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Save Print Select all Copy Cut Paste Next file or window Create new document Open existing document Close document Bold Italicise CTRL+s CTRL+p CTRL+a CTRL+c CTRL+x CTRL+v CTRL+F6 CTRL+n CTRL+o (Oh) CTRL+F4 CTRL+b CTRL+i

Switch to visual basic editor ALT+F11 Undo changes to current record ESC, ESC Insert a carriage return CTRL+ENTER Insert today’s date CTRL+; (semicolon) Display database window F11 Add a new record CTRL++ (plus sign)

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Display whole page Group items Duplicate item Print Preview Turn on snap-to-grid Save workspace CTRL+w CTRL+g CTRL+d CTRL+F2 SHIFT+F9 ALT+F12

Display inbox Forward message Create a new message Reply to message author Check spelling Send & receive all messages Create a new contact Open advanced find CTRL+SHIFT+i CTRL+f CTRL+SHIFT+m CTRL+r F7 CTRL+m or F5 CTRL+SHIFT+c CTRL+SHIFT+f

Crazy Colour™ Card for Microsoft® Office

Display all tasks/resources Link tasks Unlink tasks Show subtasks Show all tasks Task/resource info Move to start date Calculate the active project F3 CTRL+F2 CTRL+SHIFT+F2 ALT+SHIFT+= ALT+SHIFT+* SHIFT+F2 ALT+HOME SHIFT+F9

Double-space lines Insert page break Right or left align Change the font Increase font size Decrease font size Select to end of word Select to beginning of word CTRL+2 CTRL+ENTER CTRL+r or l(L) CTRL+SHIFT+f CTRL+SHIFT+> CTRL+SHIFT+< CTRL+SHIFT+ð CTRL+SHIFT+ï

Nudge left, right, up or down View background page Goto page menu Turn on snap-to-guides Copy formatting Past formatting ALT+ï or ð or ñ or ò CTRL+m F5 CTRL+w CTRL+SHIFT+c CTRL+SHIFT+v

Display HTML tags CTRL+/ Preview page in web browser CTRL+SHIFT+b Refresh a page F5 Apply heading N (N=1 to 6) CTRL+ALT+N Create auto thumbnail of image CTRL+t Insert a table SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+t

Cancel a cell entry Display active cell Move to first cell of worksheet Move one screen to right Move one screen to left Hide columns Unhide columns Select - entire column ESC CTRL+BKSP CTRL+HOME ALT+PGDN ALT+PGUP CTRL+0 (zero) CTRL+SHIFT+) CTRL+SPACE

New slide (as previous) New slide menu Maximise presentation window Black screen during slide show Promote paragraph Demote paragraph CTRL+SHIFT+m CTRL+m CTRL+F10 b ALT+SHIFT+ï ALT+SHIFT+ð

ï, ð, ñ or ò Left, right, up or down arrow E.g. CTRL+SHIFT+r, ESC Press the CTRL key together with the SHIFT and r keys, release, then the ESC key.

Crazy Colour™ Card for Microsoft® Office

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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

Crazy Colour Document Checklist

Drag an e-mail message into either the Task List, or Calendar Have you updated the version number? folder, to create a new task or appointment with the text of the Have you updated File > Properties to reflect the document's To paste text without formatting when copying from a web page or email in the task or appointment. contents? another document, choose Edit > Paste Special, and select Attach a file from the message's menu by selecting Insert > File, Did you update the footer and header? Unformatted text. locate the file to attach, click the down arrow on the Insert Have any automatic fields not updated? Increase the number of recently displayed files from 4 to 9 by button and select Insert as Attachment (or double click the file). Does the document need page numbers? e.g. Page 1 of 6. visiting Tools > Options, selecting the General tab and Back up your Outlook mail, contacts etc. by going to your Outlook Have you checked for spelling mistakes in the correct language? changing the Recently used file list from 4 to 9. system folder (right click on the Outlook Today icon, click Are dates, equations and numbers correct? Double-click on either the vertical or horizontal ruler to open the Properties, Advanced and read the path field,) and copying all Page Setup dialogue box. Have you used 'automatic' dates where you should have used the files ending in ".pst" (in particular "outlook.pst" and 'fixed' dates? To make two words stay together on the same line (e.g. when "archive.pst") to a safe location. typing phone numbers) insert a non-breaking space after the first Quickly find all emails you have received from a particular sender If you re-used a document have you checked that there are no word by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE. old terms or references? by viewing a message from that sender and selecting If sending the document electronically does the recipient have Actions > Find all > Messages from Sender. Microsoft Project the same version of the software as you? Customise the first page number of the printed pages by choosing Microsoft Office 2002 Onwards

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File > Page Setup, select the Page tab and adjust the First page To select items in Word that are not next to each other, first select number box. the first item you want, press CTRL then select any additional To remove the Office Assistant right-click on it, choose Options, items you want. You can then delete them or change their and deselect Use the Office Assistant. formatting. Get into the habit of entering Project > Project Information each Crazy Colour code Excel spreadsheet tabs by selecting time you start a new project. Include Start date, Finish date and Format > Sheet >Tab Color or right-click the sheet tab and Schedule from date. Also enter project summary details (project click Tab Color. title, manager, etc.) in File > Properties. As you start typing an e-mail address Outlook offers a list of previous entries, use ñ or ò and DELETE to remove outdated Microsoft PowerPoint names from this list. Be sure to apply the latest service releases from the Microsoft web site - to ensure you have the latest security and bug fixes. Using Keyboard Shortcuts To copy an object quickly select the object using the mouse, hold Using shortcuts will help you work more efficiently and can down CTRL on the keyboard. Left click the mouse and drag the object to the new position. Pressing SHIFT and CTRL will keep help reduce the risk of developing repetitive strain injuries (RSI). We suggest you review which tasks you use the mouse the objects aligned. for and use Crazy Colour Cards to help you learn keyboard Microsoft Excel shortcuts to replace them. To automatically add up a column or row of values select the cell Be careful not to over stretch your hands when using shortcuts, immediately below a column of numbers or to the right of a row if necessary use both hands to perform them. Additionally move of numbers. Press ALT + =, then ENTER. your whole arm to press the function keys rather than just To select scattered cells in a worksheet, hold down CTRL and click stretching your fingers. on the cells. Using Hot Letters To use conditional formatting to change a cell’s format (e.g. the Did you know you can also work faster by pressing ALT and the colour of a cell or text) depending on its value, select the cell 'hot' letter rather than using the mouse? The 'hot’ letters are and choose Format > Conditional Formatting. those that are underlined in the drop down menus.

Effective & Efficient Document Management
! Save your documents frequently as crashes can occur at the most inconvenient times (try to not rely on the fast-save option, it is known to be unreliable). ! Back up your documents on a regular basis (at least once a week), carefully date each back up, test it and store away from your computer's location! ! Be sure to keep your virus protection software up-to-date and never open files that look suspicious. ! Carefully plan your computer's directory structure and file naming structure, e.g. by document type, recipient, date, importance etc. ! Adopt a consistent version numbering of your documents. For example MyFile-XX-nn where XX is a major 'release' version number and nn is a minor 'pre-release' version number, e.g. quote-01-11.doc is release 1 in its 11th post release edit. ! Before proofreading/editing documents in Word select Tools > Track Changes > Highlight Changes to enable you to see changes. ! To enable quick retrieval of documents familiarise yourself with Microsoft Window's find and search tools, including using wildcard characters, date searching and last 9 781904 782209 modified searching.
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