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Niket Ranjan

Finance | Research | Cell: +1 647 997 7678

Schulich School of Business, York University
Master of Business Administration (Candidate): Finance
Recipient of Deans Scholarship
Winner of Finance Quiz competition organized by Schulich Finance Association, 2015
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT)
Bachelor of Technology: Electronics and Communications
Executive member of Marketing and Social Club
Content designer for departmental wall magazine
Winner of inter college debate competition in 2007 and 2009 at SMIT

Toronto, ON
Sep `14 Apr `16

Sikkim, India
June `06 - June `10

SkyLink Limousine Services
Financial Analyst Intern
Maintained accounting entries and company records
Prepared monthly reports, including working papers and account analysis
Estimated cost of operations and provided support in the budgeting process

Ontario, Canada - June `15 Aug `15

India - Aug `13 Aug `14
Account Manager/Customer Service Rep
Managed the account of sellers listed on our website
Analyzed and took final decision on financial matters such as budget for website development, advertisements, % of fees
charged to sellers
Handled all the customer and sales related queries
Our team managed to sell 2,200,000 INR worth of products to over 1300 customers in just over one year of operation
TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)
Senior Support Executive
Bangalore, India - Apr `14 Jul `14
Support head and point of contact for critical issues for 80,000 CISCO employees
Chief implementer of changes in the application to ensure continuous improvement in customer experience
Team Leader
Chennai, India - Oct `12 Mar `14
Led a team of 5 associates for the development of a proof of concept for our client, BRITISH TELECOM, to reduce per
quarter operating cost of the project by 120,000 pounds
Managed finances of the project - Estimation and negotiation of development cost of the client requirements and project
budgeting for financial year 2013-2014
Analyzed competing firms bidding history in order to build a winning bid strategy for 2 new projects offered by our client
(using NPV and IRR models)
Proof read and signed off all the documents sent to the client
Incharge of recruitment, training and appraisal of new associates
Software Developer
Jul `10 Sep `12
Developed scripts in UNIX to automate processes and reduced the operation time from 20 minutes to 2 minutes
Designed an ad hoc reporting tool to ease up the weekly reporting process
Part of the 3 Line support team - Managed issues raised by end customer
Team member of the best performing team at TCS in 2011
On the Spot award for excellent performance in 2012 at TCS


Co-founded an ecommerce website during my graduation in 2009

Member of not-for-profit organization Association for Promotion of Creative Learning and Mithilangan
Got certified in IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to enhance my support role in TCS
CFA Candidate, 2015