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DDIC is headed by Dr. Raimar DDIC welcomes R&D partnerships for

Loebenberg. With over 20 years of Pharmaceutical Product development,
experience, he is a recognized expert quality control and regulatory affairs.
in the field and has affiliations to
organizations such as:
To know more about services that
- American Association of DDIC can offer please contact:
Drug Development and
Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)
- United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Innovation Centre
- Health Canada Dr. Raimar Loebenberg
A Premier Centre for
The team members have expertise in Director, DDIC Pharmaceutical Research and
Formulation development and Associate Professor Innovation
Faculty of Pharmacy and
Characterization of
Pharmaceutical Sciences
- Poorly Soluble Drugs 1123A Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre
- Novel dosage forms University of Alberta
- Non-conventional delivery routes
- Specialized carriers such as Edmonton, Alberta - T6G 2N8
Phone: (780) 492 1255
To know more about the management
team please visit - Biopharmaceutics
Drug Delivery
Formulation Development Analytical Development Regulatory Affairs
DDIC is a cGMP compliant facility for DDIC has proven expertise in Quality control DDIC can provide solutions for your
development of conventional and novel and performance testing of dosage forms. regulatory requirements such as:
dosage forms. Our team of experts can Areas of expertise include:
provide solutions for your product ü
Site License Applications
development needs for: Dissolution Method Development
ü ü License Applications
Disintegration Testing
ü ü
Quality and Compliance
Prototype Development Analytical Method Development
ü ü
On-site and off-site training in
Proof of Concept Studies Stability studies
Clinical Trial Material Development Accelerated compatibility studies
üDosage Form Development
Novel using Thermal/ Bioactivity Monitor Proven expertise
Novel dosage form characterization
using Franz Cells and Flow Through ?A cGMP/GLP compliant facility.
DDIC is equipped with state-of-art Cells
Trained Health Canada scientists
equipments for dosage forms such as:
and inspectors in issues related to
Oral: Tablets, Capsules, Powders
ú Global linkages Quality and Compliance.
ú Ointments, Creams, Lotions,
Emulsions, Suppositories and ?
Linkages with global organizations such as ?
Team members with work
Microemulsions experience in major
Sterile Dosage Forms United States Pharmacopoeia and
American Association of Pharmaceutical pharmaceutical companies.
Scientists (AAPS).
Track record of success ?Enables seamless transition of molecules
from lab to clinic and beyond through
Our research partners include leading linkages with NACTRC, ARC ToxTest, Cross
global and Canadian organizations. Dr. Cancer Institute.
Loebenberg is a recognized expert in
Drug Delivery and holds several patents.

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