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Lisa Gonzales Williams

Marketing & Advertising

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Editor at Large
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Letter from the Editor at Large:

Greetings readers,

September 2015
Volume 9 Issue 4

It is quite an honor to hold the title of Editor at Large for this exclusive issue. Over the years I have had the pleasure of reaching
out to people all over the world with all credit being due to my
media expertise, of course. However, this by far has been my
favorite form. Hopefully you all will receive as much joy reading
as I have editing and writing. Thank you for your continuous dedication over the years and your loyalty. We hope that you will
subscribe to one of our two magazines (Abigail and Geechee One)
or both, and tell a friend of all of the knowledge and entertainment youve picked up along the way while encouraging their
readership as well.
I am privileged to share the work, words and stories of so many
dedicated and selfless people. Please visit our website to experience our virtual presence as well. Also, feel free to leave suggestions and comments, I love hearing from you!
Again, it is my pleasure and I appreciate your continued support
as a loyal reader and follower.
With warmest thanks,
Pretti P.L. Ladi,

Frank Nitty Confident

Chill Will KOHP
Radio & Promo
My Divine Fashionista
Keyshia Green
Shanera Gaymon
Bitta Visual Media
All Rights Reserved. Geechee One Magazine is a bi-monthly print publication based out of
Charleston, S.C. For advertising or subscription information please write to:
Geechee One Magazine, P.O. Box 41114, North Charleston, S.C. 29423.

Its almost as if she prophesized the 21st century

and spoke it into existence. Why? Because wellbehaved women seldom make history. Take Kim
Kardashians breaking the internet early on in 2015
with her questionable nude photos on the cover of
Paper magazine. Or Miley Cyrus extreme twerkfest at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Both
undeniably a little wayward and uncouth to say the
least, but we know them by name and we mimic
their behavior. Turning back the clock a few decades and hoop skirts earlier, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, a historian and University of Harvard professor presented this insurmountable idea in a simple
quote, Well-behaved women seldom make history. With this, she became even more of an innovative and influential being to the womens movement
throughout the course of history. Her most powerful quote, encouraged her to write a book after she
saw how meaningful it was and how it was used as
an escape tool into pop culture. This book allowed
her to highlight some of the most powerful and
credited women for shaping our history during her
time, including Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Virginia Woolf to name a
few. Ulrich identified herself as a feminist who tried
to change the negative influences certain women
had on the world by shedding light on the positive
ones. In retrospect, we cant say that it didnt work,
we know them by name and we know their efforts.
However, every now and again, a good twerk session is good for the soul.

While most five-year-olds are enjoying their summer

playing with friends, going to camp and taking family vacations, Tyreek Gasden is spending his a whole
lot differently. After being told he may never walk
again, Tyreek assures everyone that he is just thankful and blessed to be alive. During the heated month
of May, Tyreek and his grandmother Doretha Jones
were walking down America and Mary streets in
Downtown Charleston, when gunfire erupted. As
they walked around the corner, they ran into an
apparent gun-fight. Doretha said she laid down trying to protect Tyreek as the gunman ran over them,
still trying to chase down his intended target. As
Tyreeks grandmother saw blood leaking from his
shirt she realized something terrible had happened.
Tyreek was shot in the back and another victim, in
the leg. He was rushed to MUSC where doctors later
concluded that he had been shot in the spine. It is
unknown whether Tyreek will walk again, but on the
up and up, the shooter has since been identified as
27-year-old Calvin Brown Jr. Hes been charged with
two counts of attempted murder along with a weapons charge. Through the midst of it all, Tyreek remains the joyful little boy that he always has been.
Hes been receiving treatment in South Carolina as
well as North Carolina, and although he continues to
remain hopeful he still questions why he is unable to
walk. As hurtful as it is to explain to a five-year-old
about the condition of his health and why he cant
enjoy playing with other kids his age as he once did,
we cant help but question the current nature and
status of our community.
- by P.L.

Nothing defines true beauty and poise like a crown and a sashok, ok,
maybe were being a little dramatic, however, it does look good,
especially on the cover of our magazine. And this years 2015 Ms.
Spring Bling pageant winner knows all about looking good, and what it
takes to exhibit true grace and talent. After all the pics and press, we
got a chance to chop it up with this years pageant princess:
Laquawn Hyman, in an exclusive interview.

Geechee One Mag: First we want to congratulate you for winning the 2015 Ms. Spring
Bling Pageant. For those who dont know
you, introduce yourself.
Laquawn: My Name is Laquawn Hyman and
Im 30 yrs old married with three children
who was born here in the Charleston, SC
area and has never lived outside of SC. Im a
fun and energetic peoples person thats all
about keeping a safe environment for my
family and me. I graduated from Miller
Motte Technical College with my Associates
in Business Management. I currently work
part time in sales and I really enjoy it.
Geechee One Mag: How did you get into
pageantry and modeling?
Laquawn: I was very interested in being a
model since I was a child so I wanted to
achieve my biggest dreams in the modeling
industry, so when that opportunity came to
Charleston I jumped on it with determination.
Geechee One Mag: What type of model are
Laquawn: I would say Im a classic beauty
that loves to do basic modeling, but I prefer
to be creative while doing fashion, expression, runway, art photography, and magazines as well.
Geechee One Mag: What is your favorite
type of shoot?

excited when I hear the word Photoshoot.

Lol. Im the type of person that can turn ideas into projects with my very creative mind.
To me creativity is the source of being different and competitive.
Geechee One Mag: How successful have you
been in your modeling career?
Laquawn: All I can say for now is Im a starter and have many projects to come. Im excited about winning Cyber Queen and Mrs.
Spring Bling this Year and Im currently
working on a published project for an upcoming Magazine.
Geechee One Mag: What else do you do besides modeling?
Laquawn: I also work part time doing sales.
Geechee One Mag: Whats the biggest challenge youve faced being in this industry?
Laquawn: Keeping my family satisfied because there are lots of challenges in this industry as well as growth and benefits. So this
is a biggie to be able to manage my personal
life with the modeling life in the future.
Geechee One Mag: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Laquawn: I see myself published in a great
project that has growth as well as potential.
Geechee One Mag: How far do you plan to
go in your modeling career?

Geechee One Mag: Favorite photographer?

Laquawn: As far as it will take me as I take

on different opportunities because life has
big surprises and Im willing to take on different opportunities till I get to the top.

Laquawn: I would definitely have to say

ABigTFlick (Terrence Pickett) because he
do things the Slam

Geechee One Mag: Thanks so much for talking with us, we wish you the best, if anyone
wants to book you, how can they reach you?

Geechee One Mag: How would you describe


Laquawn: For bookings I can be reached

at though email,
Facebook Pinkdiamond Polite Hyman, and
Twitter @diamondpink84.

Laquawn: Fashion, editorials, head and

body shots, promo, vixen and prints.

Laquawn: I see myself as smart, loyal and

dedicated. Im a peoples person that will dig
in different modeling opportunities. I get

Hate her or love her, either way she makes sure to stand out amongst those who try
to fit in and if that doesnt say something dominant about her character were sure
her straightforward and blunt demeanor will. Shes in a league of her own and its
going to take a lot of catching up to get to the position shes in. But if you need a few
pointers, were certain shes the one to deal with. With a slam packed schedule for
the next three months, we made sure to try our luck with an exclusive interview with
the one and only, Britt Bratt, the turn-up queen, and we succeeded, as always.

Geechee One: Who is Britt Bratt?

Britt Bratt: Britt Bratt is the ultimate party
girl who turns the party up. She's A Single
Mother & Go Getter...
Geechee One: How did you get into hosting
and promoting events?
Britt Bratt: I Started Back In 2010 In The
City Of Moncks Corner & Cross SC & Took It
Serious When People Offer To Me To Come
Out & Help Get A Crowd For Their Parties...
Geechee One: What were you doing before
you got into hosting and promoting?
Britt Bratt: Before This Hosting Thing, I Use
To Work Like 2 Fast Food Job Then Worked
For ADT Alarm System. But That Was Years
Geechee One: If the party scene wasnt as
flourishing for you as it was, what do you
think youd be doing?
Britt Bratt: If The Party Scene Wasn't Flourishing For Me, I'd Probably Be On Somebody
Job... What Sets Me From Other People In
The Field, I Think Because This Is My Only
Job & I Put More Into Effort With It...
Geechee One: We pay attention to social media and have seen your name come up in
different situations, when it comes to beef,
how do you address it?
Britt Bratt: Me & Facebook Beef, I Just
Laugh At It. It's Funny To Me Because I
Don't Know Majority Of Those People. Me
Being Me Gets A Lot Of Attention & Females
Hate It. At Times I Put On a Show, But The
Money Still Flow. I'm Not Bothered By All
The Dissing... Majority Of The Attention
That Comes My Way, Helps Me Build On
What I Have Going On. The More & More
People I Meet, Is The More & More Business
I Get. At Times, I Get Shook Up By All The
Attention Because Some Attention Cause The
Wrong Attention To Others & Being A Open
Target Is So Not Cool. I Stay Alert...
Geechee One: At last years Geechee One

Awards you won various awards, what did

that mean for you?
Britt Bratt: Winning Those Awards Meant A
Lot To Me & I Felt As Though I Deserve It. I
Work Hard For Em & The People Saw That. I
Felt Appreciated & It Made Me Grind Even
More... I Get Called Out My Name & Judge A
Lot By Females/Man Who Don't Really
Know. Some Of The Things I Do & Say Are
Just For Entertainment. I Don't Mean No
Harm On Anybody. But Anybody Who
Knows Me, Knows That I Have A Good Heart
& Will Give My Last To Help...
Geechee One: Whats the typical night like
for you when you have several events booked
Britt Bratt: The Most I Ever Did In A Night
Was 3 Shows Back To Back. Ugghhhhhh, I
Pull Em Through, But Lord Knows I Be
Tired. But I Gotta Do What I Have To Do For
Mines, Soooo I Don't Complain...
Geechee One: Whats the biggest obstacle
youve run into while dealing with people in
this business?
Britt Bratt: Lol, Everybody Want To Do Business, But Everybody Don't Wanna Pay &
When It's Like That, I Fall Back From Em.
Business Is Business At The Ending Of The
Day. Going Home Short Doesn't Pay My
Geechee One: Whats one of the best things
about this business?
Britt Bratt: The Best Thing About This Business Is Seeing Folks Having A Good Time. I
Love To Hear People Saying "I Gotta Book
You For My Party, You Stay Turnt". That's
One Of The Things Why People Love Being
Around Me... If Someone Wants To Book Me,
I Got 4 Facebook Pages 2 Under Brittney
Simmons, One Under Britt Bratt & Another
Under Britt Bratt PromoPage. They Can Also
Hmu At843.475.4159
Interview by Pretti Ladi

Running a business is tough work. Trust us, we know all about it. Theres a lot of blood,
sweat and tears that go into perfecting your craft and making sure the needs of your clients/readers needs are met. They depend on us. Running a magazine is no different. In
fact if you ask us, it is quite the challenge. The reward in the end however is far greater
than the challenge itself, and seeing the looks on our readers faces when we release
those exclusive issues are priceless. We caught up with editor of Syllabus Magazine,
Drea, who knows this feeling all too well. In an exclusive interview, she tells us what
things are like taking on such a big responsibility.

Geechee One: Tell us a little about yourself and all of the hats that you wear.
Drea: I am the editor and publisher of
Syllabus Magazine, also graphic and web
Geechee One: Were familiar with Syllabus Magazine and we commend you on
your success, what influenced you to
create your magazine and when did it all
Drea: Thank you. Decided about 1.5 - 2
years ago to create a magazine dedicated
to music, fashion and culture throughout the Carolinas. Believed that there
were so many talented people who I was
constantly coming into contact with,
built a platform to highlight them, along
with my love for graphics/web design/
and photography, thought it made sense
to build something that I could actually
enjoy doing regularly.
Geechee One: Do you remember who
graced the cover of your very first issue?
Drea: Yes, it was Sadie Hawkins, she
was fresh off her tour with Yo Gotti and
she met me in Columbia for a photoshoot and interview.

Geechee One: What sets your magazine

and work ethic apart from others?
Drea: I dont know. I dont focus on
what others are doing. I just try to focus
on creating something that is dope and
beautiful and when people are featured
in my magazine, I hope that they are
proud to be a part of something that I
really took my time on to create.
Geechee One: What all goes into the
production of a magazine?
Drea: There is a lot that goes into creating a magazine. I do not think that people can begin to understand the amount
of work that it takes, it looks easy but it
is not. From finding the right photographers, to trying to get interesting details/stories, to setting up fashion shoots
and makeup/hair, so much, I dont think
I can answer it in this one question.
Geechee One: What has been one of
your biggest accomplishments?
Drea: My biggest accomplishment? I
would say completing my Masters and
starting my graphic design business at
the same time. Completing my Masters
was probably the hardest thing that Ive
ever done.

There is a
lot that
goes into
creating a

Geechee One: Whats the biggest misconception about you?

Drea: The biggest? I can only imagine.
There are probably plenty, Im sure
there are too many to list.
Geechee One: How has your business
grown over the years?
Drea: It is amazing that people know
what Syllabus Magazine is, I feel like I
am still in the development phase of
my mag, I know that it could grow to
be something great because it is a project that celebrates others, its not
about me. Anything where you celebrate the talents and interests of other
people is always a good thing.
Geechee One: Whats the biggest obstacle youve faced in trying to get people to follow your movement?
Drea: I believe that I have been my
biggest obstacle. I have always done
lots of different things and held lots of
different positions, not always giving
100 percent of my time to 1 thing. I
believe that has been the biggest obstacle for me.
Geechee One: What do you think the
entertainment scene is lacking in
Charleston, SC.

Drea: I think the entertainment scene

in Charleston, SC is lacking monetary
backing and it is also lacking a solid
business plan. I believe lots of people
are just stuck financially; they have lots
of ideas, but no real finances to accomplish what they want to do. I also believe that people lack a solid business
plan. People would be surprised by
how far they can get by having specific
goals and a plan. Many times people
go into things without really having it
planned out.
Geechee One: What advice do you have
for anyone trying to pursue their
dreams and become successful?
Drea: Just do it. What do you have to
lose? If you have something in your
spirit, just start writing your ideas
down now. Start sketching out your
magazine if that is what you
want. Start clipping pics of dresses if
you want to be a designer. Take marketing class if you want to own a business, just get started, and keep going
until you figure it out. Also, ask for
help if you need it.
Geechee One: If anyone wants to contact you, where can they reach you?
Drea: or
Twitter @SyllabusMag

What is the true definition of a Carolina girl? My definition would be a strong,

beautiful, intelligent hustler. We as Carolina women are natural born hustlers.
Not only do we know how to get what we want, but we know how to perfect our
crafts. From singing to dancing, to writing and promoting, to designing, to
caring we have our own signature that truly screams Carolina. While at this
photo shoot for the article, I met some amazing women and heard some
incredible stories. Each woman carried herself with pride and confidence. We
are constantly labeled and profiled by others but today we prove each label
wrong. Women can do anything men can do and maybe better. The days of
males being the bread winner are far over. Not only are all of these women
successful and intelligent, they are all unique in their own way. Being a female
in the industry, will always make you the underdog. The good thing about it is
we move under the radar. Always remember that what is last today will be first
tomorrow. Building your brand is very important; each female was not only
stamped but approved. So today you all will be introduced to some of the
coolest Carolina women that go hard for not only them but others as well.

C.E.O. of GlobalShyne which is a promotional
company which caters to artist, writers, models,
business owners and so forth has written for
various indie magazines such as Stardom 101
Magazine, Six Twelve Magazine and
Eleganthoodness Magazine. GlobalShyne has
been nominated for the 2014 Geechee One
Awards in SC and was honored with Promoter of
the Year at the All Star Music Awards in New
York in 2014.

Shirley Daley
An emerging and international fashion designer, bridal and event planner/consultant, shes
worked with the Walker Foundation for the Deaf and Blind, as well as with special needs
children fundraisers and plus size pageants.

Tawana Tolbert
A freelance publicist, working under the
name Tawana Tee, she attended Tennessee State University where she graduated
Magna Cum Laude with a B.S in Speech
Communications and Theater in 2007.
Her education journey however, didnt
end there. In 2010, Tawana Tee received a
Master of Mass Communications from the
University of South Carolina.
Tawana Tees performing arts background
combined with her prestigious education
allows her to think outside the box. Her
future clients can expect a creative twist
to traditional and non-traditional public
relations services. She is mostly known as
the publicist for hip-hop artist Matt Monday, formerly known as Righchus.
Tawana Tee offers freelance PR and
marketing services throughout Charleston
and Columbia, South Carolina.

Vaughn Postema (not pictured)

Currently, a host for the radio show Time TNL on
The The show airs every Sunday from 6
p.m. to 9 p.m. and is coming up on its one year
anniversary! Time TNL focuses on Hip Hop/R&B
independent artists from South Carolina and the
surrounding states. With her co-host and DJ, they
welcome these artists and acknowledge their hard
work by interviewing them, spotlighting their efforts and showing them a great time. She leads the
interviews and the overall flow of the show.
Toshiba Watson
The C.E.O. of Carolina Executive Music Group, promoter and host.

Evangelist Michelle Felder

She has a nonprofit organization, People 2 People
Plus, Inc., where she assists men and women in
recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. She
helps with homeless and domestic issues. Ms. Felder is also a community activist, a motivational
speaker and has started a food-bank at her church
W.O.R.D Ministries. She caters to the needs of the
needy and states she is simply doing what God
called her to do.

Victoria Baylock
Victoria Baylock is the co-founder and CEO
of "Loc-Down Ent., LLc", established in Feb. 2010.
It's a company that provides artist development, management, and promotions. In Oct. 2012
she founded the community based non-profit
"Man In The Mirror, SC". A organization built
to address the needs of endangered youths ages 13
-25. In Nov. 2014 along with her partner and cohost, Lisa Gonzalez Williams, they took to the
airwaves forming a talk show "2 Moms And A
Mic". A show that tackles the tough issues facing
the community. In Jan. 2015 she open a branch
of Kryptonical Xpressions in her hometown of
Goose Creek. It's a company that provides you
with all your cell phone needs. You can follow her
on FaceBook at "Victoria Baylock"

Susan Superwoman Vincent

A mother of four, chef for Charleston Place
Hotel and a line cook for Steelcity Pizza.
Co-C.E.O. of Southern Charms Promotion
LLC, Co-C.E.O. of Money Hungry
Entertainment LLC, which house the bboy
group Dancing on Air and Cash Influenced.
She has been nominated twice for Grinder of
the Year at the Geechee One Awards, also two
times at the South Carolina Underground Music Awards for the "Grind is Mine" award. Her
group Southern Charms has done a lot of community work from sponsors of the HIV/AIDS
forum to clothing drives. Susan also promotes,
manages and volunteers.

Attends Strayer University for accounting. She
currently works for a hotel in the corporate
office as an accountant. She is in the Army
Reserve and has been for over five years.
Takia is also a part of the marketing team of
her church and also the youth department.
Her favorite job is to model and be the best
that she can be at it.

Ms. Island Gyrl Ent. host, speaker and
Crunktown Radio motivational speaker, and
advocate against domestic violence.

An author and entrepreneur. Her book is called "This is
Your Vagina, The Vagina is Where the Heart Is," which is
not a sex book, but a relationship book with the
character and her past. She is featured on the Hairadio
Show Monday - Friday and has her own show "A Little
Pink Talk" that airs every other Friday. Purplebarbi is
creating her own hair color and T-shirt line coming

Lisa Gonzalez
Marketing manager for Geechee One Magazine and editor, the owner of Diamond L.A.W. Entertainment, theme
party specialist, event planning and project management
for artists (unsigned). She is a promoter as well.

Tess Mosley
Business Owner of Kandy Kisses Boutique, assistant and
promoter for Crunktown Records, full-time student and
nuclear technician.

Aisha Thurston
C.E.O. of Bajim Productions. Her flagship show is "The
Journey with Aisha," also she produces concerts and
community events.

Honey Dip
Hip-hop artist ghost writer, she has won three
awards. She has her own blog talk radio
station you can check

Stephanie Gilmore
She goes by Stephanie G she is the host and
producer of a talk show called The Stephanie
G Show, which is in place to motivate, inspire
and empower the viewers and the community.
You can find more information and episodes
at She is also the
owner and organizer of the Kasting Kall event
which is a speaking platform and actor
showcase for the theater and film community.
You can find out more information about the
Kasting Kall event at
Stephanie hosts, MC and speaks at events.
She's also an actress that has had the
opportunity to be in plays and independent

Mizz Keke
Artist management and consultant,
marketing consultant, industry event
planner, listening parties, release parties,
industry networking showcase mixers,
award shows and founder of the South
Carolina Underground Music Awards.

Diamond Mack
Model, master cosmetologist and CEO of
Diamond Touch Extensions LLC.

An inspiring actress and model. Has a degree
in science and culinary arts. Currently plays in
the show "The Cougar Story."

Lorna Beck
The founder of Healthy Lifestyle Network.
Please visit her site, She is also the founder of SC Caribbean Culture and Heritage and hosts
Charleston Carifest.

Monika (not pictured)

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)., she was blind, my brain literally hurt BUT I FINALLY
had an answer to my decades of pain. My Multiple Sclerosis and Team Monika's Hope has
sparked a movement of awareness for this disease that has yet to have a cause or cure. I
know that day will eventually come.

Nina Ross
Young, gifted and black are a few words to describe who I am. Firstly, I am a mother of a
seven-year-old entrepreneur (master drummer) by the name of Jermell Smiley. Along with
the side-kick help of my son, I am a dance instructor for the North Charleston Culture Arts
Department and have been in this field for
about five plus years. I also am a fitness and
health consciousness trainer at Steps Ahead
dance studio located on James Island. Helping
the youth is what I love to do so therefore I
assist and I am the co-director of an African
Drum and Dance company based out of North
Charleston by the name of Deninufay.

I'm Ebony Jenkins and I am
a fire fighter for North
Charleston. I have been
fighting fires since 2010 and
I love it.

Model and video vixen.

Patricia Robinson
Co-C.E.O. of 13Products Ent, handles marketing,
promoting, managing and bookings for all of her artists.

Jasmine Joe
Location: Sumter, S.C.
IG- jazzj803
Twitter: jasjoe1313

Ede Mwen Health Services, Inc. (EMHS) is a non

non--profit corporation formed in
Charlotte, North Carolina in 2015 to influence positive change in health for
North Carolina residents. We provide a wide variety of services that help
educate not only the medical roots of chronic diseases, but also the social
and human factors that contribute to these health problems. EMHS purpose
is to support, educate and empower those that are associated with or
currently living with HIV/ AIDS

Mission Statement
Ede Mwen mission is to provide effective prevention and workshop
management services to at
at--risk persons and their families in Charlotte by
referring health and social resources that can alleviate isolation yet foster
independence; to empower the population with preventive health
education, counseling, and testing by establishing and maintaining networks
and utilizing resources that address the health and social needs of the
community; and to increase awareness throughout the community.

Mailing Address
8334 Pineville Matthews Rd
Suite 103
Charlotte, NC 28226
# 336

Shes been doing her thing for

decades and it just keeps getting
better. With everything she has on
her plate, were wondering when
she has time to sleep and get her
beauty rest because just by looking
at her, she doesnt look a day over
30. Well, we wont spill the tea just
yet on all of her secrets but we did
get an inside peek underneath all
of the many hats that Sandra
Wilson wears in this exclusive


Tell us a little about yourself.

Indeed. My name is Sandra Ann Wilson. I am 55-years-old. I have 2 sons, one 37, 36 and a 21year-old daughter. 13 grandkids.

What different ventures are you involved in?

I own Sandra's Dance Production, Celeb Host of Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews and currently starring in A Cougar Story the Ice Box Reality Series, Painted by Janelle, Celebrities Connect
and Janelle Barr Agency.

Out of all of your business ventures, which one is your favorite and means the most to you?

I would have to say the working with the kids. Sandras Dance Production, the kids, they give me
reason to wanna wake up and say hello world.

Where and when did it all start?

Sandra's Dance Production 1988, Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews 2008 and A Cougar Story
the Ice Box Reality Series 2014

What are your ultimate plans to expand your brand?

My ultimate plan is to expose each and every last one of my companies worldwide.

If you are not serious about your

grind, that would be a hardship to
6. What are some of the biggest hardships
youve experienced trying to get people to pay
attention to your movement?
I've been fortunate people, with all due respect
if you are not serious about your grind, that
would be a hardship to you. I always feel my
movement is moving, as long as you have the
right people with you. Because at the end of
the day, the great people beside you is what's
going to put your dreams into perspective and
make that money,
7. How do you feel about the entertainment
scene in Charleston, SC?
I wish there were more, but there are few that I
must say is doing their thing and have been for
some time, such as Geechee One, Painted by
Janelle and Janelle Barr Agency and few, far
and between rap artists.
8. As a female have you ever experienced
any biases in trying to promote yourself/
I've been blessed. I have not experienced that
as of yet.
9. What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?
Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews and
working with Janelle Barr and Nakia Smith.
10. Whats the biggest misconception about
I would have to say my age.
11. What would you like to see more of in the
entertainment scene?
Can we get more clubs, events, working with
children and children events.

12. What do you feel is the missing ingredient

in the Charleston, SC entertainment scene?
Togetherness for starters, because of us not
wanting to hold hands, that is what pulls us
apart in the entertainment world. We can
make such a difference if we would respect and
support each other to the fullest.
13. What are some of your influences?
God, myself, Renee Brown my daughter,
Janelle Barr and strong women, my sister Rhonda Randolph, F. Khristopher Blue and last but
not least the most beautiful women in the
world who has since pass my mother Georgianna Brown.
14. Youve won various awards over the years,
which one has meant the most to you?
Geechee One Talk Show Award, without a
15. What advice do you have for anyone trying
to pursue their dreams and become successful?
Please treat yourself good. You can then make
good decisions, which will make you a successful person. Do your homework on your creativity, then do creativity homework. That's the
advice I have.
16. If anyone wants to contact you, how can
they reach you?
Publicist: Janelle Barr 843-513-9007 or
17. Any last words you want to add for us?
I would like to thank you for Pretti Ladi for the
interview, great questions. I would also, like to
thank Felicia Rivers, F.Kristoper Blue and the
whole Geechee One Team so much for believing in Sandra Wilson Show Celebs Interviews
and all those fabby awards. I thank you all so
very much.
*Interviewed by: P.L.