Lesbian Mob

Great lesbian group in SL since 2007, originally found at the L Word Sims. We have moved to Rainbow beach located at Dynasty. Come by and enjoy a great group of people who love to hangout and party together. We have daily and weekend events. Lesbian Mob is run by Mob boss Tery Mackenzie and Mob boss Pinky Parks. If you would like more information IM either one and they will be glad to help.

Bondage in th The Realities
By Sheri Dryke We all have fantasies. There are dreams, ideas, and images that swim around in our heads. We see someone across a room and begin to give them our version of a life, a personality, flaws or perfections on how we would like them to be. And if there is an attraction, physical or emotional, the fantasies multiply. In SL our fantasies can often run rampant. While there is a real person behind each and every avatar, we all share a shield of anonymity which for some can let the fantasies pour out. Perhaps that is why so many people in SL not only fantasize but take part in some of the “alternative” lifestyle activities such as D/s, BDSM and S&M. D/s, BDSM and S&M are often lumped together as one lifestyle. But among RL kinksters there are often very heated debates about the differences between them. While the differences between them may be more a matter of semantics, at least having a basic understanding of what all these letters mean can help. In every case though, the relationship is built upon some form or degree of power exchange. One partner gives up power to the other, generally to fulfill one or more fantasies and fetishes. Fetishes? Absolutely. Fetish often gets a bad rap but in its most basic form it is a preference. We all have preferences for things in life. Not everything, obviously, is a fetish. But when it comes to a distinct emotional or sexual preference, just about everyone has some form of fetish or another. Some people may like tall ladies while others like petite girls. Some prefer blonde hair or green eyes the same way others are attracted to long legs or large breasts. Think of it as how we’re wired. There are some people who are wired to want to be tied up and spanked. That is their fetish. And if they’re lucky, they find a partner who enjoys tying them up and spanking them. In order to help narrow down the various people with certain fetishes, we have created these broader categories. Each of these basically means what the initials stand for. For example, D/s stands for Dominance and submission. As that implies, within the relationship there is a Dominant and a submissive; one who is the boss, who enjoys being in charge, and one who is wants to serve and obey, who wants to please the other with her actions.

he Real World of D/s
In BDSM or Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism we add distinct physical aspects. Bondage implies the desire by one partner to somehow restrain the other. This is done with various types of bonds and quite often, the type used is important to the fantasy and fetish being experienced. Discipline refers to some type of punishment in order to ensure a level of obedience between the Dominant partner and her submissive. For many, this is some form of spanking but the punishment or discipline can take on as many

forms as there are people who have this fetish. There are people who specifically enjoy only one form of spanking while others are open and willing to explore a huge variety of punishments. Again, it’s all about some form of emotional fulfillment. The S & M or Sadism and Masochism aspects refer to the pleasure that derives from giving and getting pain. While this is often a large part of many BDSM relationships, those who classify themselves as part of the S & M culture see it as the driving factor in their relationship. While pain may be the basic centerpiece for S & M, not all pain is created equal to everyone. Often there are limits to the amounts of pain, the types of pain and the areas that get the pain. Some people can be wired in such a way that the only way they get their fetish fulfilled, the only way they get off, is if a certain body part takes pain from a certain type of implement within a certain setting. For others, it doesn’t matter as long as the pain is there.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to deal with a fetish. It is ultimately about the fetish. And nobody’s fetish is as important, erotic or satisfying as your own fetish. In RL lifestyle kinksters sometimes seem to understand this better than some people in SL. The very nature of this type of kinky lifestyle, which for simplicity sake we’ll refer to as D/s from here on out, means that you have to be open minded, especially about the fact that we all don’t “get off” on the same thing. This is where respect comes into play. It is important to understand that respect is a two way street. A person needs to respect the other as, well, a person. Sure, a basic premise of the D/s dynamic states that the submissive must respect her Domme. But if the Domme doesn’t respect her subbie, then what they have isn’t really a D/s relationship, it is abuse. Abuse has no place in any type of relationship. A huge part of the D/s dynamic revolves around the concept of power exchange. Power exchange is the ultimate signal that a couple is about to fully explore their kinks and fetishes. What too many people don’t realize is that a subbie does not have to submit to just any and every Domme. Respect her, yes but not completely submit. That is until the subbie has offered up her gift of submission. That means that the subbie has the power, maintains control over herself until she offers it to a Domme. Once the gift of submission is given, and only once it is given, can the Domme expect the subbie to obey. Too often people who don’t understand this most basic dynamic think that everyone who is submissive must kneel down and obey everything every Dominant says. There are some sims in SL built on the concepts of slavery (such as those practicing GOR) where the very fact that a submissive is there designates the offering of the gift of submission. But for a Dominant to expect total submission from someone who hasn’t offered up that gift is a complete and total lack of respect.

This is a problem of two people whose beliefs, whose fetishes, definitions and desires just don’t mesh. Their fetishes are out of synch. They are each wanting or expecting something different from the relationship. And with that the relationship just won’t work. But when two people have the same fantasies and are willing to explore the same fetishes the resulting relationship can be magical. In the world of D/s the most basic kind of relationship is called a scene. This is when two get together and enjoy sharing their fetishes for a brief encounter. A scene really isn’t a one night stand though it does share a number of similarities. In a scene, a couple agrees to explore shared fetishes with each other. The goal, much like a one night stand, is to find satisfaction and fulfillment. And that comes from both partners sharing the same fetishes. It makes the encounter that much more intense than the basic one night stand. For the true lifestyler, the person who wants to go beyond the basic scene and find a life partner, the added layer of D/s makes the connection deeper and way more intense than a normal relationship, or as the lifestyle kinkster refers to it, a vanilla relationship. The true D/s relationship has all of the emotions and feelings of that vanilla relationship. Yes, it caters to mutual fetishes that add a layer. But it also requires a deep and abiding trust that goes beyond what we normally see in a relationship. Every relationship requires trust. In D/s not only is there standard relationship trust but also a deeper trust. The subbie has to trust the Domme not to physically or emotionally hurt her. And the Domme has to trust both herself not to push things too far but also has to trust the subbie to not allow things to go beyond those mutual fetishes & emotions. D/s, BDSM and S & M can be an ocean in which you can dive in or it can be a small pond to step into and test the waters. Whatever level you want to explore this lifestyle, it is important to remember to respect yourself and your partner.

Photographer -Honey Bender Stylist - Peace Edenflower

Boi Oh Boi

Beautiful Young Black Butch: Skin - African M2 natural by Nany Merlin Hair - Eddie by :::: IrEn :::: Shape - Michele Shape by *NN Violet* Necklace - Primitive Design_Kekoa Sea - UNISEX necklace Tank - E! - Eclectic Apparel & Accessories Pride Tank Top Jeans - Howard Lindley Designs Nemo Jeans Boots - Surf Couture Elsa Boots

Butch Bath Skin - ::eXceSs:: - ::XS:: Androgyne :: BOY :: Cream :: simple D Shape - Terry Shape by *NN Violet* Tattoo - AITUI TATTOO - Aggression V.2 Boxers - < BD > Fashions Boxers basic white Boots - <TheAbyss> NAU Combat Boots

At The Gate: Skin - &Bean Hair - ‘Dystopia’ in blood red by The Abyss Tattoo - ‘Maggie’ by artilleri T-Shirt - ‘Graphic # 4 print Tee’ in black & grey from +grasp+ Belt & jeans - ‘BF Jeans #7’ by Maitreya Boots - ‘BC322 Work Boots Dr. Murders’ by Skull&Bones Stronghold

The Butch Rock Band Left Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘Black Sonic’ in almost black by Black Maria Suit - black men’s suit by Savvy Avvy Cuffs - ‘Men’s cyberpunk gloves’ with spikes from SF Design Middle Skin - ::eXceSs:: - ::XS:: &rogyne :: BOY :: Cream :: simple D Shape - Shane Shape by NN Violet Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ CRUZ ~ Outfit - ::eXceSs:: -::XS::vergot :: shirt + pants :: white+black Shoes - Urban Bomb Unit Porn Star Low Tops Right Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘Rabi black’ by Little Heaven Glasses - ‘Gudshu Pilot glasses’ by Submariner Shirt & waistcoat - ‘Cambridge shirt & Liscio vest’ Armidi Pants - black latex pants from Sn@tch Shoes - black denim sneakers by sf Design

In The Office Left Skin - :eXceSs:: - ::XS:: &rogyne :: BOY :: Cream :: simple D Shape - Terry Shape by *NN Violet* Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ CRUZ ~ Jacket - Delirium Style Too Fast Jacket Tank - M*O*B*B* ~Wife Beater~ (White) Belt - MayCreations belt with h&cuffs Jeans - MayCreations leather jeans with rivets Right Skin - :eXceSs:: - ::XS:: &rogyne :: BOY :: Cream :: simple D Shape - Shane Shape by *NN Violet* Hair - W&Y HAIR New 87 Sweater - {Gisaci} Classic Cashmere Turtleneck - Chocolate Pants - {Gisaci} Ruvido Slacks - Annerire Boots - MayCreations biker boots with belts

In The Locker Room Left Skin - ‘Naomie 2’ by Redgrave Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘RockZ Oxygen’ by LollipopZ Tattoo - ‘Henna 2 full body tattoo’ by HUZ TATS Boxers - *Linc* boxer in white by Lucky Ink Jewelry - ‘Barb Wire’ by C&y Floss

In The Locker Room Right Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘Halu’ in black by Mirai Style Tattoo - ‘Harley Special Tattoo’ by Bodyart Tank - dirty beater tank by FORM Boxers - *Linc* boxer in black by Lucky Ink

In The Dorm Left Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘Rabi blonde’ by Little Heaven Outfit - ‘BK Captain with ear piece’ by Black Knight Right Skin - ::eXceSs:: - ::XS:: &rogyne :: BOY :: Cream :: simple D Shape - Terry Shape by *NN Violet* Tattoo - AITUI TATTOO - Aggression V.2 Boxers - < BD > Fashions Boxers basic white Boots - <TheAbyss> NAU Combat Boots

In The Butch Strip Club Left Uniform - ‘BK Captain with long coat’ by Black Knight Hat - ‘Peaked cap (German)’ by Latexia Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Right Skin - ::eXceSs:: ::XS:: &rogyne :: BOY :: Mocha :: clean Shape - Terry Shape by *NN Violet* Hair - .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ALEX ~ Suit - Blaze* Wool Suit

In the Garage Left Skin - [RockBerry] Megan A Natural Shape - Terry Shape by *NN Violet* Hair - W&Y HAIR New 87 ‘TYPE’A T-shirt - Howard Lindley Designs Heroes Super Shirt - sf design flannel shirt Jeans - Howard Lindley Designs Nemo Jeans Right Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘Rabi black’ by Little Heaven Glasses - ‘Gudshu Pilot glasses’ by Submariner Shirt & waistcoat - ‘Cambridge shirt & Liscio vest’ Armidi Pants - Black latex pants from Sn@tch

In The Tattoo Parlour Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hat - ‘Unisex Beanie’ in black by Maitreya Glasses - ‘Gudshu Pilot glasses’ by Submariner Tattoo - ‘Swallows’ full body tattoo by addiXion Jacket - ‘Rollup Riders with shirt’ from AOHARU Shorts - Baggy shorts by WRONG

In The Butch Rockabilly Bar: Left Shape - Shane Shape by *NN Violet* Hair - Action Mens Hair Zack Shirt - Action Womens Layered Top Pants - Action Womens Punk Zipz Red Tartan - Pants Right Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Shape - model’s own Hair - ‘RockZ Oxygen’ by LollipopZ Tattoo - ‘Maggie’ from artilleri Tank - Beater tank by FORM Shorts - Baggy shorts with matching suspenders by WRONG

Butch Domme Sergeant: Skin - ‘Closer nude pale’ by &Bean Glasses - ‘Gudshu glasses’ by Submariner Outfit - ‘BK Captain’ by Black Knight Boots - ‘Gestapo boots’ by Luna’s

Graffiti Artist: Skin - ::eXceSs:: - ::XS:: &rogyne :: BOY :: Cream :: simple D Shape - Shane Shape by *NN Violet* Hair - >TRUTH< Maddy Necklace - The Golden Fleece Jewelry - Amethyst & Obsidian & Hematite & Bone Beads Bracelet - Wicked Gear Stacked Bracelet Tank - SG Fashion Classic Tank Pants - Delirium Style - Velvet Pants/Blueish

Photographer - Mike Edmonds Stylist - Peace Edenflower

Naughty Neko Violet #2 Skin - LAQ Tasha Hair - [Detour] Writer Jewelry - Sil`ly Designs - Lostwing Female, Earrings by Euthanasia, Body Art - Necro Ghetto Shoes - [*RG*] Girls’ Biker Boots Jacket - =Dela*= Shearling Jacket Black Jeans -*Argrace*Lady’s 3way denim Pack Shirt - Luck inc. Button Down Shirt white

Mischa Zhukovsky #1 Skin - LAQ Imani Nougat Glow Hair - Damselfly Cerys Shoes - Courtisane - Devoue Sandal in mauve Dress - LeeZu Baxter - Revolution Pan

Elayna Rexen #1 Skin - Custom Created by B.L. Hair - Damselfly*Sadyi -Brown Mocha Jewelry - EarthStones*Caged-heart GoldGarnet Necklace & Earrings Boots - Wardoom*S DarkGina Elegance Latex Black Outfit - AVid*Decending Angel in Black

Elayna Rexen #3 Skin - Custom Created by B.L. Hair - Damselfly*Sadyi Brown-Mocha Shorts - Exodi* Nadia Shorts Dark-Blue Socks - AnaG * frilly socks Bikini - Magia * Beach Babe Bikini in Pink and Black Hat - Bedlam inc. Pink Fishing hat FishingRod 4.3 Seven Seas, Tattoos - Custom made B.L.

Mischa Zhukovsky #2 Skin - Dutch Touch Cleo Hair - Maitreya Apple - Coffee Shoes - Pornstar High Tops Jeans - Cake Vancouver Jeans - Stone Tank - Carlucci et Carlucci Tank - Freedom Funky

NaughtyNeko Violet #1 Skin - LAQ Tasha Hair - Ada by Exile Jewelry - Apple May Designs Study Necklace Sil’ly Designs Heart Hoops Sliver Shoes - Maitreya Gold Esprit-Xtd Noir Black Outfit - Apple May Designs Tiered

Elayna Rexen #2 Skin -Custom created by B.L. Hair - Damselfly *Valya -Brown Mocha Jewelry - Alienbear *Longoria - White Necklace & Earrings Shoes - Maitreya *ChiChi pumps Velvet Black Outfit - aDiva Couture *Lace treasure-Black

Heartbreak SL
Is it any different?
A concensus can be found across the sims that love in Second Life is better because you can be your true self in world. No need to hide personality quirks, that pimple on your nose, or any other part of yourself you deem undesirable. SL gives you the chance to be free and open. However, most agree that being open also means welcoming vulnerability. In SL, we are not afraid to show who we really are. We let people inside our hearts more than we normally would in the real world. This leaves the door wide open for heartbreak. It can’t be known how many private conversations include the words, I would never hurt you. And yet they do…don’t they? The ride downhill might start with an all too common excuse at being too tied up in the real word with a halfhearted ‘sorry, I missed you,’ thrown in. Of course you don’t mind. There are things to be done after all, real world stuff to take care of. But then panic sets in once you realize that you haven’t seen her in days and the last time you held her in your arms and danced to that V3 dance ball you both like so much was already more than a week ago. When they leave, what do you have left? The silence on the other end is real, ear ringing and hollow. It’s easier to pull a Houdini in here. The ropes holding us are virtual (or so, we think). A click of a button and you can cut them all loose. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as virtual disbelief, virtual panic, virtual fear. We only have our feelings and those are all real.

It is no secret that SL is known for its sexual play through the anonymi through break ups, deceit, and betrayal. Is virtual heartbreak any diff Heartbreak is heartbreak, right?

Lesbian Style...
The worst thing about SL is also what makes it so great. It offers an opportunity to be who you want to be, live out fantasies you never would admit to having, and be…free. Starting over is incredibly easy. You change your name, don a new skin, acquire new friends, and become a new person. You might even say hi to the woman whose heart you broke a few days ago and pretend to be a noob. She wouldn’t know anyway, right? Breaking up (SL or otherwise) is hard to do. Closure in SL can also be hard to come. But no one is saying don’t fall in love. What would life be if we didn’t love? How would we grow emotionally if we did not lose? If you love in SL, do so wisely. Do so as you would in real life but do so cautiously. And if it is you that must leave, please give that person closure. Without it you are causing unspeakable harm. If you don’t care what happens to your ex-love, you need a flip title warning: ‘Heartbreak Ahead’. Thank you to Izzy Corbin, Wendy Forger, Crystal Cirmenara, Inara Arriaga By Indygo Criss

ity of avatars. Along with sex, romance, and relationships, we also go ferent than in real life? Some think it might be possibly worse. How?

Purveyor of fine animated erotic furniture to the GLBT community in SL
‘Its not just the furniture... its the service’

Out & About

Your gateway into the hot clubs & DJs

I have been in SL for a little over a year. My passion is music, it is in my blood. I play anything and everything, I always aim to please the crowd. I have been a DJ on several programs since 2001 and a little over a year ago came to SL. Have been DJ’n on SL for a year. Spinning Pop, Trance, Techno, House, Oldies, Club Theme and Romance genre’s. Also, offering private DJ services for special events, weddings, birthday partys, baby showers and more... My Current Schedule: Tue: 3-5pm slt @ Greek Gold Wed: 8-10pm slt @ Greek Gold Fri: 9-12pm slt @ Greek Gold Sat: 3-5pm slt @ Greek Gold Sat: 7:30-9:30pm slt @ Lesbian Mafia DJ Emmy MistressEmerald Breen

Rainbow Moon
Hawt Lesbian club located on Dynasty, home of the Lesbian Mob... Come and dance to the hawtest DJ’s and great events, meet the greatest lesbians in all of SL. Rainbow Moon has been in SL since 2005 and is still going strong! We have daily events and games. Come and visit us. For more information IM Tery Mackenzie or Pinky Parks. Come and feel the magic of the moon.

My name is Fantasy2u Deere. On July the 27th after working for other radio stations Fly High will join the air waves. The music comes from my vast collection of reel to reel, vinyl, cassettes & CD’s. Gene from romance to trance, blues to rock, R&B to soul... the songs that bring a smile. But most important - what you the listener requests!!!! If you would like to try Fly High at your establishment please use this url: Fly High runs 24/7 – 365. If you would like a place an ad on a show, have it run at specific hour or to sponsor a show feel free to contact me or la Freese. Come Fly on the Music!! dj.deere@yahoo messenger Hi there DJ Case here... music is my heart, music is my soul and DJing is my passion. I love and play all genres of music and have been DJing on SL now for about a year. I take my DJing very seriously. I strive to be at my best and make sure my audience is satisfied with my performance. Whatever genre I am playing... I guarantee to rock, shake, groove, and move you... I currently DJ at Greek Gold Lesbian Resort Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 10pm - 12am SLT... I am available to DJ private parties, weddings, club events.

Welcome to A Woman’s Touch A Women Only Club. We are like a Sorority where women can relax and have fun together. While here, make yourself at home. We try to keep all things free here but tips (above the dance cage) are appreciated. Be sure to visit our new Tiki Bar and Dance club and the new AWT Mall behind the main house. If you would like to join the AWT group, contact Ashra Lang. There are few rules here. Men will be asked to leave unless they are escorted. Please respect the privacy of couples using animation balls. Couples using animation balls should use IM for romantic cyber. Learn more at www.a-womanstouch.com

Harlow’s Dance & Party Club The finest women only club in SL. We welcome all women to the TresQueens sim to enjoy everything we have to offer. Lesbian, bi, straight, butch, femme, we include everyone. We provide a safe & secure sim for all women. On TresQueens you can rent a larger parcel or a small cottage, shop at our mall, rent on one of our gorgeous skypads or visit one of our clubs for entertainment. We truly have everything you might want here. We have the Tea House at Harlow’s providing a dance club as well as private rooms and, if you wish, escorts. There is the lovely Sky Ballroom, on of the most imitated clubs in SL. TP up and force environment to either sunset or midnight for a romantic experience second to none. For lovers of industrial, grunge, punk and all forms of music we have the insanitarium, also in the sky. Events range from guest DJ’s to such events as Zombie Fest. We continue to grow, expand and evolve at Harlow’s, with the purpose of providing top level entertainment to all women. You can come here and live, shop and play - you never need to leave the sim! :-) We are even opening our wedding and reception area with two honeymoon areas to be a full service female community. Visit us for a safe and secure, entertaining experience. All women are welcome and many say it’s like coming home to family. We want you as part of our family. Feel free to contact any of our staff for information or assistance. General Manager: Megan Strom Harlow’s manager: SnowElf Mazie Assistant Managers: Linu Wirefly, shawna McBride, Brianna Pfalz CEOs: Flannery Sweetwater, Oracle Miklos, Mandy Dorfler

Rainbow Family Misfits Club Created for Familys of all life forms and Preferences of SL. Be it GLBT, Neko, Furry, Vampire, Goth. All are welcome to have fun in a Safe PG Club Environment. Enjoy our 7 Seas Fishing, Games, Contests, Sploder, Tiny Empires, Live DJ’s. and MUCH MUCH more!! Daily Events 10am - 12pm SLT Game Nights, Movie Nights, Fishing Contests, Family Picnics, Waterfall Cave, Playground, Paradise Blanket

G REEK G old l esbian R esort
Greek Gold Lesbian Resort This is a place for all women - we are happy to have you in the family. We have extra Groups Titles that are available for those who would like a Femme, Butch or Boi title. The first time you visit, you will arrive at the front gate. This is also where friends you TP over will arrive if they do not have a Group Title. Here we have a really nice area to sit and visit with friends. Feel free to gather there and visit as we want everyone to feel at home. The most popular place on GGLR is the dance pavilion. We have DJ’s from morning til night with hostesses to answer your questions and who keep the party going and almost always there is a contest. Its a place to socialize, dance and get to meet most of the members of GGLR. We have Friday night theme dances from 4pm until 8pm where the dance floor is transformed to match the theme. GGLR stage area is the place for live entertainment. We have Clairede Dirval every Sun 3:00pm SL and Thurs 11am SL plus other musicians scheduled randomly. Feeling like a little romance, try the ballroom in the sky, a romantic dance floor set up for formals. Every Saturday night we have a formal from 7pm SL - 9pm SL. Like movies? We have them in our GGLR Movie Theatre. Catch a flick with your partner or friend(s) and have some pop corn and some soda or slurpies. We also have rentals here on GGLR and on our sister sims. There is a place for almost every budget. Have a look around and find your perfect SL home. Thank you again for joining GGLR and being part of our family. If there is anything you can think of that might improve GGLR, there are two suggestion boxes - one located at the front gate and the other located at the dance pavillion. Feel free to make any suggestions. GGLR Staff

What is the Dyke March? The Dyke March is a global society of people who identify as; queer, genderqueer, lesbian, dyke, butch, femme, MtF, FtM, transsexual, transgendered, and questioning, and who promote diversity and acceptance within our communities. It is a global group of people who celebrate the uniqueness of each individual within our community and support their changes and growth. Who are we? We understand DYKE IDENTITY to include those of us who are grass root lesbians and dykes, questioning and challenging gender constructs and the social definitions of women, and who are gender fluid. We also welcome all women who want to support dykes to march with us. We are femmes, butches, and otherwiseidentified; dykes-of-color, dykes of mixed race, Jewish dykes, and white dykes; dykes of varying ages and classes. Some of us identify as queer, or as genderqueer. We are transgendered MtF and FtM, we are pre-op, post-op, and transitioned, but most importantly, we ARE trans friendly! Our Mission: Our top priority is to provide a diverse and welcoming space for participants of all sexualities, genders, races, ages, ethnicities, sizes, economic backgrounds, and physical abilities. We strive to create a place where acceptance of all diversity within our community is accepted!

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