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120 I Choose Jesus ‘Words and Music by ROBERT STERLING Arr. by Robert Sterling ‘Moderately (4 = ca. 72-76) ‘>. Asus} A Asus} A FeO Dm? Dm SOLO: MARCUS FOF Asus} A (with some freedom) imp Some say € Gk D T Asus} A Asus} A y life isjust a ser-ies of de - ci-sions. ‘We make choic-es, we live © Copyright 1989 by Two Fine Boys Musie (adm. by WORD, INC.) and Word Music (a div. of WORD, INC.) ‘All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission. é@ 121 Fem az Gtmt4) cis) cr Fém7(4) ce Now I’m stand - ing. a Esus og which way to tum, Dm6(add?) 16 A A Dm6(add® ) A A lies all the world can of - fer: Gamma) cms) cir it’s wealth and fame. Downthe oth-er justaman with 122 Dm : @ nail scars in Hishands, But there is mer-cy in Hiseyes, and there is 2 Tenderly c rit. sub. mp tempo als ° Dmi? Bmi(b5) E105) 7 Am? G With-out a sol - d c Fmaj? 5 E ET \~ Not for mir-a-cles__ but for lov - ing me, 3 not for Beth-le-hem__ but for Cal > va-ry, not for a day But for e- DmiGs) Am? Dm G CPsus Allmylife Isailed the sea of was cap - tain. 124 A Gim(4) ca(b5) con € Hm Fim E wl> B Sav - ior, Drn6(add?) 2 sus a G Es E a A ‘Then I heard Himspeak the lang - uage of com- Dmé(add?) Qin > > alo pas - sion, words of heal - ing 125 [49] lives, When we nailed Him CHOIR Ghn(4) NowHe'’s call - ing me to fol - low, _— and to Dim7(65) 126 33 a tempo rit, e cresc. f Teavethepast be - hind, 1 choose. —_== la = sus. With-outa sol - i-tar-ydoubt,__ _Ichoose___ Je = pee Bm7Cb5) B15) 7 2 for mir-a-cles____ but for lov ; 7 not for Beth-le-hem__ but for Cal - va- ry, not for a day but for e - div. gp — for Cal - va diy, —— 3 — F6 . 128 >>> Dms5) G >