In-depth thematic articles (10) generated onsite at the

5th Asia Pacific Region Conference on Lung Health
After years of neglect, growing attention to TB in children in Asia Pacific

Universal access to services and social protection is the mantra to end TB

Ignoring basic TB control fuels drug-resistance: Call for shorter, effective therapies!

Fight against TB in Papua New Guinea: 'Embarrassment of riches' moment?

Evidence should inform policy: Should we offer antiretroviral therapy soon after HIV diagnosis?

Wake up call on asthma in children: New data must drive well-coordinated action!

TB-Diabetes is a formidable challenge in Asia Pacific

Pacific approach to deal with the dual burden of TB-diabetes

Fight against TB gains momentum in Viet Nam: "Today's best can be made better tomorrow"

Integrating tobacco control in lung health services: Synergistic health outcomes!

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Video interviews (8) with key lung health experts recorded onsite at
the 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Lung Health
Focus, is a video series on CNS YouTube Channel
( ) featuring interviews on current neglected
global health priorities. Below are 8 interviews recorded onsite at 5 th Asia Pacific Region
Conference on Lung Health:
Focus: Fighting TB in Papua New Guinea - Lot more action needed to end TB
(Interview with Dr Paison Dakulala, Deputy Secretary of Department of Health, Papua New Guinea)

Focus: Why tobacco control must be integrated into wider healthcare?
(Interview with Dr Tara Singh Bam, Regional Technical Advisor, International Union Against TB and Lung
Disease – The Union)

Focus: Childhood tuberculosis beyond 2015
(Interview with Dr Steve Graham, Professor of International Child Health, University of Melbourne;
Member, Paediatric Advisory Group of TB Alliance and one of key authors of Childhood TB Roadmap)

Focus: Ignoring basic TB control fuels drug resistance
(Interview with Dr Lee Reichman, Executive Director of Global TB Institute at New Jersey Medical School)

Focus: Fighting TB and diabetes in the Pacific Islands
(Interview with Dr Richard Brostrom, State TB Branch Chief and Pacific Regional Medical Officer, Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC)

Focus: Fight against TB gains momentum in Viet Nam
(Interview with Dr Nguyen Viet Nhung, National TB Programme manager in Viet Nam and Director of
National Lung Hospital)

Focus: Why TB-Diabetes & TB-HIV collaborative activities are important?
(Interview with Dr Anthony D Harries, Director, Department of Research, The Union)

Focus: Fight against malaria in Papua New Guinea: A long way to go for elimination!
(Interview with Dr Paison Dakulala, Deputy Secretary of Department of Health, Papua New Guinea)
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at the 5th Asia Pacific Region Conference on Lung Health