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The Declaration of Individual Rights

by The Illuminati Order

Each individual has natural born rights, which no other person, entity or government
of any kind may infringe. The respect and loyalty to these rights is the moral
standard of the rational and just human beings.
The natural rights of the individual are:
1. The right to life.
2. The right to the pursuit of happiness.
3. The right to own property, intellectual and/or tangible.
4. The right to perform any action needed to ensure preservation/ending of the life
of the self without damaging the environment of the planet. The environment
belongs to all and endangering it violates the individual rights of others.
5. The right to earn a living through ones own efforts, mental or physical.
6. The right to live his/her life any way he/she likes without causing physical harm to
another individual.
7. The right to defend his/her life and property and family.
8. The rights to have children, ONLY if he/she can guarantee food, shelter, clothing,
safety and education for such and provide for any and all medical needs of such.
9. The right to conduct business with others based on mutual and/or contractual
10. The right to privacy in all forms.
These are the inalienable human rights inherited at birth.
The Absolute Value and Nature of Individual Rights
When we say that the Individual Rights are absolute then they are absolute!
The Individual Rights can never be suspended under any circumstances what so ever.
The Individual Rights cannot be infringed upon under any circumstances what so ever.
The Individual Rights cannot be suspended for any reason ever.
The Individual Rights cannot be violated or restricted in any way for any reason in any fashion, period.
The Individual Rights are absolute forever.
The Individual Rights are inalienable in every sense of the word and no business, contract or any other
entity can ever violate them or seek to dilute them through contracts, deception or coercion.
The Individual Rights can never be refused or given up even voluntarily; no person has the right to wave
their own individual rights as they are part of the very composition and existence of a conscious mind.
The Individual Rights are never and can never be considered semi-absolute or semi inalienable.
The Individual Rights and the rational human are sovereign over each other and absolutely inseparable.
The Individual Rights are the individual rights of every single human being regardless of gender, sexual
orientation or color of skin.
Any person who does not agree with this is a person who has forfeited their right to exist as they have
rejected the rights of others.
If you agree with the above you are here by recognized as an Illuminati in the 1st
On the behalf of the Illuminati Order and the Unseen Head I say,
[Please print publish and distribute this document to everyone in your country]