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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

13 / Monday, January 22, 2007 / Notices 2685

The Child-Specific Exposure Factors provided in the SUPPLEMENTARY unless a comment includes information
Handbook provides a summary of INFORMATION section of this notice. claimed to be Confidential Business
statistical data on various exposure FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For Information (CBI) or other information
factors used in assessing children’s information on the public comment whose disclosure is restricted by statute.
exposures. This Handbook serves as a period, contact the Office of Do not submit information that you
resource for exposure assessors for Environmental Information Docket; consider to be CBI or otherwise
calculating children’s exposures. These telephone: 202–566–1752; facsimile: protected through
factors include: drinking water 202–566–1753; or e-mail: or e-mail. The
consumption, soil ingestion and Web site is an ‘‘anonymous access’’
mouthing behavior, inhalation rates, For technical information, contact system, which means EPA will not
dermal factors including skin surface Jacqueline Moya, NCEA; telephone: know your identity or contact
area and soil adherence factors, 202–564–3245; facsimile: 202–565– information unless you provide it in the
consumption of retail and home-grown 0079; or e-mail: body of your comment. If you send an
foods, breast milk intake, and activity e-mail comment directly to EPA without
pattern data. An interim final version of going through,
this handbook was published in 2002. your e-mail address will be
The updated version provides analysis How To Submit Technical Comments to automatically captured and included as
of exposure factors data using the age the Docket at part of the comment that is placed in the
groups for children as recommended in Submit your comments, identified by public docket and made available on the
the EPA document entitled, ‘‘Guidance Docket ID No. EPA–HQ–ORD–2006– Internet. If you submit an electronic
on Selecting Age Groups for Monitoring 0812 by one of the following methods: comment, EPA recommends that you
and Assessing Childhood Exposures to • Follow include your name and other contact
Environmental Contaminants’’ (EPA/ the on-line instructions for submitting information in the body of your
630/P–03/003F) (Available on line at comments. comment and with any disk or CD-ROM • E-mail: you submit. If EPA cannot read your
recordisplay.cfm?deid=146583). • Fax: 202–566–1753. comment due to technical difficulties
As previously stated in 71 FR 59107, • Mail: Office of Environmental and cannot contact you for clarification,
EPA is releasing the draft ‘‘Child- Information (OEI) Docket (Mail Code: EPA may not be able to consider your
Specific Exposure Factors Handbook’’ 2822T), U.S. Environmental Protection comment. Electronic files should avoid
solely for the purpose of pre- Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., the use of special characters, any form
dissemination peer review under Washington, DC 20460. The phone of encryption, and be free of any defects
applicable information quality number is 202–566–1752. or viruses.
guidelines. This document has not been • Hand Delivery: The OEI Docket is For additional information about
formally disseminated by EPA. It does located in the EPA Headquarters Docket EPA’s public docket visit the EPA
not represent and should not be Center, Room 3334, EPA West Building, Docket Center homepage at http://
construed to represent any Agency 1301 Constitution Ave., NW.,
policy or determination. EPA will Washington, DC. The EPA Docket Docket: Documents in the docket are
consider any public comments Center Public Reading Room is open listed in the index.
submitted in accordance with this from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday Although listed in the index, some
notice when revising the document. through Friday, excluding legal information is not publicly available,
holidays. The telephone number for the e.g., CBI or other information whose
DATES: The 30-day public comment disclosure is restricted by statute.
period begins January 22, 2007, and Public Reading Room is 202–566–1744.
Such deliveries are only accepted Certain other materials, such as
ends February 21, 2007. Technical copyrighted material, are publicly
comments should be in writing and during the docket’s normal hours of
operation, and special arrangements available only in hard copy. Publicly
must be received by EPA by February available docket materials are available
21, 2007. should be made for deliveries of boxed
information. either electronically in
ADDRESSES: The draft, ‘‘Child-Specific If you provide comments by mail or or in hard copy at
Exposure Factors Handbook,’’ is hand delivery, please submit one the OEI Docket in the EPA Headquarters
available primarily via the Internet on unbound original with pages numbered Docket Center.
the National Center for Environmental consecutively, and three copies of the Dated: January 12, 2007.
Assessment’s home page under the comments. For attachments, provide an George Alapas,
Recent Additions and the Data and index, number pages consecutively with Acting Director, National Center for
Publications menus at http:// the comments, and submit an unbound Environmental Assessment. A limited number of original and three copies. [FR Doc. E7–827 Filed 1–19–07; 8:45 am]
paper copies are available from the Instructions: Direct your comments to BILLING CODE 6560–50–P
Technical Information Staff, NCEA–W; Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-ORD–2006–
telephone: 202–564–3261; facsimile: 0812. Please ensure that your comments
202–565–0050. If you are requesting a are submitted within the specified ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
paper copy, please provide your name, comment period. Comments received AGENCY
your mailing address, and the document after the closing date will be marked
title, ‘‘Child-Specific Exposure Factors ‘‘late,’’ and may only be considered if [FRL–8271–3]
Handbook’’ (EPA/600/R–06/096A). time permits. It is EPA’s policy to
rmajette on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES

Draft Guidance for Munitions and

Comments may be submitted include all comments it receives in the Explosives of Concern Hazard
electronically via http:// public docket without change and to Assessment, by mail, by make the comments available online at
facsimile, or by hand delivery/courier., including AGENCY: Environmental Protection
Please follow the detailed instructions any personal information provided, Agency.

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2686 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 13 / Monday, January 22, 2007 / Notices

Notice of availability for public

ACTION: was tasked with developing a FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM
comment. recommended methodology to evaluate
explosive safety hazards at munitions Proposed Agency Information
SUMMARY: This notice announces the response sites. When finalized the Collection Activities; Comment
availability of the Draft Guidance for methodology developed by the TWG Request; Correction
Munitions and Explosive of Concern and the work group organizations will
Hazard Assessment (Guidance) for This notice corrects a notice (FR Doc.
be available to evaluate baseline
public comment. The Guidance was E7–246) published on pages 1325
explosive hazards at munitions response
jointly developed by the Environmental through 1331 of the issue for Thursday,
sites, and to evaluate the effects of
Protection Agency (EPA), Department of January 11, 2007.
removal or remedial actions under Under the Federal Reserve System
Defense, Department of the Interior, and CERCLA, including changes to land use
Association of State and Territorial heading, the entry for Proposed Agency
and land use activities. As part of this Information Collection Activities;
Solid Waste Management Officials. The effort, the TWG developed additional
Guidance is available to support a Comment Request, is revised to read as
information that can be found on the follows:
recommended method for evaluating EPA Web site listed above.
explosive safety hazards at military AGENCY: Board of Governors of the
munitions response sites. It also EPA is requesting public comment on Federal Reserve System
presents approaches to support the the draft Guidance. An electronic SUMMARY: Background
evaluation of the effects of removal and comment form is posted on the same On June 15, 1984, the Office of
remedial actions under the link as the draft Guidance. To be Management and Budget (OMB)
Comprehensive Environmental considered, all comments must be delegated to the Board of Governors of
Restoration, Compensation, and provided on this comment form and the Federal Reserve System (Board) its
Liability Act (CERCLA) regarding submitted to the email address provided approval authority under the Paperwork
explosive hazards at munitions response on the form. Reduction Act, as per 5 CFR 1320.16, to
sites. EPA is providing the public an After considering the comments, EPA, approve of and assign OMB control
opportunity to review and comment on the Department of Defense, and the numbers to collection of information
the draft Guidance. The Guidance, Department of the Interior will make requests and requirements conducted or
comment form, and related materials available a final Munitions and sponsored by the Board under
can be found on EPA’s Web site at Explosives of Concern Hazard conditions set forth in 5 CFR 1320 Assessment document issued as joint Appendix A.1. Board–approved
hazard_assess_wrkgrp.htm. guidance. collections of information are
incorporated into the official OMB
DATES: Comments must be received by Dated: January 11, 2007. inventory of currently approved
March 23, 2007. Gail A. Cooper, collections of information. Copies of the
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments to Acting Director, Federal Facilities Restoration Paperwork Reduction Act Submission,
EPA using the comment form and & Reuse Office. supporting statements and approved
instructions on our Web site at http:// [FR Doc. E7–835 Filed 1–19–07; 8:45 am] collection of information instruments BILLING CODE 6560–50–P are placed into OMB’s public docket
hazard_assess_wrkgrp.htm . files. The Federal Reserve may not
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For conduct or sponsor, and the respondent
additional information on the draft is not required to respond to, an
Munitions and Explosives of Concern FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION information collection that has been
Hazard Assessment, please contact extended, revised, or implemented on or
Kevin Oates at, or Sunshine Act Meeting Notice after October 1, 1995, unless it displays
334–270–3427, U.S. Environmental a currently valid OMB control number.
Protection Agency, Mail Code 5106P, DATE AND TIME: Thursday, January 25,
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Request for comment on information
2007, at 10 a.m collection proposals
Washington, DC 20460.
PLACE:999 E Street, NW., Washington, The following information
draft Guidance is finalized, paper copies DC (Ninth Floor). collections, which are being handled
will be available from the National STATUS: This Meeting Will Be Open to under this delegated authority, have
Service Center for Environmental the Public. received initial Board approval and are
Publications (NSCEP), EPA’s hereby published for comment. At the
publications distribution warehouse. ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED: Correction and end of the comment period, the
You may request copies from NSCEP by Approval of Minutes. proposed information collections, along
calling 1–800–490–9198; writing to U.S. Advisory Opinion 2006–35: Kolbe for with an analysis of comments and
EPA/NSCEP, Box 42419, Cincinnati, OH Congress, by William H. Kelley, recommendations received, will be
45242–0419; or faxing your request to Treasurer. submitted to the Board for final
NSCEP at 513–489–8695. Advisory Opinion 2006–37: Barry J. approval under OMB delegated
Kissin and Kissin for Congress. authority. Comments are invited on the
Background following:
In May 2004, EPA convened a PERSON TO CONTACT FOR INFORMATION: a. Whether the proposed collections
technical working group (TWG) with Mr. Robert Biersack, Press Officer, of information are necessary for the
personnel from the Department of Telephone: (202) 694–1220. proper performance of the Federal
rmajette on PROD1PC67 with NOTICES

Defense, the Department of the Interior, Reserve’s functions; including whether

Mary W. Dove,
the Association of State and Territorial the information has practical utility;
Solid Waste Management Officials, and Secretary of the Commission. b. The accuracy of the Federal
the Tribal Association for Solid Waste [FR Doc. 07–269 Filed 1–18–07; 3:48 pm] Reserve’s estimate of the burden of the
and Emergency Response. The TWG BILLING CODE 6715–01–M proposed information collections,

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