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1st speaker
Honorable adjudicators and happy audience.
Corruption means the abuse of legal power by government official for immoral private gain. It is
well-known done with tendency towards the benefits for individual or group interest. Corruption is
prominently forbidden not only by law but also religion in Indonesia. That teaches us about bad
impact of doing negative things, like getting heavy punishment in the hereafter.
Team line:
Our time line is corruption causes mass destruction for peoples misery and it should be stopped by
death penalty to prevent other corruption.
Team split:
The first speaker will deal with corruption regarded from law, the second speaker speak about
afford to prevent corruption by death penalty, and the third speaker talk about exclusive law and
court for the corruptor.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Here I agree with the motion stating that the corruptors must get death penalty. There are some
reasons why I can say this. Those can be looked upon some point of views:
1. Regarded from law.
Here I would like to give some reasons regarding law constitution.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Based on constitution 1999 no. 31 article 2 stating that death penalty can be executed in a certain
condition and it is really a must to be done including fining death penalty upon the corruptor.
If the death penalty really be executed it will give a shock therapy for the corruptor because all of
corruptors will be afraid to do corruption again. Then the candidate of new corruptor will think
twice or maybe 3 times, 4 times, 5 times up to hundreds time to do corruption because if they will
perpetrate corruption they will get death penalty.
Ladies and gentlemen.
When we are watching television, reading newspaper or listen to radio, corruptor is mainly
discussed as the hottest issue. This case are found everywhere, either in countryside or big cities the
corruptor can be whoever having a chance to do it.
It can occur at all levels of our society, such as from local and national government. Those are like
the leader of village, representative of citizen and up to the highest level.

If the bad condition is not done soon by firm sanction, what will happen with the country in the
future ladies and gentlemen?
Here the firmest sanction for the corruptor they must get death penalty. If the corruptor gets only a
sentence in prison, they can still feel the freedom. For example: one of the corruptor in our country
has got a sentence in prison but he can still go anywhere, even in jail he got luxurious facilities, like
air conditioner, LCD player, and even they can go out of the prison.
Please you imagine what you feel? How about your feeling watching the reality that make us
annoyed about it? Do you will the people who has made our society misery, they get penalty that
can be called VIP punishment.
Ladies and gentlemen.

Relating to this, it is better to give death penalty for the corruptor rather than sentence in jail for
some years or long life.

Please well imagine with your logical thought, if the corruptor get only sentence in jail or maybe
long life, does it make our country lose, and it does not give advantage for us and our country?

Why I can say that ladies and gentlemen?

For example: if the corruptor is just in jail it of course our government will give meals for them.
They do not give our government advantage but make our government lose.

Ladies and gentlemen.

As we all know that our country and government has afforded to eliminate corruptor in our country,
like government has formed a board such as Commission of Corruption Eradication (KPK), even in
all constitution had been contented about banning to perpetrate corruption. But what had happened
in our surroundings? There are still many corruptors. They did not feel afraid of it.

If our government just relax and give penalty in jail for the corruptor how about our country in the
future and for the next generation?

There will be corruptors everywhere, in the villages up to the big citiesladies and gentlemen.

To avoid the worst thing that will happen, our government must give a firm penalty that is death
penalty for the corruptor.

So, we stand in this motion that corruptor must get death penalty.

Happy audience ladies and gentlemen.

Team line:

Our time line is the corruptor has human right to live and government can use jail sentence.

Team split:

The first speaker speak about the human right for the corruptor to live, the second speaker talk
about the chance for corruptor to back go the right way, and the third speaker speak about the worst
effect caused by death penalty.


I disagree with the motion because there are some reasons why I disagree about it! It can be
regarded from various kind of field.

1. Regarded from human right.

2. Regarded from psychology of corruptor family.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Here as the first speaker I will speak about human right. I think we all know what human right is.
Human right is right that adhere in everyones self since inside of womb thats have a supreme and
fundamental as the gift of God for long life and it cant be claimed by whoever and it must be
respected, be kept and must be protected by whoever social or state. From the statement above it is
really obvious that everybody, everyone has a human right especially life right including for the
corruptor. Corruptor is also an ordinary human. Like me, like you, and like us. So, corruptor has
human right to life as well, why corruptor should get a death penalty ladies and gentlemen?

Based on constitution of 1945 article 28 a about life right. It is really obvious that it is contain about
human right.

So, relating to this if the death penalty really be done. Wont it break human right? Where is the real
of our government to protect the society if the death penalty really be done?

Ladies and gentlemen.

We recognize that Indonesia is even the house of corruptors. Many corruptors in Indonesia started
by the most little levels up to highest levels. But, I think to give penalty our government must not
use a death penalty. Actually, the corruptors are mostly smart person and have an outstanding

But, because of their intelligence is not be balanced by strong religion lesson. So that, finally they
are taken to do a corruption.

And if all of them get a death penalty what will happen to our country? Perhaps, citizen or resident
in Indonesia is only a stupid person as the rest?

If we wait the next generation it is not sure will be better than the corruptor right now.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Now, lets see the reality! We all know that manycorruptors in Indonesia who has known or have
not yet. Maybe the corruptor in Indonesia has reached 50% of official in our country and all of them
get a case of corruption.

Please you imagine; if all of them get a death penalty. How about their family fate? Perhaps they
will be misery or maybe their family will be poor because they do not have a spinal column to
fulfill their needs. Will it increase the level of poverty in our country? They will cry all night long
who will take responsibilities to them? Our government? I think it is not possible right?

Ladies and gentlemen.

Like what I say in my previous statement that actually the corruptor mostly a smart people. If death
penalty really be done it will reduce the intelligence our government.

So, relating to this I think a death penalty is not really important. Instead of giving death penalty it
is better if our government improve things for development our country. And instead of their
behavior maybe, perhaps our government can give the corruptors a penalty as heavy as the lost that
is caused of them.

And it is not necessary get a death penalty.

So, here we are as the opposition we disagree with the motion. Thanks

2nd speaker


Well, ladies and gentlemen. Here I am as the second speaker from government, I would like to rebut
some arguments from the opposition.

Considering the statements from opposition stating that corruptor should not get death penalty
because of human right issue. They said that the corruptor has right to life without anyone insulting
the basic right that they have. Is that true?

Those are not the reason on how to make deal with the corruptor. They totally make a mass
destruction in our life. Poverty that actually can be reduced by funding from the government but the
corruptor steals it. In fact, they smoothly kill people by taking the money and flee away towards the
reasons going abroad for injure treatment. The government then cant arrest them or even take them
into the tribunal of law court.


Ladies and gentlemen.

We should understand clearly about the death penalty. This means that people will not do corruption
over and over because of afraid of death penalty. This is the prevention and not the action for only
murdering the corruptor with beheading sentence. People will not do that even trying for once if
they know that the result of robbing money from the country is death. If we do not give death
penalty so they think it does not matter stealing money because they will get fine only for one and
half year in the prison. After all, they can be free with much money that they get it beforehand.

Another reason on why we should fine the corruptor with the death penalty. We can imagine that if
we are sick in very bad condition then the doctor will injure us with very intensive treatment. And if
somebody badly injured, so they will get in emergency treatment. It goes the same with corruption,
if we do not treat as emergency so it can cause deadly effect for those who are infected with the
virus called corruption.

So ladies and gentlemen.

The last statement is if we really want to make a change and better life in our future. We should
do it particularly starting from managing ourselves into very good maintenance by eradicating
corruption. Thus, we stand firmly in this motion that the corruptor must get death penalty. Thanks


Ladies and gentlemen happy audience.

Here is my rebuttal. Based on the arguments given by government, it does not have any correlation
between the death sentences with the fear of perpetrating corruption. Again, we said it does not have
any correlation at all. We should focus on the people who accused as the corruptors and they get
death penalty.That is the point of this debate actually. It seems the government does not really
understand with the motion.


I am sure you all know about mafia of law court.Alleged people will look for the way to escape and
manipulate the result of court. We arevery sorry, somehow we do not intend to put aside the dignity
of judiciary but some irresponsible people who abuse their power of legalized government to do
that.This clearly shows that the tribunal of law court is still likely to be unfair for some cases.

Ladies and gentlemen.

We, therefore, stand against this motion because government has possibility to fine the corruptor
with prison sentence. It aims at giving the corruptor the chance to reconstruct their life into the way
of goodness. The way that they and their family can live happily without any feeling of being
ashamed and blamed by all people in the country. Thus it is the main purpose of fining the corruptor
with the jail sentence and not with the death penalty that criticized and cursed by International
Amnesty Commission demanding all nations to not use the death sentence.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The next argument that we should pay more is that there are many people blamed because of the
others crime. The bad people envy with the good people. So, they try to manipulate some cases for
the good that possibly cause them jailed into prison. We should understand that not all government
officials corrupt the money and put it into their own pocket. They do good job without any tendency
and honestly manage the financial administration in advance, but sadly, they are cursedly slandered
by their fellow perpetrating corruption. That is definitely because the reason on how the bad
tackling the good and succeed the goods position.

That is why we should convince you all that this motion is clearly understood and tackling the

problem properly. We greatly against this motion ladies and gentlemen. Thanks

3rd speaker


Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Regarding the arguments from the opposition, we will give the rebuttal
for eliminating the anxiety of being alleged as corruptor. We believe that Commission of Corruption
Eradication uses the available and undisputed evidence to prove someone as the alleged corruptor
deriving data and trustable witness. Because the fine is death penalty that is considered as the
heaviest sentence so the commission cannot take the decision recklessly. They must have used the
principle of non-error presumption ladies and gentlemen.

Points of arguments from the first and second speaker:

1. Regarding the law constitution, corruption can possibly get the death penalty because of the mass
misery for people.

2. Regarding the prevention for other corruption, death penalty can significantly prevent the vast
corruption officially.

Since we know that corruption cannot be stopped by common sentence for criminal only. That
should be an exclusive law for the corruptor because we already have special court for them.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Corruption has similar crime with the bomber. They kill many people consciously and they deserve
to get death penalty. It goes the same with corruptor. They steal the money from country and it
causes many people die because of the money that can help them was lose over the corruptor ladies
and gentlemen.

Corruption is a mass destruction of people and it causes great misery for the poor killing them

This case, we totally agree with the motion that the corruptor must get death penalty. Thank you
ladies and gentlemen.


Ladies and gentlemen. The debate is going to the end and we are as the opposition, will give
rebuttal for the last speaker of government. Here we go. Lets think critically with this motion ladies
and gentlemen! The case of corruption is criminal but it is the same with the others. You know why?
That because corruption is the case of morality. If we can lead to morality into the goodness so it
transforms people from the hell to the heaven. And the government should give the chance for
corruptor to do that. Death penalty cannot be used to do that but prison sentence has the possibility
to change corruptor realizing their mistake.

Point of arguments from the first and second speaker.

1. Regarding human right, corruptor should have chance to change their behavior become the good

2. Regarding mafia of law court, alleged corruptor has possibility that someone is envy with them
and manipulates cases for them.

Ladies and gentlemen.

This motion is clearly understood that we should give chance for the corruptor to be the good

However, if the sentence has been executed and the last was found that the alleged corruptor does
not perpetrate, how is the responsibility for the corruptor and the family. They lose forever and no
one can make them live again ladies and gentlemen.

Therefore, that can cause the revenge from the family. Who knows? They will do crime that is
worse than corruption ladies and gentlemen.

So, corruption is the matter of morality and we should change it step by step with prison sentence.
We are as the opposition, firmly disagree with the motion.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen.