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Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (DRRMO)

Vision: A culture of safe and disaster risk resilient members of school

communities who
are empowered, responsive and accountable citizens in an atmosphere of
and synergy.
Mission: Maintain effective and efficient programs and projects on disaster
risk reduction
in school communities to support the quest for quality education through
and integrated efforts.
1. Prevention and Mitigation
To implement activities and strategies to prevent and minimize the adverse
of disaster-causing phenomena to the education sector
2. Preparedness
To be able to reach a state in which the school communities have developed
plans, allocated resources, and established procedures for an effi cient and
implementation of the plans to save lives and prevent further damage to
DepED family
and properties in the event of a disaster
3. Emergency Response
To devise effi cient and effective ways of translating into action what are
called for
by the preparedness plans
4.Recovery (Rehabilitation and Reconstruction)
To decide and act with the end view of restoring or improving the predisaster living
conditions of the affected school communities and encouraging, facilitating
the necessary
adjustments to reduce disaster risks and vulnerabilities.
The present Calamity/Disaster and Fire Control Group or (CDFCG) shall
be known as the DepED Disaster Risk Reduction Management Offi ce
(DRRMO). For
this purpose, DepED Order No. 25, series of 2005 is hereby repealed.
The DRRMO shall be headed by the Secretary of the Department of

The mair pu.pos ofthis plan is ao ensu.e that all opet;onal grtdelires ard coord;naling

instructiors shail be undertaken by the gove.nmenl of Sall Pedro. Laguna, irs
personnel and subo,rdinate $nits on disaster risk reductior attd ma,iagement to prevelt
loss of life, property aild negatile impact to environment. The attainmed of this plan can
be made possible with the foll coopemtion and support of all governtnert agencies.
NGO'S and com unity.


Ceographically, San Pedro is vulnerable fo flooding due ro its proximity to Laguna de

Bay and the fact lhat the many rivers and latural drainage syster]'ls of uplard Cavite
passes througfi it mak;ng it also susceptible to landslides. The Msrikina faEh that passes
certain parts of i1s *eighbor Muntinlupa City poses reai threat of disaster due ro
earthquakes. Moreover, the densiiy ofits more or Iess 300.000 populalion compressed in

just over 2,000 heclares ol land poses even grcaler datge. especially during
conflagration. Fuathermore, the inadequate road network proves reliefoperalion critical.
Geog.aphical Location

San Pedro is one of the thiny (30) rnuricipalities of the Province of Laguna.
Ceogaphically, it is stmtegicall) located between the Metropolis Manila and the
Induslrial Eslate CALAEARZON. It is approxirnately 29 kilometers from manila lia
South Superhigh$'ay and about 32 kilameters via the old National (Zapote) Road. li is
sixty one (61) kilometers fiom Sta- Crua the Provincial Capitol. [t is bounded on thc
nol1h by Muntiniupa City, on the south by the Municiaplities of Biiian and Carmona; on
the west by Dasmarif,as: and on the east by a portion of Laguna de Bay.
San Pedro iies within tlre qradrant fonEed by the latitude lrorn l2l degrees 05' and
longlitude liom 14 degrees 20'to 14 degees 25'.

A- Topography
The suface feature of the m$$iipality varies gradually f.o& plain to slightly
steep areas. Tbe *oathastrn ard tbe soulheastem parts of the t{irn, where

built-up areas a conceitratd, are largeiy level plaim- Towards the

northwestm and the soudrwestem portion, the terain vaies nFderately
slopiug to slightly steep areas (mountailJous). Hills eid rtrostrtairrs that are

generally forest and open gassland mairly cover the westem part. The
higlrcst point in the area is about 500 fe{ above sea }evel, sitEated at
Ba.angay lrnggam.

It is aofing tler thes topogrsphic characteristics have m6de a

significant impact on the gror'-th-/developmdrt of the toqn. This is evide.ced
by the fact that the level areas ofthe municipaliq', w&ich ae highly favorable
for cuitivatioa and urban development,
San Pedio, Lagoda in coopeiatioi with othr local goverirnent agencies aod
partnership with some NGO'S shall coadrrct sarch, rescue and recovery
operations withir ils territorial jurisdictions with the mearlest goal of seving lives.
protcting propefties and of achiwirg a zero casuEky rate du.iDg calamities.

A. General
The corduct of sarch and rescue {SAR) in a particular atea is the primary respcnsibility
of tbe concemed Locel Disaste. Risk and Reduction Matagement Council (MDRRMC)
adia.erf BDRRMC shall assist sevelely affected neigbboring barangay. Ttle BRRMT
shall assist in the condrct ofSAR as ncessary.
B. Concept of0Feration

The plan manimum atilization oi local governmert logisics and malpolvlr ir search,
rcscue ard opeEtions bf wetl trairrd, properly eq[ippred and well organized resflre $nits
in the municipality. This operalion shall involve the following phases:
Phas I : Pilarati'D!

A. gazard Msppiilg a$d Ass*salrnt

During rainy seasons, some residefitiel areas thal are susceptible to flooding are those

living bside the river and lake that iricludes Bard*gay Lal*ye! Baretgay Sar Roque.
Barangay Cuyab, Barangay Sto. Niffo, and Brangay San Antottid, lowbrd areas
irrcluding Barangay San V;cecte, Bara*gay Poblacion alrd Barangay Nueva wiile some
areEs susceptible to laldslides are those living along sahege zooes of rhe upper
barargays of the locality.

- l he SAR staging ara shali be aa fte M1rnicip3l Hall

- Cfl'lical routestowards identified calamity pro*e arca.
B. Resources / lacility

a. Sourcing ofFunds
Tle local govemrnedt allocalion in support ofthis plan, and/rr undeltake measures to
convince NCO's- business and public sectors to.aise funds for training and quipege
ofrescue units.

b. Equipage

i. lt involves idfidFcation and ensuring co$pleteness of essential rcsue

equipmellts in order to e{fective}y perfo!.Ct the assigned task at h6nd and to
protect tha rescuel tlremselves.

ii- Tbe Mruricipal Govemnrerii shall equip the scue teams with plopr training and

iii. All resources availabLe will be maximized during SAR oprations, all available
equipme*s and logistics lior[ all agencies, NGO's and commrlnity essential
lor SAR shall be utilized.

c. Orgarjzatio! and Traiding of Rescuers

Orgalize rescue tearns to be trained waterbornc opIation, search & rescue atd
retrieval oper*iens, 1ilst aid and othei life saviEg tech.iqueg the same shall tre
etrployed at *lte rnrmicipal level depending on personnel compliment and need. It
shail also involve enliSing the padicipation of resc$e volurtee.s Aom NGO'; and
pt blie sector al the Mdnicipal and Barangay level.

d. Dis3saer thill
lt involves regular coodut of yadous disaster drills, assuring the cooperatiol and
pEftidp*liotr of all coace&ed local goven[aent e*cie3 and assgssrrent oit the
perfordance of every participaring entity; Siirulald drills will be regularly
corducted to test the effectivenss of prparatiortso bring out the flaws and
weakresses, sd corrective/rernedies effected to heighta levels

of readiness of

systems, piocedures, organizatior, eqlipmeft and logi$ics to enhance acaction

capability, ard ersure precision ard spontaneity to emergencies.

Phr! Il : El3l.ti8,rt
A. Activation of MDRRMC
It invotvss tllg artivd;on ofjoirt PNP-BFP-MDRRMC Operatiofi Cerrte. ard rotrrd tlre clock
monitoriag of sitaatior in every barangay. The activation ill efibdively raise th alIt level
to heighte@d aled ed tkus cancdliag all IeavEs and pril,ileges.

B. Wamirtg

It involves the issuance of waming by the MDRRMC atxl c{'1!certed efforts of all
stakeholders 10 dissemiEate tbe waming to the public.

C. PF-mptive Evacualion

It itrvolves providing assistance to concmed goveml]lerlt age*cy for the evacuation of

resideflts liom areas that rDaybe affected by a tkeatering disaster- lt also includes secwing
the preiesigned evacuatioD arcas as well as the vacated residecces of the evacuees: The
ircoapoi*iorr o{ WASfI {water, sanitatior, a*d hygiene} will be ass*{ed of a peEonsl and
envircflrnq{al hygiene to protect the health of tbg ev.lcuees srd makg good ns of the
facilities a{d servics prssed iE the evacuaiiotl cnter.
D. Actual Search and Rescue Opeations
It involves lhe immediate deployment ofsearch and rescue teams to thir dsignated staging
areas upo! activation of tie MITRRMC. The first responde. oII the search and rescue leam
must be the Mun. Fire Auxilliary, PNP, BFP rescue teaar of the slrtion and the rescue
voluntee.s organized at the Municigal ard Baratgay level. Ihe ProvirEial rescue leams shall
be deployed io afGcle.d areas upon request for assistance ;rorn concemed MDRRMC. This
reqlkes aI} eflectile l;ne of commulications bet*eer and among MDRRMC, BDRRMC and
rescue teams. lt also involves ensuring that smooth flow oftraffic is mahtsined during times
of calamities by maximizing the use of Police and civilian tral'fic entbrcers, in cooperation
with engi.eering divisions to clear the roads of all obstrudon in order to facililate transport

relief a4d aescue units.

E- Relief Operatioos
It involves providing security and assistance to relief opeEtions being undertaken by the
MDRRMC and otber organizations conducting relief operations at the allbcte{t barangays.

Pltese III : Erelsstion

This involles proper documentation of lessofts learned dL?ing Seatch and Rescue operations
conducted as well as asses$ne and identificalion of areas of improvement lot futurc

ChiefofPolice PNP / BFP

a. Provide rcscue teams for the municipality

b. ltepare Search and Rescue plan and er acuarion centcr

c. Conduct regxlar disaster drill

d. Issue disaster wamings to calamity prone areasjointly with the t,GU and Barangay
c. Establish and man Operalion Center together with the MDRRMC upon aetivation of the

f. Supewise preemptive evacuations of famiiies in calamity prore areas in cootdinatjon

with concemed govcmrnent agencies
g- Supervisc dcnloyment olffoops alld the conduct olactuai SAR operation

h. Iflhe area of Responsibiliiy (AOR) is rot affected, rescue tea's iEust prepare to assist in
the iesc{re opemtions in affected nearby municipality

i. Maintain smooth traffic florv in coordinatior with traffic dnd monitor road
condilions $ithin AOR

j. Perform other tasks cn orders as necess4ry.

JoiEt Disas{er Opralion Center

a. Supewise the implemntation ofthis plan

b. Cotrdimte wi$ allid rr;ts f.{ {k operatio*al sDpport

c. Subtnissiofl ofreport to Local ChiefExc{dive

d. Prform othr tasks as dirccted to s as ncessary
Red Cross

a. Provide on Search a*d Rescue teafi

b- Assist the cordsct olevaualion and reliefoperatiors

c. Perforir other tarks ot orders as necessarv.

Sangguniang Bayan

The Sanggunia*g Bayan (SB) throtrg& the reco*r$ndalioo of the Muahipal Disester Risk
Reduction ed MeEgemern Co&rcil shall evalual dis3ster situatiotrs, dtrmine the courses
of actioas to follow during ti$es of energency and formulate gideliaes ia evaluating
disaster situalions:

a. Eyal$ate warning irfdlation aid advi{g the membr of the MDRRMC on impeading

b. Make recommendalion on how to prvelt disaster, if

possible ard

/ or suggest

precautionary msures 10 $itrirnize the efGots of disaster;

c. Sutrmit recommendations for allocaiigns ofneeded resources:

d. Prepare appnopr;ate recommendations to propr adhodfy for psasible declaration of
existerce of state ofcalarnity in affected areas. This receomendation shall serve as basis
for requost in the relas of calaoity funds to a$licrat tlre suFerings of disaster

e. Perfom other tasks on orders as necessarv.

Resources Unit

a, Undejt4k the invrto,j of urgent iterns neeH ir helpi+g th vktims ofdisaster as well
as gather the necessary slalisLics on resorrces such as food, gocery iterns, clothing,
medical supplies, etc.

t!. lt shall kave th coltimring task of.lpdatitlg hs data ard sha1l fumbh all co*cem for
rcady refererce and gu;dance;

c. Perfofi! other aasks on ordels as necessarv.

Dep Ed

a. Establish alld rnaiotain pre{isaster evacuatiof centers in cooperaticn with Red Cross;
b. Perform other tasks on orde$ as ncessary.
MBiicipal Engirrsing Offi ce
a. Provide personrel a.d eguip{rcnt on standby alerf, ready {or dep}o}'itlent or call;
b- Perfo!!:r otha lesks on ordr as necess{ryMllsicipat Heatth Of6ce
a- Prvide dedical tearns oll standby altrt, ready on call to provide first aid ard medical
evacuatioA to victiIns of disaster:

b. Perform other duties on oiders as necessary.

Muaicipal Wash Tedn under MHo r'vfiich will do the foilo'tring roles and functions:

- Technical and bcic needs assissment;

- InforElalior} collefio[ ard disseminalion;
- Mobilize availabl resorces ard persr&el fo..esponse;
- Coordirate with other depaftnerts at regi,onal/provindaydisaid level:
- Coordinate with WASH team members;
- Cd*s;der edly recavery ard reLdil;tatier} reeds florll tbe ostset;
- Assist in application for emergency fnnding.

a. Ir Cha.rge on the trainiag and hiring of elnerger.y wotkers


b. Deploy traffic enforcers on lrdeterlllined disaster prone or critical roste nd ensule

ellicient tmtic maaagement:

c. Perloam other tasks on ordels as receslary.


a. Disasts. Opedion Cflte.A4DRRMC 6t the Municipal Buildirg with

relephore no. 868-7410 and O{fice of t}re Municipat Meyo. 808-6034

b. Transportation and other logistical supp$rt du.ifig tlre irnplernefiation of this

plan will be provided joidly by MDRRMC and tasked units.

l. Police Operatioral P.oeedures (Ruls of E lgageher$) shalt bg st{iotly observed at
all times;

2. Team leaders shall be responsible f6r & discipliae ard welfare of thir mn.
Equipmert check to tearn shall be con&cted p.ior to deplolEr6.rt of troops to
ensure completeless of equipalent;
3- Respe,t for Hu$aJ! Riglts shali be observed at all tirEes;
4- All prepa.ations, rhea$als, exerciss shall be properly undertaken to attain
ma{rrurn snccess of opmtion;
5. All opersting lnhs shall submit situational repod (SITREP) every hour as

6- All rcscue teanls must ensure constart a*d el'fective colnmul}icalion a1 all times

7. Lateral coordination with other concemed office / units end NGo,s is imperative;
8. Phase one of this OPLAN shall take effect upon alpi"oval, while phase two ard
three shall take eFect upon explicit order from the command.