Listening to Literacy Grow

Research Based Green Literacy Enhancement Program

Nicole McFadden 2010
2010 Listening to Literacy Grow Nicole McFadden


Listening to Literacy Grow is a program designed to provide parents and
educators with a user-friendly guide to utilize the audio technology available in aiding their children’s literacy development. I have a responsibility as an educator to introduce children’s books and illuminate the young minds of readers. Mission Statement:
Listening to Literacy Grow fosters each child’s young mind and their ability to be captured by an authentic literature book and the audio devices that our technological society has provided. May they be inspired to continue and grow as readers to become powerful and literate citizens of our future. With a balance in life, studies, preparation for the future and constant literacy happening all around us we can all contribute to being aware of literacy and understanding its evolving importance. The technology and resources that teachers, librarians, parents and students utilize will contribute to the worldwide recycling efforts while promoting the love of reading and success within language arts curriculums.

It was always obvious that I wanted to teach children. It was rather inspirational when I felt my educational ideas were needed to make a difference in their lives! This literacy program requires the utilization of iPod’s to help students learn to read! I believe that using technology can help create students interest in reading while enhancing their understanding of the goals and standards we aim to teach daily. I will be collecting used iPod’s from my friends and family as well as used children’s literature books. This is in an important recycle effort I will make while designing the Listening to Literacy Grow program. My goal is to compliment the curriculum weekly themes or classroom libraries and provide a listening resource that helps develop literacy skills in young readers. This is a project that I want to see used in more classrooms every year because I know that teachers everywhere have been waiting for my how-to-guide in beginning this reinvention of the common listening centers we were acquainted with as youth. Your child will love the concept of real books and listening being added to their reading responsibilities and success in the language arts curriculum. This program and supporting documents is intended for the sole use of reading and language acquisition and support to children. Not all students learning styles are fully developed and utilized in our present day curriculums in California.
2010 Listening to Literacy Grow Nicole McFadden

About the Author
Nicole McFadden, is an educator and life-long learner who grew up in
Orange County, CA. She attended Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ where she lived for four years. She graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in Elementary Education and a focus in Multilingual and Multicultural Curriculum. She moved to Granada, Spain for part of 2003 to master her second language, Spanish. Since returning home to California, Nicole has been active throughout the educational community in Orange County. She currently attends Chapman University in Orange, CA where she will be graduating with her Masters in Education May of 2010. This degree was specialized to focus on Literacy and Reading as she is committed to raising awareness and helping inspire children to love reading!

2010 Listening to Literacy Grow Nicole McFadden

1. Introduction Letters Teacher to Colleagues Teacher to Parents 2. Ethics Plan Participation Donation Request Donation Response Plagiarism & Copyright 3. Procedure Goals Mini-Lessons Materials 4. Preparation Set-Up Blog Maintenance Hygiene 5. Theoretical Foundations 6. Research 7. Findings 8. Conclusion 9. Challenges & Suggestions Historical Perspective Questionnaires News & Outreach 10. 11. Professional Development Learning Reflection

2010 Listening to Literacy Grow Nicole McFadden

12. References 13. Resources

2010 Listening to Literacy Grow Nicole McFadden

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