Creating New Items

An appointment A contact A distribution list A journal entry A meeting request A message A note A post (note) in folder A task CTRL+SHIFT+a CTRL+SHIFT+c CTRL+SHIFT+l CTRL+SHIFT+j CTRL+SHIFT+q CTRL+SHIFT+m CTRL+SHIFT+n CTRL+SHIFT+s CTRL+SHIFT+k CTRL+SHIFT+u

Editing Text
Copy Cut Paste Delete a word Convert HTML/RTF to text Select all Redo Undo CTRL+c CTRL+x CTRL+v CTRL+BKSP CTRL+SHIFT+o CTRL+a CTRL+y CTRL+z

Crazy Colour™ Cards
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Display, Dial and Open Commands
Display inbox Display outbox Display a screen tip for item Create new folder Dial a new call Open advanced find Open the address book Open print preview Close print preview CTRL+SHIFT+i CTRL+SHIFT+o SHIFT+F1 CTRL+SHIFT+e CTRL+SHIFT+d CTRL+SHIFT+f CTRL+SHIFT+b CTRL+F2 ALT+c

Crazy Colour™ Card for Microsoft® Outlook

A task request

Formatting RTF/HTML Message Text

Using the Calendar
Save entry View n (1-9) days in day view Switch to week view Switch to month view CTRL+s or ALT+s ALT+n, e.g. ALT+1 ALT+ALT+=

Centre Change case Italicise Indent Reduce indent Left align Underline Remove formatting

Working in Message Folders
Add journal entry Create new folder Display inbox Mark message as read Open a selected message Previous/next message Select all messages Send & receive all messages Post (note) in a folder CTRL+j CTRL+SHIFT+e CTRL+SHIFT+i CTRL+q CTRL+o or ENTER ï/ð CTRL+a CTRL+m or F5 CTRL+SHIFT+s

Working With Email Messages
Open message Next message (when open) Previous message (when open) View message properties Print message Forward message Reply to message author Reply to all Mark message as read Flag for follow-up Check names Check spelling Create new message Send message Close message/window ENTER CTRL+. CTRL+, ALT+ENTER CTRL+p CTRL+f CTRL+r CTRL+SHIFT+r CTRL+q CTRL+SHIFT+g ALT+k F7 CTRL+n ALT+s or CTRL+ENTER ESC

Moving Around, Deleting and Finding
Move between panes Move to new folder/item Go to folder TAB CTRL+SHIFT+v CTRL+y

Scroll down preview/next msg. SPACEBAR Scroll up preview/previous msg. SHIFT+SPACEBAR Delete a message etc. Open help topics Open advanced find Find text Find text (again) CTRL+d or DEL F1 CTRL+SHIFT+f F4 SHIFT+F4

ï or ð

Left or right arrow Together with


E.g. CTRL+SHIFT+r Press the CTRL key together with the SHIFT and r keys.
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Crazy Colour™ Card for Microsoft® Outlook

Top Tips and Hints for Microsoft Outlook
Drag and Drop an Email to Create an Appointment or Task
Drag an e-mail message into either the Task List, or Calendar folder, a new task or appointment is created with the text of the email in the task or appointment.

Command-line Switch Reference (Advanced)
You can use these command-lines when creating desktop shortcuts and using Outlook at the dos-prompt/run dialogue. Tip: Message files end with the extension .msg /a "path\filename” Creates an item with the specified file as an attachment, e.g. /c messageclass Creates a new item of the specified message class, e.g. /c ipm.activity (Journal entry) /c ipm.appointment /c ipm.note (e-mail message) /c
/c ipm.stickynote /c ipm.task

Checklist for Sending an Email
reflect the content? your email? grammar?

]Does the subject title accurately

Add Addresses to the Address Book Automatically in Outlook (2000+, without exchange)

]Do all recipients really need to receive ]Have you checked your spelling and ]Will the reader understand any
double meaning? acronyms and abbreviations you have used?

"C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Outlook.exe" /a "C:\labels.doc"

Select Tools > Options, click on the Preferences tab, click on E-mail Options, select Automatically put people I reply to in is selected and choose where newly added addresses should be added to.

Send Blind Carbon Copies (BCC) so Recipients Remain Anonymous Attach a File

Make BCC visible in Word 2002 by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the Options button and selecting Bcc or in Outlook 2000 select View > Bcc from the message menu. From the message's menu select Insert > File, locate the file to attach, click the down arrow on the Insert button and select Insert as Attachment (or double click the file!).

Back Up Your Outlook Mail, Contacts etc.

Go to your Outlook system folder (Right click on the Outlook Today icon, click Properties, Advanced and read the path field,) copy all the files ending in ".pst" (in particular "outlook.pst" and "archive.pst") to a safe location.

Find All Mail from a Sender Quickly Get Reminded to Reply to a Message Create Signatures

View a message from that sender and select Actions > Find all > Messages from Sender. Right-click the message in the message list, select Flag for Follow Up and choose the date the reminder is Due by. Go to Tools > Options click the Mail Format tab, Signature Picker(or Signatures), New. Type a name, click next, and create your signature. When emailing select Insert > Signature from the mail message's menu.

Housekeeping for Your .pst (Personal Folder File)

Outlook cannot open .pst files greater than 2 Gigabytes - Keep it below 2 GB by: 1) deleting messages you no longer need, 2) emptying the Deleted Items folder regularly (or automatically), 3) occasionally compacting it: right-click Outlook Today, click Properties, Advanced then Compact Now.

Use (Crazy!) Colours to Help Sort Your Email from Different People Auto Archive Old Mail

Select an email and click Organize, Using Colors and choose a colour. Click Apply Color. Select Tools > Options, click the Other tab, then AutoArchive, make sure AutoArchive every is selected and specify how often you want messages archived. Specify AutoArchive setting for each folder by right clicking a folder and selecting properties and then the AutoArchive tab. Adjust details as appropriate.

/CheckClient Prompts for email and contact manager. /Cleanfinders Removes saved searches from Exchange. /CleanFreeBusy Clears and regenerates free/busy info. /CleanReminders Clears and regenerates reminders. /CleanSchedPlus Deletes all Schedule+ data (free/busy, permissions, and .cal file) from the server enabling the free/busy information from the Calendar to be used and viewed. /CleanViews Restores default views and loses custom views. /Embedding msgfilename Opens the specified message file as an OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) embedded object. /f msgfilename Opens the specified message file. /Nopreview Turns off the Preview Pane and removes the option from the View menu. /p msgfilename Prints the specified message file. /Profile profilename Loads the specified profile. Tip: If your profile name contains a space, enclosed the profile name in quotation marks, e.g. “see top example”. /Profiles Opens the Choose Profile dialog box. /Recycle Starts using an existing Outlook window. /Regserver Rewrites registry keys & re-associates file extensions. Tip: The settings are stored in the Outlook.srg file located in the same folder as the Outlook program. /ResetFolders Restores missing folders for delivery. /ResetOutlookBar Rebuilds the Outlook Bar. /s filename Loads the specified shortcuts file (ends in .fav). /Safe Starts without extensions, Preview Pane or toolbar. /Select outlook:foldername Opens the specified folder. /Unregserver Deletes all registry keys and file associations.

]Have you checked for any unintended ]Re-read your email to check it makes ]Have you said anything that you would
not say to someone's face? If you were angry when you wrote the email consider waiting before you send it. sense and emphasises the most important points.

Permissions for Net Folders

Reviewer Can read items and files only. You cannot create, modify, or delete items or files. Contributor Can read and create items and files but cannot edit or delete any items or files, even the ones you create. Author Can read and create items and files, and modify and delete only the items you create. Editor Can read, create, modify, and delete all items and files. Minimum Can receive all items as attachments to e-mail messages. Any changes you make to items are not updated to other member’s folders.
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