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Once Upon A Time, that was a steep sided valley cluttered with giant, spiky green pine
trees and thick, green grass. That particular summer in that valley had been very hot and dry.
That was a tale, if the summer came and the town became dry, the dragon rock which was
located in that town would wake up to help them. The adults had never believed in the tale,
but the children believe. A week came with no change, it made the townsfolks opinion
about untrue of the tale was right.
Meanwhile, the children had a plan. Quickly and quietly they moved invisibly around
town, picking and plucking at the fading flowers. With outstretched arms and bouquets up to
their chins, they rustled over to where the giant rock lay, as still as ever. They sang In times
of trouble, the dragon will wake, and save the village, by making a Lake. Suddenly, the
dragon woke up, and so helped them. The adults which had never believed were wondered,
and shouted happily. The whole townsfolk brighten up with that occasion.
At that time, the dragon disappeared. Every year to mark that occasion, the townsfolk
would bring garlands of flowers and herbs and arrange them in a big circle. The children
would have the day off school, for it was known as Water Dragon Day and wearing the
dragon masks that they had been working on all week, would skip and clap and sing.
2. Characters:
- The dragon rock (the kind dragon)
- Mrs Greywhistle (the shopkeeper)
- The children (the children of townsfolk who believe in dragon rock tale)
3. Characterization
- The Dragon Rock: easy to help (The Dragon helped Us)
- Mrs Greywhistle: not easy to believe ("The tale of the Dragon cannot be true," said old

Mrs Greywhistle, the shopkeeper.)

The Children: like to play (No matter how hot the day, however, the children would
always play in the gentle, rolling meadows.)

4. Setting places and times:

a. Place
- Sided Valley (So, Once Upon A Time, and imagine if you can, a steep sided valley)
b. Time
- Summer. (This particular summer had been very hot and dry)
- Afternoon (By two o'clock in the afternoon, the town would be in a haze of slumber)
c. Atmosphere
- Quiet (The days went by slowly, quietly and most importantly, without any rain.)

Hot (This particular summer had been very hot and dry, making the lean farm dogs
sleepy and still.)

5. Moral values:
The adult not always right, the child not always wrong

Why does it begin with once upon a time?

What would the children do every day?
What did the rock look like?
Who said that the tale of the dragon cannot be true?
What is the poem that the people in the story say?
What did the men do about the golf course?
Did they ever see the dragon again?
What did the place around the dragon in a big circle?
what is known as the rock dragon now?
10. Make a summary from this story!