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TEST SET 1 Basic Principles of Electricity

Problem 1: Past EE Board Exam

The substation bus bar is made up of 2-inches round copper bars 20 ft. long. What is the
resistance of each bar if resistivity is 1.724 x 10-6 ohm-cm.
A. 7.21 x 10-5 ohm
B. 13.8 x 10-6 ohm
C. 5.185 x 10-5 ohm
D. 2.96 x 10-5 ohm
Problem 2: Past EE Board Exam
Determine the resistance of a bus bar made of copper if the length is 10 meters long and the
cross-section is a 4 x 4 cm2. Use 1.7241 micro ohm-cm as the resistivity.
A. 2.121 x 10-4 ohm
B. 4.312 x 10-4 ohm
C. 3.431 x 10-5 ohm
D. 1.078 x 10-4 ohm
Problem 3: Past EE Board Exam
One turn of a copper bar is produced by cutting a copper washer along a radius and spreading the
ends. The washer is cut from soft-drawn copper having a resistivity at 20C of 1.732 x 10 -6 ohmcm. The washer is 0.125 inch thick and has inside diameter and outside diameter of 1 inch and 9
inches respectively. Calculate the exact resistance between the two ends of the turn to direct
current, taking into account the non-uniform current distribution. Assume the contact along the
ends of the turn to be perfect over the entire cross-section.
A. 12.74 x 10-6 ohm
B. 15.53 x 10-6 ohm
C. 17.22 x 10-6 ohm
D. 14.83 x 10-6 ohm
Problem 4: Past EE Board Exam
Determine the resistance of a conductor 0.10m long, with a uniform diameter of 1.0cm and
having a resistivity which varies as a function of length L measured from one end of the
conductor according to the formula: p = 0.003 + 10-4 L2 ohm-cm.
A. 0.0852 ohm
B. 0.0915 ohm
C. 0.0806 ohm
D. 0.0902 ohm
Problem 5: Past EE Board Exam

A coil has 6,000 turns of wire and a resistance of 380 ohms. The coil is rewound with the same
quantity (weight) of wire, but has 13,400 turns. How many ohms will the new coil have?
A. 1895 ohms
B. 1825 ohms
C. 1792 ohms
D. 1905 ohms
Problem 6: Past EE Board Exam
A copper wire of unknown length has a resistance of 0.80 ohm. By successive passes through
drawing dies, the length of the wire is increased to 2 times its original value. Assuming that
resistivity remains unchanged during the drawing process, determine the new value of its
A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 6
Problem 7: Past EE Board Exam
A one-meter rod of 2-cm diameter is drawn until its resistance is 100 times the initial resistance.
Its length afterward is?
A. 10 m
B. 100 m
C. 12.5 m
D. 5 m
Problem 8: Past EE Board Exam
A kilometer of wire having a diameter of 11.7 mm and a resistance of 0.031 ohm is drawn down
so that its diameter is 5.0 mm. What does its resistance become?
A. 0.85 ohm
B. 0.78 ohm
C. 0.93 ohm
D. 0.81 ohm
Problem 9: Past EE Board Exam
A certain wire has a resistance R. The resistance of another wire identical with the first except for
having twice its diameter is
A. 4R
B. R
C. 2R
D. R

Problem 10: Past EE Board Exam

What is the size in square millimeter (mm2) is the cable of 250 MCM size?
A. 118.656 mm2
B. 126.675 mm2
C. 112.565 mm2
D. 132.348 mm2
Problem 11: Past EE Board Exam
The resistance of a copper wire at 30C is 50 ohms. If the temperature coefficient of a copper at
0C is 0.00427, what is the resistance at 100C?
A. 72.26 ohms
B. 54.25 ohms
C. 63.24 ohms
D. 58.15 ohms
Problem 12: Past EE Board Exam
The resistance of a wire is 126.48 ohms at 100C and 100 ohms at 30C. Determine the
temperature coefficient of copper at 0C.
A. 0.00427
B. 0.00615
C. 0.0256
D. 0.0356
Problem 13: Past EE Board Exam
Two heating elements which is 500 ohms and 250 ohms are connected in series with temperature
coefficients of 0.001 and 0.003 ohms per C, respectively at 20C. Calculate the effective
temperature coefficient of the combination.
A. 0.00215
B. 0.00626
C. 0.00712
D. 0.00167
Problem 14: Past EE Board Exam
The insulation resistance of a kilometer of the cable having a diameter of 2 cm and an insulation
thickness of 2 cm is 600 ohms. If the thickness of the insulation is increased to 3 cm, find the
insulation resistance of the cable.
A. 725 ohms
B. 850 ohms
C. 757 ohms
D. 828 ohms

Problem 15: Past EE Board Exam

The resistance of n120 meters of wire is 12 ohms. What is its conductance?
A. 0.0521 mho
B. 0.083 mho
C. 6 mhos
D. 12 mhos