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The Managing Director
XYZ Ltd.,
We hereby submit the undertaking as under for the rate contract of {Item} against Tender Enquiry No. concluded
1. I/We are clear that Rate Contract is a Standing offer without any commitment of supply order either by or by
any Direct Demanding Officer (DDO). However on placement of supply order it becomes a contractual liability to
honour all obligations of terms and condition contained in the Rate Contract and supply orders.
2. I/We hereby offer to supply the stores detailed in the Rate Contract here or such portion there of as may be
specified in supply order at the prices given in said Rate Contract and accept the Rate Contract valid for one Year
from the date of conclusion . I/We shall be bound by a communication of supply order dispatched within
prescribed time by Direct Demanding officer of various Govt. Departments of State.
3. I/We have under stood the General Terms and Condition of Contract contained in Form No.1 and Instructions
to DDOs/Consignee contained in Form No.2 applicable to Rate Contract and have thoroughly examined the
specification, drawing and patron of Rate Contract placed here to and am/are fully aware of the nature of the
stores required and my / our offer to supply stores strictly in accordance with the requirement.

4. Against each supply order, I/We will obtain the payment direct from the paying authority of the indenting department
indicated in supply order. In no case xyz Ltd. will be held responsible for late payment / nonpayment.

5. This is to confirm that all supporting documents as applicable, like DGS&D/NSIC/DTIC Registration certificate, BIS
licenses, ISO certificate Tax clearance certificate, type test certificate and other all documents submitted along with the
Tender are true and correct.
6. Apart from all above, the special terms and conditions contained in Rate Contract/ Supply Order will be fulfilled by us.
In case of any deviation, the reserves the right to take suitable action against the supplier unit in terms of contract
concluded by way of placing supply order against Rate Contract by respective DDO.
7. In case of any dispute the decision taken by the Managing Director Ltd. will be final and binding on me / us.
8. In case of any dispute place of jurisdiction of court will be only.
9. The earnest money deposited by us will be kept as security deposit with for further three months from the date of expiry
of the Rate Contract.
10. Within the period of Rate Contract, the rate contract can be short closed through a notice of 21 days from and 6
months from the Rate Contract Holder.
11. Within the period of rate contract, if there will be decline of more than 10% in market rates or rates of raw material,
the rates of Rate Contract shall be decreased.

Signature Authorised Rep. with seal

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