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No one will deny that your previous experiences about a subject shape your feelings
towards learning. Math, more than other subjects, can inspire some the most extreme
reactions – some students love it, others fear or even hate it. This unique position of
math has even been supported by research!
Here is your chance to think about your ‘career as a math student’ and reflect on your
math experiences to date. Your assignment is to write a Mathography – a brief
narrative of your life with math so far.
Write it as you might a short story or memoir. Be creative, but be truthful. You can
organize your story in any way that makes the most sense to you.
Here are some prompts to get you started:
• Describe some of your earliest math memories. Which was most positive and/or
• Which experiences from school are key to understanding you now in relation to
• What kind of math did you encounter at home and with whom?
• Describe the period of time in which you learned the most math. What did you
learn, and where did you learn it (or from whom)?
• Have you ever had a ‘math moment’?
You can address any, all or none of these, but DO NOT PROVIDE A LIST OF
Your Mathography should be a minimum of 3-5 paragraphs, but you are encouraged
to write more, of course. I love to read about you! If there is anything in your
Mathography you would not want shared with your classmates, please let me know.
As with any written assignment, it is important that your work is LEGIBLE and
checked THOROUGHLY for spelling and grammar. Place your full name, the date,
and your class in the heading:
John Q. Student

Today’s Date, 2015

You will be receiving a grade on this assignment (based on completeness, format and
effort), so put forth your best effort and HAVE FUN!