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Race @ McGill Workshop

Contact Information
Shaina Agbayani,
A grass-roots Qollectif of artists, performers, writers and political activists based in
Montreal, Quebec who have decided to volunteer their time and energy to bring
awareness of racialized queer identities and experiences to the wider public. We work
to bridge the gaps between communities and create an open space for voices that all
too often go unheard.
Solidarity Across Borders
Solidarity Across Borders is a migrant justice network based in Montreal, active since
2003. We are comprised of migrants and allies, and we organize together to support
individuals and families who are confronting an unjust immigration and refugee system.
We take action by engaging in popular education, support work, as well as political
mobilizations, including demonstrations, pickets, delegations, and direct actions.
C-UniT is a multidisciplinary collective of students and community members committed
to the pursuit of accessible education informed by anti-colonial and critical race
discourses. Our mission is to create spaces for dialogue between members of the
Montreal Black community and members of the McGill community, in which the diversity
of experiences and strengths of Black communities are centered.
Projet Autochtones Quebec
PAQ is a non-profit organization found to support the social and professional
development of First Nations, Metits and Inuit peoples in Quebecois.
Other Organizations:
Black Theater Workshop-
Native Women's Shelter-
Native Friendship Center-
Zine on how to create your own degree at McGill:
Sample list of race related-courses often offered at McGill:

McGill Resources
SSMU clubs
SSMU Equity Committee:
Other Resources
Facebook Group to Support People of Colour:
Search Students of Colour Montreal
Facebook Group for Queer People of Colour Montreal
Search "Queer People of Colour Montreal"
Spitfiyah Women of Colour Radio (CKUT)
McGill Curriculum
Canadian Ethnic Studies Minor
Indigenous Studies Minor:
Sample of Race-Centered Courses:
WMST 301 (2016 Winter Special Topic): Critical Race Theories
ANTH 500 Chinese Diversity and Diaspora
CANS 410: Seminar- Migration and Racialization in Canada
EDER 625: Critical Race Theory Education*, Special Topics
ENGL 320: Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL 444: Womens Writing in Post-Colonial Societies
GEOG 507: Sex, Race, and Space
HIST 197 FYS: Race in Latin America
HIST 397 Canada: Ethnicity, Migration
HIST 423 Topics: Migration and Ethnicity
INDG 200: Intro to Indigenous Studies
PHIL 327: Philosophy of Race
SOCI 446: Colonialism and Society
SOCI 475: Canadian Ethnic Studies Seminar
SWRK 325: Anti-Oppression Practice
WMST 401: Special Topics- Women in Post-Colonial India