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OBSERVATI What is your Look for the differences or e.g.
ON observation look for the changes The number of
from the occur. elephants decreases.
h/ table *Do not give reason The size of an ice
above? cubes becomes
smaller after 5
What can minutes.
you see from
the diagram? Plant B is bigger than
plant A.
What can
you say
about the

State one
INFERENCE State one Explanations form Animals extinct
inference... observation why it happen because of
(give reason) -not get enough food
Give the -illegal hunting
reason for -Observation + why
your answer The plant getting
in... Think why its happen- withered because
using your mind. a) Didn’t get
Explain your enough...
observation.. b) Didn’t get any...
. c) Didn’t get the
right amount
What can of...
you infer...? d) There is no...
CONTROLLI State two Identify the variables.  Same
NG variables in type/size/amou
VARIABLES the What to changes nt/volume of...
investigation (manipulated)  The presence/
. Look for the things absence of
In the difference/ changes in the water/ food.
investigation diagram
, state -The weight of load Your variables must
1. What hanged. have ...e.g.
chang What to observed Parameter +
e (responding) Objects
2. What Look for the result Size of
to -The length of the pot
measu spring. Length of
re spring
3. What What to keep the same Amount of
to (control) water
keep Look for the things that Number of
the are same in the diagram animal
same -The size of spring Type of
State two
PREDICTING What will Make sure that the answer Predict the number
happen if...? asks to predict the -10 kg
previous or future results. -60 Celsius
Predict what Look at the pattern.
will happen If the data are in figures, Predict the situation
if... after...? the answer must be in Will grow
figure form. healthily
From the pattern, predict Be extinct
your answer. Stay alive
Time/min 2 4 6 8
Water 4 5 7
temperat 0 0 0
TREND/PATT State the Observe the trend/pattern -Increasing
ERN changes in arrangement.
trend/patter Identify the differences. -Decreasing
Time/min 2 4 6 8 - Did not change
Water 4 5 6 7
temperat 0 0 0 0

From small getting bigger

or larger.

Time/min 2 4 6 8
Water 9 8 7 6
temperat 0 0 0 0

From bigger/larger getting


Time/min 2 4 6 8
Water 5 5 5 5
temperat 0 0 0 0
AIM/ What is the Look for what to change What to change:
PURPOSE purpose of in the diagram. amount of water
carrying out Look for what to What to observe: Size
this activity? measure in the diagram. of black patches
Relate you answer.
What is the To find out the
aim of the relationship between
investigation the amount of water
? on the bread and the
size of black
What do you patches.
want to find
out in this Science concept
fair test?
To find out plants
need water to stay

To find out that nail

will rust if there are
any presence of air
and water.
HYPOTHESIS State a Hypothesis can be made The heavier the
hypothesis based on the inference. load, the longer the
for this spring.
investigation Look what to change and
. what to measure. The bigger/the smaller
The longer/the shorter
State the Relates between what to The thicker/the
relationship change and what to thinner
between... measure. The more/the least
and... .
-As the (mass of the
The load) increase, the
temperatu (length of the
re of the spring) also increase.
depends As the number of
on the pupils increase, the
number of classroom
pupils temperature also
Using the
above, write
CONCLUTIO What can The results/findings form When/as (what to
N you conclude an activity/fair test. change)
from this It relates between what is increase/decrease, the
activity/fair changed and what is (what to measure)
test? measured. increase/decrease.

State your Time/min 2 4 6 8 E.g.

conclusion Water 4 5 6 7
based on the temperat 0 0 0 0 As the time to heat
activity/ fair ure the water increase,
test. the water
temperature also
What the increase.
means? From the fair test, we
found out that...
What have – Plants need
you learn sunlight to stay
from this alive
activity? – Animals need
food to stay