Move Around

1 word left or right Up or down one line End of a line End of a document Beginning of a line Beginning of a document Paragraph up or down Up or down one screen Up or down one page Top of a screen CTRL+ï or ð ñ or ò END CTRL+END HOME CTRL+HOME CTRL+ñ or ò PGUP or PGDN CTRL+PGDN or PGUP ALT+CTRL+PGUP ALT+CTRL+PGDN SHIFT+F5

One character left or right To the end of a word To the beginning of a word End of a line Beginning of a line One line up or down One screen down One screen up End of a document Beginning of a document Select the entire document Vertical block of text Deselect text BKSP CTRL+BKSP DEL CTRL+DEL CTRL+x CTRL+z CTRL+y CTRL+F3 SHIFT+CTRL+F3 SHIFT+ï or ð CTRL+SHIFT+ð CTRL+SHIFT+ï SHIFT+END SHIFT+HOME SHIFT+ñ or ò SHIFT+PGDN SHIFT+PGUP CTRL+SHIFT+ END CTRL+SHIFT+HOME CTRL+a CTRL+SHIFT+F8 ESC

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Apply or Remove a Selection’s Formatting
Bold Italic Underline Underline single words Double-underline text Hidden text Change case All capitals CTRL+b CTRL+i CTRL+u CTRL+SHIFT+w CTRL+SHIFT+d CTRL+SHIFT+h SHIFT+F3 CTRL+SHIFT+a

To paragraph beginning or end CTRL+SHIFT+ñ or ò

Crazy Colour™ Card for Microsoft® Word

Bottom of a screen Previous position

Character to the left Word to the left Character to the right Word to the right Cut text to the Clipboard Undo the last action Redo the last action Cut to the Spike Paste and clear Spike

Change Font

Paragraph Alignment & Indenting
Centre Justify Left align Right align Indent from the left Create a hanging indent Reduce a hanging indent Remove alignment & indents CTRL+e CTRL+j CTRL+l (L) CTRL+r CTRL+m

Change the font size Increase the font size Decrease the font size Increase font size 1 pt Decrease font size 1 pt

Remove an indent from the left CTRL+SHIFT+m CTRL+t CTRL+SHIFT+t CTRL+q

Insert Breaks
Line break Page break Column break SHIFT+ENTER CTRL+ENTER CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER

A ‘Spike’ clipboard stores and appends multiple items.

Copy & Move
Copy text/graphics Copy formats Move text/graphics Paste text/graphics Paste formats CTRL+c CTRL+SHIFT+c SHIFT+F2, ENTER CTRL+v CTRL+SHIFT+v

Format Paragraph
Single-space lines Double-space lines Set 1.5-line spacing CTRL+1 (one) CTRL+2 CTRL+5

ï, ð, ñ or ò Left, right, up or down arrow E.g. CTRL+SHIFT+r, ESC Press the CTRL key together with the SHIFT and r keys, release, then the ESC key.

Add/remove space before text CTRL+0 (zero)
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Crazy Colour™ Card for Microsoft® Word

Crazy Colour’s Top Tips
!Change a paragraph's formatting or style by clicking anywhere in the paragraph

Special Characters when Finding and Replacing
When finding (CTRL+f) or replacing (CTRL+h) text it is often useful to find special characters or formatting. With the codes below you can find, for example, all tabs (^t) and replace these with a paragraph marks (^p). Paragraph mark ^p Finding Only Comment mark ^a Tab character ^t Any character ^? ANSI or ASCII characters ^0nnn Any digit ^# (where nnn is the character code) Any letter ^$ Caret character ^^ Endnote mark ^e Column break ^n Field ^d Manual line break ^l Footnote mark ^f Manual page break ^m Graphic ^g Section break ^b White space ^w Em dash (—) ^+ Replacing Only En dash (–) ^= Clipboard contents ^c Nonbreaking space ^s Contents of the Find what box^& Nonbreaking hyphen ^~ Optional hyphen ^White space includes any number and combination of regular and nonbreaking spaces, tab characters, and paragraph marks.

and adjust the format or style as required. !To quickly select text use F8, press it once to turn the selector on, twice select a word, 3 times for a sentence, 4 for a paragraph, 5 for the whole document. Press ESC to turn F8 selections off.
!To copy just the text (not the formatting) when copying from a web page or !Open as many windows at a time as you want to. Use the CTRL+F6 !To avoid repeatedly clicking Ignore or

another document, choose Edit > Paste Special, and select Unformatted text. to view the next; to move backwards through the window list use CTRL+SHIFT+F6

Ignore All every time the spell-checker stops on a proper noun or a term commonly used in your documents click Add (to dictionary). !To see two parts of a document at the same time choose Window > Split and place the split bar where you want to divide the document window. To restore the panes to a single window, double-click the split bar. !To use curly quotation marks choose Tools > AutoCorrect. (Options) Select the AutoFormat tab and tick Replace... “Straight quotes” with “smart quotes”. !Increase the number of recently displayed files from 4 to 9: Visit Tools > Options, select the General tab and change the Recently used file list to 9 !To display the Find and Replace dialogue box double click on the status bar, (normally located at the bottom left of the screen). !To draw perfect circles or perfect squares hold down SHIFT when creating an oval to create a perfect circle, or when using the rectangle tools to create a perfect square. !Double-right-click on any tab stop (on the ruler) to open the Tabs dialogue box. !Double-click on the indent marker to open the Paragraph dialogue box that is used to format paragraphs. !Double-click on either the vertical or horizontal ruler to open the Page Setup dialogue box. !To make two words stay together on the same line (e.g. when typing phone numbers) insert a non-breaking space after the first word by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE.

Using Foreign Characters/Accents
Acute accent e.g. é Grave accent e.g. à Tilde e.g. ñ Circumflex e.g. û Diaeresis e.g. ö CTRL+' then the character e.g. e CTRL+` then a CTRL+SHIFT+~ then n CTRL+SHIFT+^ then u CTRL+SHIFT+: then o

9 781904 782070
Version: wd-006 (April 2004)

© Scott Spence 2003, published by Crazy Colour. ISBN: 1-904782-07-8

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