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9/6/15, 3:38 PM

Subject: ACDEC endosorsemnt of illegal guesthouse


coralations (




Thursday, February 19, 2015 10:49 AM

Thank you for responding Tere:

Im frustrated beyond words at this disappointing news, but let me try to articulate our position, and please
understand that this is not directed at anyone personally. (Im asking Rosarito to please translate this as well
for re-circulation.)
1) That ACDEC voted to endorse illegal construction based on existing illegal businesses in the
neighborhood, is illegal in itself. The board is guided by public policy and regs as established by law 66.
ACDEC is legally required to take action against those violations, not use them to support decisions that
legalize a corrupted planning process.
2) The way we were moving, would not have impacted those locally owned guest houses. I told Ivet this.
Now, I dont know what ramifications then actions we have to take will trigger.
3) That a decision to legalize this illegal structure- (that continues to operate unimpeded by ACDEC or the
Municipality as a big money guesthouse) was in any part based on the existence of other illegal businesses
operating in the area, clearly seems the crux of the downfall of the the entire island today.
4) That an endorsement cannot be supported by the existence of more or other illegal structures or businesses
that ACDEC and OGPe fail to enforce, should be intuitive to those even without a legal background.
5) This was one of the points we made in the OGPe motion for reconsideration of the illegal CCO issued by
that agency, and involving a fraudulent document from ACDEC.
6)Through the course of these OGPe hearings, Djangali's implicated ACDEC and the Mayor in this fraudsaying they thought the Mayor did not remember signing it.
7) Djangali's lied to OGPe in a motion saying they understood the guest house to be a violation of zoing and
that they were no longer promoting online as a business. Djangali is a licensed realestate agent. They
continue cashing in despite the OGPe ruling in our favor- that the building was constructed with NO
8) We are not sure if Djangali's, ironically, have referred the fraudulent ACDEC doc to the DOJ yet, but my
guess is based on the level of fraud we have seen from them so far, they likely will. Expect to see their

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9/6/15, 3:38 PM

allegations in the papers shortly before the elections. It will likely be a race btw ACDEC and Djangali's to the
DOJ and whomever gets there first, wins. . Lcdo. Celso said he was referring it, so I hope he did.
9) We actually won the hearings at OGPe, and Im surprised to learn board members did not read the press, or
that Lcda. Beatriz did not copy all ACDEC board members the ruling that the Djangali house is completely
illegal, and that their permit "gestor" threw employees of ACDEC under the bus when fraud was uncovered.
Djangali's implicated the ACDEC employees, and then accused the Mayor. Fraud is a felony offense in PR.
10) ACDEC does not have the wiggle room under law 66 to legalize, illegal structures. While its true the
other agencies do legalized illegal activities like this, or so they move when there is no credible legal
opposition, we wont let it happen to law 66. This is too important to Culebra.
11) The general public is fed up with this tourism mis-management being forced down everyone's throats at
the expense of local quality of life by the big island powers that be. That's why Ricky Cepero lost the
12) When ACDEC does not operate according to the law that defines it, it opens itself up to legal, and in this
case I feel even moral scrutiny, given the low income- public parcelas are clearky at risk. This is exactly the
social justice/ coastal zone management issue ACDEC was created to address in order to protect the
Culebrenses. The legalization of thenproject will force families with kids who cant sleep next to their party
pallace out of their residential neighborhoods, neighorhoods the municipality and ACDEC are supposed to
13) This action compromises millions in federal coastal zone managment dollars sent to Puerto Rico annually
with Law 66 as one of the few examples of a Coastal Zone Management Plan nationally, that has been
actually codified. Money ear- marked for Culebra by this program likely has never made it out of the DRNA
to get to Culebra for years.
14) If Tilsa failed to recuse herself from the vote, there could be conflict of interest, given that her husband
created an illegal landfill when he demolished and burried (without permits) Rolando's house on their
property and while on Djangali's payroll.
15) We are not going away on this and we TRULY RESPECT THIS MAYOR. It is truly frustrating to have
legitimate concerns continue to be ignored as this new ACDEC endorsement reflects.
16) I have remained rooted through many such hurricanes and against the typical accusations that we are
opposed to "local job creation." Accusations that were just as false when the Navy used them against those
defending the island from twisted NATO military target practice.
17) ACDEC and the Asamblea have been copied letters and a petition from neighbors against this projectalthough it does not seem clear if the board was even notified of this?
18) We know who the Djangali's are from a. well-documented illegal activities, b. lies about construction, c.
physical threats against neighbors, d. abuse of local police and courts to intimate neighbors and me, and e.
accusations against the Mayor and ACDEC employees.
Q. Where is the "fairness" in that decision for those legal, long-term resideintal neighbors?

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9/6/15, 3:38 PM

Q. Where does this illegal guesthouse crazyness end?

I personally think it ends with St Thomas- out of control crime, gentrification of the local community, racial
conflicts and a "no plan" trashed- tourism product no low-impact, valuable visitor will ever want to return to.
In any event, thank you for demonstrating the respect to the public to inform us what ACDEC did.
Mary Ann Lucking
PO Box 750
Culebra, PR. 00775
On Feb 18, 2015, at 6:45 PM, Teresa Perez <> wrote:
Hi Mary Ann, The first part of you communication was correct, we will endorsed the permit if
they comply to some changes to the construction. I understand they are asking for a
reconsideration but we have not meet to see that document. It is very hard to prohibit a
construction base on they been a guest house when there are 2 or 3 rental/guest houses in that
same road/area. The permit they are asking is for long term rental.
you mentioned some hearings about this case. When was the hearing? do you have some
On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 6:30 PM, coralations <> wrote:
Saludos Tere: We were informed by the ACDEC attorney, Beatriz, that an endorsement was
issued for the illegal guest house built and operating in the parcelas by the Djangali's,
contingent on them tearing down the car balcony and moving air conditioners to the roof. We
were also told that Djangalis submitted a motion for reconsideration to ACDEC
saying they want to make no modifications and the ACDEC attorney sounded like ACDEC
would consider this. What? This is truly unbelievable to me, given the fact that these people
submitted a fraudulent endorsement and implicated ACDEC employees and Mayor as the
perpitrators of this fraud to OGPe in the hearings. We prevailed at the hearings. Hoping you
can please let us know if there was an ACDEC meeting recently, and if the board issued a new
I simply refuse to believe it.
Many thanks,
Mary Ann Lucking
PO Box 750
Culebra, PR. 00775

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9/6/15, 3:38 PM


-Tere Perez de Cofresi


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