort, Dawn Center partnered with the Hernando County
Sheriffs Office, Florida Department of Health in Hernando County, Bayfront Hospital in
Brooksville, and staff of our local Childrens Advocacy Center to relaunch the Sexual
Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) Team! For the last three years, survivors of sexual
assault in Hernando County had been traveling two counties away for their forensic
exams. Thankfully, that process ended in February 2015 when the SAFE Team was
reborn. At fiscal year-end, the team had already served 9 survivors of sexual violence
with this service and Dawn Center provided advocacy and accompaniment to survivors
at each exam.
Services Provided
Outreach Domestic
Violence Survivors
Outreach Sexual
Violence Survivors
Participants in Group- #
of Group Sessions









Legal Advocacy Program

Dawn Center employs a full time Legal Advocate and a part time Legal Advocate who
have an office in the Hernando County Courthouse. The Legal Advocates provide
information and support to persons applying for injunctions for protection or participating
in the legal system (criminal and civil) related to being a victim of domestic and/or
sexual violence and stalking. This much needed support is available to all domestic
violence and sexual assault victims regardless of whether they are enrolled in other
Dawn Center programs.
Services Provided
Legal Advocacy Services

Dawn Center Annual Report FY 2014-15


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Prevention Program
Dawn Centers Prevention and Awareness Advocate provides educational presentations
to youth in the community regarding healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, dating
violence, self-esteem, and bystander intervention to empower youth with information
and tools necessary to break the cycle of abuse. This fiscal year she also increased
community awareness presentations to maximize the agencys reach and to inform the
community about the availability of sexual assault and domestic violence programming.
Services Provided


Educational Presentations (Prevention)


Attendees at Prevention Presentations


Community Involvement
Dawn Center recognizes that our mission cannot be accomplished without partnering
with our community. Dawn Center representatives provide education to professionals
and community members regarding domestic and sexual violence dynamics and Dawn
Center services to raise awareness and mobilize the community in support of survivors.
Community volunteers are actively sought and engaged in Dawn Center programming.
Educational & Awareness Presentations
(Professionals and Community Members)
# of Volunteers used agency wide
# of Volunteer Hours agency wide

Dawn Center Annual Report FY 2014-15


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